tagIncest/TabooSearching for Daddy

Searching for Daddy


It was just me and my father living together, my mother had left awhile back and my brothers all lived by the college they went to. Needless to say, I was spoiled rotten, Daddy’s little girl and all that. The thing was, I wasn’t such a little girl anymore. I had grown up. I was 5 foot 6 inches tall, with long, muscular legs and a tight round ass. I was curvy, slender but with nice hips and large breasts. I was a 38D, but very perky with small light pink nipples capping my big pale breasts. I had long, thick, wavy blonde hair and big brown eyes with long full lashes. I knew I was beautiful and I used it to my full advantage, but I really loved the men that could control me and be forceful with me. Like my Daddy. He tried to keep me in line, but I could manipulate him so easily. I was a slut, but I never looked or acted like it unless I was in private or only with men. Only the boys knew it about me.

It’s like they could all see the whore in me, and believe me they took full advantage of the fact that I would do anything I was ordered to. When I was nineteen years old my father bought me a new computer, a digital camera, and gave me a DSL connection for graduation. That is where this story truly begins. I began to take pictures of myself. I’d get all dressed up in some slutty outfit and set up the camera to photograph my body, never my face. I would play with my large tits, squeezing my nipples and playing with them. I even sometimes used paperclips or other little objects around to torture my hard nipples with. I took all kinds of pictures, some in little outfits, some in lingerie and some completely nude. I took photos of my bare breasts, and eventually I took pictures of my shaved pink pussy. I’d get so wet, I’d play with myself and take pictures of my fingers dipping deep into my tight cunt.

Late at night I would get online and look around on different pornography sites and in chat rooms. I wanted someone to talk to, to play with. I liked older men, men with power. Like my Daddy. He was such a good looking man, tall and dark haired with light green eyes. He worked out a lot, and was still pretty young so he had a beautiful body. Very well built, and sometimes when he was wearing shorts to work out in or swim in I could see his cock. I couldn’t help but look, even though he was my father! His cock looked so big and thick that my pussy would spasm whenever I caught a glimpse of his thick shaft through his clothes.

Since I couldn’t fuck my Daddy, I decided to find a replacement online. So I made a private screen-name, DaddysGurl and hopped online armed with some pics of myself. I found a website with some really hot stories about girls fucking their daddies, about being fucked hard and rough. My little cunt started to get wet just reading about these girls my age becoming whores for their fathers. I wondered if maybe someday, I could get my sexy daddy to fuck me like that. As I sat there I started to feel myself up, playing with my tits under my white tank top. I was only wearing the thin cotton shirt and a pair of hot pink satin boyshort panties so I could play with my tits and pussy.

I kept reading about these young women fucking their fathers, being punished by their Dad’s big cocks. My nipples were so hard, and my panties were starting to get wet as I read more and more. I couldn’t stop thinking about finding a “daddy” to fuck me. I started wondering if I would end up really meeting a man online and then going somewhere to see him in reality. I kept playing with my big tits and my nipples as I looked around more online. Some Daddies even shared their daughters! Just the thought made my pussy spasm. I eventually found a chatroom called Looking for a Daddy and entered. I didn’t type anything at first, just sat there reading the other peoples messages. There where a lot of girls in there, saying they were my age and a lot of men in their 40's, 50's and older. They were all flirting and using pet type names, The guys using things like baby, babygirl and others. The girls mainly said Daddy. As I sat there reading an instant message popped up from the chatroom. It was someone with the screen name LonelyDaddy.

LonelyDaddy: Hi DaddysGurl. You’re quiet tonight.

DaddysGurl: Hi LonelyDaddy. I’ve never done this before. So I didn’t know what to say.

LonelyDaddy: That’s ok sweetie. Would you like to just leave the chatroom and talk to me, one on one? DaddysGurl: Sure.

I exited out of the chatroom and kept the IM screen from LonelyDaddy on top. My heart was beating so fast, and my body was on fire. My panties were soaking wet and my nipples were so hard they hurt. I pulled my tank top up over my breasts so I could use my bare hands on my tits. I scratched my long nails over my hard nipples and moaned softly, I wanted to touch my cunt but I waited. I wanted to see what LonelyDaddy had to say to me so I stopped playing with my tits and concentrated back on the computer screen.

LonelyDaddy: So, how old are you honey?

DaddysGurl: I just turned 19. How old are you?

LonelyDaddy: You’re the same age as my daughter! I’m not that old, in my mid-forties. I have a picture, if you’d like to see it sweetie. Not my face, but it shows my body.

When he said he had a daughter my age, I couldn’t believe it. He was looking for someone because he couldn’t fuck his daughter, the same reason I was on here! Then he said his age and I was even more shocked and turned on; he was my Daddy’s age!

DaddysGurl: Sure, I’d love to see you! Um....are you dressed in it?

LonelyDaddy: LOL. Yes, darlin. I have clothes on. Why? Do you want me to be naked?

I sat there for a moment. I didn’t really know what to type back. I did want to see him naked, but I thought I should play innocent for a little while longer, see if this “Daddy” would be worth my time and efforts.

DaddysGurl: Maybe you can send me that later....=)

LonelyDaddy: Sure thing, Doll. Whatever you want. Can I ask you something?

DaddysGurl: Of course you can.

LonelyDaddy: Can I see you?

DaddysGurl: Well, I don’t have any normal pictures of me....

LonelyDaddy: Normal? What do you mean baby?

DaddysGurl: well, I have clothes on....but they’re kinda sexy pictures.

LonelyDaddy: Nothing wrong with that at all! LOL. I just sent you mine, let me know what you think.

I hurried up and checked my email and there he was. No face on the picture but he was tall and extremely well-built. In the pic he sent he was only wearing a pair of jeans, his chest was smooth and muscular, and his biceps were huge! I shivered as I looked at him, especially when I saw the huge bulge in his jeans.

DaddysGurl: Wow.

LonelyDaddy: Ha, so you like me huh?

DaddysGurl: Yeah, yeah. I like you. Oh my.

LonelyDaddy: You’re sweet. So, do I get to see you now? Please?

DaddysGurl: LOL. Yes...you can see me now. What kind of pic of me do you want...Daddy?

I decided to call him Daddy, to see what his reaction was. I had decided that this was the man I wanted to play with. He could be my new Daddy. I couldn’t wait until he wanted to meet me in real life.

LonelyDaddy: I’m glad you called me that honey. I like it. I’d like to see you, your body.

DaddysGurl: I kinda figured that! What do you want me to be wearing? I want to please you Daddy. And if you like what I send you...you could even send me more pics. If you wanted to...

LonelyDaddy: You’re a good girl. I’d like to see you in a skirt with a thong on, and a see thru shirt. Can you do that for Daddy?

DaddysGurl: Actually, I have many pictures of me in just that type of outfit Daddy. I’ll send you a few if you want me too.....

LonelyDaddy: I’d love that Baby Girl. I can’t wait to see what you look like.

DaddysGurl: Okay. I’m sending them now Daddy.

LonelyDaddy: So doll, tell me are you a virgin?

DaddysGurl: No, Sir. I’m not.... is that bad?

LonelyDaddy: No Baby, that’s not bad. How long have you been getting fucked?

I trembled when I read his words. He seemed so demanding and strong online that I wondered how intense he would be in person.

DaddysGurl: I’ve been letting boys play with me for awhile now. I sent the pictures Daddy.

LonelyDaddy: Oh my. You are a beautiful girl...your body is amazing. You remind me of my daughter with your curves. Those big breasts over your tiny little waist....mmmm

DaddysGurl: I remind you of your daughter huh? Well where is she? Are you going to fuck her?

LonelyDaddy: She’s up in her room right now, sleeping I guess. I don’t think she’d let me fuck her. That’s why I went to that chatroom, I wanted to find a young woman that looked like my daughter..and now I’ve found one.

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