tagLoving WivesSeason's Greetings

Season's Greetings

byNo Panty Girl©

I guess it was no surprise as all the signs were there. Yet when my best friend Carla told me my heart sank.

"I saw him coming out of the Red Rose Motel with that floozy Andrea Martin." Carla said through the phone.

The Red Rose was a "no tell motel" on the outskirts of town and Andrea was one of our sluttish friends. Andrea was married to Brad's partner but "all's fair in love and war".

My initial reaction on learning my husband had been unfaithful was one of hurt and anger. As I thought about my circumstances it changed to one of revenge.

We had been what I thought was happily married for almost fifteen years. We have a beautiful daughter who Brad adores and his photography business has been going well.

Andrea Martin's husband Carl was a few years younger than me. He was perhaps twenty-nine and as handsome as his wife was beautiful. Carl Martin was to be the instrument of my revenge.

Although I was in my mid-thirties I am amazingly well preserved. I work out at Tae Kwon Do three times a week and take pride in my trim body.

Standing five foot six and a well-carried one hundred and sixty pounds my 38D breasts are real attention grabbers. I knew properly dressed I could get Carl Martin in my bed with ease.

My revenge was not going to be the usual sort of sordid affair where I jumped into bed with Martin and fucked his brains out. No, it was to be more tasteful.

It was only a couple of months until Christmas and I would access the company's mailing list as well as out friends' and families' This Christmas they would all be receiving a "special" Christmas card.

Carl Martin was intrigued when I called his to tell him I had something to discuss. We arranged to meet at The Purple Pear for lunch.

I primped and fused all morning getting ready for my lunch date. I settled on a frightfully short black chiffon frock hoping I did not look like mutton dressed as lamb.

Next to my breasts my legs are my best assets. Long and shapely with well defined muscles. The dress displayed an abundant amount of my black silk covered legs. The décolleté of the dress took the viewer's eyes from top to bottom.

Carl didn't have a clue about his wife's affair with my husband. His reaction was typical.

"I'll kill the bastard!" he snapped.

"No you won't." I answered.

Carl liked my idea, especially the part where he put his dick in me. We left for the Red Rose after a liquid lunch.

I was relieved that Brad's car was not in the motel's parking lot when we arrived. Carl went in and booked us a room.

Carl emerged from the office with the key to room 38 in his hand. As I followed him to the red door I wondered if Brad and Andrea had used this room for their afternoon liaisons.

It was your generic second-rate motel room. A double bed covered with brown chenille bedspread, fake wood grain Arborite drawers and dressing table. There were two wingback chairs positioned around a small table in front of the window, A large picture of a matador and a bull hung over the bed. This is where I was about to break my wedding vows I had honored all these years.

I had asked Carl to stop at a liquor store to pick up a 26 ouncer of whiskey and sent him to the motel's pop machine to get some ice and mix before we started. While he was gone I slipped into the bathroom to get ready.

I slipped my dress off and admired my figure in the mirror. A well-filled white lacey bra and a pair of French cut bikini panties that showed my flat stomach to full advantage.

I released my breasts from their prison and they tumbled out enjoying their new found freedom. My large pink nipples were already erect in anticipation of what I was about to do.

I stepped out of my panties choosing to leave my black patent heels on. I was not a "glamour girl", my bush was very sixties, just trimmed into a neat covering over the entrance to my pussy.

I emerged from the bathroom wearing a single strand of pearls. I could tell by the look on Carl's face he approved.

Carl poured our drinks and we sat discussing what we were about to do. All the time he was studying my naked body he was about to enjoy.

"I don't want us to do this out of revenge." I said, "I want it to be because we enjoy each other."

Carl agreed not wanting to risk his opportunity to sample my wares.

It was time to consummate our meeting Swallowing the remainder of my drink I took my position naked ion the bed and watched Carl strip.

Carl was a hunk, a well-built man in his late twenties in top physical condition. When he dropped his boxer shorts my heart skipped a beat. His cock was fully erect, the most beautiful nine inches I had ever seen. The smooth helmet was like a huge mushroom promising me of ecstasy to come. It was my first indication of what I had been denying myself all these years.

Carl approached me as I sat on the edge of the bed, his beautiful cock like a dowsing rod drawing him to my mouth.

Grasping his fat member I guided him into my warm wet mouth. As he slid over my tongue my lips sealed around incredible cock trapping him in a vacuum chamber of saliva. For the first time since my high school days I was sucking a cock!

It felt good to have a mouthful of cock again, especially such a thick one. Like riding a bicycle one never forgets how to suck a cock. My tongue swirled up and over the head while my hand yanked him just above his balls.

Carl was making soft moaning noises and thrusting his cock between my lips as he held my head firmly on him. The tip of his cock was almost entering my throat.

My hand gently squeezed his balls urging the sperm from them. I knew I was going to drink his cum.

I worked his cock for about five minutes before he rewarded me with his load of jism. Spurt after spurt of thick cream cum shot I to my mouth until my teeth were awash in a sea of salty brine. Unhesitatingly I swallowed his cum as if it were raw oysters.

Carl's cream dripped from my chin as he pulled his drained dick from my mouth.

"That was good!" I said smacking my cum coated lips.

I poured myself another drink to wash the taste of cum from my mouth and give Carl time to recover. All the while he stared at my naked pussy in anticipation of stuffing it with his spectacular cock.

"How do you want it?" he finally asked.

I want to be on top and do all the work." I requested.

Carl lay on his back on the bed and with a couple of strokes of my hand he was standing at attention again. I threw my leg over him and positioned he mouth of my cunt directly above his meat. Carefully I lowered myself down onto him.

He slid into me like he belonged and I was not merely a wife doing her duty but a woman about to be fucked.

My pussy stretched and quivered accommodating this strange cock. I felt my labia kiss his balls as he fully penetrated me.

"Oh God yes!" I moaned as I begin to rock on his meat.

Carl grasped my hips firmly as he begin driving his lance up into my hungry hole. His hips bucked beneath me as I smashed myself down onto his cock.

My pendulous breasts bounced crazily a few inches above his face. His head lunged up as his lips trapped one of my nipples. His head returned to the pillow pulling my tit with him.

It was a more intensive fuck that ever I had experienced before. My whole body was alive drawing excitement from Carl's cock.

"Oh yes fuck me!" I begged.

I was really getting wet. I felt the beginnings of my orgasm building around Carl's cockhead. I slammed myself down on him to hasten my enjoyment. I knew he could not deny me of my reward much longer.

"Jesus Christ!" he moaned at my wild abandonment.

"Give it to me now Baby!" I beseeched.

Carl gave in, flooding my cervix with his thick creamy sperm. The sensation of his ejaculation in me flung me over the top, as an orgasm such as I had never experienced tore through my body.

I screamed my satisfaction as my vagina quivered on his cock.

Exhausted I collapsed on top of him allowing his sperm to ebb into every part of me.

Carl set up the Yashica SLR on a tripod in front of the chair. A long shutter release cord would allow him to snap the pictures from where he sat.

The motel chair was ideal for our purpose. Carl sat first and I sat on his lap. With my legs wide open his cock was obvious buried in my cunt.

"Smile!" he said as he snapped the shutter.

The flash momentarily blinded me as we were recorded coupled together for posterity.

"I think we will need about a hundred copies." I told Carl.

Brad and Andrea's friends were going to be surprised when they received their "special" Christmas cards this year.

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