tagMatureSecond Youth Ch. 03

Second Youth Ch. 03


The relationship between Tom and me was developing, although it was still mostly about sex; or rather anything else that we did ended up with having sex anyway. Not that I complained about it, that was exactly what I had needed.

A significant change came when Tom asked to try anal sex. You see, my story with anal goes way back. After we had had our third child my husband decided that anal sex would be out main contraceptive; I was in no position to argue so I had to accept his choice.

My husband was gentle, precautious and understood my body well, so despite his size, stamina and sex drive he had never caused me any discomfort. Eventually I learnt to love it and enjoyed anal sex nearly as much as vaginal. Nearly because there was one catch - I could never achieve an orgasm solely by anal stimulation. It was not a huge issue because afterwards my husband would either finish me off with his mouth or I could use a vibrator during sex. Both solutions worked fine and the orgasms were perfectly satisfactory.

Sometimes we would play games and he would not allow me to touch my clitoris as he pounded my anus. He would not eat me out after he had ejaculated and I had to wait for his permission to climax. Anal sex turned out to be the ultimate method of edging for me and the orgasms that I was eventually granted were insane.

As I told Tom this story I tried to avoid mentioning my husband too often, since I knew how jealous men can be about ex's. Imagine my surprise when my young stud, who had lost his virginity with me only several days ago, asked specifically about my ex-husband and his ideas for anal. Tom was not jealous in the least when listening to stories of my former sex life, quite the opposite, he tried to learn from them, as he constantly did in our present sex life. He absolutely loved the idea of anal edging and politely asked me, if I would like to try it with him. How could I decline such a request?

But we began with the basics, that is hygiene and preparation. I will skip the details here and move straight to the point.

Doggy style obviously is not the only position suitable for anal, but it was one of Tom's favourite so we were going to begin with it. I got my lover hard with my mouth, but his penis required more lubrication, as did my anus; there is no such thing as too much lube with anal. When we were both slippery enough I assumed the position on the bed, my head down on the sheets, my booty up in the air, my back bowed.

"I love it when you look so slutty, Eve."

"Oh you!"

I was rewarded with a slap on my right buttock, it was harder than just playful and soon followed by another hit on my left cheek. I must have been turning into a masochist in that regard since I was enjoying being spanked more and more. But no more slaps followed and Tom massaged my booty so that I would relax before the penetration. I have been ready the entire time but I appreciated the effort.

My lover placed the head of his huge penis by my anus and began to gently push it in. My experience with anal and the lubrication were serious, but a rough start is never suggested. My back door gradually adjusted to the penetration and stretched accordingly, soon Tom's entire thick pole was inside of me. I was rewarded with two more slaps.

"You like being my slut?" he asked.


Slap! Slap!

"Say it!"

"I love being your dirty slut" that was a cheap line from porn, but at that specific moment it sounded genuine "fuck my ass!" I added.

"I love you, my wonderful slut."

Two more slaps were again my reward.

The assfucking that ensued was somewhat anticlimactical, but completely appropriate. Tom went slowly and carefully making sure that my anus was ready for every motion. Only when he was confident that I was fully prepared he picked up the tempo; once we reached that stage it all progressed swiftly. Soon Tom's hips were hitting my buttocks and his thick penis was stretching my back door mercilessly. The claps of our flesh were being accompanied by my moans and cries which were getting louder with each passing moment. An occasional slap of Tom's strong palm on one of my buttocks spiced up the cacophony.

Then he stopped; his penis buried deep inside of my bowels. He slapped each of my buttocks hard. I was breathing equally hard as my lover leaned forward, reached his hands around my body and lifted me until my back was resting against his torso. He played with my breasts as he whispered dirty words into my ear; the whispering soon into licking and even biting.

His hands on my large breasts were rough and he even pinched and pulled my nipples; my lover knew well how I loved all that. His penis remained inside of my anus the entire time.

Suddenly it was over; just like the anal sex moments ago. Tom pushed me back onto the bed, slapped my bottocks and resumed the hard pounding; my moans soon returned to their previous volume. My lover once again proven his incredible stamina; the anal sex had already brought me to the edge but he clearly was not over with me yet. I tried to sneak my hand between my legs to rub my clitoris, but Tom clapped it away. He continued to pound me rough as I rode the edge unable to climax.

Eventually he reached an orgasm, his motions because hectic and the shoves not as thorough. He ejaculated his voluminous load deep inside my bowels, then slapped my buttocks few times; by then they had already gotten red.

Tom withdrew his penis which was still erect and with his strong hands turned me on my back. He spread my legs wide and dived between them. I was still on the very edge so merely few licks were enough to bring me to a climax. I cried in ecstasy, my entire body rocked with an intense orgasm as the semen began to ooze out from my anus onto the sheets. It continued to do so as we lied and cuddled on my bed before eventually taking a shower.

Since it was Saturday and Tom had the whole day off we had sex few more times, anal only but he always brought me to an orgasm afterwards. On Sunday my young stud suggested a game - tease and denial but tailored to my unique "condition"; I eagerly accepted. Just like yesterday it was a day of anal sex, Tom filled my up with his semen few times but never let me climax; I was left insanely horny and wanted to masturbate right away but he stopped me every time. To some it might have been frustrating but I loved that game even if I was left unsatisfied. But my lover eventually rewarded me for my patience (although I'm not sure if 'patience' is the right word) and after out fifth anal intercourse he licked me to an orgasm. It was almost painful but in a good way obviously. I screamed until I run out of breath and the rocking of my body had not stopped completely but turned into trembling. Tom held me in his strong arms and shared my pleasure.

We could not make Monday just like Sunday since Tom had to work, but in the evening we still managed to have anal sex three times. Only after the third time I was licked to an orgasm. Tuesday looked basically the same. On Wednesday Tom suggested to makes changes in our game - prolong my denial period until Saturday on which he would let me climax after our last anal session. I knew it would be really hard to last that long with the daily teasing. The temptation to masturbate in Tom's absence would be hard to fight. But my curiosity and new found slutiness eventually won and I agreed. After third anal pounding and Wednesday night at hand I was regretting the decision but only slightly.

It was tough not to masturbate on Thursday morning while Tom was away, but I somehow managed to hold back; that evening my stud shot his load inside of my anus twice. It was even harder to resist the temptation on Friday and Maya did not make it any easier when she said:

"I hope you remember about tomorrow's pool party, mom."

"Oh crap."

"I'm sure that you and Tom will be able to hold back for half of the day and not have sex the whole time."


"It's impossible not to hear you even in our large house. The fact that you don't close the door doesn't help either."

She was right about the noise, but it was Tom who always left the door ajar, I now suspected that he did that on purpose.

"Sorry, Maya. I should..."

"Don't apologize. I'm really happy that you rediscovered your sex drive. Don't stop or restrain ANYTHING because of me. Also I hope you don't mind if I call you Eve for the duration of the party. I'm sure you understand."

"Of course. You want me to fit better with the teenagers."

"You fit exceptionally well with one particular teenager..."

I gave her the fake look of disapproval, but was not able to maintain it for long. We both broke out in laughter and then hugged.

Saturday eventually came; the guests were supposed to come around noon. It was pleasant to NOT be the host in my own house, I did not have to worry about any preparations and just be there.

Tom showed up earlier with obvious intentions; for the last few days he had been working diligently to keep constantly horny and now came the time for the last dose of my "medication" before the party. I knew that I would not get to climax yet, Tom had said we would do that after the guests had left, but I was eager to have anal sex anyway. The door to my room were left open as always, so Maya could once again hear my moans and screams.

My stallion left his load inside of my anus, we hugged for a while, then took a shower together.

I managed to cool down a little but the constant arousal was still burning inside of me.

Tom asked me to wear a thong bikini and while he did not insist I was already too docile to my man to refuse; I love that bikini anyway, this particular set was red.

Together with Maya the three of us welcomed the guests. I was introduced simply as "Eve", the word "mom" was never mentioned. About twenty people came (with similar number of boys and girls) which was no much for our spacious house. It might have been a pool party, but we would not be sitting in the pool itself all at once.

The guests already had their swimsuits under their regular clothes which they soon took off. Most girls wore bikinis, few had leotards; it turned out I was the only one wearing a thong. Considering that I had by far the largest breasts I was attracting a lot of glimpses from both sexes. I felt flattered, after all I was more than twice their age. That fact somehow turned me on a little.

The party went as such parties usually go - there were some light drinks, food, some people just chilled in the pool, other swam few laps, there was a lot of teenage flirting... Tom made sure that my booty received all the attention it deserved, few times he slapped it playfully in public; it was not hard but loud enough to attract attention. I just jumped and smiled every time he did that but never protested. I also let him keep his palm on my buttock as we stood next to each other and chatter with other people. I was confident that someone behind us must have noticed that Tom was shamelessly groping me in public and I was not reacting. The mild embarrassment only added to my overall arousal which was getting harder and harder to conceal.

I also could not miss that one of the boys, whose name was Jeff, had his hands all over Maya. She did not protest either as he grabbed her buttocks in public. I could not blame her, he was nearly as handsome as Tom.

But groping is one thing and... let me explain from the beginning. I went into the house to use the toilet, but the one on the ground floor was occupied so I went upstairs. While passing Maya's room I heard noises coming from within. I could add two and two together so I knew more or less what to expect inside. My daughter had been spying on me earlier and as a loving mother I decided to return the favor (those who claim that I was too horny to think straight are obviously wrong). I peeked inside and saw Jeff standing on the carpet with his swimming trunks around his ankles, Maya knelt in front of him and sucked his penis; I noticed that she was doing a good job. As a mother should I be proud of that? I did not get the time to ponder on it because my daughter spotted me and gave me a wink without interrupting the fellatio. I returned the wink, withdrew and almost screamed in surprise because Tom was standing right next to me. I never realized that he could sneak so stealthy. He just smiled in silence, grabbed my hand and lead me to my bedroom. Only there I remembered why I came into the house in the first place, so I excused my lover and quickly visited the bathroom.

"You needlessly put the bottom back on" said Tom as I returned to the bedroom.

"You want to do it now?"

"We wouldn't be the only people having sex. Get onto the bed."

I obeyed without hesitation, Tom got right behind me and pulled my thong down, then he moved in front of me so I could suck him until he got erect which did not take long. When he was ready he took a bottle of lubricant and prepared me as well; before he put the bottle away I already had my head on the sheets, my ass high and ready. The bedroom door of course were left ajar, so I tried my best to remain silent; I only managed to succeed as he shoved his huge penis into my anus. As Tom began to move his hips back and forth occasional moans escaped my lips, they were quiet for now but getting louder with each passing moment.

This time my stud did not try to brag about his stamind so it all lasted shorter, but still long enough to allow me to present nearly my entire vocal range; after all I have been already too horny when we began, self control was not an option. Tom did not spank me during the anal sex either. When he ultimately left another load inside of my bowels he simply said:

"Don't move."

I obediently remained in the exposing position, my breathing loud and heavy. I could not see what Tom took from my drawer but I found out right away as he shoved it into my anus. These were vaginal balls (larger than the anal ones), three of them connected by a lace.

"Here. Now the cum won't ooze out" he explained as he wiped the lube from my booty.

Then Tom spanked me. Each buttock only once but harder than ever; I gave a short loud scream because it stung and I was confident that palm shaped marks would remain on my buttocks.

"Put the thong on, we're going back out" he said casually and once again I obeyed.

Some of the people outside might not have heard my screams and moans, but I felt as if they all knew well what had happened. My cheeks were red from the excitement and my other cheeks were red from the slaps. I went into the pool to swim few laps; it helped just a little bit, but at the same time the balls in my anus reminded of themselves with my every motion. There seemed to be no way for me to get less aroused.

I got out of the pool wet and horny, but at least I was wholly wet from the water, so the other moisture would not stand out. The guests had gotten more drunk at that point, the drinks were light but at the age of eighteen or nineteen neither of the guests had too much experience with alcohol. I was thankful for that because while my own excitement and lack of self control had a different source, at least we were at the same level.

I got into a conversation with few girls only to realize that it soon steered into sexual regions. They were all openly and shamelessly discussing their preferences; one of them asked me about my and Tom's sex life as if she was talking about shoes. Two weeks ago I would have been shocked but in my current state I told them truthfully that we have sex everyday. I talked about our mutual love for anal and praised Tom's size, stamina and skill. There were mixed opinion about anal sex in our small group and soon I was playing the role of a mentor. Even the conversation in itself was turning me on, but it was soon interrupted by someone yelling "Topless time!".

Jeff was the one who came up with the idea. The girls I had been talking with were slightly hesitant but the encouragement came from no-one else than Maya; she was the first to take her top off and toss it away in a theatrical gesture. That made me think that the initiative of the whole 'event" had not came from Jeff. All eyes focused on her for a moment, but it soon became obvious that there was one particular pair of breasts that EVERYONE (even the girls) wanted to see naked - mine. At that point there was no way I could resist such temptation. I turned my back to my current company and said:

"Could you give me a hand?"

They did not need to be told twice, my huge breasts were soon on display for all to admire. Surprisingly the girls were not jealous that I was getting the most attention. The one with the smallest breasts even asked me to jump up and down few times. Trying to protect my last bits of dignity I sharply refused. Just kidding, I complied with the request; my bouncing boobs were greeted with cheers and catcalls; the balls in my anus reminded of themselves during that motion. To "calm down my boobs" Tom came in from behind me and grabbed them, he called that "a natural bra"; he basically groped my in public which was rewarded with more cheering.

I told everyone that I loved boob play and nipple play and that nipples overall were a sensitive and erogenous area. To make the lesson more memorable Tom grabbed my nipples between his fingers and pulled my breasts upward by them; he go them quite high but still within my pleasurable pain limit. When he eventually let go my breasts bounced up and down few times before they finally rested; more cheers ensued. Maya then came with an idea that I should swim in the pool on my back. She is as smart as she is dirty minded, that might be the best possible position to show off large breasts. Can you guess what happened? Yes, more cheers. As I got out I received an additional reward in a form of a slap on my booty from Tom. It was not hard but since I was wet it made a loud noise. That in turn made me tell them about my love for spanking, my exhibitionism was finiding new ways to demonstrate itself. Such an exclamation could not go by without a presentation, so I bent over the table, my thick booty covered just by a skimpy wet thong for all to see. Tom delivered several moderately hard hits, the slaps were loud but the that left my mouth were something between a cry and a moan, the balls in my anus were partially responsible for that. My breasts jiggled with each hit and the whole show received a loud applause.

Believe it or not but the guests eventually had enough of my boobs and ass. The overall atmosphere was highly erotic and some pairs left the company from time to time only to return... more satisfied than before; it seemed that Tom and I have broken the trails.

When everyone got drunk and had sex somewhere in the house the party ended; it was already dark despite that the summer was high and the days were long. People dried themselves and put their clothes back on, but Maya and I walked them to the gate topless. Tom came with an idea for saying goodbye - everyone should slap my booty once. I was in such a state of mind that I found the idea wonderful. Just by the gate I held to the fence and bent over. The hits were not hard but there were twenty of them. As the last guest left I was horny as hell.

"Time for your reward" said Tom.

He knew well what I desperately craved and neither of us cared that topless Maya was still standing right next to us. Hell! She had spanked me too and her hit was the hardest, even though she was not leaving.

We somehow managed to keep enough reason to return to my bedroom. We fucked like crazy until late in the night. The door remained open but Maya did not seem to mind the noise. And I screamed A LOT with the countless orgasms that I experienced. Tom fucked my ass, pussy and face; when his penis needed a rest he used his tongue, fingers or some of my toys. My buttocks and thighs got spanked, my breasts were groped and played with, my nipples pinched.

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