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I rode the bus to and from work every day. It was too much hassle to drive, and I enjoy the thirty minutes and the beginning and end of the day to rev up or down. Usually I read stories on Literotica. That morning it was a story about a woman being taken by a stranger.

I was wearing my favorite suit: a black blazer with a powder blue striped shirt that showed just enough cleavage and a black skirt with stockings that showed off my legs. The story was hot, but the bus was crowded and I had to settle for rubbing my thighs together. I would love to have something like that happen to me, but who would be bold enough to actually try to take a woman like that?

It wasn't until I got into the office that I realized it was Valentines Day. Someone had given the secretary a big bouquet of flowers. I tried to suppress my jealousy as I walked to my office, empty of gifts. It had been a while since I had a boyfriend, and my past few dates had fizzled before we got the check. It would be nice to have some romance, I thought, but nowadays I just wanted a good fuck.

The work day was busy, so I forgot all about romance and stories as I worked. I was the head of sales for our mid-size company, and there was always plenty to do. It was past six and nearly dark by the time I left the office. The bus home was packed, but I slid along to the back in hopes of finding a seat. No such luck. I grabbed the nearest pole as the bus lurched forward.

I pulled the clip out of my hair and shook down my scarlet locks. A midday run had led me to throw away my stockings, but the cool wind felt good on my legs whenever the bus doors whispered open.

Midway through the ride, a man behind me stood up and brushed my side. Thinking he wanted to get off, I scooted closer to the pole. Instead of moving by, he squeezed closer. I felt a twinge of alarm as he placed his hand on the pole above mine. His other hand ran over my hip and down to the edge of my skirt.

I pulled back, my heart racing, only to bump into his chest. I looked up and behind me, but all I could see was a dark suit and short hair. I swallowed, unsure if I should say something or just pretend he wasn't there.

He traced a line around my thigh to my ass, then gathered one cheek in his hand and squeezed. I gasped and lifted up on my toes. I came back down, rubbing against his obvious erection. He wrapped his other hand around me and pulled me closer. I felt blood rushing to my pussy.

This felt so wrong, but I was still turned on. He reached inside my jacket and grabbed my breast through my shirt. He felt for the nipple through my lace bra and rolled it between two fingers. I bit my lip and suppressed a moan.

The bus stopped, and so did my captor. When the doors opened and the lights flipped on, I looked up at his face. He was a very handsome man, with blue eyes and a gentle, round face. He was smiling at me mischievously. I looked around. In front of us, the bus was emptying, but no one joined us in our private corner.

I knew I should call out for help or try to catch the bus driver's eyes, but I was frozen, caught in a mixture of fear and lust. When the lights shut off again, he pulled his hand away from my ass. I felt him unzip his pants and release his cock, and my breath caught in my throat. I reached back and felt the long, cold tool. He put his hand over mine and stroked himself slowly.

"Would you like this inside you?" he whispered in my ear. I started to tremble. Who was this man? Why had he picked me? What if we were caught? Without waiting for an answer, he pushed up my skirt and pulled my panties down with one finger. He used his hand to guide mine between my now dripping folds.

I lifted my hips to meet him. He dipped in the head of his cock, testing the waters, and then plunged in with his full length. A moan escaped me as he rammed into me at a rapid pace, still holding my breast in one hand and my hip in the other. I leaned my head against the pole, cool against my feverish skin, and surrendered to his assault.

I felt an orgasm building as he ravaged me. He lowered his head to bite my neck. His hand reached through my shirt and scratched at my flesh. A button popped away and my breasts fell into his palm. I could feel my panties twisting between my legs and my skirt rolling up my back. His dark suit felt soft and cold behind me. Suddenly he thrust forward, squeezing me against him, and I felt his cock throbbing as it shot his seed inside me.

The dirty thought of being impregnated by this stranger sent me over the edge. I shuddered and collapsed backward in his arms. He held me for a few seconds before he gently withdrew and zipped himself back up. As I lowered my skirt and tried to fix my shirt, the bus stopped and the lights came back on. He grabbed my arm so I wouldn't fall.

"This is my stop," he said, letting me go. Speechless, I could only watch him step off the bus. Whistling, he turned and disappeared into the night. As the bus continued on, I looked for the cross street, wondering if I would ever see him again.

The next day, there was a box of chocolate and flowers on my desk. "Thank you for a pleasurable trip home," the card said. My heart jumped with a mix of fear and joy. My mystery attacker knew who I was and where I worked. Had he been planning this? Would I see him again? I had so many questions, but I had to get my day started. I hoped they would be answered on the bus ride home.

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