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Secret Hunger


The author would like to thank 'Larry in Seattle' for proofreading this story

Part One -- The Beginning

Two long time friends share a secret dream. They hunger quietly for the same thing - each other.


Clare is twenty years old. Five foot four and about one hundred and five pounds. Her blond hair is thick and shoulder length. She prefers to wear it in a ponytail, but she knows, as most young girls do, that she looks cuter with her face surrounded by a cloud of soft hair. Although she has dated several boys, both in high school, and now at college, she is still a virgin. She has one unfulfilled fantasy that she keeps hidden from everyone - Emily.

Clare stretched sensually in the shower as the hot water rained down on her young body. She reached up to cup her small, firm breasts, squeezing them gently, and caressing the soft, tender flesh. She touched her pick, puffy nipples, feeling them stiffen as she pinched and pulled the delicate buds. She moved her hands away for a second and then touched the sensitive tip lightly with her fingertips. Her fingers and hands explored the spots that she knew would cause a pleasurable reaction. Keeping one hand on her breast, she let the other fall across her flat tummy, moving it in slow circles, arousing herself. Lower the hand crept, slowly, inch by inch, until her palm came to rest on her rounded shaved mound. With trembling fingers, she traced the line of her slit, feeling the lips starting to swell with her excitement. She extended one finger to separate the lips and massage the inner walls. As the finger found its way to the top of her slit and brushed her clit, the tiny bud responded, sending waves of pleasure coursing through her glistening body.

Rubbing harder, she felt the orgasm that she desperately wanted start to build deep in her body. Now she rubbed even harder, her clit now swollen with desire. The place in her brain that triggered her exquisite joy was red hot. In moments it was white hot. She started to pinch the clit with her thumb and forefinger, rubbing and twisting it. She abandoned her pert breast and brought her hand down to plunge her fingers into her pussy, trying to get them as deep down the velvety smooth love tunnel as she could. She was panting now, gulping down breath after breath as she got closer and closer to her goal. Finally, finally, she was there. The pleasure center in her brain exploded with wave after wave of pure, delicious release. She stood there for several minutes, letting the hot water relax her, letting her body recover. Eventually, she soaped and rinsed herself, drying off with a large towel. When she walked back into her bedroom, she climbed onto the middle of her bed and stretched out, smiling. She closed her light green eyes and fell asleep, dreaming happily about Emily.


Emily is twenty years old. She is five foot seven and about one hundred and twenty pounds. Her hair is dark amber brown and cut short. Her eyes are blue. Although she has dated many boys, she is more comfortable around other girls. Emily is still a virgin. She enjoys the company of one girl in particular, and has often thought about getting to know her much, much better - Clare.

Emily returned home after classes, went to her room and flopped down on her bed. She closed her eyes and dozed off for almost a half an hour. When she sat up, she got undressed, washed her face in her bathroom, and slipped on a baggy pair of sweatpants and a loose fitting tee shirt. She went to her desk and opened one of her textbooks. As she stared at the book, her eyes traveled to a small picture that she had placed under the glass top. It was from last summer. It showed two girls, Emily and her friend Clare. The book forgotten, she daydreamed. Her hands slipped under the edge of her tee shirt and found her soft amble breasts. She lifted them, as if testing their weight. She liked how they felt in her hands. In her revere, she wondered what they would feel like to someone else. As her daydream continued, her hands left the rounded globes and moved down to her pussy. She felt the thick patch of dark moist curls. She separated her vaginal lips and probed her hole with two fingers of one hand while she rubbed furiously on her clitty with a finger of her other hand. She worked herself into a frenzied state, taking short shallow breaths and letting a soft moan escape her lips. She put her head back and shut her eyes tight as the orgasm enveloped her. She lifted her hand from her now soaking wet cunt and deposited some of the fluids to her outstretched tongue. She repeated the action several times, sucking on her fingers, enjoying the taste of her efforts.


Clare and Emily had been friends since grade school. Clare had watched enviously as Emily developed her more grown up figure. She often stole quick glances at her in gym class in high school and later, as a freshman, in the small locker room all the girls shared in her college dorm. She wished that her breasts would grow like her friend's. It was only last year, after several boys complimented her on her smaller chest. Now, she has accepted what she has, and has a better outlook because of it. Clare still secretly watched her friend every chance she gets, but know her thoughts have turned to something more, something more intimate. If she couldn't have breasts like Emily's, then perhaps she could enjoy them in a different manner. She was also fascinated with what she refers to privately as Emily's pussy. Only the few furtive peeks she was able to take fueled her fantasy to get an up close and personal look. Whenever she thought about Emily's curvy body, she started to perspire and her breathing quickened. If only Emily would give some hint that she was interested too.


Unknown to Clare, Emily was interested. She admired the sleek, trim body of her friend. She wondered if Clare's nipples were as sensitive as her own were. She wondered about a lot of things. She thought again about how it might feel with Clare's hands on her breasts, or Clare's tongue dancing with her own tongue. If only Clare would give her some clue that she was interested as well.


Although both Clare and Emily went to the same community college, their classes kept them apart. In high school they were usually together, but now schedules and in one case different buildings put some distance between them. On one particular day, chance intervened and they found themselves together in the library. Clare stood up and waved to her friend when she saw her enter the study hall at the back of the main library. They hugged each other as girls often do, and they sat down.

"What's new?" Emily asked as she sat down.

"Not much except I have been thinking about you." Clare answered, crossing her fingers.

"Oh ya. Whatcha thinking?" Emily asked, taking a deep breath and pretending to adjust her chair.

"Remember how we used to just hang out, prowl around the mall and have fun?" Clare asked.

"Ya, those times were great. I miss them too." Emily offered.

Clare took her chance. "Hey. Doing anything special this weekend?" She asked.

"Nothing important. I think mom wanted to go shopping, but I can duck that. What did you have in mind?" she added, inwardly smiling at the unspoken suggestion.

"Why not have a day for us, like it used to be. We can cruise 5th Avenue, hang out at the new mall, grab a bite to eat and just fool around." Clare said as she emphasized the last part to see what Emily would say.

"That does sound like old times. But let's do one more thing." Emily said. "How about you sleep over like we did in high school? We can get a pizza, do each other's hair, you know. Stuff like that."

"I'll pick you up about ten Saturday morning. We'll have all day." Emily added.

Emily took another deep breath, hoped for the answer she wanted, and waited. When Clare smiled and reached out to hug her, she smiled right back and knew deep down inside that this weekend would be special. They gave each other an exaggerated 'Hollywood' kiss on the cheeks, and Emily left.

That evening, Clare went shopping. She wanted something special to wear for the sleepover. She found what she wanted at one of the small shops in the mall. Emily went shopping too, for the same reason. Both girls were headed for a very special evening. The rest of the week seemed to drag on forever. Friday night neither girl slept very well. It was like trying to get to sleep on Christmas Eve when you're nine years old.


Saturday, the girls had a wonderful time. They did all, or at least many of the things that they used to do. The laughed over old memories and got teary over a few others. Once or twice, while walking around, they found themselves holding hands. Neither girl seemed to mind. They looked at clothes in an up-scale shop and bought earrings at a small kiosk. They both bought new nail polish for later in the evening and Clare picked up a new CD. But eventually they headed back to Emily's home. Emily's mom greeted Clare warmly, scolding her a little for not coming over more often and told them to have fun.

In Emily's room, the girls played songs on the stereo, singing along with five or six. They gave each other manicures and used the new nail polish that they bought. They talked about boys and other girls. They talked about where some of their old friends might be and what they might be doing. After Emily's mom brought up the pizza that they ordered, they changed into comfy clothes. Clare put on a pair of large boxers and a football jersey that was three sizes too big. It fell down below her knees. Emily put on a pair of pajama bottoms and one of her father's old button-down shifts. They were definitely in for the night.


They talked some more and watched a movie, stretched out on Emily's bed. So far Emily had not suggested any sleeping arrangements, although she had one of her sleeping bags out and the pillows were tossed everywhere. When Clare started to yawn, she told her friend that she needed the bathroom for a few minutes and hurried down the hallway, bringing her small overnight bag with her. She thought that it's now or never. If she was going to find out if Emily was interested in more than friendship, now was the time. She stripped off her clothes and pulled out the baby doll top she bought the day before. It was dark red and practically transparent. It had light pink lace along the bottom hem, which fell to just above her shaved kitty. The sleeves were puffy and also trimmed with light pink lace. It left absolutely no doubt that she had a very cute figure. And, she hoped that it left no doubt about her feelings for Emily. She took the twistie out of her ponytail and let her hair fall naturally, framing her face.

Right after Clare left, Emily stripped too. She also put on a new purchase. One that she earnestly hoped would let Clare know how she felt. She prayed that Clare would like what she saw when she came back in. She put a drop of perfume under each lovely breast and with her finger, rubbed strawberry flavored lip balm on each nipple. She stood, bare-footed near her bed.

When Clare hurried back down the hall and back into Emily's room, she tossed her bag on the floor and flipped the small door lock, giving them some privacy. As she let her eyes become accustomed to the darkened room, she turned towards Emily, and stared, her mouth open. Emily was staring back, not quiet believing what she saw. Emily was the first to start laughing. In just a minute, both girls were laughing so hard that their jaws hurt. Clare sat down in a nearby chair and tried to hold her sides. Emily fell on her bed when the peals of laughter finally died down.

Kissing and More

Clare got up and walked over to Emily. She took her by the hands. Emily bent her head slowly, hopefully, and Clare found her lips with her own. No 'Hollywood' kisses tonight. Tonight was a night of passion. Tonight their dreams and their desires would be fulfilled.

When their lips touched, both girls felt an electric tingle course through their young bodies. The kiss seemed to last forever. Neither girl wanted to break the spell of that tender first kiss. But eventually, reluctantly, they pulled their lips apart. Clare looked up to slightly taller friend and smiled a smile of relief, a smile of adoration, a smile of anticipated love. Emily returned the smile, and reached out, putting her arms around her friend, and hugged her closely. Clare, still a little frightened of scaring her friend away, gently placed her hands on Emily's hips, under the hem of her baby doll. When she did not seem to mind Clare's touch, she slowly slid her hands upward along Emily's side. Clare took a half step back to give her more room. She moved her hands higher stopping when her thumbs came in contact with the sides of Emily's breasts. When Emily still didn't object, she moved her hands so that she was cradling each soft globe in her hands, her fingers resting lightly on her nipples. Emily moaned, almost in Clare's ear.

"I've wanted you to do that for a long, long time." Emily whispered.

"Believe me; I've wanted to touch you for years, even back in high school." Clare said, still holding Emily's breasts. Her face blushing, she added. "I've dreamed about doing more than touching."

Emily reached down to the hem of her babydoll and slowly pulled it off over her head. She tossed it on the corned of her bed and looked back at Clare.

"What else have you dreamed of doing?" Emily asked, and added, almost in a whisper, "for years."

Clare looked into the eyes of her friend and lowered her head until her face was practically touching Emily's left breast. She raised her eyes momentarily and saw Emily looking back at her. She lowered her head again, and moving just a little, she closed her mouth over Emily's nipple. A moan escaped Emily's throat - a deep, prolonged moan of pleasure that she had waited so very long for. Clare sucked gently at first and when she heard Emily's moan, she sucked harder. She teased the nipple with her tongue, flicking it back and forth. She pressed her lips down on the tip and heard Emily gasp in surprise. She felt her friend's hands on her head, urging her to continue. Suddenly she felt Emily softly pushed her head back, away from her prize. But Emily only moved slightly so that Clare could continue on her other nipple. Clare gave it the same oral treatment, relishing the feeling and marveling at the taste of strawberries.

Emily pulled Clare's lips away from her breasts and held her shoulders at arms length. She wanted to get a better look at her friend in the dim, bedroom light. The silky baby doll that Clare still wore was now damp with perspiration. It clung to her trim, athletic body, displaying every curve and highlight. Emily lowered her hands to brush Clare's perfectly shaped breasts, the smooth material sliding under her fingers. Emily lowered her hands still further until she was able to lift the hem of the baby doll and pull it off over Clare's head. She removed it deliberately and agonizingly slow, until Clare stood before her, as naked as she was.

Once more the girls stepped close together. More than anything, they wanted, they needed to feel their bodies touching. They needed to feel the exquisite thrill that only close and intimate contact can bring. Clare stretched upwards and Emily bent her head, until their lips could once again touch. Both girls opened their mouths and two tongues danced together to the beating rhythm of their hearts. Arms caressed backs and bottoms, their smooth skin alive and vibrant.

More than Friendship

Later that night, laying close together in bed, wrapped in each other's arms, the girls nodded off to sleep. Their friendship had become both more personal and more intimate, sand more satisfying.

Clare woke, feeling her friend behind her. She could see through the window that it was still dark outside. Emily's hand was on her hip. She sensed movement on the bed and was pleasantly surprised to feel Emily snuggle closer. She rolled her hip slightly and felt Emily's hand move down her leg. Little by little, slowly, Emily moved her hand toward Clare's inner thigh. Clare rolled further as Emily's hand traced small, delicate circles on her sensitive skin. Clare thought it felt fantastic, even more fantastic because it was Emily. By the time Clare had rolled all the way over, flat on her back, Emily's hand had moved up her leg until she was almost touching her pussy. Clare turned her head and her mouth was instantly covered with Emily's. Clare raised her free hand and held Emily's head, pulling her mouth tighter onto her own. Emily's tongue seemed to be everywhere. When she wasn't licking, she was kissing. She kissed Clare's lips, her cheeks, and her neck. When she found the tender spot just below Clare's ear, she went back to sucking and nuzzling. Emily's fingers were also busy. She moved her hand until her fingers touched Clare's pussy.

The bare skin of Clare's pussy was s smooth as silk to Emily's wandering fingers. Emily traced the length of Clare's slit with just one finger. She could almost feel the pussy lips starting to swell with anticipation and desire. Emily let her finger travel lower, past Clare's now moist vagina. She felt Clare raise her legs, exposing more of her ass. At last, her searching finger found Clare's other hole. Emily carefully inserted the tip of her finger, rotating it as she gently pushed it in and out. She dipped her finger in the wetness that now surrounded Clare's pussy and again tried to enter her ass. This time her finger slid in almost effortlessly. She started moving her finger in and out, causing Clare to moan softly. Emily extended her thumb and with her finger still stroking Clare's ass, she pushed her thumb into Clare's now soaking wet pussy. With both tender holes being probed, Clare turned her head towards Emily. Her mouth was almost immediately covered with Emily's kisses, their tongues danced in rhythm with Emily's probing fingers. When Clare felt her orgasm building she started to moan in pleasure. Emily kept whispering that she needed to keep quite. She kissed Clare's neck, her ears and as the orgasm flooded over her, she covered Clare's mouth with her own.

Clare rolled over to face her friend. They kissed tenderly and Emily pulled the sheet and light blanket over their naked bodies. They fell back to sleep holding each other and didn't wake up until they heard Emily's mother calling them to breakfast.

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