"Good morning Mr. MacIndoe."

"You're late again you know."

"Oh like you care about five minutes." She said, sticking out her tongue.

"Well maybe I do."

"And maybe pigs will sprout wings and fly. Besides, I'm your only secretary. You'd be lost without me." She wandered a bit closer to his desk, leaning forward and again sticking out her tongue.

"You keep sticking it out, what are you gonna do with it huh?"

"Well since I'm your secretary that means I take my orders from you. You tell me what to do with it."

"I order you to show me what you have learned to do with it."

"So vague." She teased again sticking out her tongue. "Shall I begin here then?" She runs her tongue lightly over the outside of his ear. "Or maybe here?" She slides it from the sensitive spot behind his earlobe down over his neck, nibbling his flesh lightly as she goes.

"That feels good."

"Oh is that all?" She nips a little harder and runs her nails lightly up his arm and down over his back, lingering over the small of his back. "Is that all you want then?"

"I want for you to take control..." he grabs the back of her head and tugs it back a little roughly...and then he kisses her passionately, running his second hand up and down her nice smooth legs and cupping her nice firm ass. As he runs his hands up and down her legs he scratches lightly as he moves them gently along her inner thigh. After a few long minutes of passionate kissing she breaks away gently and murmurs against his mouth.

"So the powerful boss wants to submit." her voice a little husky from passion. "Well then." Pulling away from his lips she looks into his eyes. "Drop your hands to your sides. Let's see how long you can keep them there." With a mischievous smile she slides back and unbuttons his shirt, pushing it back over his shoulders, then dips her head to lap briefly at one of his nipples before continuing to blaze a trail of licks, nips, and kisses down to the waistline of his pants. While her tongue dances around wreaking havoc on his midsection her hands deftly take care of his fly. She tugs gently to let him know she wants him naked. He clenches the sides of the chair and then takes off his shirt and pants revealing his rock hard cock...showing its approval at her current actions. As he sits there his cock throbs in anticipation of her next move. She nudges his hands back to their places at the sides of the chair while smiling and nodding her approval. She dips her head back to his waist and runs her tongue from his waist to his hip and down, excruciatingly close to touching his cock, and down to lick and nip his inner thigh. Then she moves her head from one thigh to the other and works her way back up, again coming excruciatingly close but never touching. His cock throbs even harder with anticipation, though, he keeps his hands at bay.

"Undress, and to show me what you can really do." She smiles at him, a smile that reminds him he put her in control. She continues to run her tongue over him and her hands run from his chest down to just above his waistline. Then she moves to undress, letting only the tiniest strands of hair caress his cock as she moves. She strips out of her shirt, unbuttoning it and leaving it forgotten on the floor. Then she slides her skirt from her body leaving her kneeling in front of him wearing a see-through lace thong in pale blue and a matching bra that huggs her breasts. There is a smile on his face as he grips the chair tight and my cock throbs harder and harder with anticipation. She lowers her head back to his thigh and caresses it with her tongue while her hands caress the other one. Without warning her head moves a bit and her tongue is running over his balls, licking slowly, rapidly, or curling around each one in turn. She takes one into her mouth and sucks lightly, then the other. Then she takes them both into her mouth at once and sucks just a tiny bit harder. He moves a little bit as he is a little taken back and he squirms as a result....but he breathes a little harder and softly moans in approval, then he moans a little louder. She releases them and again runs her tongue over them, just a little higher, so that her tongue brushes the base of his shaft.

"You want me to show you what I can do? How about I make you cum." She lifts her head and then wraps her lips around his head, her tongue stroking the soft underside. She wraps her hand around the base and takes him farther into her mouth until her hand and mouth meet. She begins to move them in unison, lubricating her hand nicely as she goes, and all the while her tongue is dancing over him as she finds his rhythm and then picks up the pace. He moans a little louder yet and starts thrusting his rock hard cock as he feels his cum bubbling to near bursting levels, then thrusting more and more, deeper and deeper into her warm mouth. She picks up the pace more, matching his thrusts, and increasing the pace and pressure of her tongue, attempting to give him exactly what he needs.

"Oh god, I'm going to cum." He can feel it rumbling within his rock hard cock as it swells to the maximum with blood. She picks up the pace just a little more and lets him explode in her mouth, taking all of him. He groans, unleashing all of it into her mouth. She swallows every last drop and then licks the one remaining one from her lip. She steps back and slowly slides her clothes back on.

"Well, I suppose it's time we got back to work. Until tomorrow then." And with that she turns toward the door, looking back once to wink at him with the promise of tomorrow.



"Tomorrow, two o'clock, clear your schedule. I'm going to repay the favor and then some."

"Okay boss." She smiles and walks out the door.

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