tagLesbian SexSecretary Pleasures Her Boss Lady

Secretary Pleasures Her Boss Lady


Susan asked, "Jennifer, did you get all the policies filed?" Susan asked as if it "was expected" that I already had. She was always pushing to have things done before they could be. I liked Susan but she was so demanding that it caused a great deal of stress. She had threatened that she may need to hire someone else to help. I knew what that meant; "I would be weeded out. " Brandon and me needed the money badly, we had only been married a year and had a three month old girl. I normally complied with Susan's demands without much of a fuss.

"Yeah I got them finished a few minutes ago. "

"Great now lets see if we can tidy this place up a bit. " She always treated me as if I were ignorant. She was thirty-seven and I was twenty-two. I was somewhat intimidated by her; she owned her own insurance agency, though small, it was hers. I was her only employee at this time. She was aggressive in growing the business and promised pay raises along the way. I thought I had a good future with her; that accounted for a lot of my submission to her overbearing ways.

Susan locked the door and turned the closed sign around. I watched as she made her way to the bathroom. She would take a shower, an evening ritual that had taken place for the six months I had worked for her. Her bathroom was located in her office; it was spacey and decorated luxuriously. She had explained that this was her home away from home; she deserved some pampering.

I turned off the lights in the office leaving only the small lamp on an end table; closed the blinds to the windows and was all set. I sat back down at my desk. The only thing left was mine and Susan's evening chat and we would leave.

Susan exited the bathroom; she had left the door to her office ajar, something that she did not normally do. I watched her move about with only a towel wrapped around her. She paraded and posed as if she knew I was watching. I had never noticed what a nice body Susan had, I did not look at her in a sexual way, only admiring what she possessed. She was petite in stature with medium sized breasts, nice buttocks as I found out when she dropped the towel to the floor. Her long brunette hair was wavy and flowing. Her blue eyes tended to pierce through to the depths of your soul as she looked into yours.

My gaze locked in position as I watched her pull a green summer dress from her closet. She had dropped her towel and pulled the dress over her head, shook her hair. She picked a brush up from her desk, turned and saw me looking. She smiled at me and started brushing her hair. I turned away.

Susan came out of her office and over to my desk.

"Jennifer, how long do you think you want to work here?"

"I need a job for a long time; I would like to work for quiet a few years. "

She then half sat on my desk right in front of me; I had to back up in my chair a little to give her room.

"Well you know the girl that worked here before did a lot for me. "

"Oh I am willing to do whatever you need me to. " I was taking initiative now. I wanted to please her because I needed a raise as well as a job.

"So, whatever I need you to do right?" A questionable look drew across her face.

"Yeah, I guess so. "

"Well there are other things I need besides paperwork. " She stared at me intensely. "I am a busy woman with not a lot of time for some things. "

"I looked at her with this puppy dog look, I know, I felt it. "Ummm, what other things is it you need done?"

She moved slightly to the center of my desk where my chair should be, she bent down grabbing the arms of my chair and pulled it towards her. I was now tight in between her legs, and was now beginning to understand what she wanted. I was frozen in place as I watched her reach down with both hands, grasp her dress and started slowly pulling it up. Her ass rested on the edge of my desk, as she was half sitting and half standing. She kept rolling up her dress; I could now see her thighs. Her thighs were a smooth milky white flesh.

My heart raced, I gazed between her legs as the cloth drew up over her hips. I was anxious about what I was to see.

The triangular shape of her bush was neatly trimmed; bikini lines were clean-shaven. Around the lips seemed to be shaven as well. I could not move.

Susan kept her eyes on my face, watching my expressions. She wasn't sure as to yet what I would do. I did not know what I was going to do.

I had never been with a woman before although fantasies frequented my imagination of such. I knew what to do, I knew what felt good on me and I had played it out in my mind but with friends my age. Susan was older, what would she expect? Should we be doing this?

She lifted herself onto the desk and placed her feet on the arms of my chair. She parted her knees, this caused her pussy to open up, and I could see she had moistened. I looked closely still anxious about what to do, she scooted forward a little more pulling her feet to the front of the arms. I could now see her asshole.

One of Susan's hands found its way to the back of my neck. I felt some force as she started pulling my head towards her cunt. I resisted somewhat but was giving in. She caught onto this and whispered.

"Go ahead baby, taste of me. Do it good and I'll take good care of you. "

My head lowered until I was inches away from her. She pulled my head harder until my mouth made contact. She let out a sigh, "Ohhhhh yes that's it baby now lick it. "

I shook all over, blood filled my face, and I felt the heat. My tongue left my mouth and tasted Susan, I could smell her, taste her, and these senses caused butterflies in my stomach. My tongue parted the lips of her cunt. I slowly ran my tongue inside the folds of her lips moving it up and down her slit. My groin now ached; I could feel a burning sensation, my hips began to move ever so slowly. My hands moved to her hips. I moved myself closer inside her legs.

"Ohhhhh that's it baby, oh yes that's it. " She moaned as she spoke in a soft whisper, her voice was soothing and arousing.

I began to suck her lips into my mouth savoring them. They were wet, soft silky flesh. She could not hold her hips still as they rotated about the desk. I found her clit, sucked it in my mouth flicking my tongue across it. I rotated my head as I sucked. I became so hot in what I was doing. I moved my head as though I was involved in a deep French kiss.

"Oh suck it baby, yes that's it suck it. " Her breathing had grown heavier. I felt her hand working the back of my head.

I noticed my legs had parted and I was wet and swollen my self. I had moved one hand between my legs, inside my skirt; I pulled my panties to the side and started massaging my clit as I sucked her.

Susan moaned and whispered, "I orgasm in multiples, so don't stop. "

I thought she must be near; I moaned and sucked her, "Mmmmmmmmm. " Licking and sucking her clit now trying to drive an orgasm from her groin.

I moved my arm around the lower part of her back pulling her tight into my face. I began to suck aggressively.

Susan's hips began to buck, she shoved her cunt into my face gasping, "Ohhhh Yessssss Oh God Yessssss. " Bucking harder, "OH MY GOD YESSSSSSS OH GOD YESSSSS BABY YESSSSSS!"

Her bucking ceased, her hips and body quivered.

I couldn't believe what just happened, God, I sucked her cunt to orgasm.

I remembered what she had said; she was multi-orgasmic. I kept licking moving away from her clit and down to the opening of her cunt. I licked around the hole and then penetrated it. Susan's breathing had stabilized from the pant she had broken into.

She lay back on the desk now and started rubbing her clit. I noticed that I had penetrated my pussy with three fingers now running them in and out. My hips moved against my fingers as I literally fucked them.

Susan whispered softly, "Move your tongue lower. "

I moved my tongue a little lower until I was at the lowest part of her cunt.

"Oh no baby, move your tongue lower. "

I didn't know exactly what she wanted so I started kissing and licking the cheeks of her ass. They were so soft. The flesh of her cheeks excited me.

"That's it baby, now lick my asshole. " She continued to finger her clit.

Susan surprised me by what she was asking but I was so involved so aroused that I moved my tongue to her asshole. My heart picked up speed again, I was doing all kinds of things I had not done before. I was soaking wet between my legs. My hips were viscously humping my fingers.

The minute my tongue touched her asshole, she let out a moan, "Ohhhh yessssss baby oh yesssss that's what I like baby.. yessssssssss. "

I started flicking my tongue across it; her hips started rotating more now. I kept licking as her fingering became faster.

"God yes baby God yesss do my ass baby. "

Her words had encouraged me so that I put my mouth over her asshole and started French kissing it. This sent her into a frenzy. She started bucking her hips again, raising them off the desk now. I took both my arms and moved them under her thighs sliding them over her legs at the top. I held onto her tight. My mouth on her asshole tight now, French kissing it while she bucked, I wasn't going to let go. I held on while she furiously fingered her clit and bucked.


She came again, her quiver was violent as she grabbed the hair on my head and squeezed. She relaxed back on the desk for a few minutes and then raised herself up. I sat back up moving my fingers back to my cunt.

Susan looked at me smiling, "That was good, about the best I ever had. " I knew that was a lie, she had just came and felt good.

I looked into her eyes not saying anything. My hips were squirming in the chair. I had put three fingers inside myself and had the other hand massaging my clit.

"You have to get yourself off baby; I don't go down on women. " She had a smirky grin about her face as she spoke.

I thought what? After this and she doesn't do anything. I stopped moving. Susan bent down to my face, grabbed my chin with one hand lightly squeezing, kissed me on the lips and said.

"Don't stop, I want you to finger yourself looking at my cunt. I want to see you get off, I want you to get off looking at my cunt until you worship it. " She started rubbing her clit again. She reached down, grabbed one of my hands and moved it to her cunt.

"Slide your fingers in me while you get off. "

Susan moved her pussy right close to my face, I inserted two fingers inside her and started to finger my clit. I stared at her cunt; she mesmerized me; my fingers were soaking wet from her. I looked in her eyes; she was staring at me. "That's it baby, cum for me. "

My hips squirmed faster in the seat, my fingers massaging my clit fast now. My face inches from her cunt with my fingers inserted. I looked up at her, she stared me down, I looked back at her cunt and couldn't take it anymore. My mouth went to her clit, I sucked it in my mouth and started bucking in my seat.

I gasped and moaned, "MMMMMM... NNNNNN... MMMMMMMM. "

I removed my mouth from her. I had came violently in my chair, it was explosive. I had soaked the chair and my skirt.

Susan dropped her dress back down over her hips and looked down at me. "Tomorrow, you get a two dollar an hour raise, I hope you understand these are my needs, this is how I like to be pleasured, it is what I will want out of you a few times a week, right?"

"Yes, I want to pleasure you, I'll do whatever you want me to. " I was captivated.

It was like starting a new job. Susan treated me differently, much better, and I pleasure her to this day.

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