tagNonHumanSecrets of the Forest Nymph

Secrets of the Forest Nymph


I do hope that you enjoy the story. I am kind of new to Erotic Writing, so here goes. I know this is a Nonhuman category but part one has to deal with the plot. It's pretty useless is the story is just sex with no plot. Thanks to Phoenix for helping me with characters and the heads up on the name of the crystal. I don't want to get any W.O.W. people confused. Part two coming soon, Enjoy

Chapter One

Chad and Susan Franklin left the jet way, hand in hand, heading towards the luggage area. "Now that the honeymoon is over I assume we'll turn into a normal boring couple." Susan said as she held Chad's hand in hers. She was deeply in love with her new husband, and wished she could tell him the not so normal things about her. Maybe in time he would learn her inner most feelings, and her darkest secrets.

"Don't worry sweetheart, I'll keep it more exciting than you can imagine." Chad told her squeezing her hand.

"You know I wish I didn't have to work at the blackjack tables' tonight. I would really love to just sit and snuggle next to you." she whined.

"I don't have to go back to work for a few days. Why don't I go with you and keep you company?" he asked.

"That would be great! You know how much I enjoy it when your there," she said.

"I know how much you enjoy kicking my ass in Blackjack," he complained.

"If you would play like I showed you, it wouldn't be that bad," Susan said, kissing his cheek. "I keep trying to tell you I'm smarter at more things than you are."

They got their luggage off the carousel exited the airport terminal. When they finally reached the car, Chad quickly opened the door. "Your carriage my lady," he said, opening the door for her and bowing slightly.

"Oh my Knight in shinning armor is here again," she said, sliding effortlessly into her seat.

"You have a real addiction with the whole 'Knight' thing," Chad jokingly said. Chad started up the car and pulled out of the airport. It was only one in the afternoon, so they had some time to kill before Susan had to go to work.

"You know my love, you really are my Knight in shinning armor," Susan said, stroking his hand.

"No matter where I'm at, I will always come to your rescue my Queen." Chad told her in a very unconvincing English accent.

Susan smiled at Chad, but her eyes had a serious look in them. Could she let her heart flow, as she needed to? "Actually I'm a Princess," she said.

Chad noted the seriousness in her eyes. He thought for a moment he made her angry. "Forgive me - Princess, I meant no disrespect." Susan let the subject drop, for now. To ease the sudden tension she rubbed the front of his pants as he drove home.

Thankfully, they did make it to the house without wrecking. "Don't you ever get enough?" he said, brushing her hand away for the thousandth time.

"Oh, isn't that the pot calling the kettle black", she replied, her eyes sparkling.

Chad checked the phone messages, while Susan went through the mail for the last week. "Oh my God Chad, I got a letter from Feather!" Susan exclaimed.

"You got a letter from a bird?" Chad asked.

"No silly, she's a friend of mine from - well let's just say, from a while back. She used to work with me on the um, dealer circuit, when I was with younger," she replied.

Susan opened the letter and began reading as Chad went to the kitchen. He needed a beer after the flight and her groping hands. Pulling a Miller Lite from the refrigerator, he took a long pull of the drink. "Ok, now I feel more human," he said.

He went back to the living room where Susan sat with a puzzled look on her face. "What's the matter, honey?" he asked.

"It seems Feather is in town, she wants to catch up on old times," she replied softly.

"That's what got you puzzled?"

"No, it's not that sweetheart. It's just we haven't seen each other for a long time. I wonder why she's here?" she said.

"You'll find out soon enough dear. She knows where we live so she'll make her way to see you," Chad said, reassuringly. "Can I get you something to drink Susan?" he asked, breaking her thoughts.

"You can mix me up a light Vodka and Grapefruit Juice. I think I could handle one before work tonight," she replied.

Chad's bar was set up in the entertainment room. Smaller than the living room, but still big enough to have a bar and an old blackjack table. He fixed the drink and returned to the living room. As he entered, he looked over to the couch and stopped. Susan was clad only in her panties.

To Chad, the site was magnificent, even with her clothes on she was still breathtaking. At 5 foot 6 with a slender build, she was average but it stopped there. Her deep emerald green eyes were mesmerizing. The same eyes he fell in love when they first met.

Her breasts where large enough that when he lifted them up, he could squeeze and suck on at the same time. Her smooth bald pussy was a remarkable sight when it came into view. He spent hours using his tongue making sure she knew that. One thing Chad found puzzling about her, she always smelled of fresh Lilacs. She rarely wore any perfume but strangely, that fragrance was constantly around her.

Chad leaned up against the wall and gave her a knowing smile. "I assume you're trying to get my attention," he said.

"Sorry, it's that little Nymph coming out in me again," she replied, running her fingers over the front of her panties.

"If you're that horny then, don't let me stop you," he replied, sitting Susan's drink down next to her. "Just to set the record straight dear, I think the correct terminology is 'Nymphomaniac.' he said with a chuckle.

She took a long sip of the cool liquid, never taking her eyes off Chad. Looking at him, Susan put the drink down then slid her hand inside the satin material. Chad could tell what she was doing, even if he couldn't see her hand. "Would you like some of this, my love?" she asked, pulling her nipple slightly with the other hand.

"It appears you're doing just fine by yourself," he replied.

Susan leaned her head back and closed her eyes, as her fingers moved over her moist pussy. Her nipples have always been very sensitive, Susan moaned every time that she pulled or twisted them. Chad knelt between her legs, stroking her skin softly.

"Tell me my lovely wife, what are you thinking about?" he whispered to her.

"I'm thinking about you."

"What about me," he said as he ran his tongue around her ear. Chad reached down, moving the crotch of her panties to one side.

"I'm thinking about you making love to me," she whimpered.

"Making love to you - or having sex?" he teased.

"It was such a long flight Chad, you know which one I need right now!" she said, in almost a complaining tone.

"I'm not sure I understand what you need," Chad said, as he toyed with her unoccupied nipple.

Looking at him with pleading eyes, "Please, you know what I need damn it!" she whimpered.

"You have to tell me, Bright Eyes."

"I need, oh God Chad, please," she said, rolling her head from side to side.

Susan pulled her fingers out and started pinching her clit. "You know damn well what I want!" she screamed.

Chad pulled her hand away from her dripping pussy, and held it tight. "Nooo please let me cum. I need to cum so fucking bad," Susan begged.

"Then you better tell me what you need - NOW," Chad demanded.

Susan knew what she had to say. Acting like a common street whore always made her cum harder. "I need you to, fuck me. Please master, make your little slut cum," she said, pleadingly submissively.

Chad released her hand and manipulated her clit with his own fingers. Susan spread her legs to accommodate his larger hand, while she toyed with her nipples. "Is this what you needed?" he asked, teasingly.

"Yes Master, I need you to make me cum."

"Since I will allow you to cum slave, what will you do for me in return?" he asked.

"Oh Master, you know I will do or say anything you want me to," she said, relishing in the submissive role. "Anything you command me to master. I am your willing fuck toy."

Chad quickened his fingers on her clit, causing her to whimper loudly. "Are you willing to put my cock all the way down your throat?" he asked.

"Yes Chad, you know I will."

Chad pulled his fingers off her clit suddenly. "No God, please!" she cried.

"If you want me to keep going, say it in the way you're supposed to, slave," he commanded.

"I'm sorry Master. Yes, I love to suck cock. I need you to use my tight mouth as a fuck hole. I need you to cum with your cock all the way down my cock sucking throat," she cried out.

Chad pushed three fingers inside her pussy and stroked her clit with his thumb as fast as he could. Susan, overcome with the quick spreading of her pussy walls, became crazed. She pulled and twisted her nipples unmercifully until Chad thought she was ripping them off her breasts.

"Oh my fucking God!" she screamed.

"You can cum now - slave," he whispered in her ear.

"Oh shit Chad, I'm going...!" Susan cried out. The orgasm rocked her body, making her thrash against the cushions. Her shapely body shaking so much Chad had trouble holding her close to him.

Her breathing slowed and her exhausted body started to relax. "Oh God, I needed that so much," she said softly. Chad kissed her lips, allowing his tongue to slip into her mouth. The two of them kissed passionately as Susan fought his with the invading muscle. Susan pulled her head back, "You're a wonderful man. Did you know that?" she said.

"What kind of a husband would I be, if I didn't give the woman I love what she wants?" Chad replied, stroking her face with his fingertips.

"Let me take care of your needs too," she said as she reached for his zipper.

"We can take care of that later. I'm still sore from last night in the hotel room," Chad told her.

"You're such a liar," she laughed, squeezing his cock. "I'm going to take a shower. Will you get us something to eat before we go out?" she said, heading for the staircase.

Chad bowed to her, "as you wish my Princess. I shall bring it to the royal chamber." Susan slapped his arm as he left the room.

Chad loved doing things for her. Preparing dinners, or rubbing her feet after a night of dealing cards. She was the most incredible and exotic woman he had ever met in his life. She was funny and bright, yet mysterious at times. When it came to making love, she always gave of herself completely.

He made some small sandwiches and diced some fruit for them. Putting her drink on the tray, he went upstairs to join her. Susan was stretching out on the large king sized bed channel surfing. She had her fluffy white robe on with her hair wrapped in a towel. Chad laughed to himself. He always found it strange how women could get a coiled towel to stay on their head. Setting the tray down on the bed, he joined her.

"Is there anything interesting to watch today?" Chad asked.

"No not really, just the same old stuff." She stopped on some documentary program and started to nibble at the fresh fruit.

"She's right, not much to watch. Then again, lying next to a woman like her, TV is not a priority,' Chad thought.

The program currently on today dealt with Fairy Tales and Mythical Creatures. The narrator was going on about folklore and myths, about all kinds of useless things. Showing a computer drawing of an athletically trim male with long straight hair, he started explaining about Elves. "That's what you remind me of," she said.

"I remind you of an Elf?" he said.

"Lets see, athletically trim, playful, straight hair, yep that's you. You also have the ears for it," Susan said.

"I always thought Elves were short fat people who made toys," Chad said, jokingly.

Susan looked down at the fruit she had been nibbling on, "You don't believe in that sort of thing, do you?" she asked him.

"You mean things like Elves, Fairies, Trolls, and Goblins? No I don't, but I wouldn't mind having a crack at Tinkerbelle," he said laughing as Susan elbowed him in the ribs.

"Not even Dwarfs or Sprites, or even Nymphs?" she asked.

"Well, I believe in Nymphos. I think I married one," he replied, kissing her forehead.

"I didn't think I was quite that bad," she said, her lips forming a pout.

"Oh come on, I'm sorry, you know I don't mean anything by it," Chad told her, kissing her check.

"Ok, you're forgiven," she said, smiling at him. They finished eating and Susan went to her dressing table to put her make up.

Trying to get off the subject of Fairy Tales, he asked Susan, "So tell me about this friend of yours,' Feather I think you said her name was."

"She's a dear friend of mine from the old days," she told him. Her eyes stared off as if reliving the memories of a time gone by. "Actually, she's a lot like you, tall and slender but without all the muscle." Susan turned to look at him. "She has a lot of "Elvin" features, just like you," Susan said with a smile.

"Oh ha, ha, very funny Mrs. Franklin," he replied sarcastically. 'So much for that tactic,' Chad thought.

Susan finished with her make up, putting the final touchups to her lipstick. Chad got hard as she pressed her lips together, and released with wet pop. Going to the closet, Susan picked out her uniform for the night. Her outfit was a backless tuxedo shirt and short skirt, complete with cumber bun, bow tie, and a short tuxedo jacket. She looked as if she belonged in a James Bond movie, but with a better body.

"I always enjoy watch you put your uniform on," he said.

"You just get a kick out of what it does to my breasts," she replied with a wink.

The phone rang and Chad rolled over, painfully, to answer it. "Hello, yes she is. It's for you honey," he said, handing her the phone. Chad went downstairs to get another beer, while Susan chatted on the phone. When he returned, Susan was just finishing up with her jewelry. "I'm going to grab a quick shower, and then I'll be ready to go. Who was on the phone Honey?" he asked.

"That was my friend Feather, I told her to meet us at the club tonight. Is that alright with you?" she asked.

"Absolutely, I'd love to meet her. I've always wanted to see what an Elf looked like," he said, smiling.

"Then look in the mirror, silly," she said, slapping him on the butt.

Chad went to get ready. 'This should prove to be a very interesting night. Susan's old friend, a night of cards, and some drinks. Yes it should get pretty exciting,' he thought to himself.


September's was not a large club, but still roomy enough for a dance floor and a long bar. The cliental that it served were some of the 'upper' class of Virginia Beach. Chad was doing fair tonight at the table, he was only down fifty bucks so far. It was a Friday night and the club was getting crowded, it usually did about this time. People finishing with their late dinners, or an early start to the night, always came in around this time.

There were four other people at the table and Chad sat in the last chair. Susan called it third base. There was still a lot to Blackjack he didn't understand, not that he minded really. Watching Susan behind the table in a skimpy outfit, flirting with other men to get them to play excited him.

"Would you like a hit Chad?" she asked, breaking his thoughts. Chad had a nine and three against her king. Now Susan's instructions said only double your bet when you have a nine, ten, or eleven, and the dealer has a six or less. Chad on the other hand, added twelve's to that list.

Chad put in another chip, doubling his bet. "Player doubles down," she called out. Susan placed the card down with the other two. Sure enough, it was a king of course. "Sir, you really should refrain from doubling on those, the odds are not in your favor," she said, smiling.

"Well, I guess I'll just have to keep going till my luck changes. I mean, sooner or later your luck has to change," he said, looking into her brilliant green eyes.

Susan finished dealing the hand. She flipped her down card over, "Dealer has sixteen," she said. She then laid the next card down; it was the five of hearts. "Dealer has twenty one," she told the players.

Susan collected the chips that she won back. She had to lean forward to get them, so sometimes loosing was actually winning, since the view was great. She was getting ready to shuffle the cards when a female voice stopped her. "Is this for, boys' only, or can women get in on some action too?" she said.

A slender women in a short, tight fitting red dress, was standing beside the table. Her spaghetti straps were so thin that they were almost invisible. It fit tightly to her body like a second skin, and the matching red 'come fuck me pumps', accented her athletic legs.

"Feather, oh I was wondering when you'd show up!" Susan cried.

She gave her long time friend a big hug. No one at the table was paying attention to anything, except the two beautiful women hugging each other. "Everyone, this is my dear friend Feather," Susan said, letting her go.

"Well hello everyone, nice to meet all of you," she said, smiling at the men staring at her. "Would any of you mind if I sit down and, play?" she said, in a soft seductive tone. Everyone jumped up out of their respective seats as if they were on fire, except Chad. The only reason that Chad remained seated was because he found it suddenly difficult to breathe.

Feather was an eye full. She had long blond hair, which reached down to the middle of her back. She had a slender build with long legs but she only stood about five and a half feet tall. Chad suddenly had a vision of Kelly Rippa with longer hair. Her breasts were small, 'about a mid C-cup,' Chad thought. Feather wore her hair pulled back over her ears. They looked normal at a quick glance, but after looking at them for a moment, they seemed slightly pointed at the top. 'I guess that's why Susan commented that she had Elvin features. Jesus now she has me thinking about Fairies,' he thought.

Chad found himself running his fingers over the top of his own ears. His ears' were just as normal as the next guy'. Feather chose the seat next to Chad. The man on her other side smiled and shifted his weight toward her, hoping to score points early before the other players. Susan leaned over, "Feather, I would like you to meet Chad," she said pointing towards him.

Feather studied him for just a brief second, "So, you're the one who has captured my friend's heart," Feather said, extending her hand.

Chad grasped her hand softly, "Well, I guess that's me. It's a pleasure to meet you Feather," he said.

"Oh believe me Chad, the pleasures all mine," she said softly. Chad noticed that she had the same captivating gaze as Susan. Her eyes were a very light shade of blue and slightly Asian looking. Maybe she had some Oriental decent.

Chad got a small hint of her perfume, and was intrigued. "I don't mean to sound forward Feather but, what's the name of that perfume you're wearing?"

Susan looked on with a strange sense of panic, which she rarely ever showed. Feather noticed this, and turned to Chad. Leaning in close enough for only Susan and Chad to hear, "I'm glad you like it, I just got it today. It's called Forest Mist, but you can call it Heaven, if it makes you happy," she told him with a sly grin.

Susan let out a heavy sigh and continued to deal cards, even though the players rarely paid attention anymore. It seemed that Feather was the main attraction at the table now, not that Susan cared. All that meant was that people would be loosing, causing them to put even more money on the table.

The night wore on, Susan and Feather caught up on each other's lives as much as they could with everyone listening. Feather kept asking Chad questions about himself. The other players noticed this, not to mention half the other men in bar. They seemed displeased that she warmed up to him instead of the rest of them. It was getting late and they called last call for the bar.

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