tagNonHumanSecrets of the Forest Nymph Ch. 03

Secrets of the Forest Nymph Ch. 03


This Chapter deals with developing the story line. All sex and no story is pretty boring and doesn't work your imagination very much. This ties in a lot of who the characters are so you can follow them while they... All most gave it away. Thanks for the comments and votes, keep it coming. Enjoy the journey.


Morrow roamed the forest, hoping to find a Forest Nymph or Elf to abuse. Even though Elves are good screamers, the pleasure from a young Nymph was ten times better. Generally, he never had to travel this deep in the forest, but victims were scarce these days. Creatures were hiding deeper for safety. Soon he caught a familiar scent in the air, one he had not inhaled for some time.

Marrow came upon a clearing where the odor was overwhelming. As he knelt in the grass, he knew that, Shea had recently been here with an elf. Strangely, another scent was there. He couldn't place it but it reminded him of...a human.

Shea had been here with a human and an elf, which made his disgust of humans even greater. Marrow knew he was going to make her pay when he found her. If she had the elf with her, then that would be a bonus.

Something else was interesting, lying next to the matted down grass was a broken piece of Tulok root. Tulok root is the only way to travel to the human world. Bolara was wise to hide her child there. One other thing stood to reason. Since Bolara didn't have the Crystal of Physis, then Shea must have it with her.

Having the crystal would increase his power over the forest. His evil reign would forever be, without question. Taking the small piece of Tulok root, he retreated into the forest to plan his revenge on Bolara's daughter, who had eluded him all these years.

The sky was darkening as Marrow reached the castle. Knowing that the root will take him to Shea he still had to be careful. He must retrieve the Crystal of Physis intact. He moved down to the lower levels where he kept his victims, he needed time to plan.

He walked up to the cell holding one of his victim's. He smiled at the ragged looking women cowering in the corner. "Tell me what you know about the Crystal of Physis bitch." The woman looked up at the evil Ogre and cried. She knew that after all these years, Marrow found Princess Shea. _______

Susan and Feather sat at the kitchen table, talking over a tall cool drink. "Now that Chad is out running errands, we can talk freely," Susan said.

"Why in the name of Artemis haven't you told him about your 'real' self Shea?" Feather demanded.

It had been a long time since Susan heard her real name. So many years have passed since Marrow took over the forest by killing her family. A tear rolled down her cheek remembering the look on her mother's face, as the Tulok root took her to the human world.

"You know damn well he won't believe me. He thought he was having some weird dream last night. Besides, I've already tried before, he thinks it's some kind of role playing game," Susan said sadly.

Feather held her friends hand. She wished she could make it better for her. "Shea, I saw you last night in the forest. You had that sparkle in your eyes again. Just like I remember," Feather said.

"Oh Feather, it felt so good to be there again. I really miss it, but it's too dangerous to be there," Susan said as she slipped farther into depression.

"Listen Shea, you know we were too deep in the forest for Marrow to have sensed you. You know it's just the crystal he's after," Feather pointed out.

"Damn it Feather, don't you understand. He killed my family! He probably tortured my mother to death to find the crystal, and me. I saw the look in my mother's eyes. He wanted us both!" Susan took a breath to calm down

"I'm the last one of the family left, he needs me dead to rule the forest completely. I can never go back, there's too much at stake. Besides Feather, if you didn't notice, Chad still thinks it's a dream," Susan said.

"I can tell you this much. Your husband's cock is a dream," Feather said, trying to break the tension.

"You horny little elf, don't you think about anything else except when the next cock will pass by?" Susan said, slapping her hand.

"You have to be kidding me. Like you have room to talk Princess Shea," Feather said mockingly. _______

Chad finished his errands and stopped off at a bar for a quick cold one. It was a long night, and even longer morning. He had to sit and try to figure all this out. It was extremely possible these two women would be the death of him.

The bartender, a cute little blond girl named Jess, sauntered up to the edge. "What will it be today Chad?" She smiled at him.

"Let's keep is simple today, Miller Lite bottle if you don't mind dear."

She quickly pulled a fresh bottle out, placing it on the bar. Chad had a quizzical look on his face. She sensed something was wrong. "What's the matter? You look like you're here, but you're not?" She questioned.

"I had a really weird dream last night. I'm just trying to sort it all out," Chad replied not wanting to revel too much of the details.

"We all have dreams, but the question is, whether or not you enjoyed it?" Jess said, as she leaned in towards the bar.

"Oh I enjoyed it a lot. The weird thing is...it seemed so real. I swear it was the most realistic thing I've ever experienced," he told her.

"It wouldn't by chance involve a woman, would it?" Chad looked at her and decided to let a little more out.

"Well, Miss Nosey, if you must know there were two women. The weird thing is it was an Elf and a Forest Nymph Princess," he said.

She tilted her head back and laughed. "See what you get when you drink too much. You start having nightmares, and since you're a male, it had to be with two women. Men are so predictable," she said sarcastically.

"My boyfriend has the same dream, except not with forest creatures. Maybe I should give a dream like that a try. I wouldn't mind a few hunky construction workers. You know the type, well built and who know how to...hammer," Jess said with a smile spreading across her face.

He was going to have to ask Susan about that strange root. What was something like that doing in the house? He knew Susan didn't do drugs, but if that root could do that, what else didn't he know about his lovely wife.

Finishing his beer Chad paid and gave Jess a tip for the service. As he left, he heard the cute little bartender speak up. "Hey Chad, let me know if you run across any of those hunky construction workers. I need my pool fixed," she said.

Chad paused for a moment. "Wait a minute Jess, you don't have a pool," Chad replied.

"I know, that's the whole idea silly," the little blond haired girl said seductively.

Back at the house, the two women busied themselves cleaning up from the morning escapades. Feather was a little wobbly but still helped, just slowly. "I'll tell you what Feather, if you get the dishes I'll make the bed up," Susan told her.

"Well I wouldn't get too carried away. When Chad comes back, we might just mess it up again," Feather said, brushing a hand over her breast. Susan just shook her head and went upstairs. Feather laughed and went to the kitchen to start the dishes.

Feather was just finishing the dishes, when she heard Susan scream. It wasn't a scream of pain, but fear. She'd heard it too many times in the past years. Bolting up the stairs, she went straight for the master bedroom. What she saw made her blood turn cold.

Near the bed was her friend, she was in the grasp of the evil Ogre Marrow. 'How in the hell could he get here? It was impossible without the Tulok root. How did he know Shea was in the human world?' she thought

"You must be the little Elvin bitch she was with. Don't worry, when I get the little princess here back to the castle, I'll come back for you too. I wouldn't mind a little threesome before I torture you both to death," he growled at her.

Feather took a step back in fear. Suddenly, they were gone in a flash of bright light, forcing her to turn away.

"How could this happen? It wasn't possible without the root? He must have found it somewhere. The only ones who could get it were the Elves. Unless he tortured one for it," she said aloud. Now she had to tell Chad that his wife was a prisoner of pure evil.

Chad had arrived home and as soon as he entered the house, he heard a woman scream. He quickly took the stairs three at a time, exploding into the bedroom. There he saw Feather on her knees, sobbing uncontrollably.

"Feather what happened?" he demanded.

Chad picked her up and set her on the bed. "Feather, please try to calm down and tell me what happened," he said slowly, trying to calm the crying woman down.

"She's gone, he took her," Feather said, trying to catch her breath.

"Feather you're not making sense. Who took her? Who took Susan?" He pleaded with her.

"Chad, you better sit down. This is going to be a lot for you to take in," Feather said, wiping the tears from her face. Chad set down next to the woman who just hours ago, was cumming while his wife rammed a strap-on dildo up her ass.

"I know you think you were dreaming last night. Let me assure you, it was no dream," Feather started out. "What happened was real. Shea told you the truth. She's a...Forest Nymph. We took you to the forest because she wanted to experience it once more, with you." She said.

"You've got to be kidding me! Are you trying to tell me that my wife isn't my wife, but some kind of creature? What in God's name are you saying Feather? This is insane! Now tell me, what the fuck happened to Susan," he screamed.

"This is exactly why she didn't tell you, stupid! She knew you'd think she was psychotic, and then have her committed. Why do humans have to be so damn thick headed?" she screamed back at him.

"I'm calling the police right now. You better have another answer than that," he said as he picked up the phone.

"Go ahead and call. They'll lock us both up. Probably in one those rubber rooms you humans are so found of," Feather said in a condescending tone.

"If it is proof you want, then proof it shall be. You should know something first Chad. You are the only chance that Shea has of being found alive." Feather said

"What the hell are you talking about Feather?" Chad asked.

"She was taken by an Ogre named Marrow. He took over power in the forest by killing Shea's family," Feather said.

"Damn it Feather, why do you keep calling her Shea?" he asked sternly.

"That's her real name stupid, not Susan. Her family was the ruling clan in the forest, and now, she is the last surviving member. Marrow needs to kill her so he can take control of everything and everyone. That, and the Crystal of Physis," she told him.

"You're not making any sense again, what crystal?" Chad said as he rubbed his head.

"Chad, do you remember the crystal she used last night to open the jewelry box?" she asked.

"You mean that thing she had around her neck?" he asked.

"Get it and the box and I'll explain everything to you. Then you'll understand what I'm telling you. It's not a dream, it's a nightmare," she explained.

Chad went through her things, looking for the crystal. He finally found the stone in a false bottom of her large jewelry chest. Handing the box and crystal to Feather, she inserted the sleek looking object into the hole and produced the Tulok root.

"Oh no you don't Feather, not that thing again!" he said sternly.

"Listen to me Chad you have to understand what's happening. The only way to move between your world and ours is Tulok root. The only way to get it is for an Elf to find it. We're the only ones who can," Feather explained.

"Somehow Marrow got a piece, then found out that Shea was in the human world. He was after her because she's the only one who could have had the Crystal of Physis. The only one left after Marrow killed her family," she said.

"You mean that thing?" he asked, pointing at the crystal in her hand.

"God you're thick headed! This is the Crystal of Physis. Only the ruling class of the forest can use its power," she said, handing the crystal over to Chad.

"It's a very powerful item, if used wisely the forest will know happiness beyond belief. If it was ever possessed by someone evil, and then kill the family, the forest would plunge into darkness forever," Feather said, as a cold chill ran up her spine.

"If this is true, why did you say the only hope Susan has is with me?" he asked.

"Once Marrow discovers Shea doesn't have the crystal, he'll torture her to find it. He won't kill her unless he has the crystal. But after a while she'll wish she was dead," she said.

"Ok, let's say I believe you. You still haven't answered the question. Why me?" Chad pushed her.

"You married her right, you both said I do, for better or worse, and so on?" she asked.

"Of course we're married. What's the hell does that got to do with anything?" he asked sternly.

"That makes you a member of the ruling family. Human or not, you're part of royalty now. The power of the crystal will flow through you. It will give you an edge against Marrow. Trust me, you'll need it," Feather told him staring into his eyes.

"Let's say for argument sake that I believe you, and this is all real. What we would have to do," he said, even though it was so far fetched.

"This root will take us to wherever we wish to go in the forest. All we have to do is to think of where we want to go, and we go there. It will only work from the human world to my world or vise versa. It won't take us from somewhere in the forest to somewhere else in the forest."

"That's great! We just go to this, Marrow's place, and get her back," Chad said happily.

"Chad, it isn't that simple. Just you and I going in will get us all killed, and Marrow will get the Crystal of Physis. If that happens everything is lost. I can't let that happen...even if it means losing Shea," Feather said, pleading with him to listen to reason.

"Listen Chad, I love Shea as much as you do. We've been friends for a hundred and fifty years. I don't want to lose her as much as you do," she said sternly.

Chad was taken off guard by the last statement. This whole thing was getting out of hand and Chad was going to put a stop to it. "You're saying you've known Susan, or Shea, for a hundred and fifty years? Do you know how impossible that sounds Feather?" he said mockingly.

"You still don't get it, do you? Stop believing in what you think you know. Start believing in what I'm telling you. You thick headed human," Feather said the last statement under her breath. "If you don't start listening to what I'm saying, my world, and your wife will be gone," Feather spat back at him.

"We don't age like humans. It's a slower process, we stay healthy by living with nature, not against it," she explained. "You need to face the facts Chad. Your wife, my friend, is a hundred and seventy five years old," she told him.

Chad was beside himself. He couldn't process all the information that was coming at him. The world he knew was spinning out of control. He couldn't stop it as he fell to his knees.

"Chad, you may not believe me. You may think I'm crazy," she told him. "Please give me a chance to prove it to you. Give me a chance to show you what I've been saying is true...please," Feather asked him softly.

Chad stood up, looking at Feather. If this is all true, he was going after his wife. No one ever told him that the 'leap of faith' was this big.

"We'll play it your way, for now," he told her sternly. Chad's whole attitude changed. It was as if he was someone else for a moment. "How does this root thing work?" he asked.

"All you have to do is hold onto my hand, then, we go to the forest," Feather said calmly.

"Fine, that's what we'll do. First I need to bring a few things," Chad told her as he moved to the spare room off the hall. Feather placed the box on the bed and ran after Chad.

Chad was a gun nut. He had a small collection of nice weapons. He stored them in a secure safe that only he knew the combination to. Feather entered the room, wondering why he would go in there.

"What are you doing? We really don't have time to screw around in this world," Feather said spastically.

"If you're right, then we need some extra help," Chad replied.

"What the hell are you doing?" Feather demanded.

"If I have to fight things that are, how did you say it, not of this world," he said, the distain rolling off his tongue. "Then I'm bringing some insurance." Chad told her.

Chad grabbed a Springfield rifle with a night scope and a .357 Magnum. He also grabbed his hunting backpack. It might come in handy, if they had to roam around the woods too much. Chad laid the .357 on the bed after slinging the rifle over his shoulder. Opening up the backpack to put the revolver in, Feather spoke up.

"Is that safe secure?" Feather asked.

"Yes. Why do you ask?" Chad asked without looking at her.

"Then put the Crystal of Physis in there. If Marrow comes back looking for it, I know it'll be safe," she said, handing the crystal to Chad.

"Chad, your human weapons won't work there," she told him.

"You ever try to fire a rifle there...Elf?" Chad asked harshly.

"God! How in the hell does Shea put up with you!" Feather screamed and went back to the bedroom.

Chad scooped up the gear and went after her. Walking up to the bed, he tossed everything down. While Feather looked on, he continued to pack his rucksack. Chad couldn't take the silence any longer.

"Listen up Feather. I don't care what you think of me right now. The only thing I'm worried about is Susan. I don't need you fighting with me about every little thing. So if you don't mind, stop giving me shit and start giving me a hand...Feather!" Chad screamed at her as he continued to pack.

Feather got tired with this insanity. So like any good Elf, she held the root in one hand and grabbed Chad's arm. Just before Chad could grab the handgun, there was a bright light surrounding him and he felt himself pulled in every direction. _______

The other transition from the human world to the forest was complete. Marrow arrived at the castle, still clutching Princess Shea. While dragging her down to the dungeon, the other captive could hear the screaming, her heart sank.

She realized her worst fears were coming to life. Marrow threw Shea into the cold, damp cell next to the weeping woman. The women jumped when the bars slammed closed. Shea looked over as the other victim turned to face her. Shea's breath caught in her throat.

"Mother, is that you?" Shea gasped. She couldn't believe what she saw. Shea's mother was badly bruised. Her mother looked like something out of a death camp. She ran over to Bolara, grabbing her tightly. Bolara groaned at the sudden pain.

"I see you found your whore of a mother Princess," Marrow said. "Don't worry little one. Give me a few days and you'll look just like her. You'll be begging me to take the Crystal of Physis. Then, you and your dear mommy won't be needed anymore." Marrow laughed at her.

Shea threw herself at the bars, clawing at the evil Ogre. "You bastard, I'll kill you for what you've done," she spat at him.

Marrow quickly grabbed her wrist and held her still. "Give me the crystal. I might just kill you quickly...without raping you." he ordered her.

"I don't have it with me you bastard. You might kill us but you'll never have it. Without it, you won't be able to have the control you want," she said to Marrow, spitting in his face.

"Take a good look at your mother. Soon you'll go through the same thing. I won't be so gentle, like I was with her," Marrow said as he threw her back into the cell. "I'll give you a few hours to decide, if you think you will able to last very long," he told her as he walked away.

Shea knew he could kill her slowly, painfully. She also knew the crystal must remain safe forever. Princess Shea turned to hold her mother and see how badly she was hurt.

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