tagLoving WivesSecurity Begins at Home

Security Begins at Home


I work for my own security firm it mainly security in the work place type of things email and camera work for firms who think employees are on the make.

I work so very long hours as I need to go into offices after everyone has gone home, my wife sally works from home as a physio mostly for sports injuries, we have a room setup for her work on the ground floor just off the main hallway.

Sally is 5.2" tall and is a size 8-10 she is 34 longish brown hair and has a great little arse and huge tits I mean DD's and she loves her nipples played with and pulled hard, you can make her cum just by playing with them.

Our love life is not great at the moment due to work mostly she works in the day and I work most nights and weekends, it's a shame as she really is a horny little cat when she gets going.

She is happy to suck my cock she likes it a big rough and talks dirty sometimes too, the only thing she is not into is anal sex, we have tried it but she says it not for her.

I sometimes get away with a finger in her arse if she has had a drink or two while we are making love but that is it.

It all began 2 weeks ago I had a job cancel on me at the last minute I was outside the building when the boss called me to cancel as they had sacked the guy that evening, I was not to bothered as I still got paid as it was so late in the day.

So on the way home I picked up a couple of bottles of wine to have with Sally and maybe I might get lucky.

I pulled onto the drive and saw a car I did not know I guessed Sally must still have a customer there, so I left myself in the front and walked down the corridor past Sally room, I heard her say well that is very big let me see, then it's very hard you are going to need some intense physio on it.

Not strange for her line of work until I heard the man's voice say hell girl that is some tongue work you have there!!

What the hell was going on? Her room has a small corridor to it only about 5th long then it opens up to the main room with tables and machines.

I opened the door a little about 4" and lucky for me there was a mirror on the right hand wall which meant I could see the main room clearly from the doorway.

To my shock Sally had a mouth full of cock of the guy sitting on the table his legs hung over each side of the table as she sucked away on his cock as he watched her.

He must have been in his twenties and he looks pretty fit, his hand was on the back of her head now helping her swallow his cock, he must have been a good 8" and she had 3" more to take yet!

She pulled back and removed her work coat leaving her in her pants & bra, she grabbed hold of his cock and wanked his up and down and said so what shall I do with this monster? He reached forward and undid her bra letting her tits free he started to play with them making her moan out loud he pulled her nipple hard and she took him back in her mouth.

This went on for 10 mins she was licking his balls and cock all over as he played with her tits, he jumped off the table and picked her up putting her on the table and he pulled her pants off I one easy movement.

He spread her legs and started to lick her pussy long and deep, she was playing with her own nipples now and came loudly telling him to lick her pussy boy.

He pushed her legs up to her chest and sank his tongue into her arsehole, she was now Cumming again saying yes yes I'm Cumming.

He was stroking his cock all the time and now got up on the table and sank it deep into Sally's wet pussy all the way to his balls, she was now screaming fuck me big man fuck me.

He was sliding in and out of her pussy deeper and deeper, he stopped and said get on the floor on all fours the floor is padded she got down with her arse in the air he slid into her and started to take her he when grabbed her hair pulling her hair her head came back as he pulled and her big tit swung back and forth as he fucked her hard, he pulled out and told her to ride my cock slut and he laid on the floor next to the table she got on him with her back to me he pulled her forward and sucked her nipples as he pounding her and grabbed and pulled at her arse cheeks.

I could see it all her wet pussy lips sliding up and down on his cock as they fucked like rabbits, he started to play with her pussy lips as they fucked then he played with her arsehole rubbing it until he pushed a finger in.

Oh my god she screamed keep doing that I'm Cumming again, he was now finger fucking her arse too at quiet a pace, she said wait a minute and leaned over to her draw opened it and pulled out a vibrator she gave it to him and said use this.

He started fucking her again and rubbed the end of the vibrator on her arsehole slowly at first then he pushed it all into her arse as he fucked her pussy, she was calling him a dirty bastard and telling him to fuck her.

She was bucking up and down on this cock with the vibrator in her arsehole she came again and he then called out I'm Cumming I'm Cumming, Sally jumped off his cock and took him in her mouth as he came, she got shot in the face a couple of times before she got her lips round his cock, he filled her mouth and she swallowed it all then licked up any she had missed.

That was intense to say the least he said, I have a friend who needs a physio I will have to tell him about you!

why don't you bring him to your next appointment she said as she continued licking his cock which was coming back up again.

Sure thing next Tuesday at 7pm ok for you? He said, yes was the last thing she said before she took him fully back in her mouth again as she played with her own pussy, and he used the vibrator on her arse.

Was my wife really planning to fuck two guys at once in our house? And why was she so into her arse being used now!

I made my way out of the house and I had a wank in the car thinking about what I just saw, I did wonder if she let him fuck her arse after I left!

i came back 2 hours later after calling first! All seemed normal when I got home, I did try it on that night in bed but she said she was not up for it but she gave me a great BJ and let me cum over her face and licked my cock clean of spunk.

I checked Sally's appointment book to see who the man was, his name was Tony and from the local football club he had a groin strain ya right!

I have since setup 6 different camera's in her room and bugged it too so I can see & hear anything that happens real time on my laptop now.

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