tagIncest/TabooSeduce Me Ch. 4

Seduce Me Ch. 4

byAnonymous Author©

Chapter Four: Timeout

Damn it. This was never going to work I thought.
But I resolved to hear everything she'd said.

"and...like I said, quite a bit of patience."

"...but the right girl could fulfill your every fantasy and knock your socks off in the process."

"...When they become women, and a little more mature, and a little more sure of what they do ... want.."

"...so you can give it to them, when and how they want it."

"...I guess,...you've learned your 'techniques' from the movies." "But whatever you do, remember to be gentle...like you are with me."

I'll be gentle I thought, I do love you, but ...this is driving me crazy.

Maybe she's right. I do need a different perspective. I do need to get out and chase a few chicks. And hang with the guys. And get laid somehow, somewhere. Anything to take off the edge.

But there's this dynamite woman ... just in the other room...

And it's been so long, she's got to be hungry by now...

Unless it's been so long she's forgotten.

But no, I hope that's not it. Maybe it's just me and this "mother and son" thing. I guess she never even thinks about it that way.

Maybe she doesn't even think about sex anymore, and that's why none of the guys who dated her ever stuck around...

But you have to wonder, sometimes.

This evening, despite our little chat that I should cast my net further, I again got caught up in it.

I managed to catch her in the hall after her shower as she got ready for bed. She smelled sweet and fresh, and I couldn't, wouldn't quell the images she evoked. She was in her regular almost knee length cotton nightgown. But I could see the outline of her breasts, and the little tents her nipples made. And, as she paused in the bathroom doorway, I could see the shapely outline of her tapered waist, rounded hips and perfect thighs through the gown as the light accented her curves. And as she turned, the silhouette her full, firm breasts swayed into view with her nipples clearly pushing the fabric out.

And a little later, in the bright kitchen as we got our last drinks of water and juice for the night, I became mesmerized by the sight of her panty briefs outline under the gown, and the way the gown swirled and slipped between her legs as she moved, emphasizing the undulating depression between the slight swell of her stomach and the protrusion of her rounded mons venus....I could almost see the dark triangle of her pubic hair crowning the portal to her love channel.

How could I have "...been spending too much time with the same old people" without tasting that? How could I not want to ...

As I massaged my engorged member, thinking about fucking her, I couldn't choose between sliding between her trembling, thrusting thighs, or the picture of her slowly licking me, hold me tightly down near my balls, and wrapping her sweet lips around the head of my dick, sucking, sucking....sucking, until I exploded deep inside her.

As I fell asleep, released and somewhat satiated, I thought that I couldn't wait. I needed some real release and maybe she was right. I needed to find someone else, someone who wanted to do it right now, and drifted off to sleep.

To Be Continued...

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