tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 02

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 02


The seven witches turned heads as they walked into the club, men were watching their every move, they sat at the bar turning their bar stools so they could choose what man they would have. Not what man would choose them?

"You won't believe who just came in." Alicia told them looking at Roger and Hank waiting to be seated.

Cheyenne quickly searched the bar until she found a very muscular Jamaican man who was completely bald, with a white suit on letting the jacket hang open exposing his black tight pull over shirt, black dress shoes, a gold thick chain hanging around his neck. With a thick gold bracelet around his wrist. Cheyenne began to look at him and when she caught his attention she smiled crossing her legs slowly, making her lips wet as she slowly ran her tongue across them, she looked at him seductive.

The other women seeing who she picked out to drive Hank crazy.

"Cheyenne you are so bad! You know it will remind him of Gore warrior." Tammy said smiling as she eyed a tall long blond haired guy, with blue eyes, a killer tan, wearing a black dress shirt with black loose fitting slacks and black dress shoes.

"I know isn't it great?" She said smugly as the man came up to Cheyenne.

"Hello sexy lady." He said looking her up and down.

"Hello handsome man.' She said smiling seductively.

"Dance with me?" He asked her.

"Of course I will." She said putting her hands on his shoulders so he would have to help her down by putting his hands on her waist lifting her off the bar stool pulling her up close to him bringing his face close to hers.

"Let's go dance sexy lady." He told her as he took her out to the dance floor where He danced seductively with her.

Their bodies moved together as he ran his hands up and down her sides then he would dip her causing her top to go half way exposing half of her breast. licking her stomach slowly, bringing her back up his leg was be between her thighs moving their bodies in a slow grinding circular motion everyone was watching the seduction taking place on the dance floor as Cheyenne wrapping her arms around his neck rubbing his head slowly with her hands as her breast rubbed against his chest causing her nipples to become even harder .

"Sexy lady you are driving me crazy with desire I want to take you right here, but we would be arrested and that would be no fun." He said pushing his hardness against her as he turned her back to him pressing it even harder up against her as he moved her hips in a grinding motion." Come back to my place and let me show you how I can make you feel so good sexy lady." He said as he licked and sucked on her neck.

Cheyenne watched Hank fuming as Roger had to stop him from breaking the dance up. Cheyenne moved the dark handsome stranger's hands just above her pelvic looking very sensual." I don't think so, you have to earn me." She told him walking back to the bar stool where her friends were waiting as they had watched the seduction dance. The man stood there as he never had problems picking up women before, he had met his match making him even more interested in the sexy lady.

"Well what happened?" Cheyenne's friends inquired as they watched the man walking back up to Cheyenne.

"I got him hot and bothered he wanted to take me home I told him he had to earn me simple as that ." she said sipping on a soda smiling.

"Can I at least know your name sexy lady?" he asked her as Cheyenne found his Jamaican accent to be very sexy.

"It's sexy lady." Her friends said in unison laughing.

"You tell me yours first, then I will tell you mine." She said looking at him seductively as she was really enjoying teasing him with her body.

"Ok sexy lady my name is Devon, now do I get to have the pleasure of knowing yours?" He asked her smiling very sensual at her as he desired her body immensely.

"Well Devon my name is Cheyenne; these are my sisters Alicia, Tammy, Margaret, Gloria, Patty and Cathy." She told him.

"So why don't you lovely ladies join myself and my friends instead of sitting so alone and beautiful." He told them determined he would have Cheyenne before the night was over.

When the women looked over at the table there were six handsome Jamaican men, some bald, some with long and short dreadlocks. Alicia was extremely attracted to the one with the long dreadlocks with sky blue eyes.

"What a coincidence you have six friends and I have six sisters." She told as he led them to the table introducing the ladies to the men.

"These are my friends Chevva, Desmahn, Leary, Fitzraay, Danavan and O-racy. " He told the ladies as he then introduced the women to the men trying to get each ones name right, when he got to Cheyenne he smiled." And this is sexy lady which I will be the only one calling her that, the rest of you call her Cheyenne." he told them as he seated her next to him.

The men stood up pulling the seats out so the women could sit down Alicia was in all her glory sitting next to Chevva with the gorgeous sky blue eyes. The men treated the women like queens ordering their drinks and appetizers for them. Cheyenne explained she could not drink alcohol that she was allergic to it.

When the song came on a woman's worth, Desmahn looked at Cheyenne "May I have the enjoyment of your company to this song?" he asked as he too had long dreadlocks, he was very muscular, his eyes were green,

"Cheyenne smiled as she could see he must be 6 ft 2."Of course I would love to dance with you." She told him as she looked his body up and down with a seductive smile.

She wrapped her arms around his neck as they moved their bodies slowly to the music he ran his hands down to her thighs then back up her back side as he turned her back to him they began to grind their bodies in slow grinding rotating movements her hands on his as he went up under her shirt feeling just the bottom of her breast. Resting her head back on his chest.

"I wish to make love to you, to lick areas driving you wild. Come out on the balcony with me for a moment to look at the view." He told her holding her hand leading her to the balcony where he stood behind her holding her close to his body as he kissed her neck, running his hands up under her shirt feeling her firm breast." Let me have you now woman." He said turning her around raising her skirt up as she tried to pull it down. "Stop it." She told him pushing him away from her.

"You think you can tease us and not give it to us?" he told her trying to force himself on Cheyenne." Well I am going to take it and make you sorry for being a little tease." He told her shoving her up against the railing.

Cheyenne became enraged at him." I can do what I want! When I want! And with whom I want! No pig of a man like your self is going to tell me any differently!" she told him lifting him up in the air with her magic." If you ever try to force your self on a woman I will personally come and send you straight to hell! From this moment on I Mystic Shadow the High Priestess cast a spell on you that from this moment forward you shall treat women as queens and you're to be their servant." She said lowering him back down removing any memory of what happened and he would not know he had a spell cast on him by her.

Roger and Hank stood where she could not see them as they watched to make sure she was safe. As they laughed when they saw her teaching him a valuable lesson on women.

" so Cheyenne are you enjoying the view?" he asked being a perfect gentleman when Devon came out to the balcony to check on Cheyenne since he knew his friend would rape a woman to get his sexual gratification.

"Is everything alright here?" he asked, as he was surprised to find that Desmahn was not attacking Cheyenne, but actually being a gentle man which he was relieved.

Roger looked at Hank." you got problems buddy, he is a really nice guy and that means you have competition." He told him.

"I will put a spell on him to make him not such a nice guy." He told Roger.

"Cheyenne would consider that being dishonest and you would end up loosing. Tomorrow send eleven red roses with a card saying that it will be complete when the 12th rose forgives him for his disloyalty for you are the twelfth rose." Rodger told him.

"The twelfth rose is me? "He asked him looking confused.

"Cheyenne was wrong when she said you had better brain cells, no it's Cheyenne!" he said smacking up side the head.

Cheyenne and the two men rejoined the others at the table when a slow song began to play." sexy lady may I have this dance?" he asked her kissing her hand.

Cheyenne smiled at him." I would be so honored to dance with you." She told him as he led her to the dance floor.

He took her in his arms dancing so close their bodies moving as he rubbed his hands up and down her back.

"I wish to make love to you all night Sexy lady, but I will wait until you feel it is the time. May I see you tomorrow night?" he asked her whispering in her ear kissing it gently."

She moved her body closer to his there was heat between them." I want to make love to you too Devon." She said as she looked into his eyes as they kissed softly.

When the evening ended Devon kissed Cheyenne good night. She looked up at him smiling." May I spend the night tonight?" she asked him.

He held her tighter against his hard body." Oh yes sexy lady." He told her kissing her passionately.

When they arrived at his house that was on the beach they stood on his balcony looking out into the night he took her in his arms kissing her as his hands roamed her body, caressing her breast, he un tied her shirt as it dropped to the ground , he caressed and licked her breast, he removed her skirt and thong sitting her up on the cement wall of his patio he began to give her oral sex as she placed her hands on his head . She was so hot; he carried her in his arms laying her on his bed made of bamboo with a mattress. he kissed her body all over bringing his body over hers, entering her slowly, hearing her moan softly as he grinded very slowly ,he rolled them over so she was on top grinding her hips. He felt her so moist, he caressed her breast licking them. He placed his hands on her hips pushing her further down on him; she massaged her breast moving harder taking him deeper into her wetness screaming out his name she exploded in such a fury." Devon! Oh Devon!' she cried out in complete satisfaction. He threw her on her back going deeper and harder inside of her calling out "Sexy lady!" kissing her breast lying on top of her breathing heavy.

They lay in each other arms he looked at her." You are a very sexy lady." He told her kissing her lips, breast licking her stomach lightly until he was between her thighs again.

Cheyenne closed her eyes feeling the passion, the desire he was giving her body, she moaned moving her hips as he made her feel so sensual. Her moans were becoming more louder when she exploded in such an explosive orgasm. He had her on her knees he entered her holding her hips tightly moving his hips harder and deeper in side of her exploding into an orgasm. After they showered he laid in the bed next to her." could I ask you to do something for me that I really enjoy."

"Yes what is it?" she asked him feeling him become aroused again.

"Could we both do oral on each other at the same time?" he asked as he gently touched her face." Let your hair down, I love long hair."

"alright." she said taking her hair down letting it fall loosely.

They perform oral sex on each other he was giving her such pleasure she took him deeper when they both exploded in a climax at the same time.

Alicia was also making the same passionate love to Chevva.

The next day they opened up the shop when they over heard two men laughing and whispering, Cheyenne walked up to them. "May I help you?" standing directly in front of them.

"Only if you can perform on me like you did to those guys last night." They said looking her body up and down.

"What are you talking about?" she asked how did they know about last night?

"We paid some bucks to watch you on the internet, how much would it cost us for a hot fuck?" the one older fat man.

"I will cut your instrument off if you do not leave here." She told them not believing they had been made to look like whores and people paid to watch the sex they had.

Cheyenne and Alicia was UN aware that their love making was being watched on the internet as well by his friends for they were making porno for the internet using UN expecting women.

All eight witches discussed what had happened to Cheyenne and Alicia last night. Going to the computer they went on the internet, they found the one with them in it by using their magic they made it where the men were having sex with men. Then casting a spell who ever saw it last night saw men not them, and any time they were to use a woman she was to be viewed as a man.

"Want to have fun?" Tammy asked.

"You know we do." Cheyenne said.

"Let's go for an orgy and then play it back for them!" Tammy said

All six women wore their thong bathing suits with wraps showing up at Devon's house.

"Hi my sisters heard how good you were and want to know can the others come for an orgy?" she asked.

Devon smiled for he knew they would." let me go call them." He came back to the women." their on their way."

"Lets get started, starting with you baby." Gloria told him as the eight witches pushed him in the house on to his bed kissing him. Gloria performed oral sex on him, but on the screen she looked like an ugly fat drag queen.

When the rest of the men got there they had one scene where it looked like Chevva was having oral sex on a man while Cheyenne was behind massaging his hardness but on the film it looked like she was a big hairy guy giving Chevva anal sex. After the orgy was over the eight witches turned into their warrior clothes the men were starting to back up as Cheyenne blew up every camera they had in all of their houses with her magic. "By the way before I blow your asses up, because you really pist me off! We want to show you something." she said as she made a huge screen appear.

The men tried to escape from the eight witches but found they were suspended in air. The men watched themselves having sex with men; they showed them the ones from last night where Devon and Chevva had some hot sex with two very old homosexuals.

"Didn't yo mama tell you not to piss off a witch and what the consequences are when it happens to be eight?" Margaret asked them laughing.

"Especially when one happens to be the high priestess?" Tammy asked pointing at Cheyenne.

Cheyenne rose up in the air." Your one friend saved his fate when he tried to rape me; he is now a slave to all women as long as he lives. Death is too good for you! so I Mystic Shadow the High Priestess of the white light order these five men who wanted to play foul that they live out their lives as five fat sows." She said casting the spell then waving her hands at them as they turned into fat sows.

The fat little sows ran around the house as the eight witches vanished. When they returned to the shop Cheyenne found eleven roses with the card from Hank.

"He is trying to show you how sorry he is." Tammy told her smiling.

Cheyenne Looked at Tammy knowing she wanted her to reconcile for fear of losing Roger. "Yes I know Tammy, but he is going to have to court me, win me, and marry me in our union of Witch and Warlock." She said smiling." I have to teach him a lesson or every time temptation comes his way he'll be falling into some evil bitch. No he has to learn." she said smelling the roses.

"Well we turned the so called suitors into sows. " Tammy said.

"Well we will just make our own Devon who will not be real, but who will look like him, make love like him in my bedroom and I can put him away when I want too." Cheyenne told them smiling devilishly.

"I think Saunders and I should have to have a real wedding too and he will have to court me or lose me to another suitor." Lindsey told them.

The witches began making the men, Cheyenne using Devon's image and Lindsey using Chevva's, when ever they needed them they would snap their fingers and they would be there, when they did not require them they would snap twice and they would disappear.

That night Cheyenne recreated that night with Devon in her room as they stood on the balcony which Hank shared the next room he heard them out there giggling, he saw him drop Cheyenne's top as he kissed and caressed her breast, then he removed her skirt and thongs lifting her up on the wall where he performed oral sex on her. Hank lost his temper blowing the man up, the force knocked Cheyenne off of the wall where the only thing under her were rocks that the waves were crashing against.

"Cheyenne no!" he cried out realizing what he had just done. He tried to stop her fall with his magic, but he was not quick enough to freeze her in motion.

The others heard his screams as they ran to her room where they looked down from the balcony at the rocks where they saw Cheyenne's body laying there not moving as the waves were crashing against them. Thunder and lightening began to streak through the sky.

Hank appeared on the rocks as he knelt down beside Cheyenne holding her body in his arms as he cried holding her tightly.

"I caused all of this! She would still be here if I hadn't given into temptation! Oh God Cheyenne please come back to me!" He cried as she lay there lifeless in his arms." Please give her back!" he cried up to the heavens.

The others appeared around them as tears ran down their face as they looked upon the fallen Cheyenne.

"What will we do with out her?" Tammy asked as tears rolled down her face.

Roger stood silent as he looked at the only woman he had ever loved in his entire life cried over her death." Cheyenne don't bring me back to this world if I have to live in it without you!" He cried out full of pain as tears ran down his face.

Aggatha stood looking at her grand daughter lying so still, so lifeless in Hanks arms as sprinkle of rain drops began to fall on her face as if the angels from heaven were crying. Tears ran down Aggatha's face.

" Oh my sweet, sweet child." She said crying looking at her grand daughter as her blood seeped onto Hanks arms as he held her crying.

A white light appeared with two of the high council carrying a white blanket." We are here to collect the High Priestess now." They said covering her body the white blanket; their faces had not any expression. They each held her lifeless body and they vanished.

Roger using his magic appeared at her place that she would go to when her heart was broken. Sitting on the bench they shared that night. "I hope you don't mind if we share your special place Cheyenne, because my heart is breaking into so many pieces I can't stand it!" He cried harder." I can't stand being here in this world if your not here!" he cried looking into the sky. "Why couldn't I have just been that special man for you? Damn it! Take me too cause I don't want to be here without her!" he yelled into the darkness of the heavens as the light house was the only light that could be seen. Roger vanished as the light shined on him.

As everyone stood where Cheyenne's body had been lying they wept in silence for their beloved Cheyenne that they had lost that night.

Hank's heart was smashed by the loss of his wife, he blamed him self for her death." My God I killed her when I blew up her boyfriend! It knocked her off balance causing her to fall to her death!" he cried as the guilt that was eating him up inside.

Aggatha went to Hank taking him in her arms "It was a horrible accident, just know in your heart that she loved you and she knows you didn't mean her any harm." She told him as he cried so hard in her arms.

Saunders stood quietly not saying a word as he stared out into the dark night listening to the waves as a single tear rolled down his cheek for he mourned his special buddy in silence. They all just stood there remembering a part of their life she affected. Norma remembered how good Cheyenne was to her, she made her part of their family.

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