tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 15

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 15


Once Cheyenne was back into her room she began to pack up her stuff by using her magic, she had decided to walk away from it all to give up the life of fighting for good since she blamed them for her losing the people that meant the most in her life. She took one last final look around the house and vanished. She reappeared in Sandals in Jamaica the place that she and Hank spent their last happy memories together. She bought a house turning it into a shrine with all of the pictures of her with Hank, Roger and Saunders on the walls and tables, she made a shrine of her and Hanks wedding day with candles burning continuous around it. She felt she had finally found a place where no one would bother her. UN aware that Snare rage an evil warlock had also set up residence in Jamaica. As soon as he saw Cheyenne in the market place he knew she was a witch and very powerful, he intended to possess her powers by means of her death.

He walked up to Cheyenne to meet her." well hello lovely lady." He said looking at Cheyenne with her long brown hair hanging loosely, wearing a blue and white flowered bathing suit top with a long matching wrap skirt that she had tied around her hips.

"Hello there." She said smiling at the man, with piercing blue eyes, blond hair hanging to his shoulders; he was tall with a deep tan and very masculine built. Wearing a pair of black surfer trunk's with red flames shooting up from the knees half way up his thighs.

"Could I interest you in some lunch since it has been such a long time since I have laid eyes on a beautiful creature such as yourself?" He asked her looking over her toned body." You must work out on a regular bases looking at your magnificent body."

"I try to work out as much as possible." She told him looking over his body as well." You too must work out from the look of your body."

"thank you, well if not for lunch what about a drink?" he asked her thinking a few hours of seduction wouldn't be bad before he killed her taking her powers from her.

"That sounds great I could use a drink of whiskey." She told him thinking what harm could come of it?

Gore warrior appeared in her room to find she was gone.

" That bitch! She lied to me!" he said angrily under his breath so the others could not hear him." I will find you, then kill you!" he said vanishing into the night. He began his search UN aware Cheyenne had blocked anyone from finding her until she was ready to be found.

As they sat at the bar Snare rage looked at her by the way my name is Tom." He said sipping on his drink.

"My name is Cheyenne." She told him ordering another whiskey.

Hearing her name he knew he had the High Priestess next to him.

"Well Cheyenne would you like to go swimming? He asked as he saw she was getting drunk on the four whiskeys to his two.

"Sure let's go." She said finishing her drink which was half full.

Down on the beach she dropped her wrap on the sand as she ran into the water as he watched her firm body and muscles as she ran in her thong bikini.

"Oh yes I am going to enjoy this." He said grinning to himself as he ran to the water jumping in.

He grabbed Cheyenne in his arms dunking her under water, where they wrestled around until they were face to face with his arms around her waist and her arms around his neck he kissed her deeply.

"Why don't we go back to your place where we can continue this exotic fun we are having." He said holding her in his arms.

"No not today." She told him pulling away she went up on the sand to dry off.

"I am sorry if you think I was just trying to get you for sex." He told her trying to get her alone to kill her.

"I will go to your place but not mine." She told him.

"Great let's be on our way." He said smiling at her.

Once back at his place as Cheyenne sat on the couch in his cottage he had on the beach she had a vision of him trying to kill her revealing his true identity. As he was in the kitchen making them a drink putting poison in her drink Cheyenne transformed into her warrior outfit. When he walked back into the room he saw Cheyenne standing in the middle of the room.

"So Snare rage did you think a mere little evil warlock could take me out of the picture?" she asked him, her voice remained calm.

"So the powerful Mystic Shadow found me out?" he asked then he flung a lightening bolt at her.

" is that your best shot?" she asked him as she reflected the lightening bolt having it turn back at him as he leaped into the air dodging it.

He then threw daggers at her which she jumped into the air shooting a fire ball in his direction." Ok you have bored me now." She said blowing him up into small sparks of fire with her hands. "What a shame he looked like he would have been great in bed." She said grabbing the bottle of whiskey, she had brought with her. She vanished from the room.

UN aware that by using her powers it allowed the council to pin point where she was at. They in returned told Aggatha, but was told not to do anything that they knew where she was at and they were going to use their secret weapon to bring her back to them. Cheyenne appeared back at her house she threw her self on her king size bed that she had Black satin quilts, sheets, matching pillow cases with a ruffled skirt on the bottom of the bed, her curtains were white lace. "Why do these warlocks and demons seem to spot me out of crowds?" she asked herself aloud not noticing the three figures that had materialized in room.

"Because you're just so damn irresistible." The male voice sounded like Roger she heard say to her.

Cheyenne sat up in bed looking at the three men standing in her room." It can't be." She said getting out of bed with tears filling her eyes as she walked up to them touching each one of them." Oh my God your alive!" she said through tear filled eyes she ran into Roger's arms kissing him, then hugging and kissing Hank and Saunders." How? You look so young like you did when you were only forty five." She told them looking them over feeling life and happiness seeping back into her body.

" When we died as mortals the high council made us into warlocks, it was for giving our lives in the battle. In addition, you did not hesitate killing Alex. You proved to them you are worthy of your title. When you blamed them and turned to drinking they knew that something had to be done without telling you about us before we completed our training as warlocks." Hank explained to his wife.

" And if I ever catch you around that snake Gore warrior there will be trouble." He told her holding her chin in his hand.

"Promise I will never go near him, the man I love has returned to me." She said so happy to see them.

"We picked the ages forty five because we didn't want you women to be jealous." Roger told her teasingly.

She smacked his arm." God I missed you." She said hugging him tightly crying into his chest as he held her tightly.

"I told you a long time ago I was waiting." He said looking down into her eyes kissing her forehead.

"Hey what about me?" Saunders asked her seeing Hank was getting mad at the two lovers.

"And you too my buddy, who would listen to me for hours." She said hugging Saunders as he wiped her tears away with a tissue he made appear.

"We four have to go now." Hank told her looking serious.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"You are going up to the council with us where you are going to be dried out from all the alcohol." Hank told her as he grabbed her arms and the other two men each grabbed a leg and vanished.

When they arrived at the council Cheyenne looked around everything was white with a white glittering fog that floated, everyone there wore long white gowns. They took Cheyenne to a room where they strapped her down to a bed in a bed that was all white with glittering white fog." Why do I have to be strapped down for? I am not going to go anywhere." She told everyone in the room." Hank make them let me go." She pleaded with him as tears came to her eyes." please don't allow them to do this to me!" she pleaded trying to fight her way out of the straps.

A man stood beside her bed looking at her." Your an alcoholic Mystic Shadow, we have to dry you out, witches are just as susceptible as humans to alcohol." He told her.

"Now you three still have training to complete, you can visit her later." He told them.

As the alcohol began to wear off she began to yearn for it trying to get loose even her powers were useless here to free herself from the restraints. "I need out have here! Please give me a drink." She pleaded with the witch watching over her.

Cheyenne began to get worse, the next day she screamed and cried from the pain she was experiencing. She had black circles around her eyes, she began to vomit, and it pained Hank, Roger, and Saunders to see her to go through this.

"She makes the exorcist look like a comedy." Roger said as they watched her go through withdrawals.

The third day she was screaming like a crazy person, she imagined demons being all around her." Get them somebody! Get them their going to kill me!" She screamed out because for her they were so real. By the end of the week the straps had been removed, she was taken to the high council where they placed a spell on her. She would never want to taste alcohol. The four of them were told they were being relocated and since Cheyenne had already set up a place in Jamaica they had Aggatha to go and purchase a mansion there where they would live so the men could start new lives without being recognized.

Aggatha and the other women got things ready for their return they were UN aware of Gore warrior following them there where he even began dating Alicia. It was easy they no one knew what he looked like in his new form. Everyone was excited when the day came that the four had returned home. Alicia UN aware that they had returned that day brought Gore warrior to the mansion.

Cheyenne looked at him as she knew who he was before Gore warrior could make a move Roger who had been able to see him when Cheyenne blew the walls down smiled at him." You'll never touch her ever again." He told him as he vanquished him for good.

"Why did you do that for?" Alicia asked him angered by what he had just done.

"He vanquished Gore warrior." Cheyenne told her smiling at Roger.

Aggatha and the seven other witches looked shocked for they never had a clue of his identity.

Hank looked at Cheyenne picking her up in his arms." If you will show us our room Aggatha I have personal, very personal business to discuss with Cheyenne." He said smiling.

"Come to think of it Lindsey and I have some serious talking to do too." Saunders said picking up his wife.

Roger looked at the five remaining witches." Would you all like to talk in my bed?" he asked smiling as they all grabbed him dragging him up the stairs." Hey it's been along time, you might have to teach me all over again." He told them as they threw him in the shower turning on the cold water." That's the story of my life." He said as the cold water sprayed on him.

To his surprise Tammy stepped back in naked after the others had left." I have wanted to do this for along time." She told him as she began to remove his clothes.

"Tammy I am flattered, but I am not interested in you except for a friend." Roger told her trying not to hurt her.

"Sorry, I should have thought first." She said feeling humiliated. She quickly left the shower feeling animosity towards Mystic Shadow.

Life was good in Jamaica for them as the women set up a boutique for tourist to buy bathing suits and accessories. The shop's popularity took off quickly, the men opened up a charter boat business taking people out on the boats for fishing. No one was wise to that fact that they were witches and warlocks fighting against evil. Things had been quiet with the council not sending them to do any kind of vanquishing of evil warlocks, witches or demons.

As Cheyenne was helping a customer she had a vision of the woman being killed in her room at the resort by an evil warlock with short red hair, stocky built, green eyes and wearing a black dress suit. Cheyenne trying not to cause any curiosity to herself asked the woman." So are you enjoying your stay here?" she asked. " you know I have this special tanning lotion that I use, our shipment will be in later today if you give me your room number I will have some delivered for you to try." She told her hoping it would work.

"Oh that would be great." The woman told her who was very striking for a woman of fifty; her body was that of a twenty-year-old, blonde-hair and there was not one wrinkle.

"Ok I will ship it over later." She told the woman handing back her change.

Cheyenne had Gloria to watch the shop while she followed the woman back to her resort where she sat in the lobby waiting for something to happen. Two hours had gone by when Cheyenne saw the vision of the evil warlock in the woman's room and then she vanished without anyone noticing she disappeared. Cheyenne changed immediately as she stood in the woman's room as the warlock had her by her throat.

"Let her go." Cheyenne ordered him.

"Stay out of this witch if you know what is good for you!" he yelled at Cheyenne.

Using her powers she slammed him against the wall causing the woman to fall to the floor. Cheyenne looked at the warlock freezing him in motion." Tell me why this warlock is trying to kill you, lie to me and I will hand you over to him!" Cheyenne yelled at the woman.

"I told him if he kept me young I would give him my soul." She cried into her hands." He has now come to collect and I am not willing to give it to him now." She told Cheyenne.

"You foolish vain woman, you would give up your soul to remain young?" she asked angered by the woman.

Cheyenne unfroze the Warlock." you aren't getting her soul not today or any other day." She told him.

The warlock becoming outraged threw fire at Cheyenne which she caught in her hand then blew it out as she smiled at him." Come on give me your best shot." Cheyenne taunted him as he flung lightening bolts at her.

Cheyenne climbed up the wall and over the ceiling kicking him in his head." Don't piss me off! I told you your best!" She told him landing on her feet in front of him.

" you foolish witch you do not who you are dealing with I am Fury caster and I will Kill you then eat you." He told her through gritted teeth.

Cheyenne crossed her arms smiling at him." Well fury you must be oblivious to whom I am then. You see I am Mystic Shadow." She told him still smiling. "So you know what I am about to do to you right?" she asked still smiling.

"Oh shit. yes." He said looking at her as he swallowed hard bowing his head, as he knew he was up against the High Priestess Mystic Shadow.

With one quick movement of her hands he blew up.

Cheyenne looked at the woman." get up off the floor." She told her.

"Do I get to keep my soul?" she asked.

"Yes." Cheyenne told her." but first listen to this carefully." I the high priestess Mystic Shadow order to undo the warlocks spell sending it right back to hell." She said as she looked at the woman who began to age and wrinkle.

The woman looked in the mirror crying." no you made me old! I am now eighty years old instead of fifty!" She said crying as she looked in the mirror

"Be glad you still have your life and soul. Oh and one more thing before I go. Don't wear the thong bikini." She told her as she vanished from the room leaving the woman without any memory of her.

That night as everyone got home Aggatha met them with news that they had an assignment. " you all are going to go to Florida there are some demons who are killing the lady dancers, its believed a female witch is helping them to get to the women so you ladies are going to be dancers and you men are going to be bouncers." She told them.

"What kind of dance place need bouncers?" Roger asked her.

"Oh a place where the women dance naked and some do private dances." She told them.

"A strip club?" Roger asked with a smile.

"Watch it or you will lose a body organ." Tammy told him smiling with a wink.

"Ouch that would hurt." Hank said looking at Roger.

"When do we leave?" Cheyenne asked Aggatha looking strangely at Tammy and Roger wondering what was between them.

"Tonight they are having auditions and they need three bouncers seems the ones they had left." Aggatha said smiling.

"Well let's go bump and grind." Gloria told them.

"You make it seem so less glamorous when you put it that way." Alicia told her.

They all vanished and appeared at the club that looked like it was very high class. As the women stood outside the men went in to apply for the jobs as bouncers. The women looked at the women walking in the place they looked in their twenty's, and most of them were blond.

"How do we compete with that?" Margaret asked.

"Like this." Cheyenne said transforming her age to that of twenty years younger. She smiled at them." Personally I think I look better now at seventy though ." she told them laughing turning around in her outfit into a white leather dress that barely covered her, the sides were white lace revealing her flesh, thin straps that criss crossed in the front and back, she wore six inch white heels, with diamond earrings dangling from her ears. She wore her hair up in a French twist. "Get dressed I am going in now." She told them as she walked seductively pass the valet parking staff smiling as their heads turned.

"Man I can't wait to see that one with no clothes." The young thin blond haired man said watching her walk.

"Hell I will pay for a private dance." The big burly African American man told him." Ride papa baby." He said as Cheyenne looked back and winked at both of them." I am getting me some of that one." he said smiling as he thought of her being all over him.

Tammy and the other women were dressed similar to Cheyenne accept Tammy's dress was criss - crossed all the way down on each side, Gloria hadn't any back to hers just thin diamond straps that crossed, Margaret's was a long tight spandex dressed that was split up both sides, Alicia wore a short tight black lace dress with just black lace thongs under it so you could almost see her nipples., Cathy, Lindsey and Patty dressed as triplet school girls with their hair in pony tail, white shirts, plaid skirt with knee high's and black shoes that tied. As they walked by they bent over at the same time exposing their thongs to the two men.

"Oh my I have to get a shot at all of them." The big man said as his eyes were wide as he looked at the three girls.

Cheyenne was the first to be interviewed by the manger Tony who was a very large Italian man who looked sweaty all the time.

"Ok before I see you dance for me I need to ask you some questions. Now if a customer comes up to you and wants to do this to you?" he asked as he touched one of her breast. "what do you do?"

"I smile at them?" She asked him.

"No you tell them they can only do that in the private room and its three hundred which you get one hundred of." He told her.

"now just one more test in order to get this job you have to show me just how seductive you can be and that means removing your clothes and should I want an extra favor would you be willing to give it to me?" he asked looking at her body.

"Yes I would. I really need this job," she told him as he played the music.

Cheyenne stood up on his desk as she began to slowly move running her hands all over her body then removing her dress slowly to the music, where she only had on a white glitter thong. She squatted down in front of his face then rising up slowly as she removed the thong then bending over with her back to him spreading her legs

." Come here" he said UN zipping his pants." now straddle me hurry." He told her as he was a sick demented man who made the women have sex with him in order to work to be killed by the evil ones who protected him from being busted by the authorities.

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