tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 16

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 16


Mystic Shadow came back to reality from her memories listening to the High Councils words.

"The High Priestess will reside here to protect the pregnancy of our royal couple for when the dark side hears of it they will try to terminate the Childs birth." The High council ordered.

Cheyenne told the council that if she was to stay so must her family. She needed to make sure of their safety as well. The council agreed with one string attached. "One of the witches will have to transform her looks into yours our Highness and be seen around Jamaica so if the evil ones who are watching will consider the pregnancy a rumor when they see her belly is not growing with child." They told her.

"I will do it Cheyenne; I have you down with your movements and your wording down pretty good." She told Cheyenne.

"From now on you all will address our High Priest and High Priestess by their spiritual names. And Mystic Shadow you must give your witch sister's and the warlocks their names." He told her.

"I will just as soon as I think of them." She told him smiling at him.

"Ok Patty let me see me." She said with a strange confusing look.

As Patty moved her hands down her whole body she became Cheyenne's identical twin." Well did it work?" she asked.

"Yes, but we have to dress you like me, your clothing is drab." She told her as she put her in a pair of hip hugging blue jeans, a top that looked as if she took a scarf and put a string of leather around the top to tie it and one sewed in to tie the bottom, with a pair of moccasins. "Let's see you walk." She told her. "Perfect I guess you can start by opening the shop today." Cheyenne told her.

"Ok and I will see you tonight." She said as she vanished.

At the shop being Cheyenne she never realized how many men were always flirting with her. She pulled it off well and she actually flirted back with them as she began to actually feel sexy.

A man came in to the shop as she was bent over picking up a quarter she had dropped on the floor. "Now that is quality merchandise you are equipped with Miss." He said as he watched her round bottom.

Standing up she turned to see the green eyed stranger with black wavy hair, he was tall, and built wearing a pair of white loose fitting jeans and a light blue pull over shirt. "Your not equipped too bad your self." She said smiling.

"Your name?" he asked her.

"My name is Cheyenne." Patty said so natural with a friendly smile.

"Well may I take you to dinner tonight? For you are so beautiful." He said eyeing her body up and down.

Patty knew she had to return back at the palace at night, but she was so taken with him." lunch would be better," she said.

"Great what if I brought it and we locked up the store so we would not be interrupted? He asked running his hand softly down the side of her face, neck and stopping at just before her chest.

"fabulous." she said as she felt the passion growing with in her.

"See you in a little bit." He told her.

When he stepped out of the shop he smiled, she is not Mystic Shadow I can use seduction to find her. If not this imitation will be dead." He smiled as he thought to himself turning down an alley as he transformed into his identity of a demon named Rage curse. His appearance was so freighting grotesque with red glaring eyes, his teeth were sharp and fang like that green slime dripped from his mouth, his body was that of a horrible creature with large wings coming from his back. He had six tails that whipped around his body to enable him to hold his victim, while he ripped them apart with his long razor like nails.

Two hours had past when he arrived back at the shop with a basket of food, they went into the back of the store spreading a blanket out. They sat there sipping on wine, when he pulled her close to him slowly kissing her as he ran his tongue across her lips. He held her chin with his hand looking deep into her eyes." I want to make love to you now." He said kissing her.

"No I can't do that." She told him as she pulled away.

"Yes you can." he told her shoving her backwards kissing her while she struggled to fight him off. He looked down at her." your pissing me off witch now where is the real Mystic Shadow at?" as he turned into his true grotesque form.

Patty began to scream having this foul creature on top of her that not even her magic could defeat. He began to rip open her clothing with his nails.

"Tell me or I will kill you." He told her licking her lips with his snake like tongue, green slime dripping onto her face.

Cheyenne was sitting in her bed when she had a vision of a small child in front of her, a little girl dressed in a white dress with long brown hair and big brown eyes." Go to Patty he is killing her." She told her.

"Who are you?" Cheyenne asked surprised by her vision.

"I am Mystic caster your child. Hurry before it's too late." She told her mother with tears forming in her eyes.

Cheyenne without thinking changed into her warrior clothes then appeared in the shop where Patty was being ripped apart by him.

"Hey asshole why don't you pick on someone your own size?" she asked as she hit him with a bolt of lightening knocking him off Patty. She knew she was too late in saving Patty. "Oh patty." she said looking at her shredded body when she felt his tail wrapping around her.

"I will destroy you and that child you carry." He told her.

Cheyenne began to glow white as she looked at him with rage flowing through every vein and body part. "Fuck you demon reject!" She said as she cut his tails off with one look.

"You bitch!" He screamed out in pain.

"No ass wipe get it right, I am the bitch!" She yelled and with one glance, she blew him up into small pieces.

Cheyenne picked Patty's body up taking her back to the Palace to Aggatha, but she had been dead to long to save her. Cheyenne stood in the middle of the room holding her hands up towards the sky. "Nooooooooo!" She cried out so loud that it echoed through the palace.

Everyone in the palace appeared by Mystic Shadow including the High Council, they heard her cry out in pain due to the loss of her sister Patty who died while protecting her. Murkcaster held her as she cried.

Mystic Shadow looked at the High Council "I order that she is to be placed in the tomb of our highest ranking warriors for she did not give away her High Priestess to save her own Life." She told them looking the High Council in their eyes daring them to defy her orders." Her spiritual name is and always will be Winema a female chief. Her soul which I seized back from Rage curse will be able to soar freely lighting the way for the innocent." She told them as she cried holding her hand over her mouth." Tonight ...at midnight, her ceremony will begin. I want my hand maidens to prepare her body... for she is divine royalty." She told them as she waved her hand over Mystic of light removing the slashes that were made by Rage curse so she looked as she did in life.

Mystic Shadow looked at the High Council." I also order that evil is to be tracked and vanquished instead of waiting for it to strike one of us or the innocent people." She told them.

"You will be ordering a war to begin if you do this Mystic Shadow." The eldest member of the council told her.

"I am Mystic Shadow daughter of our two bravest warriors and you dare question me? Your High Priestess you question?" She asked him standing before him just inches from his face.

"No, no I do not and I am sorry if I seemed out of line." He said very humble.

"We are going to war then aren't we?" she asked him as well as looking at the other council members.

Without hesitation they replied in unison." Yes our High Priestess we are." They told her for they just learned she was not one to back down to evil.

"I want my sister witches, Roger to meet me and Murkcaster in my room. that also includes Grandmother and Norma my mortal sister." She told them as she walked back to the room." and you need to send for Lindsey and John as well. "She told them then vanished to her room.

As they waited for everyone to finish gathering in the room Lindsey and Saunders appeared. Lindsey was in tears. "Aggatha told me what happen to Patty. How can they tell us we are immortal if we can be destroyed?" she asked crying in Saunders arms.

"Well when they made us believe we were Guardian Angels they had to tell us we were immortal, Angels are the souls of the dead that have been chosen to watch over innocents. And that is where I am going with this tonight at the ceremony I am going to make her a guardian angel of the witch's, warlocks and innocents of the white light that represents goodness and she will be able to send the evil souls still roaming this earth into hell's fire. She will also be able to lead us to the evil demons, warlocks, witches and so forth." She explained to them.

"So she will actually still be with us then?" Alicia asked her through her tears.

"Yes, tonight I will ask Our Lord the Higher Power to grant me this request." She told them knowing she could not do it with out permission from above.

This made the destruction of Patty as a witch easier for them to take. "I hope they grant it." Aggatha said with her hands together.

"I want to share with you how I happened to know about Patty, I had a vision, but not of Patty being in danger it was my daughter Mystic caster. She told me to go to Patty that he was killing her. But I was too late." She told them.

"The baby told you?" Aggatha asked." And not your own visions?" Aggatha asked looking dumb founded.

"That's right, and she is beautiful. By her being able to communicate with me at such an early age, she has the powers of my mother, Aggatha, my father and me combined. Remember not only did Murk Shadow place a tiny cut on our hands to mix our blood, but my biological father Fredrick before he be came evil was a very powerful warrior of the white light." She told them.

"The counsel must know this that is why they have you staying here to be protected." Norma told her.

"Well tomorrow we get all of our warriors in shape; they do not look like they make them work out every day keeping the techniques up." Murkcaster told her.

"I want to know why I did not get any vision." She asked summoning the council in the room.

"Why are my visions not working?" she asked.

"For your protection we have placed a spell to stop them Your High Priestess." The elder one told her in a soft voice.

"If you had not done this with out my permission my sister may have been saved." She told them with holding the information of the baby.

"How did you find out by the way?" he asked.

"It's confidential." She told them. "Lift the spell or I will!" She demanded of them.

"But your safety your highness." He told her. "We can not lose this child she is very special." He told her.

"So you know just as I do that she is already powerful, she also knows how important our work is. She warned me that Winema was approaching death!" she yelled at them.

The council stood speechless knowing that the child had just been conceived and is becoming powerful in her mother's womb. This could only be that she has been given all the powers of the highest ranking warriors. "We shall remove the spell as we speak." The elder man told her realizing the child was already a warrior at work.

That night Mystic Shadow and the other witches, Aggatha and Norma wore long black gowns that flowed as they walked, black heels and long black veils. Murkcaster and the other two warlocks wore Black tuxedos, with black dress shoes. They were the first to view their fallen sister; they walked into the room covered in black velvet wallpaper. Pictures of the guardian warriors Encased in Gold framing. There were twinkling lights Winema lay in a glass casket while fairies sprinkled magical dust for her soul's protection. Her hair was prepared in a French twist with small ringlets cascading her face. She had on a diamond necklace that all the great female warriors receive at that burial with matching earrings and a thin diamond bracelet, her gown was long, with layers of white chiffon that resembled what a Greek Goddess would wear, her feet adorned in glass slippers. Candles of purple and black burned around her resting place as a picture of her in her warriors uniform sat up on an altar with white candles burning and oils to be sprinkled on her during the ceremony, two women playing the harps so softly. She looked so angelic laying there so somber in sleep. There was a circle which Mystic Shadow and Murkcaster would stand when Mystic shadow said her sisters prayers and to grant her the wish. The room began to fill with all the good witches, warlock warriors, and all the good creatures of the High Power. Now the ceremony could begin with the high council sat in their high back chairs made of black velour and gold framing behind the altar.

" I Mystic Shadow, High Priestess and Murkcaster High Priest of all that is good are standing in this circle to cherish our brave warrior Winema to be the female chief of the White Light spirit warrior's. To grant us this request so we may help her to take flight. We ask the High Power above for permission to make her soul a mighty warrior. To help in the war of evil, to show us, your warriors her spiritual light so she may guide us to the ones we need to fight. She may collect the stolen souls of the innocent if you would endow on her Father the Guardian of the white light. The light of the witches, warlocks and all of the innocents. Please our mighty Lord, grant our request." She prayed as she and Murkcaster lit candles around the circle, and then the ones left unlit on the altar as they closed the ceremony. As the last candle was lit, a white light glowed so bright around Winema, her soul raised up from her body floating above everyone she looked so beautiful and shined brightly.

"Mystic shadow and Murkcaster your request has been granted and from this moment on our journey begins in destroying evil that lurks on the innocents." She said as she floated around the room so everyone could view their Guardian of the white light.

Tammy was sent to New York city where she was to find Lexter of the dark side, he was the second in charge of the dark side and if she is able she could gain information on the where about of Carnal lover.

She was able to find out that he visited a club often where he could lure women back with him to his dungeon so he could pleasure them as he took over their minds to have them kill, rob or sell drugs. He could control the user of his drugs having them to commit horrendous acts that he placed in their minds telepathically. When she saw him, she knew it was him. Women were hanging all over him. She walked by slowly looking him up and down smiling seductively trying to catch his attention with out succeeding. He was huge in size; his upper arms were the size of basketballs. He looked like a professional wrestler for his body being so built. His black hair was long and braided; he wore a white muscle shirt, with black slacks that fit nicely around his waist, they were cut loose around his thighs. Well this is going to be harder then I thought with all those bimbos throwing their bodies at him. When she thought to herself, maybe if one of is partners in evil tried picking me up and I seem UN touchable by any man in here... maybe I can lure him into my web. She thought as she went into the women's room changing into a silver top with a matching short skirt that was almost transparent, she was braless as her nipples protruded from the top, she wore silver spiked heels that wrapped around her ankles. She cast a spell on her to be irresistible to men so when she sat next to his partner it would drive him crazy. She came out of the rest room seeing that Jester the hacker was all alone, Lexter was not bored with his hand up one blonde-haired woman's skirt. He was enjoying making her climax in front of everyone. He called attention to her by the other men who then carried her into a back room to rape her by six men. Tammy sat shaking her head as she could not stop it or blow her cover and cost her more then a rape, but her life. She sat next to him as she accidentally rubbed her hardened nipples up against his arm." Excuse me." she told him.

He looked her up and down, "baby you can rub those gorgeous breast all over Me." he told her as he touched her back.

"Please don't touch the merchandise, there isn't a man in here who I would rub any part of my body on, much less let them rub me anywhere." She said as she crossed her legs sitting next to him.

Jester taking her bait ran to Lexter and told him of the ice princess. where he immediately went up to her whispering in her ear." You are the most gorgeous creature in here baby." He told her as he rubbed her shoulders.

"Get lost will you please." She told him seeing it was working she got his attention.

"Only if I could get lost deep inside of you." he told her rubbing his hands softly up and down her waist to her hips then turning her chair around facing him as he looked into her eyes unaware he was casting a spell of lust and desire on her. "Now don't you want me between those delicious thighs?" he asked putting his body between her thighs, she desired his touch. She did not try to stop him when he raised her top up exposing her naked breast as he fondled her. "I want the whole bar to watch me melt the ice princess," he yelled out as he unzipped his pants. She lay back in her chair resting her shoulders and arms on the bar allowing him to kiss her and removing her shirt.

Winema watching what was happening went and reported it to Mystic Shadow. She cast a powerful spell breaking his on Tammy and bringing her back.

Tammy realized what happened to her. She cast her own spell while he was involved with performing fore play on her in front of everyone. Her spell made him weak to her beauty. She told him in front of everyone "I wish for my feet to be kissed." She ordered him. He obediently got on his knees. Everyone watched this woman taking control over him. She pushed him away from her suddenly.

" Stop, you no longer interest me." She told knowing he would look like a fool to everyone he had under his control.

Filled with anger he picked her up over his shoulders carrying her to the back where the six men were raping the other female. He ordered them to leave. He threw on the bed and began raping her, but to his surprise, she began to laugh at his attack. This was driving him crazy he had to conquer her. He rolled her on top of him where he ravished her with pleasure; she smiled knowing she was in control of him.

"Come home with me tonight." He asked her touching her face softly as she lay beside him on the bed.

"Alright, perhaps for just a little while though." She told him as they got dressed.

That night back at his apartment it was richly decorated in black leather couches, glass tables with gold and black frames, the lighting were in the edge of the ceiling, he could dim them or make the lights bright. They stood on the balcony over looking the city of New York that looked as if it was twinkling stars from all the lights of the buildings. The bedroom had a large round bed everything designed in leopard spots. They lay in bed after two hours of sex, when he fell to sleep. she cast a spell on his sub conscious asking him questions. She found out where Carnal lover was. Standing up over his bed she purposely woke him up. "Hey ass hole." She said seeing his eyes open up.

" Bye - bye." She said smiling waving good – bye.

"Are you leaving?" he asked half a sleep.

"No you are." She said pouring the vanquishing potion on him. She smiled as his flesh began to smoke than exploded. "See ya!" she said leaving the apartment. She gave Carnal lovers where about to Mystic Shadow once she returned to the palace.

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