tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 17

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 17


Six month’s after Mystic caster’s birth she was able to levitate objects to her that she wanted, mostly the objects that sparkled. Mystic Shadow when she was not training building her body back up she was teaching her daughter how to use her powers with more coordination so her teddy bears and rattles would not hit the lamps and so forth.

Murkcaster, Light caster and fierce caster were trying to locate a den of demons when Mystic Shadow vanished in the middle of her conversation with Aggatha. Aggatha feared some how an evil source had taken her, but to where she did not know when a vision come to her for the very first time. She saw her grand daughter in a dark den only lit flaming torches as the demon Warmonger who was one of the most powerful of all held her tied to a wall. He was warning her that if she used any of her powers he could also bring her daughter to him to eat. Aggatha ran to the High council to tell them that the very demons and Warlocks they were tracking had Mystic Shadow.

“They said if she used any of her powers they would take the child too.” Aggatha told them as she held the baby in her arms.

“Send for Murkcaster immediately and place her in the birthing room, we will enclose her so nothing evil can enter or use any of their evil powers to get the child.” The eldest High council ordered.

The child was placed in the room with Aggatha and Norma then the spell was cast.

Mystic Shadow was tied to the wall, she saw her child in the glass room knowing that evil could not get to her.

“Hey assholes.” She said as they were preparing the bed where they were going to rape and kill her.

“You dare talk to me that way?” warmonger asked as his eyes were glazing red, he had horns sticking out of his forehead and his ears were large and pointed. He walked to her on his hoofed feet as his long tail swung back and forth. Taking his long razor like nail to slit her shirt open she broke free changing into her warrior uniform.

“Don’t you ever touch me you over grown troll!” she yelled as she threw him up against the wall with her powers. The other demons charged at her and she blew them up with one glance at them. She noticed Warmonger trying to bring the child to him. “um moron, excuse me, but my child is safe where you can’t get to her, I think its time you learned you don’t piss me off!” she said as her body began to spin faster and faster hitting him in his stomach cutting him into then blowing him up.

Murkcaster and the other warlocks appeared in the den. She looked at them smiling.” Its ok I took care of your light weight work.” She told them smiling and hugged Murkcaster then the other two, Fierce caster held slightly longer then Murkcaster or Light caster.

They appeared back at the palace where the baby was being kept. The High Council looked at Mystic Shadow.” How did you know she was safe to attack them as you did?” they asked her as they were confused.

“My little girl showed me that you had made her secured so I could vanquish them.” She explained to them.” How did you know I vanquished them? By a vision that played for you like a movie?” she asked holding her daughter in her arms kissing her.

“Yes. The child is capable of those powers at a young age and knows how to use them?” they asked looking at the child in disbelief of how powerful she will be when she is grown.

“She’s known how to use those powers since she was in my womb.” She told them holding her up over her head blowing on her belly making her laugh when she saw a plastic bottle making it fly and hitting fierce caster in the shoulder with it then giggling.

“Yep she is Mystic Shadow made over.” He said picking the bottle up when the baby drew him over to her like a magnet crying for him to take her where she laid her tiny little head on his shoulder.

“True female, beat me and then love me.” He said hugging her as his eyes were tearing up knowing the child loved him .I’ll protect her with my life he thought to himself.

“we have decided that with her powers we need to move you to another place with new identities and appearances, if they could just take Mystic Shadow out of here like they did then what would stop them from doing the same thing with the child?” they asked them.

“Where would she be safe?” Mystic Shadow asked the council.

Winema appeared.” The child is magical and already is displaying this ability; we should take her to where the warrior’s of the white light dwell. You would not have to hide her magic and still be able to do your work while she is being taken care of by Aggatha and Norma plus one or more warrior to protect her. ” She told them.

When they arrived, it was like a fairy tale, everything was so white and shined like crystals, there were colorful gardens blooming all over. They walked to what looked like a tiny cottage until they walked in to see this huge house with marble flooring, a golden winding stair case, the furniture was of white silk and satin , golden tables . There were crystal wind chimes hanging in the windows. Winema decorated the nursery in pinks and lavenders. Stuffed animals hanging from the ceiling, and sitting in the corners of the room. Tiny fairies lit her room at night like a night light. Mystic caster would watch them twinkle until she fell to sleep at night.

Mystic Shadow cast a spell on her so she could not see her when she was out doing whatever she had to do to stop evil. The next day the six witches went out in search of a serial killer who had agreed to share his body with a demon killing and raping women. The men had to go find five evil witches who were actually burning men of the ancestors of the Salem witch killings.

The women went back to using their human names Cheyenne turning her appearance of those who he has killed red hair, green eyes, very busty with petite body’s, wearing as little clothes the better. That night they went to one of the local clubs in Tampa where most of the women were last seen alive. Cheyenne went in first as if she did not know the others. Heads were turning in her direction when she walked in wearing a tight fitting black dress with long sleeves, cut very short, with a plunging neckline exposing her well-rounded bust. She sat at a small table up against the wall so the other witches could watch her.

A huge man with dark brown hair, brown eyes, dressed in blue jeans, black shirt and cowboy boots.” Could I get you to dance this slow dance with me?” he asked looking at her breast not at her eyes.

“Sure you look big and strong; I’ll bet you move very well.” She told him looking at him seductively.

Out on the dance floor he held her so he could have a great view of her breast. He began rubbing her back than letting his hand touch her ass. She heard him breathing heavy, she turned her back to him, and he held her against him. She moved her body sexually against his. He moved his hands up her sides and under her breast.

Another huge man dressed all in black came up to him. “Pick some one else to dance with, I want this one.” he said taking her away from the other man. She felt an electric charge go through her as he pulled her close to his body. “Lets dance .” he told her holding her tight against his body that felt rock hard, he had a mustache that touched both sides of his chin, his eyes were black as night, his hair was short and it was slicked back. He moved his hands up and down her back. “Let me buy you a drink.” He told her smelling her hair.

“Fine a soda, I don’t drink.” She told him as they went to her table where he ran his hand up her thigh. “I have to go to the rest room, I’ll be right back.” She said motioning for the other women to follow her using her eyes to motion to them.

They were all in the rest room when he slipped a drug in her drink to cause her to pass out. Cheyenne returned to the table letting the others know she believed this was the guy because of the electrical charge she received when he touched her. She drank her soda and began to feel strange.

“I think I need some fresh air,” she told him getting up from the table. He got up to.

“I’ll go with you.” he told her putting his arm around her so no one would notice she was not walking straight.

Just as he closed the door, she passed out from the drug. He lifted her in his arms.” I am going to enjoy you tonight.” He told her looking down at her then they vanished.

The six other witches waited just a few minutes to give them time to get in his car; they walked out to find them gone. They became alarmed knowing he had her alone. They tried casting a spell to track her but it did not work.

“The spell she cast so Mystic caster could not see her has also blocked us.” Tammy told the other women. “We need to go see Aggatha and see if she knows what to do.” She said as then vanished.

The huge man laid her on the bed as he removed his clothing then began to cut Cheyenne’s clothes off her. He lay next to her touching her body all over. He became sexually aroused and raped her as she was past out. The demon took over, the mans features had become hideous looking. “Wake up bitch!” He ordered her in a demonic voice as the drug began to ware off her. The demon was raping her.

Her vision was blurry, she could not focus. Oh, God they drugged me! She thought to herself as she could feel his disgusting body on hers. She knew until the drug wore off completely she wasn’t any match for them. She would have to go along with them or they could kill her until the other witches arrived to help her. She began moving her body as if she was enjoying it.

“you like it do you bitch?” he asked as he licked her neck ramming her body harder.” Ride me you whore!” he ordered her.

She did as he told her. She wondered what was taking the other witches so long in getting to her. Her vision had cleared and an hour had gone by. She felt a little groggy, but she moved her body seductively on top of him.

“Am I pleasuring you as you like?” she asked leaning over forcing herself to kiss him without being sick.

“Shut up whore!” he yelled

Finally, she felt like herself again, she saw the long knife they used to slit the girls bodies open while they were alive. Cheyenne suddenly rose up off him spinning in the air and changing into her warrior clothes. At the same time, the other witches were able to locate her by Winema.

“Hey ass hole! You like slicing women alive? See how you like it.” Cheyenne yelled having the knife slicing him open as he screamed out in pain. The demon jumped out of his body and the other witches vanquished him. Cheyenne was angry with the man for raping her and the other women they raped and killed. She looked at him with a smug smile. “Prison is too good for you, but this isn’t.” she said blowing him up in the bed and they vanished.

Back at the cottage, she was glad to be back at home as she played with her daughter in the gardens.

The men had tracked down the five witches who were staying just outside of Salem where they would act as writers writing on the Salem witch killings wanting to interview the male ancestors who actually had part in it by killing them. They would stop their bloodlines from continuing on by their deaths. The men appeared where they were staying taking them by surprise for they had a man tied to a pole in their backfield. They had set him on fire burning him alive.

Expecting the witches to use magic against them they were surprised when they didn’t.

“If your witches why don’t you use you’re magic to save yourselves?” Murkcaster asked them as he held them up in the air.

“We’re not magical witches, we’re human white witches.” She explained fearing for her life.” what are you?” she asked as her friends were being tied by magical rope.

“We are the true white light warlocks and you are giving us a bad image by your evil deeds for white witches are not evil.” Fierce caster said.

Murkcaster tied the woman up.” were your ancestors killed in the witch hunt?” he asked her trying to figure out the killings.

“No not one of our relatives was, we were just revenging the women who died." The one answered. They all had long black hair wearing black clothing and black make up.

” You just killed to kill! It was not even your battle!” he told them feeling anger building in side of him.

“How is it yours? You just leave us alone!” One of the women told him angrily.

“It is our battle, we protect the innocent from evil and you just killed an innocent man! You must pay the price for doing the work for evil.” He told them as the warlocks vanished and telepathically told the detective where he could find the Salem killers they had been tracking.

When the detective arrived with other officers, the women were babbling that warlocks had tied them up, but there weren’t any ropes holding them. The warlocks told them they would make them suffer for killing the men.

The officers looked at the women standing before the man they had just killed.” Ladies don’t even try the insanity plead, your just cold blooded killers.” They told them taking them into custody.

The women were sentenced to five counts of life in prison without parole.

Lilly Phillips, a twenty – year - old woman who was not attractive, she was very obese, her hair was short and black; she had a low self-esteem. She was thrilled when she had become involved with the demon zurlock; he used her for his pleasures, to commit crimes for him. He would have women come to the house he shared with Lilly. They would sexually pleasure him; he would only have sex with her when he thought she might be slipping out of his control. She was unaware that he was a real supernatural demon and not a normal big muscular bald black man that she thought wanted her. He had other ideas for her since he was out to avenge his twin brother Gore warrior. He planned to bring down the warriors of the white light. He had specially planned how he was going to take care of Mystic Shadow, he thought of how he was going to have her in ways that Gore warrior never have dreamt of before ripping her heart out of its chest cavity. He looked at Lilly; he was becoming aroused by the thought of Mystic Shadow for his slave.

“Come here now.” He told her as he unzipped his pants.” Pleasure me.” He told her transforming her appearance of Mystic Shadow instead of Lilly being the one pleasuring him. His eyes glared red holding her head down so she could not see his face turning into the demonic creature he actually was. After he had been pleasured, he kept her appearance of Mystic Shadow that only he could see. He took her in his arms then ripped her clothes off. He shoved her face first into the wall pushing his body against hers as he ran his hands over her body getting aroused again. “Tell me you’re my slave.” He told her living his fantasy out of Mystic Shadow through Lilly.

“I am your slave .” she told him, she was afraid of him he had never acted in this manner, but she could not resist the way he was making her body feel.

He kissed her back, caressed her breast, then threw her on the bed and began the most brutal sexual attack on her. He bit into her flesh with his fang like teeth. She saw for the first time the monster inside of her body with his face so demonic looking. Lilly screamed a blood-curdling scream, but then as always she accepted the fact that no man wanted her except for this creature and she should be thankful.

“Give me your body to pleasure mine as my slave for eternity.” He whispered in her ear.

“Oh yes, yes.” She answered thinking he really desired her. Her reply drove him more insane with his obsession for Mystic Shadow.

“Mystic shadow, Mystic shadow!” he cried out as he exploded in a hot steamy orgasm.

She looked at him.” Who is Mystic Shadow?” she asked angrily as she got out of bed.

He looked at her.” You fat ugly bitch! Who are you to ask me questions? You are lucky that I would even touch you! Look in the mirror and you will see who I was fucking! It has never been you.” He said as she looked at the stranger in the mirror who was beautiful, with a luscious body running her hands over the large breast.

“Please don’t change me back; I’ll be your Mystic Shadow.” She told him not wanting to go back to her own looks.

He laid there smiling as the thought pleased him, at least until he got the real thing.” Come here Mystic shadow and show me how thankful you are for that body and face.” He said smiling at her.

She walked over to him and performed oral sex on him.

The next few days she was thrilled with the looks and whistles she received from men on the streets. She went shopping buying sleazy clothes for her new body to attract more attention from men. This began to bother Zurlock for he wanted no other man to touch his recreation of Mystic Shadow. He grabbed her as she was getting ready to go out.

“You allow any other man to touch you and I will kill you.” He told her as he held her against the wall choking her.

“No one will touch me but you.” She told him afraid of losing her new looks.

Once out on the street she saw a bar deciding she would go inside. Men were coming up to her buying her drinks. One very handsome man caught her eye with a deep tan, he was tall with blond hair, blue eyes, he wore a pair dark blue dress pants with a light blue shirt. She walked over to the bar stool wearing a white top that laced up the back, low cut V neck line with long sleeves, a short white skirt lacing up the sides exposing her flesh, wearing a white thong and white sandals. He watched her as she sat next to him.

“Hello there Miss America!” he said looking at her body up and down.” what would you like to drink?” he asked her, she was the one he would be taking home tonight.

The more drinks he poured into her the more she let him kiss on her rubbing her thighs.” lets go back to your place.” He told her as he kissed her neck.

“I can’t go there… not with you.” She told him wanting him so bad.

“Husband huh? I have a wife, but as luck would have it I have a large front seat in my truck.” He said smiling as they finished their drinks.

Once inside the truck he laid her down putting his hands under her shirt causing her to moan, knowing he had to be home soon he took her body with force. He began to see what she truly looked like. He quickly got off her.

“Get out of my truck you freak!” he told her pushing her out of the truck.

She looked in his side mirrors seeing her face. “Oh no he turned me back to my hideous self!” She cried running home. She looked even more hideous in the outfit that was busting away from her body. She walked into the house to find him waiting for her.

“The looks were for me! Did you think I would not put a condition to you keeping her looks? Do you think I would trust you not to let some other man touch her body?” he asked as he hit her so hard across the face knocking her to the ground.” She was only for my pleasure!” he yelled kicking her in the side of her body.

She was crying so hard her bottom lip that was big and deformed looking began to quiver. “I am sorry! Please you have to believe me! I am sorry! Please forgive me? ” she asked crying and begging him. She was not mentally there to begin with. She sat up on her knees with her hands together looking up at him like a naughty child.

She angered him even more, he took his foot that he wore black army boots kicking her so hard under the chin that it lifted her up off the ground. She landed on her back where he began kicking her in her head repeatedly until she blacked out. He continued this assault on her unconscious body until he came up with the idea of creating an evil clone of Mystic Shadow who would cause chaos amongst the innocents that the white light defend. He waited until she woke up she was bloody and battered from his beating.

“I will make you an offer that it will be hard to pass up.” he told her as she was groggy and sore from his abuse.

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