tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 18

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 18


Mystic caster just turned twenty one, she was as beautiful as her mother and had her fathers intelligence, the powers of her parents, grand parents and ancestors, she would practice with the young male warriors who had trouble concentrating on their abilities because of her beauty and her body. She would wear a pair of black tight stretch pants, a white top that she cut in half with a pair of white sneakers. Her hair she wore pulled up into a tight ponytail on top of her head. One young warrior Lightening caster longed to ask her out, but he was to shy to ask her. He could hardly wait until his day that they worked out together. He was tall, with black curly hair, blue eyes; his body was of a Greek God. Today was his day to train with her, he waited impatiently for her, and she finally came even though she was twenty minutes late. He noticed she was not in her usual work out clothes, but in a pair of baggy pants and a sweatshirt. She smiled at him as she approached him and suddenly she lunged at him causing him to fall backwards with her landing on top of him on the ground.

“when are you going to ask me out?” she asked him as she laid on top of his body smiling down at him with her brown eyes, her long brown hair tied up in a pony tail.

“Tonight?” he asked shocked that she felt the same way about him.

“Ok, I accept your offer for a date tonight.” She said as their faces were inches away from one another and she slowly kissed him lightly on his lips.

He wrapped his arms around her kissing her passionately as his heart beat wildly for he had always dreamt of this day. She looked into his blue eyes running her fingers through his hair. “Why have you made me wait so long for you?” she asked him with a pouting look on her face.

“I was afraid you’d reject me if I approached you.” He told her as he kissed her lips lightly.

“Well we have to call off training I need to get ready for tonight.” She said kissing him one last time then getting up off him as she ran off.

He sat up on the ground leaning back on one arm smiling as he watched her run into the cottage where he would pick her up tonight for their date.

The dark side had been watching Mystic caster as they were planning her demise for she was to powerful to keep around or evil could be vanquished all together. They summoned the most evil warlock they had, Karlin. He was not only evil , but handsome as well, his hair blond and perfectly in place, his chiseled looks, his body was toned and very tanned, his eyes were of a pale green. He was known for his ability to trap women with his seduction, children with false kindness earning their trust then suck their very life out of them turning them into grains of dust, on witches he not only turned into grains of dust, but collected their powers and souls. He sat in the dark dungeon of evil making his deal to destroy this witch he wanted one other witch who vanquished his brothers in Jamaica and releasing the children’s souls they had collected.

“I want Mystic Shadow as well as her daughter; I will turn them both into grains of dust.” He told them with pure hatred for Mystic Shadow causing his eyes to glow red.

“You know we want all of those bitches done away with, along with the three warlocks.” They told him.

“So be it then.” He said as he looked down at his assistant a petite blond with blue eyes that he kept half dressed.” We need to have a private meeting before I begin my mission.” He told the Dark Side leaders. Taking her into a room for her to sexually please him.

Mystic caster was so excited over her date with Lightening caster. She and the six witches, her mother, grand mother and Norma, who was very old now and laid in her bed watching the youngest of the witches trying on different outfits, finally she picked the perfect outfit, a white satin short sleeveless dress, white knee boots, and she wore her hair French braided with daisies inter twined into the braid.

“You have protection right Patty?” Tammy asked her causing the younger witch to blush who was given Patty’s earth name to carry on.

“I don’t plan on doing that with him tonight.” She said trying to cover her embarrassment.

“That’s what we all say.” Gloria told her as she threw her a package. ”just to be on the safe side, you never know.” She told her smiling and walking away.

The witches all laughed even Norma gave a chuckle.

Poor Norma she has been through so much. Mystic Shadow thought to her self.

That night when Lightening caster came to pick up Mystic caster Aggatha reminded them that when they were around humans they are Patty and Tony. The young couple vanished as they went to a restaurant in the Bahamas where they then walked down the beach. He took her into his arms kissing her.

“I have loved you since we were six years old.” he told her looking down into her eyes as he softly touched her face.

“I have always loved you too, like I knew we were meant to be together.” She told him laying her head on his chest listening to his heart beat.” I want to make love to you.” She told him closing her eyes as if making a wish.

“I want to make love to you, but I want it to be perfect when we do.” He told her kissing her passionately.

That night at the end of their date she lay in bed envisioning when they finally make love together.

The next morning Aggatha told Mystic Shadow about the rash of attacks on witches and humans. Their souls and powers were collected then the victim turned into grains of dust. Mystic Shadow knew she and the eight witches would have to go and find the one responsible for these crimes. In addition, she knew who was responsible, Karlin was. She would blast him sending him to be with his evil brothers that she destroyed in Jamaica.

The eight witches went to the manor where they had not been in years; nothing had changed being back there. Mystic Shadow was looking through some papers when a cold wind blew past her, she looked around, but she saw nothing. She walked slowly around the room feeling it again and the curtains began to blow, but they were actually closed and there were not any windows open for a draft to move them. She stood still trying to sense a presence when in a quick flash Fredrick was standing in front of her. She jumped not expecting it to be her father.

“Damn it! Can you just make a normal appearance!” she yelled at him.

“You haven’t even sent me a father’s day card.” He told her as he looked as if he were pouting with his hands on his hips. “You’re not very happy to see me considering the last time I saw you when you got married.” He told her walking to the window looking out at the grounds.

She looked at him strangely.” you watched me get married?” she asked him almost shocked.

“Yes, I didn’t make an appearance for fear of ruining your day, but you were quite beautiful Cheyenne.” He told her. “Is that my grand daughter?” he asked pointing at Mystic caster.

“Yes and don’t be going scaring her either.” She told him.

“She looks just like you.” He told her as he watched his grand daughter walking around the grounds.

“What have you been up to?” she asked sensing sadness about him.

Fredrick did not turn around for fear she would see the tears in his eyes. “Oh just ghostly things, you know.” He told her clearing his voice. “I have missed you, all of you know.” He told her keeping his head turned.

“I know I am sorry, I promise to visit more often, I promise. “She told him feeling bad for being neglectful to him.

Fredrick turned around smiling. “Well a father can’t ask for much more then that now, can he?” he asked with a huge smile for he was feeling better now.

Karlin was watching a young waitress with short brown hair, very thin and of Spanish descent. He used his charm on her making her his next victim. He stayed until closing, he persuaded the young girl who was only eighteen- years- old to let him take her home.

The girl believing he was a kind gentle man let him take her home.

“Could I bother you for a cup of coffee?” he asked smiling very charming.

“Of course you may for your being so nice to me tonight.” She told him as they went up to her apartment.

As they stood in the kitchen, he touched her face softly with his fingertips, “why don’t you change into something more comfortable. “He told her smiling as his fingers ran softly down the side of her face to the side of her neck, she smiled at him, and his touch was almost intoxicating to her.

She excused her self to go change into something more comfortable. When she came back, she was wearing a pair of loose shorts with just a white tank top, not bothering to cover her small breast with a bra. He walked up to her gently taking her chin into his hand then kissing her softly. She did not fight him, he took her in his arms kissing her passionately, feeling her responding to his kisses he placed his hand over her breast and again she did not stop him.

“I am going to have sex with you now.” He told her kissing her neck and lifting her in his arms. He carried her to her bedroom, placing her gently on the floor and watched her undress slowly. Her movements were almost sensual. He disrobed and walked slowly to her, picking her up in his arms he made passionate love to her on the bed for hours. She never had a man to make her feel so sensual and free about her body before. She did not want it to end. He lay on top of her pleasuring her and then he began to suck her air out of her lungs. She began to struggle, she tried to scream but she could not break the suction his mouth had formed on hers. He began to become violent in his love making as he literally sucked the oxygen from her body. Her eyes were bulging from their sockets. Her soul entered into his mouth. He got up off her dead body, smiling he turned her to dust with his hands. He vanished from the room laughing at his conquest.

Mystic caster and Mystic Shadow both showed up in the girl’s room only to find a pile of dust in her bed. Their vision did not come until she felt in fear of her life. Unfortunately, that was towards the end of her sexual encounter with him. The women looked at the bed feeling they had let the girl down in protecting her from evil. There wasn’t anything else they could do for her now. They found a phone booth downstairs of her apartment, they told the police they heard screaming from her apartment, the police would have to determine what the dust was in her bed then notify her family so they would have closure of her death. They returned to the manor unaware that Karlin was sitting on top of a building watching them. He smiled for he was very proud that he defeated them in protecting the innocent girl.

The eight witches sat around the table in the kitchen of the manor discussing that night, they knew she had to feel safe until the very end when he killed her.

“She did not feel any fear from him and when we got the vision she had already been turned to dust.” Cheyenne told the witches.

“So how will we capture him?” Gloria asked.

“We could summon him, but he is a very powerful warlock it might not work.” Mystic caster told them.

“Maybe a spell to lead us to him then.” Tammy said as she bit into an apple.

“We can try, but he more then likely has himself blocked from spells that can track him.” Cheyenne told her as she thought to her self.

Karlin found another victim this time a twenty five year old model he was posing as a scout looking for fresh faces for his lay out he was doing on swimwear. He made an appointment to meet her at the office he had rented, using his magic he made the beach scenery with professional cameras large fans to have her long blond hair blowing as if it were the wind. He had her to model a gold bikini with the top shaped into shells, the bottom was gold with hardly any material covering her. Karlin a very lustful warlock enjoyed snapping pictures of her lying on her side on a black beach towel with her one hand holding up her hair looking at the camera seductively. Her eyes were green and they looked as if they always sparkled.

“Would you like to stop for lunch? My treat.” He told her smiling so charming.

“Alright that sounds great.” She told him smiling. He helped her up off the towel, his hand moved to her waist.

“since we have the beach setting why don’t I go pick up something and we could have a picnic, what do you say?” he asked as he still did not move his hand.

“Great I will be waiting here for you to return.” She told him smiling she felt his hand pull her a little closer to him.

“I think it will be the lunch of a life time for you.” He told her as they were now only inches away from one another. He kissed her forehead then left.

He was only gone ten minutes when he returned with wine, strawberries cheese, some rotisserie chicken and a pasta salad.

“I wasn’t sure what you liked, so I guessed.” He said smiling at her magnificent body that he could not wait to take in more ways then one.

He fixed their plates leaving the strawberries for last to be fed to each other. They drank the wine and ate the plates of food. Leaning on his side having her lay next to him he fed her, a strawberry. She bit it off very slowly then she fed him one. He leaned over her turning her on her back kissing her softly, feeling her retuning his advances. He untied her bathing suit top revealing her nice rounded breast. He removed his clothing then removed her bathing suit bottoms. He kissed her then licked her cleavage, slowly running his tongue over her hardened nipples, going down her stomach. He began to perform oral sex on her; he felt her body responding to him. He entered her giving her such pleasures. Her breathing became heavy, his kisses were passionate as well as his touch. He began sucking her air out of her lungs, her eyes opened wide and searching. They were full of fear. She tried to fight him off her, but she could not stop his attack on her. He successfully sucked her dry of oxygen and her soul. He exploded with such an orgasm.

“You were quite a lover my dear.” Whispering in her ear as he raised himself off her dead body. Smiling down at her lying there lifeless, he blasted her to grains of dust. His laughter was sinister and his eyes glowed purple just before he vanished.

Once again, they were too late; they saw the pile of dust. “Damn you Karlen!” Cheyenne cried out for again an innocent person had to die because of evil.

He was truly enjoying torturing the witches for they were unable to stop him again. “Better luck next time ladies.” He said laughing as he vanished from across the street where he stood watching them.

The women went back to the manor again defeated. Cheyenne went to the room opening the book of spells when she found one that might just work. To be able to look through his eyes. She began to chant the spell.

“I Mystic Shadow High Priestess of the white light cast this spell to see through the eyes of the warlock Karlen, preventing another innocent from his evil charm, to prevent them from his harm. Releasing the souls and powers of the ones he has captured.” She chanted when she saw a beautiful woman with long red hair, brown eyes, very built. She was laughing as they were talking.

“I did it! I see his victim!” she yelled as the others came into the room.

“How mother?” Mystic caster asked as her mothers eyes looked strange when she saw the woman he was talking to.

“I cast a spell to see through his eyes. They are going to go out on a date he’s writing down her address quick write down what I tell you.” She told them.” 5854 Yuga way street 8pm tonight Nancy.” She said closing her eyes. “reverse the spell I have just made so I no longer see this vile creatures vision give me back mine making his fade away.” She chanted that when she opened her eyes she was able to see again.

“We should wait until he has her in the bed then we all go in vanquishing him.” Cheyenne told the witches.

At seven o’clock the witches were ready to go, they waited outside of her house as they projected themselves as invisible when they saw him appear at the front door with a dozen roses. They watched them eating dinner, and sipping wine. When dinner was done, they walked into the bedroom, through the shadows on the curtain they could tell they were disrobing then the lights went off.

“Let’s go do it.” Cheyenne told the seven witches.

When they appeared in the room the couple were not in the bed as they expected.

“Surprise you miserable bitches “Karlin told them leaning against the dresser directly behind them. The woman who turned out to be his assistant was standing in front of the door as Karlin began to move towards Mystic Shadow.

“Well if it’s not the bitch Mystic Shadow.” He said with hate for her in his eyes and voice.

The three warlocks showed up with Lightening caster.” Surprise your self asshole.” Fierce caster told him.

Karlin looked at the three warlocks laughing and threw a butcher knife hitting Cheyenne in the chest. She fell to the ground. Murkcaster ran to her as Mystic caster looked at her mother lying there with a knife in her chest.

“Mother! Oh God no!” she cried out seeing her mother laying there.

“Your God can’t save you bitch!” he yelled as he through knives at all the witches using his magic.

“You missed moron!” Mystic caster told him as she began to spin around and around then shooting bolts of lightening at him.

Murkcaster picked up Cheyenne in his arms.” don’t you leave us now.” He told her as they vanished taking her to Aggatha.

Aggatha looked at her beloved grand daughter with the dagger sticking out of her chest.” go the others need you more.” She told him removing the weapon from her heart.

Murkcaster reappeared behind the warlock with the dagger he used to kill Mystic Shadow.” Say good bye asshole.” He told Karlin slitting his throat. The blood poured from his throat then stabbed him in his heart letting him fall to the floor as Mystic caster blew him up. She vanquished him as well making sure he never returned. The other witches turned to his assistant.” You little witch of hell go meet your maker!” Tammy told her blowing her up.

“How is mother?” Mystic caster asked her father with tears in her eyes.

Murkcaster had tears in his eyes, slowly he shooed his head slowly. He tried to speak, but his voice cracked.” She was dead… your grand mother told me to come back here. She was working on her when I left.” He said crying taking his daughter into his arms as they cried together.

The others stood silent not wanting to believe she was gone from them for good. They watched Murkcaster holding his daughter

A tear dropped from fierce caster’s eye. “She has not left us. She has beaten worse then him.” Fierce caster cried out as more tears ran down his face. He vanished to go be with Mystic Shadow.

“Come on let’s go, we did our work here. Let’s go to our fallen sister.” Tammy said as they all disappeared to be with Mystic shadow.

Aggatha was kneeling over Mystic Shadow’s lifeless body and Fierce caster held her running his fingers through her hair softly.

Aggatha was praying for the life to return to her precious grand daughter. “Please don’t let us be too late for her.” She prayed as she had her hands laid on her chest praying for healing. “Oh merciful Higher Power, please give me the power to put the life back into Mystic Shadow’s body with the help of your healing doves.” She said holding her blood soaked hands over Mystic Shadow’s knife wound. Two white doves appeared creating a bright glow around her body and the wound disappeared. “Thank you father.” She said as Mystic Shadow opened her eyes and the doves disappeared.

Mystic caster ran to her mother kneeling next to Fierce caster.” Oh mother, I thought I would never be able to hug you again.” She cried into her mothers arms.

Murkcaster looked away at the sight of Fierce caster holding his wife.” Welcome back Mystic Shadow.” Fierce caster told her smiling with a sparkle in his eyes.

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