tagLesbian SexSeduced By Her Neighbor

Seduced By Her Neighbor


Finally, Summer was here! No more finals, no more early mornings – just sunshine and beaches for me!

As my Mom left she reminded me, "While we're away this weekend honey you really should go through the boxes you brought back for Summer break"

I just nodded my head not wanting to say anything that would keep them here any longer. Don't get me wrong, I had a great relationship with my parents, but I was very excited for my two week's without any parental figures to begin! I had already made a few calls to friends about having the house to myself. Unfortunately, none of my friends were flying back in until the end of the week. What was I going to do with three days all to myself? That was easy: Relax, tan, and unwind!

Not much had changed since I left for college. The neighborhood looked the same, my parents hadn't remodeled, and my room was exactly how I left it. I took Mom's advice and started going through all the boxes in my room and closet – geesh I brought a lot back!

The first day of relaxation was great, but without a pool to swim in tanning outside was getting boring. Television didn't catch my attention, and there was only so much unpacking a girl could do! So I decided I would head out to the mall – I mean heck, shopping always boosts my spirits!

I was just window shopping at first, until this really sexy bikini caught my eye! It was the type that had the ties on the hips. I found a medium and asked for a dressing room. Wow, this suit really flattered my curves! I had a good body, curvy in all the right places. The bikini's top was a little snug, but that just made the suit more appealing to me! I loosed up the bikini tie around my neck, and the suit fit perfectly! The top of the suit hugged my perky C cup breasts and the bottom lay perfect across my womanly hips.

After checking out and leaving with my sexy purchases I headed home. I stripped off my jean shorts and pink tank top and slipped on the orange super suit. I pranced around my house, fixing some Sweet Tea to take outside with me. Now that I had a new suit, lying out in the sun was more fun!

"Hi, yes, mmhm, see you later!"

It was clear to me I was hearing a one sided conversation. My suspicions were proven to be correct after I peeked over the fence. There stood a lady on her back patio who looked nothing like Mrs. Perdue who had lived there before.

It must be a new neighbor I thought to myself... she was gorgeous! While I was in college I had experimented with a few girls, mostly just kissing. After those experiences though it was easier to notice a pretty lady when I saw one!

My new neighbor was petite, great shape, mid 40's, a Mariska Hargitay look alike! Her hair was about shoulder length and a rich dark brown color. It was hard not to notice her!

After she got off the phone, she must have noticed me and she introduced herself.

"Hello, I am Julia ... and you must be Ali," she said to me as she extended her hand in a warm greeting.

"Yes, I am home from college. You must have moved in while I was away. It's nice to meet you. How do you like the neighborhood?" I asked.

"Ah it's lovely. It's nice to get out of the city for a while and the space is nice! I've met some wonderful ladies here and I'm really takin' a liking to this place! You scared me a bit though. I forgot you were coming home this week and your Mother mentioned that they'd be away for a couple weeks on vacation." she replied.

"Yea, Mom and Dad are out. I am here by myself for a few weeks. My friends will be back home in a couple days until then I am just enjoying the sun!"

"I can see that!" she said in a suddenly new seductive voice.

Right then I could feel her eyes drifting past my chest and checking out my new bikini. Was she looking at the suit or checking me out? I couldn't be too sure. She probably is married with kids I thought to myself. Although her body showed no signs that she had carried a child before. Her figure was flawless.

"I was just cleaning up the house a bit – I might have friends over later, not sure yet though. If you'd like to come over and have a drink or use the pool, I'd love the company." She said. Still I thought she just must be friendly.

"Actually that sounds perfect! I really need some girl time; I've been getting pretty lonely over here!" I had accepted her offer grabbing the sundress off the patio table; I quickly slipped it on and crossed over into my new neighbor's yard.

She invited me into her gorgeous house. The moment I stepped in I could tell that there were no children living here and I didn't see a sign that a man lived here either. The decorations were sophisticated and feminine. She showed me around her house, offering me a drink of Sangria. I had just turned 21 a few weeks ago and I still felt privileged to drink.

"It's so warm outside, let me turn up the air conditioning so we don't melt away" she said as she ran her hand over her upper chest. I couldn't help but notice her perfect tan and smoking figure. She gracefully adjusted the temperature in the house and then excused herself as she got us both a refill.

Her body was so feminine. She was wearing a plain black sundress with black strappy sandals. It was a look from the city, but it suited her perfectly.

"Could I use your restroom?" I asked her.

"Of course you can darling! It's right up the stairs, to your right, across from my bedroom."

"Thank you, I will be right back."

I walked up her stairs and into the bathroom. This place looked like a regular salon! She had nail polishes, face masks, hair brushes, and much more. She was obviously single by the lonely toothbrush I saw in its holder.

I returned back downstairs trying to be as agile as she was. "Wow, Julia you have a mini salon in your bathroom! That's a girl's paradise up there!" I said to her.

"Oh Yea honey, me and some of the ladies have a girls night. We pamper each other; it's a lot of fun! Next time we get together you should come over!" she purred.

We continued chatting about everything from clothes to celebrities. She really was easy to talk to with the exception that her feminine figure would make my mind race as we spoke. It was getting late, the sun was setting, and I was still in my sundress and bikini.

"Do you have other plans tonight?" Julia asked me.

"Nope, not tonight." I replied. "Maybe just dinner and a movie at home."

"Well, honey, I loved having you here and I don't have any other plans either. If you want you could stay here and we could watch a movie together. I am a great cook and I have some left over's in the fridge. There's enough for both of us!"

I must admit, I loved her company too! I was lonely at home without friends and I really loved being around her! She was so alluring and she was pampering me! What wasn't there to love about Julia?

"Well, I would love to but I need to go home first and change... this bikini is not as comfortable as it is pretty" I laughed.

"I have so many clothes for you to wear; there is no need to walk home! We can make it a fun night – a fashion show even!" The excitement was oozing out of her voice.

She took my hand, I loved her soft touch, and she led me up the stairs. We entered her bedroom. It did not disappoint! This room was just as feminine and sultry as the rest of the house. She had a huge king size bed with lots of fluffy pillows. There was a huge walk in closet, with enough clothes to open a department store. She had a huge TV mounted on the wall, and her own personal bathroom with a huge whirlpool tub!

"Julia, this place is ... ahh... amazing..." I stuttered.

I wasn't exaggerating either. Her house really was fit for a queen, and Julia knew it. She walked to the closet, opened the doors and said, "Let's pick outfits for each other. It will be our own little fashion show!" She said it in such an innocent tone – if I had only known...

"Let's slip into something feminine," she added.

Julia pawed threw her closet. She went right towards the skimpy section. There were teddies, nighties, nylons, and cami's. She handed me this pale blue silk night gown. It was short, with lace hem.

I looked through the clothes; I didn't want to pick out anything too sexy for her. I found a perfect black silk tank top and shorts set. Black was her color – it was seductive and mysterious. I handed her the hanger and looked at her innocently.

"Get out of the suit Ali and put this on, I promise it will be much more comfortable. Then we can have a mini spa night! Would you like that?" her tone was fearless.

I pulled my arms through the straps of the sundress, letting it fall down to the floor. I stepped out of my dress and folded it and set it gently on the bed. While I wiggle my way out of the dress, Julia already slipped out of her clothes and had her nude backside facing me as she jumped into her sexy night wear.

I was sure she purposely got dressed quick so she could focus her attention on me. Part of me enjoyed her looking at me after all it was flattering, but another part of me was nervous and embarrassed.

I untied my suit, and exposed my bare breasts. I slipped the pale blue silk over my head in one quick motion. It wasn't until the nightie was pulled down that I took off my bikini bottoms. Sure I would let her sneak a peek, but not of everything...

Julia wasted no time. She went to the bathroom and brought out lotions, crème's, polish, and brushes. She was fully ready and willing to pamper me.

"Come, sit up here with me" she said as she patted the bed next to her. "Sit down and put your feet out, let me give you a pedicure! Ah I just love girl time!" she gushed.

I followed her wishes. I extended my legs outward, and she took a seat opposite of me. She grabbed my legs and started rubbing in a thick cream. She massaged my feet, rubbing each toe until I had no tension in my body.

"Ahh... that feels so good..." I said.

She asked me to lay on my stomach, again I quickly obliged. She worked the lotion up and down my legs until she came to the sexy spot where my cheeks meet my thighs; she focused in on that one spot. She rubbed and giggled.

"Nice ass" she joked as she playfully spanked me. She continued to pamper me for about another forty minutes. The tension was building and this lady was seducing me! It was hard not to fall underneath Julia's spell. She would make you believe her touches were innocent but her eyes told another story.

As she rubbed me down she asked me questions. They all started out innocent, but eventually they got steamy. "Have you been hooking up with any hot college studs?" she boldly asked.

"Nah, a few regretful kisses here and there but nothing special" I promised.

"Nothing special huh, that sounds disappointing. College is where you are supposed to be sexually free and try new things!" Julia added.

"Most of the guys are jerks and are lousy kissers anyways." I defended.

"Well...why not kiss a girl!" she said as she let out a sexy laugh. You could tell she was waiting for my response. This was going to set the tone for the rest of the evening. Would this be a sexual night of fun or an innocent night of girl talk?

I didn't answer... I just laughed. My massage was over, she had lubed up my body with lotion so much that I felt like a human slip and slide.

"Oh no, I think I got too much lotion on you sweetie!" she said as she handed me a towel from the bathroom. "I'm having so much fun with you. You are a blast to chat with. I would love it if you stay the night. We can have some wine, relax in the jet tub, watch a movie... what do you say?" she asked.

I couldn't say no. There was no saying no. I wanted to stay. "Sure I'd love to stay the night!"

"Darlin' let's get some wine, clean up for bed, and watch a movie"

"Sounds good to me." I said.

"Would you be a doll and do me a favor while I start this jet tub for us? Would you run down to the kitchen and grab us a bottle of wine – choose whatever kind you like – and grab some glasses as well?" she asked.

I darted down the stairs, looked over the wines, made my selection, and returned within five minutes.

Julia was already getting the tub started. We were getting ready to soak in the tub and spill secrets like sorority sisters. She turned to me and took the glasses from my hands. She opened the bottle of wine, poured us each a glass and handed me mine.

"Let's toast... to a new adventurous friendship" she declared as she chimed her glass with mine.

"Let's get ready to get in this water. It won't stay warm forever you know Ali," she joked. "I'll turn around so you can get in the tub with privacy." She added. Julia turned her toned tanned legs away from me as she faced the wall.

I undressed quickly and crawled into the bubble filled bath. I closed my eyes and waited for her to sit next to me in the tub.

"For heavens sake darlin' there is no need to close your eyes. I am not shy!" she said. I already knew this, but still the same I figured closing my eyes was respectful. I had never been in this situation before – was it necessary?

She started slipping off the silk tank top. Her skin was glowing in the dimly light room. She made a show of it, as if she was an actress on a stage. Julia loved to be watched, and I couldn't help but watching her.

She pulled the tank top off over her head; her round full breasts stared at me. She had a full D cup chest. Her nipples were hard, and now I could see why Julia liked to be looked at – she was still hot even at her age! Her tits were still firm and full with a bounce.

She started to pull down her shorts. She was not shy or nervous. She slipped out of the silk shorts as easy as she had the shirt. She looked up at me, making sure I was watching her. She smiled and raised one eyebrow, "Is the water warm enough for you dear?"

"Oh ... Yes... its perfect." I starred.

She extended one leg into the tub, leaving the other on the cool tile. I couldn't help but look at her pussy as she glided into the tub. She was shaven, with a small landing strip. Her lips looked soft, and she even looked a little wet. I couldn't believe I was this turned on by a woman! Was this really happening?

She sat next to me, letting her head rest back while her chest floated through the bubbles and out to the surface. She sighed and then rubbed my legs. "See that lotion does make your skin soft. I've used that lotion for years."

"That must be why you have such great firm skin" I said in a complimentary tone. I was proud of myself. I was flirting back. I even managed to touch her leg under the water.

She smiled and continued to chat. "So we were talking about school. You mean to tell me you have no wild experiences to share?" she quizzed me.

"Well, just one." I confessed.

"Spill it sister. I love juicy stories!" she invited all the facts.

"I, well, I umm, I have kissed a girl!" My cheeks became red.

"Really, did you like it?" she asked curiously. "Yea, don't say anything to Mom or Dad..."

"Oh I won't...I promise" she assured.

"Yea, I really did like it. To be honest, it was better than I expected. Just different then with a girl. More passionate. More sexual. Well, better!" I spilled.

"Was she a friend of yours?"

"Yea, she was a friend of my roommate. I was a little drunk, but it was still fun. It started out as a dare but I'm glad I didn't chicken out!"

"Did ya'll do anything else, or just kiss? She asked.

"Just kissed." I admitted. "But I would have done more, I just am nervous because I've never done anything with a girl before and I don't want to be bad at it"

"You need a teacher!" Julia jumped at the chance.

"Yea, I guess I do. But I don't know anyone." I didn't want to be too forward or assume she was into women, although we both knew the truth.

"I'll make a deal with you. I'll teach you how to please a women if you promise to be totally open minded! No chickening out Ali" she giggled.

"Okay, teach me Ms. Julia. I'm all yours."

The invitation was open, and she was so excited that I accepted. She leaned in and kissed my cheek. "Let me teach you all about being with a women and how to please her." She whispered into my ear. "... A real woman!"

She pulled my hands towards her. I was straddling her and she was ready to teach me. We kissed passionately. "The first thing you need to learn is to kiss me and seduce me in" she said.

She held my face as she kissed me. Her hot tongue was inside my mouth, we were making out. If we weren't in water she would have been able to feel my panties getting wet. This was turning me on. I liked this more than I thought.

"Let's get out of this tub so I can look at what I have to work with here," she said.

She got out first and lent her hand to me as she helped me out of the tub. Her eyes were all over my body. She didn't make me feel embarrassed. She brought out my naughty side. My sexual side.

She took a towel and started drying off my body. She started at my shoulders. She patted each one dry and kissed my collar bones as she dried off my chest. She kissed around my nipples, making them stiff. They were begging for her attention.

She patted my stomach and back dry and moved lower. She asked me to lift my leg on the side of the tub. I did exactly what Ms. Julia asked. She patted my pussy dry. She rubbed my cheeks dry as she kissed my right inner thigh. "There all dry now" she said. She took that same towel and patted off her body quickly.

She rushed me along to the bedroom and pushed me on the bed. "You must get to know all the womanly parts and how to show each part full attention" she giggled. "Are you ready for your anatomy lesson little girl?" she joked. It sounded like a line from a bad porno I had seen before, but gosh I didn't care.

She laid down next to me, back flat to the bed. She grabbed my hands and she started to have me touch her chest.

"I like when my nipples are pinched lightly, and played with. Here let me do yours, you do it back to me" she instructed. I carefully followed her pattern of light playful tugs and then soft gentle swirls around each tit.

"You need to know how to lick pussy, and eat a woman out. I'll talk you through it. You are picking up on things so fast, my sweet Ali." She loved to compliment me.

"Open my pussy lips. See inside, see my clit? You need to lick all of this. You need to lick my lips, suck my clit, and massage it with your tongue. You need to lick from my butt to my clit. Enjoy the taste of it." She whispered. "Let me do it to you first, and then you can try."

I laid on my back, willing, and ready. She pushed my legs open and started kissing the outside of my pussy lips. She was gentle but still erotic.

She open my pussy with her soft feminine hands. She noticed how wet I was. She started licking my inner lips, pulling them gently with her lips. She licked up and down my slit. She stuck her tongue deep inside my pussy.

I was so into the moment that I didn't notice right away that she put one finger inside my pussy. She rubbed inside while she sucked on my clit. This is when Ms. Julia gave me my first orgasm with a woman. My juices ran down my legs, and she eagerly licked them up.

"Oh ugh ah mmm... " I trailed off.

She came up for a passionate kiss. I didn't mind tasting my own juices. The thought was so dirty, so sexy. She still rubbed the inside of my pussy with her fingers... two of them now. She wiggled them inside me until I had another orgasm right then while she kissed me.

"You taste so sweet" she purred. "Now try tasting me."

I went down between her knees. I was shaking a little bit. I was nervous but so excited to taste my first pussy. I followed her exact motions. I licked the outside of her pussy first. I could feel my legs getting wetter as I touched her.

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