tagRomanceSeduced on the Road Ch. 03

Seduced on the Road Ch. 03


My name is Gordon, I am 42 years old, five foot nine inches, 175 pounds, use my in-home gym to stay in shape, consider myself to be reasonably fit, like to dance, enjoy good music, the opera, concert, some jazz, good conversation, avoid politics with friends, am God fearing, but honestly haven't been to church in years (my mother would be upset – I was raised in the church), like holding hands, shopping with that special someone, am fiercely loyal, am sensitive to the touch and very sensuous when touched by a woman.

I was raised by two women so consequently I find that I am more in tune with a woman's feelings, her thoughts, her needs and what makes her tick. Now, any man that thinks he knows all about woman is a fool so don't get me wrong, but I am probably more closely in thoughts with my special someone than the average guy.

I like to think I am a good listener, considerate of the needs of others, can be accommodating for good friends in need and am careful to not let people take advantage of my good nature.

Business wise, I have a degree in Communications, have business traveled extensively through Europe, have been socially active with many key business leaders and politico's with reference to their industry, my clients and future joint planning. Representing firms in the USA and Canada abroad has given me a good look at the world, the industries, business in general, social structures, politics and a good common sense knowledge about life and events around the world.

First, know that I had been married for several years, my wife and I both had good corporate jobs and I had finally resigned and started my own consulting firm which, inevitably, found me traveling all over the USA, Canada and occasionally Central and South America. We had decided to wait for children until she became a VP with her firm, which was immanent, and sadly she was taken from me in a car accident, while attending a conference a few states away. I was in Europe and by the time I found out, her family had taken care of everything and I arrived home just in time for her interment. I was, and probably still am, devastated. Did I cry – yes, for six months I couldn't go a day without breaking down once or twice and had to hide so I wouldn't be seen. Frankly, I didn't want to live without her. Two years went by before I could go on a date and actually enjoy myself and the, I kept my emotional distance, still loyal to my love.

Well that's me, Mr. quiet, observant, friendly and accountable when needed. Still bashful, not insecure or with a low self esteem, just not ready to go out and be a somebody. I take on clients that need me for re-structure of their Company, their staff, their marketing plan and have the potential for expansion and sales around the USA and abroad. If there is a need for capital and/or investors I work with an investment banker and an attorney. Why? Two reasons, I get to get away from home, meet other people, try to get on with my life and the challenge is stimulating. Part of my activities include setting up, exhibiting/participating and or just perusing the competition at Trade Shows, a good opportunity to make new contacts and that is where I met...Jessica!

Right from the start, the moment I first laid eyes on her, she had an aura about her, carried herself with class, distinguished as a business person and had a friendly unassuming nature about her. I stopped cold in my tracks; I'm sure my mouth open while I watched the beautiful creature mix with the patrons seeking information about her company and the promotional material she was supplying them with. I had to turn and walk away, regain my composure; I didn't want to come across as some kind of a trade show groupie or stalker that was there just to ogle to models and woman execs. I knew I wanted to meet her and I knew just the sound of her voice would be soft, sweet and just music to my ears.

My God, what was happening, I was stuttering in my thoughts and knew I would be a stammering fool if I just walked up and...oh...what would I say...good grief, I was in awe of this woman. Don't get me wrong, I am not one of those men who have something clever to say to woman (usually nonsense), not given to good old boy talk with the guys at the bar, this woman had something about her that demanded respect. I had to think, regain my composure and not be a fool, the village idiot, there were enough of them around already.

It's amazing how the simplest things escape you when you are suddenly caught up with an exciting and possibly wonderful experience that is beyond your normal reach...what to do. Hello, I was there perusing exhibitors for product comparison, ideas, possible customers and ideas that I could use. Right, just go and ask a few intelligent questions...that is, as soon as I could calm down enough to think straight. I would hate myself forever if I blow this. Okay, calm down ...whew – think, I haven't been this absorbed or taken by a woman since I was in college. Okay.

Needless, to say, I did regain my composure and approached her booth. She was busy talking to a customer so I quietly looked over some of the material she had to offer and yes, her voice was so sensual (to me) and I almost allowed my mind to wander. Eventually, she finished with the other gentleman, smiled at me ( I damn near lost myself, knees shaking) and asked if there were any questions that she could answer for me. I told her that I would like to take the material with me to study later, we exchanged business cards and with that I was off. Did I feel like an idiot in hiding – yes.

As luck would have it, I went for a swim after the show and a Jacuzzi and you guessed it...she came to the hotel pool in her two piece suit, swam a few laps and then approached the Jacuzzi. She noticed I was already there and for a brief moment I sensed that she wasn't sure if she should come in. My suspicion was that she was married and unsure of what to do but she did get in. We exchanged friendly smiles, no words came forward and eventually we both left to our rooms.

Fate. The Hotel had a large lounge, comfortably and dimly lit. A pleasant atmosphere with soft music and a band scheduled to play for those who wished to dance. I sat at the bar and was enjoying a drink when in she walked. How could I miss her in her burgundy dress that came maybe four inches above her knees. She seemed a little unsure of herself but decided on a seat at the bar as opposed to a booth and I noticed that there were seats on either side of her but, I was still too nervous (I really wanted to know her and was still jittery) so I decided to just enjoy the music and maybe tomorrow I would visit her at her display booth and go for an introduction and conversation there.

As the evening wore on, she had a few drinks, accepted from men who asked her to dance. She danced with them and then, as the evening wore on, some of the guys began to get a little forward and suggestive with her. Nothing to the point of her needing my assistance but close and then she made eye contact with me. I think she recognized me but whatever, her look was that of what do I do, I just want to enjoy myself. I nodded my understanding and shrugged my shoulder a touch but with a look of – if you need help? She watched me for a moment and then sort of looked at the vacant chair next to her and nodded, raised her eyebrow, not suggestively but inviting me to consider sitting next to her. I didn't even think, I gave her a knowing smile, nodded and proceeded to sit next to her.

She was so stunning, so beautiful, my nerves threatened to make a fool of me but I had had two drinks and what is the old saying...a little courage...well, I didn't fall down. We introduced ourselves and started to converse about the trade show, her life, my life, the travel and then the hotel, the pool, the music and then it seemed only natural, we danced.

I noticed her rings but Jessica told me that she was separated for several months; she missed having a regular home and someone to be with. I told her of the loss of my wife and how lonely that was. We danced, talked and everything was perfect. We were totally comfortable with each other, the music was great and we danced some more. I did lose a little control and from time to time I got an erection and hard as I tried, I knew she could feel it. She was a lady, didn't get upset and we continued to enjoy the evening as though we had know each other forever. I was calm now, comfortable and I knew she was totally relaxed with me and being as it was getting very late, I decided to do something I had never done before.

As the next brief lull in our conversation happened, we were holding hands, smiling like best friends, I took the initiative and probably clumsily but suppressing any sign of urgency asked Jessica if she would spend the rest of the night with me, make love, we could have breakfast in my room. Now, I trembled a little, maybe I had chased her away, she was not a cheap thrill, she was a magnificent creature and now...my God Now...what would happen.

Jessica started to pull her hand away, gasping quietly and then held onto my hands, she was looking down at the table, the rings she told me were to keep not wanted suitors away although she also said she was not divorced, just separated. She raised her head slowly (on thought) looked around the room and then into my eyes (I was a wreck), squeezed my hand gently and simply said...Okay!

Did you ever feel like a child and want to get up, scream, yell and be happy. Be still, I stifled the urge.

I paid the tab, we walked arm and arm to the elevator, occasionally looking into each others eye, smiling sweetly and placing her head on my shoulder as we waited. In the elevator, we kissed, her lips were so soft, her skin so soft, her tongue so smooth and sensuously searching, her arms around my neck, my arms around her waist and my hands gently squeezing her waist. Why my knees didn't give out is beyond me. The elevator door opened, we broke our kiss, gasped for a little air, our eyes glassy, our imagination and senses tingling and urging us quickly to her room.

The short distance to her door was way too far for the mere fifty feet. We opened the door, went in and wrapped ourselves around each other in the most amorous, sensual kissing and holding that I could never remember. I didn't want to stop kissing her, we could orgasm right there in the doorway, this was erotic, sensuous and demanding, we couldn't get enough.

We moved to the bed and continued kissing and fondling. Shaking, we both scrambled to remove our clothes, kissing, touching, licking, groaning and trying so hard not to climax too soon. I am amazed that I didn't let go and we were still dressed. We fit, we were totally in tune with each other and finally and clumsily we were getting our clothes off. I remember, she had the nicest and yet simplest pair of pink bikini panties and matching bra and really wanted to savor the view but the urgency of our hormones would not allow that. I caressed her inner thighs, as slowly as I could,

I wanted to enjoy every single second, every moment of loving this beautiful creature and then finally began to massage her special spot...she was way beyond wet and I was pre-cumming like a water faucet. We could slow down and make love more later, right now we both needed to satisfy the urges that were way beyond urgent. I entered her and despite my size (I'm slightly over average) I was able to completely fill her with only the slightest tightness. Obviously, I was either a little bigger than her husband had been or it had been more than a few moths.

Breathlessly, I moved in and out of her, caressing her, kissing her, holding her, nuzzling her, lightly squeezing her nipples and moaning softly into her ear. It was the most euphoric, sensual and electric feeling that was driving us both into a sexual frenzy when Jessica gasped and told me that she loved me. I almost came right then and I told her that I loved her as well. There is something to be said about being in the heat of lovemaking when your partner tells you she loves you and it seems like she just opened more, pulled you in and took possession of you. I never wanted to get out of her, off her, out of bed with her or ever leave the room. I knew I loved her and I knew she had very strong feelings for me.

We spent the rest of the evening cuddling, sleeping, nuzzling and we woke up and we made slow and sensuous touching love. We didn't just have sex, we made love, we fit, we enjoyed ourselves and the world didn't exist outside our room. In the morning I awoke first, got cleaned up, dressed and just as I though I was leaving – a very beautiful nymph, naked and smiling slowly walked up to me, placed her arms around my neck, opened her mouth and proceeded to make me crazy – yes, we made love, not sex, love.

During the next day I made it a point to stay away from her booth but at lunch - nope, raced to the elevator, ran to the room and didn't even get undressed, I just pulled my pants down and her panties off. Skirt around her waist we had sex, great, thrilling, exciting, lustful, demanding penetration, kissing, hugging and literally screwing our brains out. We could not get enough of each other, we made love, we belonged to each other.

As the day wound down, feeling like we had calmed down a little we went swimming, watched each other change (very arousing) and then had dinner. Plans to spend an evening dancing and talking failed and gave away to lust, the urgency of our desire to have sex and we gave in – of course.

Being a little calmer gave me the opportunity to more enjoy Jessica, make love. I slowly undressed her as we kissed and fondled. She undressed me and now I could savor every inch of her. I kissed her toes, kissed and lightly licked her legs as I went up to her bottom, turned her over and slowly tried to put a soft wet hicky on each of her cheeks. She was twitching with excitement and I rolled her back over, found what I wanted and kissed, licked, sucked and mildly bit her clit before pushing my tongue in and around her. There is no greater feeling and reward than knowing a woman is having orgasms while you orally penetrate her. It's a reward all by itself and then...there is the rest of the way up past her stomach, her perfect breasts, suckling, biting and kissing and then to her neck to nuzzle, lick and kiss, then to her soft lips and as she opens her mouth to receive you, you enter her vagina simultaneously and the emotions, the euphoria is nothing less than absolutely mind blowing. We made love.

Somehow, we never talked about leaving, the what ifs', the future, we just smiled, held each other, cuddled and made love. In the morning Jessica checked out early and because I had a late departure, we had my room for one more. I'd like to say that we made love, we did, but quickly, her panties hanging on her ankle, my pants around my knees, and then she left.

She was gone, I felt empty, and would I ever see her again. Remember, with me, it's Ladies choice. She has my card, I have hers and I can only hope. I don't know how her life was back in Portland and I suspected that she was staying married. If so, and it didn't work out...if there is a God, please have her call me.

For a little over a year, I wandered around, consulted with different firms, attended trade shows, always thought about Jessica, dated a few times but nothing really matured in the love department. Don't get me wrong, I am not celibate, I'm not a quick fuck in an alley or motel, I prefer to enjoy the company of an intelligent woman, savor the evening and make love, exciting and horny as hell love making. I had sex with a few of my dates and it just wasn't the same as my wife and now, more importantly – Jessica.

I knew Jessica's company and the shows they exhibited at and made it a point to avoid them. That would not be right for Jessica and I do suspect she is still with her husband. I don't think she sleeps around, I do think our chemistry was overwhelming and we made each other happy and comfortable.

Anyway, it has been over a year now and I had to attend a trade show in Sacramento. I wondered, no hoped, Jessica would be there.

The stars were in line or whatever the star gazers say because there was Jessica. It was just before lunch, my heart was pounding and I stood to one side of the booth. The light of the next booth shone past me and placed a shadow over Jessica which caused her to turn around and we both froze, stood still and gazed upon each other. Before either one of us spoke another woman approached Jessica and asked her about lunch. Upon seeing me, she seemed to quickly figure something out and then suggested we all have lunch together. Clever girl..

Lunch was a little nerve racking and I found myself trying to keep from getting aroused, not that I wasn't already climbing the walls. Later we went swimming and the had dinner together, followed by some dancing and you guessed it...I was aroused only this time Jessica just gave me a warm smile and hugged me close as we danced.

We all parted company and as Jessica and I entered the elevator, we kissed, our kiss, open, wet, sensuous, tongues searching, her arms around my neck and my hands holding her bottom and her dress up, hope no one comes in, I won't embarrass her.

Getting to the room, everything came back like it was yesterday, moaning, groping, caressing, kissing, taking our clothes off and then I was buried in her. She was wet, hot, slippery and I was having a hard time not coming. Our lips never left each other as we picked up momentum and finally, both of us groaning we climaxed together, me shooting over and over and Jessica moaning and pulling me in hard and rotating and thrusting with fever as she orgasmed over and over.

She told me she loved me and I told her, I love you too as we cuddled, kissed, fondled and basked in the warmth and sexual high and release that we had.

I knew that Jessica and I had to be careful, for her company respectability but I also knew that we knew, we were going to spend every second we could together. We did a lunch quickie, we made love instead of dinner, I moved all of my things into Jessica's' room and we barely left, except to attend the show.

Saturday was the last day, Jessica had to fly out at 4PM, me – didn't matter. Waking up, we were snuggling and smiling at each other and I told her to pinch me. She smiled with curiosity, pinched me and then wanted to know what that was all about? I told her – there is a God, you're still here!

We had breakfast and then we made love. I had oral sex with her again and this time she could barely breathe, she caught her breath so hard from the euphoria she felt and then...we made love. It was, as always, blissful, loving, complete and all consuming. We snoozed lightly and then she had to get dressed and leave, I love her!

Now, on my way back home I find myself thinking about Jessica. Is she really separated? I know, in another life, she and I would be not just lovers but eternal soul mates – maybe, that's the answer. I stirred something in her, she in me and we do love each other but...and there is the but. Do I think she is married and now comfortable with the occasional but discreet sexual encounter with other men? I am not sure.

Jessica seems more like the monogamous type but if she is married, maybe...maybe, she has a whole new outlook on life, people and events. I know self respect and image, character and integrity are major parts of her psyche. I know I Love Her!!!

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