tagFirst TimeSeducing A Mature Virgin

Seducing A Mature Virgin


Donna and I have two children, and both are enrolled in a private school. The school had a week-long spring vacation a couple of weeks earlier than the spring break at the college where I teach. Erika, my only extramarital lover, also teaches at the college and has her daughter in the same school. (See Erika: Seduction into Adultery) Erika was taking a sabbatical leave, so she didn't have to worry about teaching schedules. Donna and Erika were good friends, and Donna certainly had no idea that several times a year Erika and I got together and fucked ourselves silly!

Donna and Erika decided to rent a van and take the children to Disney World for the week. They left on Friday immediately after school, and planned to return a week later on Sunday. So there I was, no family, both of "my" women gone, all alone. I resigned myself to a week of celibacy. Donna and I enjoy a good sex life, averaging three or more times each week in spite of the presence of two children. However, because of my evening activities with the drama students (explained below) and Donna's time preparing for the trip, I hadn't had sex for the three weeks before she left. My horns were a little sharp!

Several weeks earlier at the beginning of the semester, the college had begun a special late-afternoon fitness class for faculty. I joined the group which first worked out in the weight room and then swam laps in the indoor pool three days a week. There were two women and eight men in our group. One of the women was a husky, butch- type physical education instructor. But the other was an attractive, relatively young, redheaded sociology instructor, Mary.

Several of the men tried to hit on her, but she ignored them. Instead, she accepted me as "safe" and we began to work out together. We would spot each other on the bench press, help each other set the adjustable weights, and otherwise assist each other to get the most out of each workout. We would generally swim laps together.

Mary was unmarried and had a shapely figure and flaming-red shoulder-length hair. The weights and swimming really firmed up her body, and I often got turned on while spotting for her as I looked down at her breasts. I never did anything more risque than comment on how attractive she was, but I had erotic fantasies about her. I really enjoyed smelling her fresh, female odors as she worked out, and as her clothing got sweaty, her figure was even more revealed.

In spite of this sexual tension, we became good friends. There was a rumor circulating that Jerry, one of the deans, was really upset with her, so I asked her about it. I had already heard the story, but I figured she was the best source!

"Jerry grabbed me on the butt and told me that he had what I wanted and could really make me feel good," she said, "and so I kneed him in the crotch."

Jerry had grabbed himself, fallen down, and thrown up. Several people had seen the incident, and the story spread. I told her that Jerry was a jerk and that she had treated him exactly the way he deserved. Jerry had a reputation for screwing anything in a skirt, and according to his reputation, Mary must have been the first one who had ever turned down his offer.

I wondered if Mary would kick me in the balls if I ever made a pass. Well, my making a pass at her didn't seem a likely possibility.

Three weeks before Donna and Erika left for Disney World, one of the drama majors in a class of mine had asked if I could help with the set construction for an upcoming play. He asked me if I knew anyone else who might help out, and I said I'd check around.

The next day at our workout I asked Mary if she would like to give set-building a try, and she agreed. So for almost two weeks we worked with the students for several hours several evenings a week putting up an elaborate, multilevel structure. The play was presented on two weekends, the second of which was the one where my family left for Disney World.

Mary and I also worked on the stage crew each night, and we both were pleasantly surprised when the students invited us to attend the cast party after striking the set on Saturday night. We were both about a decade older than the students, and so we agreed to go together. Since Donna was going out of town, I didn't tell her I had a "date" with another woman! It would only have worried her, and I was only planning to escort Mary to a party! How bad could that be?

After the play on Saturday evening it took a group of us until a few minutes after 11:00 P.M. to bring the set down, and we got pretty dirty. But Mary and I had planned for that contingency, and I had clean clothes in a bag in my car. Because the party was in the same apartment complex that Mary lived in, we knew it would be late before we could get to the party if I had to go home and clean up and then come back. Mary had suggested that we both could clean up at her apartment, then walk over to the party, and I could drive home afterwards. So I followed her to an apartment complex near the campus. After we parked our cars (mine on the street since there were reserved places for residents), I grabbed my bag, and Mary and I walked to her building.


The elevator was slow in coming, so we climbed the stairs to Mary's apartment on the fourth floor. She showed me around. There was a large L-shaped living room with a small dining table and sofa and chairs, and a small U-shaped kitchen off to the left. Near the kitchen was a half-bath and a door which led, she said, to her study. Glass doors covered with drapes led to a small balcony.

Mary led me into her bedroom at the far end of the L-shaped room. She switched on a lamp over her bed which was under a fully-draped window on the right wall. We walked straight ahead, and Mary showed me the bathroom, with a shower in its tub on the right wall. Across and to the left was another door, which led into her study. She locked that door (I wondered why?), pulled some towels out of a cabinet, led me back to her bedroom, and said, "You can clean up first. I'll check my answering machine and make some phone calls.".

Mary left and closed the bedroom door. I undressed, went into the bathroom, and climbed into the shower. The shower curtain was completely transparent, and I could easily see the entire bathroom through it. There was an extremely bright light directly over the tub. I turned on the water, grabbed the soap, and showered. Being naked in Mary's shower turned me on - particularly since there was a lingering scent of her in the room - and I got an erection, which at least made it easier to wash my penis. After I finished, I dried myself off in the tub, then climbed out and rubbed my hair dry. I cleaned my teeth and put on deodorant.

As I was looking around the bathroom, I noticed that the lock button on the door to the study was popped out. I had distinctly seen Mary lock this door, so what was going on? I tried the door, and it opened. I poked my head in and saw a cluttered desk, a bookcase, and two chairs. Then I saw a miniature video camera on the floor.

I picked it up, figured out the controls, and rewound the tape for a couple of seconds. Then I played it back, looking into the viewer. I saw myself taking a shower. The wet shower curtain was indeed transparent, and my naked body was clearly shown in all its glory. I watched myself scrubbing my balls and rubbing my erect penis. The tape ended just after I had turned the water off.

I replayed the tape and decided that Mary had simply opened the door and reached in at floor level and held the camera pointed toward the tub. I hadn't heard or seen a thing. I left the tape at its conclusion, replaced the camera on the floor, and went back into the bathroom, thinking about what I would do.

OK, Mary wants to have a tape of me naked. Why? What's her game? I decided to play by my own rules, and I had an idea how to turn the tables on her. So I wrapped a towel around my waist, stuffed my dirty clothes in the bag, grabbed my clean clothes, and went out into her living room.

Mary was sitting in a chair, reading a magazine. I sat down on another chair, tossed my clothes onto the sofa, and told her that I was done. She nodded to me, and headed into her bedroom. I saw her glance at the bulge my erection made in the towel, but she didn't give any overt sign that she had been spying on me. She closed her bedroom door, and I heard the lock click.

I immediately ran to the door to the study. It was also locked. I felt around over the molding above the door, found the simple flat, slotted key to the door, unlocked it, and went into her study. The door to the bathroom was again locked. I could hear Mary splashing in the shower. I used the key to the study door, and as quietly as possible I unlocked the bathroom door. Then I slowly opened the door and looked in.

Mary was holding her head under the shower, washing her hair, and wasn't looking in my direction. I turned the recorder on. Her breasts were bouncing as she rubbed, and I felt an increasing hardness in my erection. I reached in and placed the video recorder on the nearest cabinet, aimed it toward the shower, and closed the door again. Then I went back through the apartment and used the study key to unlock her bedroom. I checked, and the bathroom door was unlocked from this room.

I returned the key to its place, threw off my towel, and walked naked into Mary's bedroom. I picked up the clothes she had laid out to wear, took them into the living room, and scattered them around the floor. I headed for the bathroom. I could hear the shower still going. I entered the brightly-lit bathroom quietly with my really stiff erection leading the way.

I pushed the shower curtain aside and stepped into the shower, and Mary screamed, "What are you doing? Get out!" and she covered her breasts with one hand and her pussy with the other.

"You were peeking at me, and I figured you needed a better look. Besides, I wanted to see you naked, too." I replied. "And you're a natural redhead!" She blushed a deep, deep red, still trying to cover herself with her hands. "What's this blushing virgin act?" I asked.

"I am a virgin!" she blurted out.

"What? But you're thirty years old!" I exclaimed.

"Thirty-two!" retorted Mary.

My you've-got-to-be-kidding expression caused Mary to explain.

Standing there with both of us naked, Mary told me that she was a lapsed Irish Catholic, and that the nuns had convinced her that "good" girls didn't enjoy sex. Married women had to endure the attentions of their husbands, but women only enjoyed sex if they were sinful and then they burned in hell. (No wonder Mary was still single, I thought.)

She said that in her freshman year in college, she was rooming with another Catholic-raised virgin, and they often talked and wondered about sex. Not only were they both very curious about sexuality, but were both very frightened, too. She told Mary that one of her dates had unfastened her bra and had rubbed and kissed her breasts, and that she had felt wonderfully warm inside, and she got wet between her legs. That was the extent of their combined sexual experience.

One night Mary's roommate was invited to a fraternity party by her breast- fondling friend. Her roommate staggered in around 1:00 A.M. in shock. She told Mary that her date and two other men had taken her to an empty room and stripped off all her clothes, and gagged her so that she couldn't scream. Then they got undressed and three naked men took turns fondling her breasts, pinching and kissing her nipples, and rubbing her crotch. Then they spread her back across a bed, and held her down. When they found that she was having her period, they just pulled the tampon out and threw it into the trash. Then one after the other they raped her, again and again. She said that she passed out from the pain.

She woke up alone and dirty, got into her clothes, and sneaked back to the Dorm. Mary said she helped clean her roommate up, and that her breasts were covered with dried semen and that there was blood and semen all over her legs, with more still dripping out of her. Her roommate didn't report the rapes, but a few days later she left school and never returned.

Mary said that every time a boy tried to touch her breasts or reach under her dress, she got very, very scared and ran away. "So how come a frigid virgin is making videotapes of naked men?" I asked.

She blushed again, and said, "I only made this one with you. I really like you and I don't know why I did such a sinful thing. But I wanted to see you naked!"

I told her that she had nothing to fear from me, and that nudity and sex were not the same thing (something Erika had tried on me without success).

Mary pointed to my erection and said, "That's not what it says!"

I then pulled her arm away from her breasts and pointed at them. "How about your nipples? Are they always pointing out that way?" I asked.

She pulled her arm back and covered herself. Then she started to cry. "I don't want you to rape me and get me pregnant!" She cried.

"You can't get pregnant because you just finished your period a couple of days ago!" I said.

She stopped crying and looked at me with astonishment. "How can you possibly know that?".

"I've won bets with friends because I can tell from a woman's sweat when she's menstruating. I'm very scent-sensitive." I said. "You were having your period during our workouts last Friday, Monday, and Wednesday. But yesterday you were not."

Her mouth was now hanging open. "Besides, your breasts were a little swollen during your period, but now they're their usual size," I said. "34 C?" I asked. Of course I had seen her bra, too!

She blushed again, and said, "You know too much intimate stuff about me and my body! It's not fair! It's not right!"

"Well, you just made a secret video of me, completely naked, so you know a lot of personal stuff about my body, too! What's so fair and right about that? Well, enough of this chitchat. Let's wash each other and get to the party." I said, and Mary grabbed herself even tighter. "Turn around and try to relax!"

Mary didn't relax, but she did quickly face away from me. "I don't want you to touch me!" she hissed.

"Relax! I'm just going to scrub you a little!" I then washed her back, from her neck to her feet, being careful to avoid touching her in any place (other than her ass) that might seem too sexual. Mary was obviously scared.

Then I told her to do the same for me. We switched places, with Mary trying to avoid pushing by my erect penis, but I faced her and made it slide along her hip. Man, did that feel great! Then I turned around, and after some prodding, Mary washed my back.

I kept talking to her, trying to calm her down. Then I turned back around, gently pulled her arms apart, and said, "Now wash the front of my body. I've never seen a woman's red pubic hair before, and I want to look at it while you scrub me."

After a brief argument, she began to wash my chest. She stayed just far enough away that my penis didn't touch her, although she kept glancing down at it. She then dropped down and washed my legs, carefully avoiding my crotch, but having to be careful that her face didn't brush against my penis. I really enjoyed the sight of her nakedness, particularly her red-thatched pussy and red-tipped, jiggling, breasts.

When she was done, I said, "Now I'm going to wash the front of you as 'punishment' for secretly taping me."

Carol just stood there shaking her head. "This is all wrong! I'm sorry I taped you!" Then more words rushed out. "But-you're-married-and-I'm-a-virgin-and-this-is-a- mortal-sin!"

"Sharing a shower's a sin? Darn, I must have missed that sermon!" I remarked. "Besides, if we have sex, I'm the adulterer, not you, and that's between my wife and me, anyway."

"WE'RE NOT GOING TO HAVE SEX!" Mary almost shouted.

"So what's the problem? Put your arms down and let me wash your breasts!"

Mary blushed, but finally lowered her hands, and I began to wash her, starting at her shoulders. Her breasts were firm and filled my hands, and her nipples got hard as I rubbed my hands over them. She was frightened, but she let me wash her. She had her eyes squeezed tightly shut as if to pretend this wasn't happening to her.

Then I washed the fronts of her legs. Finally I lathered up my hand and gently washed her pubic hair, squeezing a finger through her clenched thighs to touch her labia. Mary opened her eyes, gave out a little yelp, and jumped back. Her pupils were completely dilated, and she was really terrified.

I backed away and said, "Mary, you have nothing to fear from me. I really want to make love to you, but I won't do that unless you ask me to push my penis into you and take your virginity."

"Fat chance!" she muttered, but she began to look a little less frightened.

"I won't rape you." I said. "But if you want me to have sex with you, I'll do my best to be a good lover."

"You're crazy! We're not going to have sex! And I'm certainly not going to ask you!" she exclaimed, but she did calm down. She no longer tried to cover herself with her hands.

I put my hands on her shoulders, and she didn't jump this time. She even reached up and but her hands on top of my arms, letting me view her entire body. I looked into her eyes for a minute or two, then asked, "Would you please wash my penis and testicles?"

Mary blushed again, and said, "I couldn't! That's just too much! What if I hurt you? I've never touched a man's private parts before!"

"Then it's time you did!" I said. "Besides, all you will be doing is cleaning me, right? It's not as if this is sexual!"

After a little more protestation she did exactly that. When she wrapped her hand around my shaft and began to stimulate me, I knew she had been paying attention when she had made the tape! When I started to make sounds in my throat, she stopped, looking a little frightened again, but also looking pleased with herself.

We shared a towel and dried off. I used another towel to rub her hair dry. Mary was starting to get over her bashful self-consciousness, but she was clearly jumpy at our nakedness, and she wrapped herself in a towel as we left the bathroom. I remained naked. She didn't see the video camera and she didn't see me pick it up and hide it behind my back as we walked into her bedroom.

When she found her clothes gone, she got scared and angry. I told her that her clothes were in the living room, and with a puzzled expression on her face, we left the bedroom.

As she bent over to pick up her clothes from the floor, I held the camera against my leg and got terrific shots of her red-haired pussy as she unknowingly exposed herself. Mary finally realized what I was doing when I pulled her towel off her, leaving her naked, and pointed the camera at her.

She ran at me and grabbed the video recorder, but I got the tape out, rewound it, and put it into her VCR. Then, with both of us still standing there completely naked, I made her watch the tape showing me in the shower, then her in the shower, then both of us in the shower.

When she saw herself washing my penis, she blushed all over her face and breasts. Then when she saw several closeups of her pussy as she bent over in the living room, she started to cry again. I pulled her down and sat next to her on her sofa, one hand over her shoulder gently resting on the top of her breast.

"I've been having very, very strong sexual feelings about you all of the time!" She said. "But my upbringing makes me feel guilty and afraid of them! And you're married!"

"My marriage vows are my concern, not yours." I said. "Most people would think that the intimacy you and I have already shared means I've broken them. I don't expect you to be a marriage-wrecker, but you are already right in the middle of the sexual part of it, aren't you?"

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