tagLesbian SexSeducing An Innocent Gir

Seducing An Innocent Gir


Recently, I had an exciting experience with a young girl. As a mother of a teenager girl I feel it's a crime to get sexually involved with young persons but circumstances and my greed got better of my conscience. She is the daughter of a friend of my husband who lost his wife ten years ago. The girl is nineteen and stays in hostel. She came home on vacation for a month. Her father had to go on tour for a week and we offered to keep her with us.

This girl, Shelly is very innocent in nature. Her innocence was apparent from the way she frankly talked about her school and hostel.

She told me things like this about the boys whom they met at a disco – " These guys are so naughty, they do all sorts of mischief with us. One guy pinched my bum and I gave him a good slap. Another guy, with whom I was dancing, put his hands on my breasts! As I was liking it I only told him not to be naughty."

I couldn't imagine a teenager girl talking so openly about such things to a woman of her mother's age! She is fairly tall (5'7"), has a very fair and smooth skin, a little heavy at the breasts and the hips. I am normally very friendly with younger generation and with her my affection is also very great. As my daughter is yet to come home on vacation two of us were together all the time. I never went out without her except to my office and during that time I left her at a library. My husband and I took her out for dinner whenever time permitted. I took her for shopping etc.

On the first day itself I took her along when I went for my golf and she played tennis when I was out in the course. After we both finished we went to the dressing room together. She undressed coolly and went in to the shower without any thing on. This is not a normal practice in the dressing rooms in Calcutta. Normally, ladies keep a towel on and pull the shower curtain fully before taking off the towel. But Shelly undressed completely without even looking for a towel, though a few ladies were around. I was a little embarrassed but didn't tell her anything. I asked the ayah to bring two towels but before the towels came she walked into the shower.

I found Shelly to be a ravishing beauty in the nude. Her skin looked so fresh and her figure was so perfect! Her breasts were conical (34C I guess) but in impeccable shape with pink nipples. Her waist was very thin (23/24) and her hips were heavy and well rounded (35/36). She had a real hourglass shape. She was a little hairy and because of her very fair skin the hair on her thighs and legs was prominent. From the look of her armpit hair and pubic hair it was apparent that she didn't remove them at all. Despite my motherly affection for her I couldn't help my attraction for her lovely young body.

After taking off my shorts and shirt I wrapped a towel to take off my undergarments. I went into the shower next to Shelly's.

As I turned on the shower I heard Shelly asking " Ruby auntie, are you next to me?"

As I said yes she asked me "Will you come into mine and soap my back?"

I was wondering what would the ayah or the other ladies think if I go into hers. I peeped out of the curtain and saw that there was no other lady around and the ayah was just going out of the door. I quietly removed my curtain and sneaked into Shelly's. I pulled the curtain properly. Shelly was looking even fresher as water was dripping over her body. I soaped her back and despite my greed I kept my hands away from her buttocks. After I finished she took back the soap and I stealthily walked back.

After I came out of the shower I found she was standing naked and the ayah wiping Shelly's back dry with a towel. The ayah apparently was taking a little extra care of her. After drying Shelly's back she wiped the rest of her body, which was not properly dried. She also powdered her and helped her in dressing. Normally the ayah is never so helpful and I realised that she was treating Shelly as a child. Shelly showed her simplicity by thanking her with a kiss on the cheek!

As we came back I could not help remembering Shelly's naked body and temptation to see her naked again was irresistible. Later on, there were plenty of opportunities and no special effort was necessary to see her naked.

One day she called me from the bathroom and asked me to shampoo her hair. I went in with a bathrobe on. She was stark naked standing under the shower. As water was flowing over her beautiful young body, she looked like an angel. As she turned off the shower I made her sit on a bath stool and knelt down behind her. As I shampooed her hair I kept on looking at her body from different angles. Shelly noticed that my robe was getting wet as I was washing her hair.

She said, "Why don't you take the robe off?" and without waiting for an answer coolly undressed me.

She did not show any interest in watching my naked body. It was as if clothes did not matter at all. After I finished shampooing I didn't feel like going out of the bathroom. As a plea I asked her if I should soap her back.

She said, " That would be great. In the hostel on holidays, I always get some friend to soap my back. Why don't you finish your bath also so that I can soap you as well?"

That kept me in the bathroom for much longer. While soaping her back I soaped her buttocks but with great efforts kept my hands off her asshole. But I could not stop at that and turned her around to soap her front as well. I could not keep my hands away from her breasts but could at least manage to keep my touches to the nipples bare minimum. As I was soaping her belly I was getting very hot, as my hand were too close to the hairy pussy. I took my hand only up to the fringes and just brushed past the pubic hair, which was wet and dense. I also soaped her thigh joints and that gave me a chance to touch her pubic hair from the sides. I was dripping wet at my pussy but Shelly could not make out, as my body was wet. In the mean time, my nipples became hard and I made all efforts so that she does not notice.

After she showered I went under the shower and Shelly, without my asking, started soaping me as I turned the shower off. She covered my whole body with soap and was playing like a child. She very nonchalantly touched my buttocks, breasts & nipples, armpits, even the pussy and only spared my asshole. I felt strong sensation all over my body but Shelly was too cool. I realised that she is too used to female nudity and she felt no arousal at all.

After we finished she hugged my naked body and kissed my cheeks to say, " Thanks a ton auntie, it was great having bath with you".

Being in body to body touch was again a great sensation for me but I could see it was nothing for Shelly. From that day onwards, she and I spent hours in the bathroom. When my daughter comes home I at times have bath with her and there are occasions when either or both of us are without clothes. But that's totally different. I do not closely watch my daughter nor do I touch her unnecessarily. It is the same as if she was a small child and her body growing into a young woman made no difference. But with Shelly it was an exploration to sensuality for me and of course nothing unusual for her.

One day when my masseuse came I felt that a massage to Shelly would give me a chance to arouse desire in her. I asked her if she would like a massage. She said she never had one but would like to try for the heck of it. I told her it was good for her skin. I told my masseuse to give the girl a massage.

The masseuse, Laxmi, was careful enough to ask me quietly if taking clothes off was ok. I told Shelly that massage is for the whole body and she is expected to take her clothes off. I also told her that to save the clothes from oil the poor masseuse also takes her clothes off. She shrugged and said "no problem".

With the stage set, I asked Laxmi to go ahead. I wanted to pamper Shelly and gave Laxmi very good and expensive body oil, which I was preserving for a long time. As Laxmi undressed Shelly, made the place ready and undressed herself I went out, quickly undressed and put a robe on. As I came back Shelly was lying on her belly and Laxmi was massaging her back. As the back was over and she was working on the arms, I intervened and asked her to do the armpits well. I did the armpits my self and in the process touched Shelly's breasts.

At the buttocks I took over again and poured oil generously between the cheeks of the buttocks. I did the asshole, a little lightly though. I took my hands around her butts, waist and thighs. I showed Laxmi to oil the groins well and as a demo kept my hands there as long as I could. As Shelly turned round to lie on her back I was watching her with an amazed look. She had a perfectly flat stomach, curvaceous waist, and long well shaped thighs. Her breasts even in lying position were looking pretty shapely. I joined in as Laxmi was doing her flat belly and moved my hands around as much as possible to touch the edges of the pubic hair.

At the breasts, Laxmi was not as generous at the nipples as she usually is with me. But Shelly surprised both of us by saying "It's nice Laxmi, do it a little more". So, both of us did her breasts and nipples for quite some time and it showed a hard on. It was not embarrassing any more and Laxmi carried on unhesitatingly. When it came to the pussy, I poured a lot of oil on the pubic hair and showed Laxmi how to spread the oil on the skin below the thick hair. During this part, no words were said and fingers did not go in. I took the liberty to ask Laxmi to do the groins and made Shelly fold her legs and spread them a little to get her proper access.

As the massage ended, I asked Shelly to put on a robe and wait in the bedroom till Laxmi was over with me. Then we would have bath together. Shelly gave Laxmi her usual 'thank you' hug and went out. I already had a couple of drinks and told Laxmi to start straightway. I was already quite hot and wanted a quick one. I lighted a fag to make Laxmi start in standing position. She started with my breasts and I was much more excited than the other days. As laxmi was doing my belly I was dripping wet. To heighten my pleasure I asked Laxmi to prepare a stiff drink and as I sipped I was getting hotter. Laxmi had felt my pulse as I told her to finish quickly and to avoid the legs and the arms to save time.

As I was not lying down Laxmi asked me to kneel down. As I did she also sat down and did my asshole very well and I was so ecstatic that I had to make efforts to avoid a scream coming out of my mouth. She again did my breasts from behind and my nipples throbbed with her touch. With both of us having knelt down she had to be rather close to get the grip and that made her breasts press against my back. I enjoyed the feel of her firm breasts on my back. Laxmi made me stand up again and held me real close as she did my pussy from behind. The sensation created by the brushing of her thick pubic hair on my buttocks was great.

Finally, Laxmi came to the front and did my pussy real hard and my clit felt electric shocks. As the effect of alcohol and the sensual touches were playing havoc with my senses I decide to put an end to this uncontrolled pleasure and told Laxmi that we must have our bath as Shelly was waiting. As we three went to the bathroom I took the initiative to wash Shelly properly and asked Laxmi to get one more drink. I took the full opportunity to fondle Shelly's breasts & nipples, touch her ass and pussy.

As Laxmi came back with the drink I was almost through with Shelly. As I dried Shelly I asked Laxmi to prepare a bath for me with lukewarm water. As Shelly went out I lied down in the tub and relaxed with my drink. By that time I was tipsy. As I relaxed Laxmi held the glass at my lips from time to time and my senses were getting blurred. I took a lot of time in that position and Laxmi lightly rubbed my body, particularly my breasts and nipples with a soft sponge.

As I was finishing the drink I asked her to drain the water and soap me. She understood my need and soaped me really well at the pussy and the arsehole. I was trembling as she was on my pussy and I felt as if I was climaxing As she finished soaping she washed me with hand shower. She took a long time at the asshole and my excitement was at its peak. Finally, Laxmi came to the pussy and fondled it as she sprayed water. She parted the pussy lips and the water jet went in. That made me cum and I shook uncontrollably.

I was totally exhausted after the bursting orgasm and as I came out of the bathroom I felt like going to bed. As Laxmi left after cleaning up, my hubby arrived. I requested him to serve dinner for three of us, as I was very tired. We finished our dinner and Shelly went to bed.

By that time I had revived a lot and was feeling horny again. My hubby realised that I was tipsy and my looks told him I was horny. He pulled me close and while kissing he took my robe off. His touch on my naked body lighted fire in me. I took only seconds to undress him and knelt down to place my face between his legs. I took his semi-hard cock in my mouth and gave it a real good treatment with my tongue. Then my husband put his mouth in my asshole and did a wonderful job with his tongue. I was excited at the touch of his tongue and as he started sucking my pussy I was shaking in joy. Within minutes I came and was exhausted again. My poor hubby did not get a chance to make love, as I felt asleep.

Next morning, when I recalled the entire episode of last night I was clear in my mind about two things. One, Shelly despite her lack of exposure to sex was grown up enough in her body to enjoy fondling of breasts and may be she would also enjoy some treat of her pussy. Two, Laxmi was clever enough to understand my physical needs and would make me come if I give her enough hint. Since Shelly had no guilt feeling about physical pleasure and was totally at ease with nudity I could possibly try sex with her.

The same morning Shelly said she would like to take a swim but she did not have a swimsuit. I asked her to try my swimsuits. As I took out two single piece ones I had, she promptly undressed and tried both of them. Unfortunately, both were too large. So, I took out the only other one I had. But that was a bikini. The bottom fitted all right and the top could be managed by fastening the strings tight. But there was a different problem. Her pubic hair was too much for the bikini bottom to hold and was coming out from all sides.

I asked Shelly if she would like to trim it and shave along the bikini line. She said she couldn't manage on her own; she can at best clean her armpit without help. I was not very happy about trimming her rich pubic hair, which looked so natural and fresh on her. At the same time I thought it was a great opportunity to have a go at her pussy. As we would go for the swim only in the afternoon I agreed to do the job before having bath.

Before bath, I asked her to take off her top. As she took it off, her naked torso made me excited. As I made her armpit wet with water and applied foam I touched her breasts from the sides. It made me greedier as I did not have enough excuse to touch her lovely nipples. After I finished the armpit I told Shelly it was difficult to do her pubic hair in standing position. I placed a towel on the bed and made her lie down. I made her fold the legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed so that her hips were at the edge of the bed. I spread her legs and knelt down to place myself between her legs. Now I could access her pussy directly.

I took a pair of scissors and trimmed her dense pubic hair but not too much. Now I could see her pussy lips clearly and that was very inviting. I sprinkled quite a bit of water on the pussy and made the pubic hair completely wet. After applying foam I took a lady's razor and carefully shaved from three sides. On the upper side I cleaned about half an inch and from the two sides a little more than that.

After I finished I asked her to have a look at the mirror. I asked her to lie down so that I could apply some moisturiser. At first I put cream at her armpits and massaged as long as I could. In the process I massaged her breasts and nipples also. It was apparent that she enjoyed my touch. Then I put a lot of cream on her pussy and rubbed all over. I finally parted her pussy lips and put a little cream on the inner sides. That gave me a chance to see the inside of her pussy; it was so pink!

As I finished we went to the bathroom and had shower together. I soaped her and in the process kept my hand on her breasts, played on her nipples.

She said, " I feel wonderful" and I carried on.

I went to the backside and after soaping her back went on to the buttocks. I did not hesitate to part the cheeks and soaped her asshole with my fingers. I started soaping her pussy. I gathered courage and put my finger inside of the pussy.

As my hand was on the clit she cried, "That's great!"

I continued for some time and then washed her pussy with the hand shower. I sprinkled jet of water into her pussy lips and she screamed with joy!

After that Shelly started soaping me. She fondled my breasts and lightly squeezed my nipples with her fingers.

"Don't you like that?" she asked.

She went down and back to soap my buttocks. She soaped my asshole as well. As she came on my pussy she was really aggressive and soaped all corners. As my clitoris was swollen her hands were all the time rubbing it. I was so excited I could not help shaking my hips and she continued her finger to play with it. At this stage I stopped her, as it was already too long in the bathroom.

As we were having lunch she asked, "Ruby auntie, I enjoyed what we did in the bathroom, did you?"

I didn't know what to say and kept mum.

She continued, " In the hostel some girls do this and I thought this was funny. But I now know its great pleasure. Nothing wrong, what do you say?"

I thought I must be open to this innocent girl.

I told her, " I really don't know if this is wrong. But I do know that this can happen between two women. For a girl like you, normal thing is to have sex with your steady boy friend or husband when you get married. But this is also not abnormal. Just avoid any regular habit."

She nodded and told me, " Shall we do this a few more times till I leave?"

I wanted to say a stern no but realised I was nodding my head.

In the afternoon, both of us had a swim. She was an exquisite beauty in her bikini and a few men, both old and young, who was around kept on giving greedy look.

As we came back home, my husband was leaving for the airport to catch the evening flight. So, we had the evening to our selves. To lighten my heavy conscience I poured myself a stiff drink. Shelly also wanted to have one and I made Rum & Cola drink for her. After two drinks I told Shelly to get ready for a massage. She gave me a hug and started undressing me.

I said, "You should undress first. I am the masseuse and I need not undress".

She insisted she is the masseuse and I should undress, she need not. I compromised (I was already standing stark naked by that time) that I will give her massage first and then she will be my masseuse and both of us should have no clothes at all, not even a towel. I took off her clothes and looked at her amazing beauty.

I was too impatient to continue on her back and quickly started massaging her buttocks like dough of flour. I poured oil in the parting of the cheeks and started massaging her asshole lightly with my fingers. She made humming sound and I was sure she was enjoying. After rubbing the oil for long enough I wiped the oil with a cloth and put my tongue there. With this Shelly screamed and as I continued she shook her hips in rhythmic motion.

As her shaking somewhat subsided I did her buttocks again and moved inside her legs and my hands brushed her pussy. I turned her over and started at her breasts. Initially, I massaged the breasts and she again started humming. As I lightly squeezed her nipples, she made stronger sounds. As the oil was almost gone with my rubbing I put my mouth on her nipples and started biting, licking and sucking her nipples. She was ecstatic and held me strongly around my neck. As I continued, she was scratching my back and squeezing my buttocks, and her body was shaking. I realised she was nearing an orgasm and carried on with more vigour. Soon she burst into a climax.

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