tagRomanceSeducing the Neighbor Girl Ch. 03

Seducing the Neighbor Girl Ch. 03


Chapter 3. Going Public

Saturday morning I woke up with Paige's dark haired head on my chest. Her fingers were gently stroking my genitals. "Having fun playing?" I asked.

"I've never really studied one of these up close before. I could just sit here and play with it like this all day."

"Sounds like a plan to me." I agreed.

"Babe, what's next for us?"

"I thought we just decided to stay in bed so you could play with me. We should think about breakfast or lunch at some point though."

"No dip shit," She said playfully. "I mean, what's next for 'us'? Do I move in, take over your closet and throw away all of your favorite things so I can redecorate?"

"Oh, that what next." I thought about it. "Well, we can't keep dating in secret. We need to go public. I guess you tell your friends about your wonderful new boyfriend. I tell my friends I'm dating a grade school girl. And we find some way to break your parents' hearts that allows me to live."

"I already told Lauren about us, but she's supposed to keep it a secret."

"So, only half of your school knows about us."

"Probably about right."

"Then let's go out on the town tonight."

"Okay, but I get a dollar every time someone refers to me as your daughter."

"I'll add it to your allowance."


Paige needed to go home to call Lauren. She described the ritual she was obligated to perform with her best friend to break the news she and I were officially an item. It involved a lot of high pitched screaming and Lauren would come over so they could get Paige ready for tonight's date together. She agreed it was lame but said she was duty-bound. I was glad I would be sitting this one out.

Before she left, Paige and I sat and ate lunch.

Paige asked, "Are you afraid of what your friends will think of me?"

"No." I really didn't care and this point.

"I'm not worried about my friends. They'll be jealous. But I'm scared of what your friends might think."

"I don't give a damn. Besides, my nerd friends will be envious that I got such a hot girlfriend. And once you destroy them in the gaming world... They'll be trying to figure out if you have a sister they can meet. They will love you."

"What if they don't? If your friends are against me, I am afraid I might lose you. I don't think Brad approves of me."

I picked up my phone and stared at her stone-faced while I dialed. Paige sat eating, watching me while the phone rang on the other end.

Brad answered his phone with, "Hey bro"

I gave the required, "How's it goin'?"

Brad let me know, "I am going with Rory and the guys to Baker's tonight. Wanna come?" Baker's was a bar with live bands and college girls. I used this as the opportunity to give him the news indirectly.

"Nah, I've got a date." I said nonchalantly.

"Reba?" Paige's eyes narrowed. She could overhear Brad's voice and I should have seen this coming.

"No way, I've got a new girlfriend." I told him without being over eager. 'BAM' I mouthed to Paige. She nodded.

"What's she like?"

"Hot brunette. Long legs, nice rack, great ass, beautiful face." Paige sat looking at me with an I-can't-believe-you-just-said-that look on her face.

"Nice. You always go for the ones with nice asses."

Paige silently mouthed to me 'I have a name'. I smiled and held up a finger telling her to wait. I got a cold stare in return. She looked at my finger like she was going to bite it off, so I put it away.

"You met her once."

"Really, what's her name?"


There was a long pause. "Your neighbor?"


"Wow, you bagged a real hotty."

Paige didn't look like she liked the idea of being 'bagged'. She gazed at me a little disapprovingly.

Brad continued, "Well congrats, you lucky dog; bring her by Baker's so everyone can meet her."

"Maybe" Which was guy-speak for no.

"That's cool. Let's catch up later then. Have a good time tonight." And we hung up.

Paige shook her head at me and deliberately said, "That was the dumbest conversation I have ever witnessed."

"Am I allowed to listen in when you call Lauren?"



Paige's Parents were still out of town for the weekend and not due back until early Sunday. So, when I arrived at Paige's front door a few minutes early for our date Lauren answered, let me in and offered me a seat on the sofa. The house was very tidy. Nice oak furniture, warm colors, it was very homey. Lauren was excited and breathing hard.

Lauren let me know, "You look handsome. Paige is going to be a few more minutes." With that she literally sprinted out of the room to Paige I presumed. I heard her squeal loudly a moment later.

Dear god, I was in the high school dating scene. I guess I could cross it off of the list of first times for me now. I had not dated at all in high school.

Ten excruciating minutes later Paige came out. I expected her to be gorgeous, I was not disappointed. Her light blue spaghetti strap tank top stretched around and barely contained her boobs and her 'painted on' jeans looked good too. Her now brown hair was pinned back behind her ears giving her a pixie look. She wore simple little white sneakers.

We had agreed we would not dress fancy just jeans and casual shirts. She turned her outfit into a sex show. I felt very plain next to her.

She walked up to me and stood on her tip toes stretching her face up to mine and using her hand to pull my head down to her. With our height difference I still had to dip my face down to hers for a kiss.

I took her to Gilmore's, a swanky restaurant and bar downtown. Things started off rocky when the valet turned out to be a boy from Paige's class. When he opened her door he casually greeted her "Hey Paige" then when I came around and offered her my arm he looked at me sideways and let out a disapproving huff of sorts. 'No tip for him' I thought. It seemed to bother Paige though. I laced my fingers in hers and encouraged her to stride to the front door of the restaurant.

I had not made reservations and knew the wait would be long. I had planned on sitting and ordering food in the bar. I started for the bar and Paige held up a little.

"Just act like you own the place. Like you've been here a hundred times." I coached her.

We walked a lap around the bar looking for seats. There were no open tables. On the second pass, someone called my name.

"Paul, you can sit with us." It was Tina, she was with Pam. I knew them both from the office. They were both tarted up for an evening on the town.

"I don't want to intrude, I'm on a date." I indicated to Paige.

"Then you definitely need to sit with us so we can meet her." Tina said. "Besides we are about to leave after we finish our drinks." To Paige she said, "Then you can have him all to yourself." She winked at Paige.

I introduced everyone. Paige sat very quiet. Tipsy Tina spoke for two or three people.

"You two are too cute." Tina said. "You're on a first date. I can tell. So much nervous energy." I nodded. "Good for you." she directed to Paige. "There are going to be lots of broken hearts when the girls in the office hear Paul is off the market." She shot a sideways glance at Pam.

Pam elbowed Tina, Paige and I looked down in discomfort. Pam tried to make the conversation easier "How did you meet?"

Tina and Pam seemed to be focused tightly on Paige. I was barely there with the three girls. Since it was obvious they were talking directly to Paige, she answered for us. "We are neighbors."

Tina rejoined the conversation, "Perfect. That's the best. You can get together whenever you want. You two are going to get into lots of trouble then." And I wanted to run away.

The waitress came by, Tina and Pam ordered another round of drinks. They wouldn't be leaving soon. I was about to order a beer when I remembered Paige would be left out. I looked at her and she looked perplexed. She didn't know what she was expected to order. I asked her if she would like an ice tea, she nodded and I ordered one for each of us and asked for menus.

"Always the gentleman." Tina said.

The conversation calmed a bit. They asked Paige what she did for a living. She smiled and said she was a student. They probably assumed college student, which is likely what Paige intended. They liked her nails and talked about where they each got them done. Her hair. We ordered our food then Tina and Pam hauled Paige off to the bathroom with them. Ten minutes later they all came back. Tina and Pam deposited Paige into her seat and said their goodbyes.

Before leaving Tina leaned toward me and loudly warned me "Watch out. This one will steal your heart." indicating Paige. "Oh, too late isn't it?" She leaned closer to my ear and whispered, "You already have hers."

After they were gone, "How was your field trip to the john?" I asked.

"They are very drunk." I held up her hands in protest. "And they gave me the third degree."

"About what?"

"About Us. Are we serious? Have we done it? Are you good in bed?" Paige looked at me. "I think Pam has a thing for you."

I almost spit my tea across the table. "What did you tell them?"

"Nothing, but everything. They knew how to extract what they wanted to know even if I didn't speak." She continued "That was weird."

"Are you okay?"

Paige went on, "It was weird, but I'm okay. I feel like I'm drowning in your world."

After eating we left the restaurant and walked around the downtown streets with my arm around her. She wore my jacket of course since she was practically naked up top.

We were passing Baker's. "Aren't your friends in there?" Paige pointed.


"Let's go in."

"Are you sure? I figured that you have had enough of 'my people' for one evening."

"I'm positive. I can do this. But take your jacket back first." She handed it back and I watched as she adjusted her tits in her shirt so that they were on lofted up for display. She tucked loose strands of hair behind her ears and moistened her lips. "I'm ready, let's go."

We walked in and found four of my friends at a table staring at college coeds. They saw Paige long before they noticed me. They went wide eyed and drooled. It was only when we stopped in front of them that they realized I was there at all.

"Hey guys. This is Paige. Paige these are the guys. You know Brad."

Paige smiled brightly, and offered her hand to Brad. "Nice to see you again." Brad was struck dumb.

We chit chatted for a few minutes. Paige did most of the talking, charming the group. She had a special way of manipulating men I noticed, especially my dorky friends.

After a half hour of her wowing my friends, I told everyone that Paige and I needed to get going. They seemed sad to see her go.

As we walked back to the car I put my arm around her. "Well you handled them well." I tried to choose my next words carefully but blundered through them anyway. "Do you manipulate me like that too?"

"I tried to at first, but you seem to be immune to my charms."

"Hardly immune. I'm quite stuck on you."

"I don't mean like that." She poked me in the ribs then thought about it for a moment, "You know the day I asked if my friends could use the pool." I nodded, I remembered it well. "I had my charm turned up to eleven that day, but it just rolled off you, like water off a duck's back. It was like I wasn't there. Then you called me into the house. You were all stern and authoritative. You were such a turn on. I tried my best to melt you. But the way you held firm and turned it around on me. It made me all hot and bothered. God, I wanted you so bad at that moment and you brushed me off."

"Believe it or not I didn't think I was the one in control of the situation and I did get a bit intoxicated by your charms."

"Well it was a really big turn on to see you stand your ground with me. Then later on when you were seducing me, how you always did what you wanted, when you wanted. It makes me hot just thinking about it now."

"So, you like to be controlled? To be put in your place?" I thought of some possibilities to exploit her hidden desires.

"Maybe a little." She smiled. Paige looked like she was thinking of some possible fantasies to play out too. "What I like is a confident man who knows what he wants. Especially when it's you and you want me."

"Do you have any fantasies to share?"

"Do you mean other than being taken advantage of by my pervy old man neighbor?"

"You fantasize about old man Jenkins?" the eighty plus year old neighbor that lived in the house next to hers on the other side from mine. "That's twisted."

"You should know I like them over the hill, old man."

"Be nice or I'll put you in time out."

"There you go again, being all authoritative and making me want you. Take me home. I want you to defile me in my bedroom."

"How can I say no to that?"


We collected the car from the valet. It was a different kid so I gave a tip. We drove home in relative silence and when I pulled my car into the garage Paige turned to me and gave me a big kiss. Then she got out of the car and literally ran to her house like it was a race. I had to chase after her and caught up while she fumbled with her house keys.

Paige let us into her house. When we stepped into her room I was taken aback a little. It was pink and looked a bit like a little girls room. Pink everywhere. At least there weren't any teen band posters on the walls. That would have been too much. It served as a reminder that I was playing with a girl who had been a child not too long ago.

I think she saw what was going on in my head. She stepped in front of me and had me look into her eyes. She smiled and reached up to kiss me. As I focused on her, she seemed to be intent on reminding me how much of a woman she was.

She had me sit on her bed while she got ready. She slipped into a bathroom attached to her room. From the bathroom she asked "Did I do okay while we were out?"

"You had my friends eating out of your hand, if that's what you are asking. Are you that worried about what they think?"

"Frankly, yes. I don't want them to be an issue. I don't want them making fun of you for dating a younger woman. My plan was for them to wish they were you. That way they will be more encouraging."

"So, you are manipulating me by manipulating them."

She was still in the bathroom, "No, but I know that my age is on your mind. At least while I'm not naked." After a pause, "Do you worry that I'm too young for you."

"Not directly. I worry more that over the next five years you will change and move on."

"Wow. You think too much."

"That's what Brad always says."

"Well, he is finally right about something. So then, you are thinking big picture with me. Like, way beyond just dating."

"Maybe" This was normally a conversation for face to face not room to room. "Are you coming out of the bathroom soon?"

"In a minute." She said. "You shouldn't worry about it; I'll be knocked up long before then. Maybe on our second or third kid."

"Ahh?" was the only word that came to mind.

"I lied about being on the pill."


"Just kidding. Lord, you can be gullible. Having kids can wait until I graduate college."

Then she sent the discussion further off the rails. Still from the bathroom I heard her say, "I am only going to ask one more time and I want an honest and complete answer this time. Then I promise I will never bring it up again."

"Okay?" Where the hell was this going?

"When that shit head, cock sucking, ho-bag left you that voice mail, what did she mean about you ruining her mascara. I can't figure out what she meant and it's killing me."

"I'll answer, but first I just want to point out that you still have an unhealthy obsession with her blowing people."

"I'm only obsessed with her blowing you. And didn't you notice I downgraded 'cock sucking' to the second position in my name calling. In a week I may have it down to forth of fifth. So...?"

"Her eyes water while she is choking on cock. Those are her words by the way."


"You know... a deep throat blow job."

"Damn it! The cock sucking evil witch cow did blow you." I noted 'cock sucking' was back to first place.

"You've known that for awhile."

"You never really admitted it before though. I'm going to have to kill her now."

"Please let this go."

"Did you fuck her?"


"Not even a little bit?"

"How do you fuck someone a little bit? No."

"Good. Did you do anything else with her?"

I thought about it. "I licked her knees."

"Really?" I could hear her considering what that could mean. "Damn you are odd. Okay we will do that too. But right now we have to set the first the thing straight." She walked back into the room. She had on really thick mascara. She was only wearing mascara, otherwise she was totally naked. "You need to destroy my mascara."

"Are you sure? I don't think it is all that enjoyable for you."

"I don't care. I need to do this, at least once, so that cock sucking cunt doesn't have this one over me. How does this work?" She pulled my pants off was moving down to my cock and positioning herself to put it in her mouth.

"You need to swallow it. You know. Deep down your throat."

Paige pulled back. "It's too big to fit."

"You don't need to do this."

"Yes I do." She forced her face down and gagged. Down again and gagged again. "Is this right?"

"Yeah, but you've got to get past the gag thing."

"How far did she go down?"

"All the way"

"Is this how all the girls do it?"

"That was the only time for me."

"Not for long. That fucking bitch." Paige dove again and gagged again but kept pushing. She was gurgling and sputtering loudly but she kept forcing herself down on my cock until she was three quarters of the way down. And she kept swallowing which felt amazing. She stayed there for a long time before she came up breathing hard. "Like... that...?" She pumped with her hand and caught her breath a little more.

"That was amazing." Was all I could say.

With my words of encouragement Paige forced her throat over my dick again. She was making loud unnatural noises same as before and swallowing. This was so different from Reba. So much better. The selfless giving from someone I loved so much added something. She lifted again and after a moment of breathing went back in. She repeated this several times. Each time getting a little more down her throat.

I would not last much longer. Finally her lips met the base of my dick and I was all the way in. Paige made triumphant shout best she could considering her present condition. The sensation of the shout added to the choking and swallowing, not to mention the noises and sent me into bliss. I had the best feeling cum of my life straight into her stomach. I totally lost my senses for a moment.

When I came too and Paige was hovering over my face. "Are you okay?" Her mascara was running just a bit. Her face was not all that messy.

"Better than okay. You are amazing."

"I did good? Better than Reba?" No obscenity. She was moving on I hoped.

"No comparison. You kicked her ass. Now never speak of her again."

"I don't think my eyes watered enough to make my makeup run though."

"Next time."

We laid together and I started to doze when Paige shook me.

"My parents are going to be home in the morning. As much as I want you here with me, you need to go."

"Can you spend the night with me at my place?"

"Sure, let me grab a few things so that I can pretend that I got up early and went out."

"I don't feel right about sneaking. We should tell your parents."

"Okay, tomorrow." She looked uncertain.

"Do you want me to be there with you?"

"No. I can handle my dad, besides he already likes you. It's my mom that scares me."

"Your dad likes me?"

"Well, yeah. Why not?"

"Maybe the fact that I just choked you with my dick"

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