tagLoving WivesSeducing The Paperboy

Seducing The Paperboy

byamethyst wind©

He trembled slightly as he neared the house at 141 Chester av. almost causing him to lose control and tip over from the weight of the papers on his handlebars. He was 18 and had only been working for a few years but all the other boys at the pick up zone were envious of the route he got. It was the most desired and not because it was an easy route.

NO it was because of HER, the woman who lived at this address... all the paper boys fought for this route because she came to the door half dressed. She wasn't very old - or if she was it didn't matter she had a body that all boys dream of.

Cruising slowly to the end of the driveway Chris slid off his bike taking a rolled paper out of the bag he walked up to her door reaching out with a shaking hand and knocking.. standing there quivering in his shoes his cock straining at the jeans so much that he pushed the paper down to cover it and tried to stop blushing.

"OH hello Chris, is it collection day already?" Mrs. Grey opened the door a bit and motioned for him to enter a smile crossing her lips as she turned around moving towards the kitchen, noticing how he held the paper and knowing full well what the other paper boys were saying of her, and the fact that some of them had first hand knowledge of the perks she gave her "Better" paperboys.

"Y...ye.. yes Mrs. Grey. You owe $10.50" Chris stood there stammering and unable to keep his eyes off of the lady leaning over the kitchen table in front of him. She had on a skimpy silk robe and when she bent over it barely covered her perfectly shaped butt. Moaning softly Chris adjusted the paper wishing he could grab his cock and start jerking it; he had many pleasurable nights thinking of Mrs., Grey while he shot his cum all over his chest and moaned her name.

Bending over a bit more Heather wiggled her butt watching the young man out of the corner of her eye, she prided herself on the educational things she was able to teach the local paperboys, and the fact she had never been caught or turned in. Standing she ripped the check out of the book and turned smiling at the boy as he shuffled from foot to foot.

"Here you go Chris, 10.50 just as you said." Handing him the check she reached out and grabbed the paper, gasping as she saw the size of the bulge beneath the pants, Reaching out she caresses it watching the boys eyes roll into his head as he feels her soft hand touch his cock through his pants, unlike any of the girls he had dated had been able to do.

"Mrs..." he licked his lips and took a breath trying again to ignore the feeling of her hand "Mrs. Grey... you umm your hand..." Shifting from foot to foot Chris barely holds himself up as he watched the woman drop to her knees and begins to unzip his pants; it all must be a dream. He had heard of this happening before, but surely it was gossip.

Grabbing the zipping Heather smiled up at him and tugged them down around his feet. "Shah and enjoy this Chris, its one of the perks my better paperboys get" grabbing his white underwear, tighty-whities, as her friends and her used to call them she tugged them down over his hips. Licking her lips she faced one of the most delectable cocks she had ever seen, and she had seen a lot in her life.

Chris looked down astonished as Mrs. Grey, "heather" He whispered to himself. grabbing his cock causing him to groan as he held back the orgasm that was threatening him then watched her lips part and her dainty tongue dart out licking the tip and causing his legs to tremble.

Standing up Heather decides to make it easier on the young man and holding his cock she leads him to the chair next to the table pushing him down into it. His eyes were glazed and she knew he wouldn't last long the first time, none of them did, but she loved sucking cock so much that she was more then happy to let the first one go by so easy.

Gabbing the cock again she lowered herself to her knees and began to slide the soft silky head between her lips, keeping her teeth well back for now. She felt his cock stiffen even more as he felt the wet moistness of her mouth engulf it.

Chris unable to believe what was going on could barely handle it as he watched her lips cover his cock. Without thought his hands reached down cupping her head and grabbing fistfuls of her hair as his hips started to move shoving more of his cock in and catching her by surprise from which she recovered quickly.

"Yeah that's it Mrs. Grey suck my cock. make me cum ohh you hare so hot" Moaning and thrusting Chris didn't realize what he was saying, only the sensations that were coursing through his body.

Heathers pussy was instantly wet as she heard this young man talk dirty to her. speeding up her sucking and head movement she felt his cock stiffen and heard groans as His cock erupted in her mouth, catching her by surprise causing her to almost choke on the amount of it but recovering quickly as she gulped it down in ecstasy, whimpering and sucking him dry.

Sitting back Chris gasped for breath amazed at how hard he had cum and how much he loved her sucking his cock. Letting go of her hair he started to blush as his mind began working again and the thought of what had just happened begin to dawn on him.

Heather looked up feeling the change in the air and saw Chris' war within himself; she stood quickly shedding her robe and standing there naked. Grinning as his attention was drawn away from his thoughts and to her body.

Heather was quite proud of her body, she was only 30 but she had the body of an 18 year old girl. He breasts were still firm and not a bit of sag, her butt tight from all the squats and other exercises she did. Her tummy was still flat and trim and her pussy, well she was proud of the shave job her hubby and she had done. Not all of it gone but trimmed with a small landing strip.

Reaching out Heather took Chris' hand pressing it to her breasts as she slowly slid onto His lap settling there straddling him, her thighs spread and her ass planted on his legs. Leaning in close she pressed her lips to his kissing him slowly and seductively letting her tongue caress his lips then feeling him respond. His hand roughly grabbing her breast kneading it causing her to gasp in surprise and pleasure. His other hand wrapped around her neck tugging her head closer to his deepening the kiss and being almost rough with her.

Chris couldn't believe she was kissing him but the moment her tongue touched his lips something snapped and he had to have her. He touched the soft breast, kneading it and feeling its heavy weight in his hand. Tugging at the hardening nipple he starts to play with it while his lips devoured hers thinking no girl ever kissed the way his heather did. Moving back for a moment Chris leaned down taking the nipple in his mouth as her hands covered his head moaning and gasping as he bit and licked at them.

As she rocked back and forth on his legs Chris felt the wetness dripping out of her and dropped a hand down touching her pussy, the first one he had been able to touch and see. Pushing Heather off his lap he stood for a moment unsure of how to better do this, when heather jumped on the table and smiled.

"Is this better?" Opening her legs wide Heather grinned as he kneeled this time diving into her pussy causing chills to race up and down her spine. His tongue moved out licking and sucking at the wet pussy that was before him. "He may not have any technique but damn he's a natural" She thought to herself.

Chris was in heaven. his senses on overload as he licked and sucked at every wet pink spot in front of him. Tasting the muskiness of her pussy and playing with the small hard nub at the tip of it all. Every time he hit that spot she jerked and muttered under her breath. Grinning he attacked it licking and biting gently at it till she was wiggling and moaning laying out over the table and rubbing her breasts.

Standing up Chris leaned over Heather looking down at her with awe and desire. Reaching out with both hands he caressed and pinched her nipples tugging and teasing them, listening to her moans as she enjoyed it and be rubbed his cock against her pussy getting it nice and wet.

"What do you want Heather, tell me you want me, tell me you want me to fuck you." Grinding his cock harder against her pussy Chris does all he can to hold back from pushing into her, the need was almost too much. To be able to feel a pussy wrapped around his cock for the first time was almost too much to wait for, but he wanted to hear it from her lips

Groaning Heather wraps her legs around his waist tugging him in closer and opening her eyes looking up at him with a smile.

"Fuck me boy, slide that hard hot cock into my pussy and fuck me as hard and long as you can."

Chris grabs his cock fumbling for a sec in his haste and lines it up with her pussy grabbing her hips he starts to slide in. Moaning for a second as the head slips in and he feels a pussy around it for the first time. Unable to hold back Chris thrusts his hips forward burying himself with a long loud moan of pleasure,

Letting out a soft cry Heather feels his cock fill her and shove deeply and fast, making her writhe on the table at the sensations. Lifting her hips she starts to fuck herself on his cock. Sliding it in and out of her while her hands drop playing with her clit and causing her to move faster against him.

Chris pushes her hands away, wanting to do everything for this hot woman that was letting him fuck her. His hands start to rub and press at the small nub he was tonguing earlier, watching her movements get more frantic as he played with it, causing him to groan as she tightened around him, and knowing he couldn't hold on much longer.

Arching her back Heather starts to moan incoherently her head tossing from side to side as she feels her orgasm start to peak. Wanting this young stud to cum with her Heather starts to use her inner muscles to caress and play with him, feeling him move faster and his hand rubbed her clit harder.

"OH my god I am cumming Chris, come with me love" Her body shudders as her orgasm hits, washing over her in waves as she clamps down around his cock pulling him deeper in her. She hears his grunt as he shoves his cock deep into her and feels the pulses as he starts to cum deep in her body. ` "Yeah that's it take all my cum, god you are so fucking hot, ohhhh I am cumming so hard in you Mrs. Grey." Pumping his hips a few more times Chris collapses on her his cock still hard and pulsing in her but more gently this time as he starts to soften.

Catching her breath Heathers hands move to the hair of this young man she had just fucked so well,, running through it and smiling as she lays there and wonders if its possible to be billed more then just once every 2 weeks.

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by Familyluv2114u04/16/18

Amazingly written

I love stories where a mature woman takes control of an 'innocent' young boy😉
Congrats are in order for this short but delicious story.

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by JohnnieBoxx06/11/17

Very good story..... My kind of woman :-)

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