Seducing the Virgin Boy


"Ohh uhh oh fuck yes!" I called. "Oh ma uhh ahhh yes oh god yes, Mahesh, yes oh yes there! That's it oh yes! That's it baby... yes... tongue-fuck me darling... ahhhhhh uhh oh god oh god oh god yes! Do it... ohhh uhhh yes!"

His tongue felt wonderful, tentative at first and then greedy and demanding as he probed and pried in my slit, exploring its recesses, lapping at my streaming juices. I whimpered ecstatically, my pussy blazing with unfaked lust, my head flipping from side to side, my body twitching and jerking as if I was being fucked, my breasts jiggling between my arms. I arched my tongue over my slender, bowed upper lip in a curiously wanton gesture and, hissing in joy, slid my hands up my body, over my snapped-in belly to my breasts, lifting and squeezing them eagerly, sensuously rolling the nipples under my palms, pinching my erect, quivering nipples.

"Mm... oh darling yes!" I breathed, my voice sexily sibilant with lust. "Oh god that's so good... now... stick your finger back in... yes! That's it!"

Mahesh began to finger- and tongue-fuck me simultaneously. Again, instinct guided him and, without instruction, he swung around so that his penis was over my face. I opened my mouth immediately and drew his cock into it and began to suck it hungrily, exulting at the knowledge that he had done this on his own, without me teaching him. We sixty-nined eagerly, our heads buried in each other's, his hips bucking over my face as he fucked my mouth, his head rolling and twisting as he tongue-fucked my pussy while he tormented my gorged clitoris with his fingertips.

"C'mon Mahesh," I panted. "Fuck me again now... fuck me............. fuck me like a bitch... do it!"

Mahesh scrambled to his knees, panting and gasping, his muscular body shining with sweat, his chest heaving. He pressed his cock-head between my pussy lips. He with a shuddering moan, thrust powerfully into me. I cried out, my head snapping up, my face contorting and twisting in a cry of lust as the virgin cock surged into my pussy-flesh driving a tidal wave of pleasure before it. My body lurched forward and my long neck arched upward.

"OHHHHHHHHHHH uhh Oh ma uh Mahesh uhhh oh Muhhhhniiish uhh OHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I cried.

My cry thrilled him. He gasped loudly. "C'mon! Take it, Aunty! C'mon! Take my cock, Aunty! Take my cock in your pussy cunt!"

"Yes!" I cried. "Oh fuck yes, Mahesh, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

He began fucking me rapidly, jerking his hips back and forth, gripping my waist and rocking my body to and fro beneath his. I gasped and cried out, my gold chain tossing and swinging, my pendulous breasts jiggling. He slid his hands up my body and squeezed them eagerly. There was thunder in his groin. His pulse raced. He moved faster, slapping his flesh loudly with mine, his balls swinging up against my pussy-lips as he plowed into my hot pussy. I jerked and rocked under him, dragging my pussy up and down the length of his penis, my breasts jiggling, my face arched, my mangalsutra swinging. Mahesh said he had never seen anyone so lovely as me.

"God," I panted. "You're so fucking good, Mahesh! Keep doing it, lover! Just... don't... stop... fucking... me... ahhhhh uhhh yes... oh ma yes!"

I arched my tongue sensuously over my upper lip. He leaned forward and kissed me hard, jamming his tongue into my mouth, squeezing my breasts and pinching my rigid nipples.

Mahesh flexed his buttocks and his cock-head popped into my hot wet juicy pussy. I cried out, my head snapping up, my long neck craning, my face twisting in an agony of lust, my mouth jerking open, my eyes screwed shut, my lips jerked back over my teeth.


"Like it, Mahesh? Like my pussy squeezing your cock, don't you?"

"Yes! Oh god yes, oh uh yes!" he gasped.

My pussy savaged his penis, biting down furiously and convulsively on his cock and he couldn't hold back too long. With a shuddering moan, he exploded and she groaned as I felt the sharp sting of his jizz spurting endlessly into my pussyhole. He held it there and then drew it out slowly and squeezed it into my pussy again and fucked me slowly for a few minutes.

Our bodies lay on the bed, streaming with sweat. Mahesh slid off me and I snuggled against him, caressing him gently, licking his nipple. He fondled my breasts. We dozed

When I woke up my fingers crawled down to his cock.

"Ready for more?" I murmured. "I am."

"Horny Aunty."

"Mm. Yes. Anything for a good fuck. I need to shower. So do you." I said. "That will feel sexy."

I smiled prettily and kissed him lightly on the lips.

He cupped my naked breast and felt it swell in his hands. "Now, dear Sheela Aunty, time for a little sex-ed. Come on, let's fuck in the bath."

WE showered together and he fucked me standing up, holding me in his hands with my arms about his shoulders, my legs wrapped around his lean hips, my cunt impaled on his cock. He savaged my cunt, taking me brutally, ramming his cock in and out of my cunt till I came. He held back and made me go down on my knees and suck his cock, fucking my mouth till he came, shooting thick juice into my mouth and spattering my face and breasts with it. Two weeks later and Mahesh became a demanding and exciting lover. He could fuck me at length without coming. We hit a routine. Every Saturday noon after his tution, he will come to my flat, and we went straight to bed and he fucked me unhurriedly for an hour. Then he worked on his books and then we fucked again. And the sex was terrific.

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