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Since the first day that Amy had started at the up and coming firm of a progressive law office in Southern Alabama she had dreamed of seducing her boss. She fantasized about it, masturbated to it, dreamed of it at night. She was completely consumed with the tall black man with the disarming smile and gentle eyes. She new he was a bulldog in the courtrooms, as she transcribed his daily notes when he was on a case, and yet his demeanor out of the courtroom was just the opposite.

She dressed with deliberation that morning, knowing he would be in the office for most of the day. She chose a short leather skirt and a low cut white sweater, a thin leather belt cinched her waist perfectly, and the with the crotchless black hose she had purchased recently no one would ever suspect that she wasn't wearing panties that day, or what she had planned.

Amy could barely contain herself, wondering when he would call her into his office, as he did on a daily basis, and wondering if she really had the nerve to go through with her plan. Oh…she had caught the glances from him, the way his eyes would slowly move down her body when he thought no one was looking, how the bulge in his pants would get noticeably larger when she stepped into the room, and she would laugh silently to herself when she was called in and he would have something laying over his crotch to hide his erection. She new she was putting her job on the line, but on this day she didn't care. She only knew she had to have this big, black, beautiful man. If only once.

She was a nervous wreck all day…waiting, backing out in her mind dozens of times that day. And then finally, almost at the end of the day, he called her into his office. The timing couldn't be better, as it was a Friday and most of the office had already left for a long weekend. She quickly tugged at her nipples making them erect before she walked into his office.

Her heels clicked softly on the tile floor leading to his office, and she thanked the gods that be for her long toned legs, long fiery red hair and full breasts that didn't need a bra. She left the door cracked a bit as she always did, pulling out her chair and moving it back farther than she usually did. Amy's hands were slightly trembling and she wondered if he would notice as she slid her tight little ass into the chair and slightly spread her thighs. She knew from where she had placed the chair that he could see straight up her skirt, and her heart raced wildly as his eyes went directly between her legs.

She could almost hear the silent moan escape from him, and then with a husky voice he asked her to come over to his desk and check some of the paperwork.

Her nipples were rock hard and she could already feel the wetness dripping from her cunt as she slid behind the desk with Him. As she bent over the front of her top billowed slightly open and her left nipple grazed against his arm. It was like electricity going through both of them, and as she looked down into his lap she saw his cock jump, and she just smiled to herself.

When she looked back on that day later, even she couldn't believe what she did next. Amy wedged herself between the desk and his chair, and then slid up on the desk, her feet planted on each side of his thighs, her shaved smooth pussy totally exposed to him now.

She heard his breath catch, and as he looked up into her eyes he saw the doubt, fear and longing. He knew what a risk she was taking. A white woman in Southern Alabama offering herself to a black man, let alone her boss, and as he looked closer, he saw her hands begin to tremble. The silence was almost unbearable, and just about the time she was ready to jump off the desk and run out of his office, his strong black hand slid slowly up her silky thigh. His voice husky with passion as he slowly stated. "So you have been thinking of this big black cock just as I have been thinking of that sweet white pussy huh?"

Amy moaned softly as she heard his voice drift up to her, and in the next instant he was grabbing her ass and pulling her closer to the edge of the desk. Both of his hands sliding up each thigh as he spread her legs wider, the short skirt now almost riding her waist. He leaned forward and pressed his tongue on her extended clit. Her whole body spasming at the touch of his mouth. Her hands were gripping the edge of the desk tightly, knuckles almost white as his tongue slid up her hot little slit.

"Oh damn girl, you taste even better than I ever imagined. Let me make you cum like this baby. I want to feel your hot cum on my lips and taste it deep in my throat."

His tongue began to slowly play with her clit, teasing, torturing, pressing his lips just on the clit and sucking it hard, then soft. She could barely stand it, even in her wildest dreams she had no idea his tongue would feel this damn good on her. Her hips bucked up into his face and ground into it. Her hot wet juices leaking down into his moustache and rolling over his lips. His face was shining from her juices as he pulled away from her cunt, sliding two fingers deep into her tight little pussy. "Ever fucked a black man hon?", he asked while his fingers pumped in and out of her cunt. Her legs were trembling harder with each thrust of his fingers, her cunt muscles clenching tightly around them. Gasping softly and shaking her head no…her hands reaching around to the back of his head and pulling him back onto her aching pussy. She screamed out as his tongue once again flicked over her clit…her juices flowing freely now, trickling down his fingers and down over his chin. "MMMmmmmm baby, eat that pussy, damn you are so damn good", and then with a long slow shudder her body exploded, the hot sweet cum spewing from her pussy as she softly cried out his name.

His mouth ravished her as her release washed over her, his tongue unrelenting as it sucked and licked, stiffening it and thrusting it deep into her cunt as he felt the shudder. He moaned deeply into her as her velvet walls clamped around his tongue, and then licked the sweet nectar from her pussy lips. His eyes devouring her as he lifted his fingers to his mouth and sucked the rest of her sweetness from his fingers.

Amy couldn't believe the depth of the orgasm she had just had. While her head was still reeling from the experience, her legs shaking visibly now, she opened her eyes long enough to see him slide his zipper down. His hard throbbing 9 inches of cockmeat springing out from his slacks. She watched almost mesmerized as he slowly began to stroke it, his eyes never leaving hers as his thumb grazed over the massive head. Her throat constricted and she licked her lips as she slid off the desk and slithered to the floor on her knees. Ohhhh yes…she was going to give him just as much pleasure as he had just given her.

Her hands were trembling and she had never felt this excited as the flat part of her tongue slid up the length of his cock, her fingers undoing the button of his pants and hurriedly pulling his pants down as he lifted his hips to help her.

Her soft white hand wrapped around the thickness of his cock, and she stroked it from the base to the tip, watching as she saw an involuntary shudder flow through his body. She had never had this much cock in her mouth before and she wondered if she could take him deep into her throat, let alone deep into her pussy. Her breath was hot against his stiff rod as she leaned in closer, the tip of her tongue reaching out and flicking softly under the huge head. Her tongue ran slowly under the rim, savoring every inch of the thickness. A small tremble coursed through her body as she curled her tongue and dipped it into the slit on top…finally tasting him for the first time. And then it was as if her mouth no longer belonged to her. She was consumed by this huge cock, and as she whimpered and moaned softly her lips parted on the head of his cock, her mouth stretching so wide it ached, and she sucked deeply and hungrily on this cock that she had dreamed of and fantasized for so long now.

His fingers wrapped in her long fiery mane and he groaned out loud as her hot mouth slid lower down his fuckpole. But he knew she wouldn't be able to take it all in the position she was in. His fingers entangled deeper into her hair, and he lifted her gently as he stood up, bringing her with him, and settling her back on the desk again, her mouth still locked around his shaft, her hand sliding up and down the length in long easy strokes.

He could barely speak, her mouth felt so good on his dick, but he wanted it deep deep in her throat. As he moaned another long low moan, he hoarsely whispered, "I'm going to force feed you this cock girl, just relax the back of your throat and take every inch of this cock deep into your throat.

And then he began…gripping her hair tightly and slowly sliding his cock down her throat, when she would begin to gag a little he'd back off and whisper encouragement to her, telling her to relax, that she could do this, and then he'd shove harder into her mouth, until finally all 9 thick black inches were nestled deep in the back of her throat. Her lips clamped down hard on the base and she sucked deep and long. Amazed at herself really that this huge cock was all the way in her mouth.

When he could tell that she was totally at ease, he loosened his grip on her hair and began steadily pumping his cock in and out of her mouth…pulling almost out to the tip and then slamming deep back into her mouth again. Amy was moaning softly into his hardness, her hand reaching between his thighs and squeezing his cum filled sac, knowing that he couldn't last much longer.

As his hot cum shot into her mouth a loud groan filled the room. She could see every muscle in his leg tremble as some of the hot white liquid trickled down her chin. He collapsed back into the chair, his cock still half hard, and she knew that he was still good for one more round as she held his cum in her mouth, not swallowing it yet.

She quickly straddled him on the chair, one hand cupping his balls and the other wrapped around the base of his cock. His cock, though not fully erect at the moment, was still hard enough to slide into her tight little cunt, and as she lowered herself down on his cock, she leaned forward and kissed him, dribbling the cum from her mouth over his lips. As his tongue dove into her mouth they both swallowed, drinking his sweetness. His cock immediately hardened again, and he bit the bottom of her ear and whispered, "How does this 9" of hard steel feel in you baby?"

Amy could barely hear him for the moans and whimpers that were coming from her. His cock filled her totally, stretching her hot tight little cunt wide open. Her muscles clamped around his cock with each thrust, nails digging deep into his shoulders as he pounded her harder , faster and deeper.

His hands grabbed at her waist and he shoved her deeper onto his throbbing cock, each thrust making her scream out to him. Trickles of sweat were running down her cleavage and he would lick them from her and then grunt and thrust hard up into that tight hot twat again, until finally they were both spent and their screams and moans as they came together rocked the room with it's intensity.

Amy collapsed onto his chest, both of them trying to catch their breath after the intensity of what they had just experienced. After her body had returned somewhat to normal once again she got up off of him, pulling her skirt down and straightening her hose, smoothing her hair down and taking a quick glance at her flushed cheeks in the mirror on her way out. A small trickle of cum dripping down the inside of her thigh as she turned to look at him .

"See you next Friday Amy" he said with a sly wink as she closed the door behind her.

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