tagBDSMSeduction at the Old Gaol Ch. 05

Seduction at the Old Gaol Ch. 05


In the cool air and early morning light of the new morning, Belinda seemed conspicuously overdressed. Her short blue dress clung to her soft curves just as tightly as it had done the night before and still sprayed out and stopped midway down her tanned thighs. The silky dress and high heels still made her legs look long and crazily sexy.

Belinda was trembling as she clipped up the cell block, her mind yet to fully process the event of the night. Kate was one of her closest friends and during many hours together on the front desk of the gaol they had talked about incarceration. Little by little they had admitted to both themselves and each other their fascination of being locked up and locking people up. The friends had never experimented, despite having many cells at their disposal, but had talked at length with both Belinda and Kate careful to hide their real interest and growing arousal.

So it had been easy enough for Belinda to ask Kate to lock her in a cell for the night. That alone would have been exciting for Belinda, the feel of captivity and helplessness at the hand of her crazy blonde friend. Having James hidden in the cell with her had made the situation even more thrilling, even if she hadn't planned on Kate finding out about her secret male companion.

But now the floodgates were open, she knew that Kate would ask her to return the favour and it was no surprise that Kate had asked to be locked up naked. She'd confided that fantasy to Belinda on multiple occasions, but still it felt strange seeing Kate's slim exposed body inside the locked cell. She was no longer her slightly crazy colleague, she was now a sexy kinky woman over which she had total power.


James started to follow Belinda back out through the cell block, but his curiosity got the better of him and he walked back to Kate's locked cell. He opened the small observation window to see her sitting on the cushions, her knees drawn up into her body, her long crinkly blonde hair lying wildly around her slim face. She was still naked, Belinda having taken every last stitch of her clothing, and she had made no attempt to cover herself with the white sheet.

Upon seeing James's face, Kate smiled, rolled up on to her bare feet and crept like a predator across the concrete floor. Ironically she looked in full control, a sexually dominant woman, her pert breasts bouncing modestly, her hair lying wildly around her face.

"You must think I crazy to want to be locked up completely naked," Kate breathed, her face now almost touching the bars.

"Not necessarily," James replied.

"Bel and I were playing around with fantasies... and this was mine."

"On your own?"

Kate looked slightly solemn, "You wanna want to join me?"

"Belinda has the key... I'm as unable to get in and you are to get out."

"There's more of the world on your side of the door..." Kate breathed, "This tiny concrete box is all I have."

"You want me to feel sorry for you?" James replied, amused by Kate's seemingly selective memory, "You locked us in here last night!"

Kate pushed her naked body up against the cold door and pulled at the bars of the small observation window with a look of aroused frustration across her dilated blue eyes. She could see why Belinda liked this guy, his shining brown eyes were making summersaults inside her body.

"Do you want to know what I did after I locked you away last night?" Kate breathed.

"What you're doing right now?"

Kate smiled, her arousal covering any slight embarrassment.

James studied her surprisingly attractive face and thought back to last night. She had forced Belinda to lock him back in the drain and she had taken pleasure in standing on the grate and teasing him, enjoying her position as the all powerful key holder. But now she was helplessly locked up herself and yet was still aroused to distraction

"You must be this cell most willing inhabitant," James remarked as Kate licked her lips.

"Until I lock you back in here tonight," Kate panted.

"Big talk for someone so helpless, Belinda may not let you out."

"I'll handcuff you as well," Kate's eyes were losing focus as she gazed through the small observation grille.

"Chain me spreadeagle and you can make me do anything," James suggested, teasing her by touching his tongue against his lips.

Kate's eyes immediately came back into focus and her cries became louder. She tried to kiss him through the bars, but came tantalisingly short. James watched on with interest as the cries subsided and then blew the crazy blonde a kiss and closed up her window.

Kate stared at the steel plate that had blocked the small window. Fuck, those sexy brown eyes had disappeared far too quickly, but she was still on a high from the thrill of being locked up and the risk of being found naked in her cell. The fact that James was outside only added to the pleasure, even though Belinda would probably have him locked safely away before releasing her from her cell.


James returned to the front desk to see Belinda neatly folding Kate's clothes and placing them in her locker. Given the care which with Belinda had folded Kate's world possessions, it didn't seem that poor Kate would be leaving the jail anytime soon.

"So even if she escapes the cell, she'll have no clothes," James smiled as he playfully slapped Belinda's bottom and tried to lead her towards the front door.

"Feeling sorry for her?"

"How can I feel sorry for someone trapped under your lock and key?" James rolled his eyes.

"Mmm, well I won't be unlocking her cell door and fucking her... and neither will you!"

"Oh yeah, that reminds me..."

James reached around Belinda's waist and pulled her towards him. Belinda tried to resist, aware that she had to change out of her flirty dress and take her daughter to school, but she had no way to break James's insistent grip and his overwhelming desire to kiss her. At least she didn't have to open the gaol to the public until midday.

"Let's go for breakfast," James said, his arms still holding tightly around Belinda's waist.

It was amazing how cocky and confident James could be when he wasn't inside a locked cell.

"Breakfast... in handcuffs," Belinda announced as she broke free and smoothed down her short dress as far as it would go.

"I don't think I've seen that movie."

"Oh you should," she replied as she double locked high security hinged cuffs tightly around his wrists, "the guy does exactly what he'd told... for fear of Holly, played by me, tossing away the cuffs keys."

"Did you watch the same movie as me?"

Belinda playfully poked out her tongue. "And believe me, you'll love the ending..."

They closed the front door of the gaol with Kate still up locked inside with no possible chance of human interaction. Belinda, however, walked side by side with her gorgeous man, one arm wrapped around his sexy waist. The jacket draped over his manacled hands hid the handcuffs from view, but still the cuffs were having the desired effect on them both.

James felt the usual excitement of being owned by this voluptuous woman. His eyes darting between her smouldering brown eyes, to her tight dress and to her legs. This was exciting. She may have been able to inflict higher security at the gaol, but now they were in public, with Belinda having the power to reveal his plight or just to leave him on a street corner totally unable to free himself.

Belinda had James's undivided attention and was enjoying the feeling of his manacled hands as they reached across and continued their never ending quest to explore her body. This was perfect, by locking him in cuffs, she had taken their games, and his seemingly unending obsession for her, into the real world. She knew questions would be asked, but she didn't care as she pulled into her driveway and led James into her small suburban house.

"Breakfast in handcuffs... at your place?" James smiled as he looked around her small untidy kitchen.

"I know it's untidy..."

"I love it... does it have a bedroom?"

"Don't!" Belinda groaned, her daydreams suddenly interrupted by reality, "I have to pick up my daughter!"

"That's okay I'll wait."

"Glad to hear it," Belinda giggled, "cos' I don't suggest you wonder too far from me while you're in those cuffs."

"Oh they're staying on?"

"Aha, until you're back in jail."

Belinda was slipping out of her short blue dress and straight into a tight sleeveless white top and blue jeans that she pulled from a basket of clean washing on the kitchen table. Belinda was an amazing woman, her late thirties body had never been trained in the gym, but yet seemed to fill perfectly whatever she wore.

She discretely pushed the cuff keys into the back pocket of her jeans so that James wouldn't see it and talk her into unlocking him and making love. She pulled her long hair back into a ponytail, pushed her feet into black ankle boots and within seconds had transformed back into a respectable 'mum'.

"I don't remember seeing these cuffs in the museum," James observed.

Belinda's smile turned into a giggle.

"There's not are they? They're some sort of uber secure thing you bought on the internet?"

"You'd better wait for me then," Belinda grinned as she left.


As the 'soccer mum' backed her car back out of the driveway, James retrieved Belinda's tight blue dress from the floor and held the soft material to his face. Fuck, last night had been fun, locked away with this nymphomaniac brunette. He enjoyed her scent once more and then walked upstairs and hung her dress carefully in her aging wardrobe. The doors didn't even close and the whole thing was leaning to the side. A modest place for a sexual goddess to hang her clothes.

Hindered by the hinged cuffs, James proceeded to make her bed, tidy her bedroom and then moved on to the rest of her small house. Apart from lingering longer than he should on her clothes and lingerie, he worked quickly and had finished tidying most of the small two bedroom house by the time Belinda returned.

"Oh my god! Thank you," Belinda cried as she walked in, "No one's ever done that for me before!" In her mind, James tidying her house seemed erotic.

"My pleasure."

"You didn't have to."

"I thought it might be wise," James smiled as he held up his wrists.

"Oh your wrists!" she cried, inspecting the red marks from the cuffs.

"Turns out its hard to make a double bed while wearing hinged cuffs."

"Oh god, let me loosen them for you."

The key was already out of her pocket and almost in the first keyhole before James could grab her hand and push it back behind her waist.

"Put it back darling."

As he kissed her lips, they quickly changed from worried and pursed to open and smiling. Fuck, he called her 'darling'. This guy tidied her house and called her 'darling'! Her jeans may have been buttoned tightly around her waist, but somehow he'd managed to make crazy things happen inside. She had to get them off.

"Think you can unbutton my jeans while wearing cuffs?" she asked.


Belinda's small shower was the perfect size for two people who didn't want to be apart. They were now naked except for James's white shirt which he couldn't remove while locked in the handcuffs. She ducked inside his chained hands and pushed her bouncing breasts up against his chest to pin him against the old white tiles.

James dropped his conjoined hands down to her round butt and squeezed as he rubbed his hard cock against her. Belinda's arms were locked equally tightly around James's neck giving him no chance of escaping her lips or the gaze of her watchful brown eyes.

With the water pouring down on top of them, she felt him enter her and accidentally bit down on his lip that had been dangerously positioned between her teeth. Neither noticed.

They redressed, James in trousers and wet shirt that still clung to his chest. Belinda was wearing a tight sleeveless white top and blue jeans that her late thirties body seemed to fill perfectly.

It was almost time for Belinda to open the gaol for the afternoon session and so breakfast was downgraded to just coffee and a piece of toast in Belinda's kitchen and less than an hour later, Belinda and James were back at the gaol.

"Maybe I can run some tours this afternoon," James suggested, "after all I've experienced most things here."

The thought of working with James was exciting, but she knew he would be flirting with every woman who came in. Anyway, she had something else to try.

"I have another job for you," she replied.

Belinda had already dragged an old iron box that from the storeroom and positioned it behind her desk. It was about three foot in all directions and very old and heavy. The top could be lifted up on squeaky hinges to reveal a small space inside. Other than a small grille in the top, the box was completely solid and airtight.

"It's a torture box!" Belinda said switching into her guide voice, "Prisoners were locked inside, particularly in hot weather, and often left to die. And this one can double as my seat for the afternoon."

"So I may not get much air through this tiny grille then?"

"Depends what I had for breakfast," Belinda giggled.

The thought of locking James in the tiny box and sitting on him while she worked had Belinda buzzing. If the afternoon was quiet, then maybe she could even remove her jeans and underwear and sit on him naked. He wouldn't be able to touch her through the heavy grilled mesh, but maybe he could blow air at her, or maybe even the vibrations of his sexy voice would stimulate her.


"Sorry, what did you say?"

Shit, she needed to get him locked safely inside before she started to daydream. She heaved up the heavy lid and held it with two hands as James climbed in. It would probably have been easier if she removed his handcuffs, but the key felt too good in her back pocket. James was inside, just, and she lowered the lid down with an unintentional bang.

"Now security comes in two parts," she explained, "this padlock and my bottom."

Belinda laughed at her own joke as she sat down on the box.

The box was hugely tight and claustrophobic and from the moment Belinda sat down, it was also completely dark. James felt the unusual thrill of being imprisoned by the beautiful woman, this time amplified by the tight space. His emotions were on a knife edge; focus on the gorgeous woman sitting on top of him and he had a sexual rush, but focus solely on the locked box and he would panic. As a result, Belinda had complete control over both his body and his mind. Any length of time in here and he would become an even more subservient slave.

Belinda stood up and walked over to open the front door of the gaol and put out the welcome signs. Inside the box there was a small glimmer of light and a release of some of the hot air that had built up inside. The cool draft felt nice, but within minutes he heard the boots clipping back and felt the jeans sitting down.

James listened to the banal conversations. "Two tickets... are you paying by credit card... enjoy your visit..."

There had been a number of guests and Belinda had served them all knowing that the temperature would be building again inside the box. At last, the reception was empty and she unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them halfway down her thighs. She slid back on the box so that her crotch was above the small grille.

"Now remember, I'm the one with the key..." she breathed, not needing to finish the sentence.

"Oh fuck, if only," James cried, trying to force his smallest finger through the heavy mesh, "it's impossible."

"Do you really want to disappoint the girl with the key?"

"Fucking hell, Belinda, I'm fucking desperate to push my tongue into your vagina!"

"Mmm, the girl with the key would love that."

"You have to unlock this box!"

"The girl with the key wants to feel your tongue inside her first..."

James twisted his head and gazed lustfully at the black silk underwear that caressed and hugged her crotch. He positioned his lips and blew, in the hope that she might feel the air. Maybe she had, as she pulled her underwear to one side and James blew again. Maybe she could feel something.

She was now touching herself and working her own fingers into her vagina. Once wet, she gently pushed a key inside her and attached what looked like dental floss to the end, presumably so that she could remove it again. With the key now completely submerged, she let her underwear pull back into place. James then watched helplessly as she pulled her jeans back over her hips and buttoned them up tightly.

"I really has the key now," Belinda breathed, evidently still enjoying the feeling inside her.

With the prognosis of imminent freedom very poor, James reached down and within a minute had brought himself to orgasm.


It was already dark when the last of the visitors left the gaol and Belinda locked the door behind them. With no one around to see her, she stood in the middle of the entrance hall and removed her top, jeans and underwear. It felt exciting to be naked in a usually public place and she couldn't help herself from running bare foot into the nearest cell and closing the door behind her. At the other end of the cell block, Kate was in exactly the same position, apart from Kate's cell door was locked.

Merely the thought of being trapped naked inside the cell was sending bolts of energy through Belinda's body. Goose bumps were appearing everywhere. Fuck, Kate was on to a good thing. Maybe she should let Kate out so that Kate could lock her inside instead.

Belinda crept back to reception and pulled a short pink flowery dress, white underwear and black heels from her handbag. She then clipped into the toilets and took her time with her makeup and hair. Her lips were now bright red and her hair hanging loose and it was this provocative woman that clipped back and sat down on James's box.

"Wow, I love that dress and that perfume," James spluttered, overcome by Belinda's scent.

"Mmm, the girl with the key likes nice words."

"Is the girl with the key ever going to use the key?"

"I haven't felt you between my legs yet..."

The teasing, captivity and subservience were driving James crazy. "Oh fuck, you are the most gorgeous woman ever. I just want your body."

Belinda felt her body trembling. "Hold that thought darling, I first need to release Katie."


Belinda stood up and floated through the cell block and peered into Kate's cell.

"Hi Katie."

"Belinda, oh my god!"

"Goddess actual," she smiled, "Do you want me to release you?"

Kate nodded. Solitary confinement had started to play with her mind. After a day of being exposed and having nothing to play with other than her own body, she was spent. She'd listened to the voices of the visitors as they toured the gaol, imagining what they might look like and what would happen if they somehow came into her cell. Now she had to beg for her freedom from her tarty friend.

"Give me one good reason why I should turn this key."

"I'll do anything to you... I mean for you" Kate whispered, kneeling in the middle of the cell.

Belinda studied Kate's eyes that were large, blue and begging. She turned the key once and watched excitement replace frustration.

"Oh thank you!"

"Intense feeling isn't it," Belinda smiled as she walked in and ran her fingers through Kate's tangled blonde hair.

Kate's face was now against Belinda's inner thigh, but somehow it seemed totally natural. She pushed her head underneath Belinda's short dress and felt the soft warmth of Belinda's smooth skin sink into her face.

"Oh that feels so nice..." Kate breathed. She had spent the whole day desperately wanting to feel another body, even if it was her colleague's.

"Kiss me!" Belinda ordered.

Kate still spellbound kissed the woman's thigh.

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