tagMatureSeduction Ch. 03

Seduction Ch. 03


Daddy walked behind me and as he cupped my breasts he pressed his partly erect cock against the crease of my ass, he squeezed my tits hard making me moan as he whispered in my ear saying, "Can you feel daddy's cock getting hard thinking about having his cock up your tight little forbidden hole?"

"Yes daddy, I love it when you press it against my ass and play with my tits." Well sweet little cunt daddy had better prepare his little slut for her first ass fuck." He then released me and had me bend over the arm of the settee.

"Spread your legs more Megan." I did as asked and daddy said, "Now that looks so nice and inviting with your cunt and asshole nicely displayed and available." I tried to picture the lewd display I presented to daddy, the thought made my cunt gush.

Daddy ran his hands over my ass cheeks caressing them and down onto each side of my cunt lips. I moaned as his fingers pulled my lips apart and revealed the pink interior to his gaze. Then he kneeled and began to lick in circles inside my already wet cunt, his tongue found my swollen clit showing my arousal and he started to flick it with his tongue. I moaned with pleasure as he played with it with his tongue then took it in his mouth and sucked on it. Then he stood up and I felt him pushing two fingers into my hole, he finger fucked me for a few moments then withdrew them and slid them over the narrow divide between my cunt hole and anus.

I felt his wet fingers moving in circles around my anus, they paused and once more he slid them into my cunt and wet them with my juices then he withdrew them and played with my anus again This time I felt him pushing a finger into my anal ring, I moaned as I tried to relax to allow his finger to slip inside. It slowly entered my asshole and he began to finger fuck me saying, "You lovely slut you look so nice with daddy's finger fucking your asshole for the very first time, does it feel nice?"

"Yes daddy you have my cunt so hot and wet but you finger is arousing me more."

"Good" he said as I felt his finger stop moving and then another finger was seeking admission to join the first. I moaned loudly as he stretched my anal ring forcing the second finger inside me, then he began to rotate them from side to side as her tried to relax my ring. Then as it adjusted to his invading fingers he started to open his fingers stretching my anal ring and opening my asshole more. Finally he had three fingers in my asshole with me moaning loudly at my asshole being stretched so tightly around his fingers.

"Relax your ass need a good working to make sure I can get my cock inside, you do want to give your anal cherry to daddy don't you?"

"Yes daddy," I moaned as he twisted his three fingers around to dilate my tight ring until in the end his three fingers moved easily in my asshole.

Then he pulled his fingers out and as my asshole slowly started to close he squeezed a full tube of KY into my asshole and around the entrance. "Are you ready my sweet slut to take daddy up your ass? "Yes daddy, fuck your slut's ass, please be gentle daddy."

"Of course I will my sweet little cunt, daddy wants you to like having his cock up your ass, it is the way I will want to fuck you often."

Then daddy had me kneel on the floor with my shoulders down low and my ass raised. I felt his big cock head being rubbed around in the KY he had squirted onto my anal area, then it was pressing into my anal ring, I was pleased he had taken the time to loosen my asshole as I felt it opening and allowing him entry, but it was still not as easy as I first thought as it had started to tighten up while daddy put in the KY.

I moaned as he spoke to me saying, "Relax you bitch, let me in." I tried harder to stop the fear of his cock hurting me and suddenly I felt his big swollen cock head pop inside my anus. It felt much bigger than when it was in my cunt, I guess it was because my anal sheath was narrower than that of my cunt.

"Good girl Megan, now relax and let me fill you ass with my cock, that's what you want isn't it?"

"Yes daddy, fill my ass with that big cock and fuck your slut." Then he slowly pushed his cock deeper and deeper into my ass, I was moaning loudly as his cock opened my anal sheath to accommodate it. But I wanted to please daddy while I experienced what it was like being fucked in the ass so I urged him on.

Soon I felt his hips pressed to my ass cheeks and realised that I now had the full length of daddy's cock up my tight ass. "OH DADDY!" I exclaimed "Your cock feels so big inside me, but I like it daddy, fuck me daddy fuck you slut up her ass."

Daddy was very good to me I know for he moved slowly pulling his cock back down after my ass had adjusted to his girth, then he pushed it back up slowly so as to bring me pleasure not a lot of pain. Soon I was enjoying the new feeling of a cock fucking my ass. As I adjusted to the size of daddy's cock daddy told me to reach down and play with my clit, I reached down and rubbed my clit hard as he began to fuck me harder.

I was soon close to orgasm as I played with my swollen clit and daddy's cock fucked me deep. I felt my orgasm was close and urged daddy to fuck my ass harder. He said, "You like it all don't you, in your mouth, up your cunt and now up your ass?" Oh yes daddy, I love it all so much. Fuck my ass harder." His reply turned me on more when he said, "Take it all up your asshole then you fucking little whore." He began to ram his cock harder into my ass as I cried out saying, "Yes daddy I am your whore, your sweet little fucking whore." Then I was lost in a haze of pure sexual pleasure as I came, waves of orgasmic pleasure carried me away until I suddenly felt daddy's cock erupt inside my ass shooting his load of cum deep in my bowels.

Later after showering we went to bed, I lay in daddy's arms and told him I wanted to be his sweet cunt, his slut, his whore. I just want to be yours for as long as I can I told him. Well my sweet little cunt for as long as you are with me you will always be mine.

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