tagMatureSeduction in sleep

Seduction in sleep


While for months we had fucked many times, we knew that we had to retain the sparkle in the fucking relationship, else we would become just another couple. Unmarried (to each other) and knowing too much of each other’s sex organs or of our sex habits.

If sex were not taken on an inventive front, we would drift, met only once in months and discuss sex. Eventually, masturbating would become more and more interesting.

Tara and I had often talked of the fact that one fucked with his brain and not with his or her organ. We always talked of how we fucked the first time after one and a half hours of my heating her up and her insisting that I must have more than three orgasms inside her.

One night while ruminating over a new method of surprising her pussy with a new kind of fuck, I struck on a new idea.

At almost 11 PM, I jumped out of my chair, picked up my travel kit with all its components and drove off towards Tara’s home. I knew she would be in her bedroom and was expected to be alone. Her sister, who shared the room would be away for two days.

It being the middle of a coastal summer, it was hot, humid and muggy. I guessed that her bedroom window would be open, with the curtains drawn.

In about 20 minutes, I was outside her house. I drove away from the house and walked back 100 yards.

I scaled the gate and climbed the garage floor to reach her room’s window.

I slowly parted her curtains and saw, she was sleeping soundly with a short nightie on. Her hands were above her, a book was next to her (which she was perhaps reading when she dropped off), her nightie was slightly up on her thigh. Her pink panty was visible.

I levered myself up and entered her room and worried, if she woke up suddenly and got scared by an intruder, she may scream. And then I would have to run while her parents would come in to help.

That would be bad. My dick was already erect and bending hard inside my underwear. It was aching.

I decided, the best thing for me was to ensure that she was sexually aroused but did not get awake. I wanted to simply give her maximum pleasure. If necessary, I would not fuck. I would just masturbate and come away. That is what I wanted to tell her “I love your pussy very much, but I love you enjoying your own more”.

I slowly opened my travel kit and took out all my goodies. The after shave lotion, scissors, shaving kit, toothpaste, tooth brush, a very soft brush and a specially made feather filled neck pillow for long airline travel.

I took the pillow and cut open the side.

Took out one long feather and decided that I had to sexually arouse Tara.

I started to run the feather over her face and neck. She moved slightly as if to get the insect away from her, which was walking over her. I let her settle down. Once again, I started. Soon she got used to this disturbance.

Pretty soon the feather was running over her open legs and till her nightie. Over her arms and exposed neck.

I had a brain wave. Why don’t I just cut her clothes off her.

I took out the small scissors and very lightly cut away the nightie from her shoulders and from her front. Then I cut away from her neck down till the hemline.

I slowly and softly removed the nightie from her front and from her shoulders.

She was wearing a bra. I told myself “How many layers does she wear? She should wear a single pull off dress for better fucking”.

I cut the middle of her bra and lifted the cups off her breasts.

They were milky white and lovely.

She was totally exposed except for her panty.

I pinched the panty from her sides and cut the two sides. The front of the panty just came off.

She was totally naked.

Tara was now ready for my game.

I then took the feather and started running it over her breasts. I slowly ran it over her nipples one by one. I saw the nipples become hard.

She was disturbed a little. I think she was having an erotic dream. Her hand moved for her pussy. Her finger went through pubic hair and caressed her pussy a couple of times and she fell asleep again.

I decided to get aggressive. I ran the feather down on both sides of her legs and thighs. She changed her position to an inviting one. One leg away from her thighs and the other one straight.

I then ran the feather around her pussy and parted her pubic hair with the feather.

I could see the clit swelling up and the slit glistening with her juices.

I did not know how to part her pussy lips and head for her clit. I knew that is where the charm lay. She would get mad with pleasure if I could get that tit bit.

I slowly caught her ankles and parted her legs a little more. I lifted the straight leg and crooked it up and left it so that it fell away from the other leg.

She was now a lime a frog with both her legs far apart.

I could smell her pussy with the juices.

My cock was bursting with desire to go and meet its friend, her pussy and to give her the gift it always did. The problem was I could not take off my pants till I knew that she was asleep. She could cream and make me leave in a hurry.

I slowly put pillows next to her and positioned myself so that I could let my tongue reach her pussy and the rest of the body not touch her.

Very deftly, I started to lick the inner thighs. Then I reached around her pussy.

I started to make a figure of eight around the pussy and the clit.

I picked up two feathers and started to run them over her nipples while my tongue became naughtier and naughtier on her clit.

I stared to butterfly lick the clit. Flicking it directly and then going away.

She was breathing hard and she was clearly about to come to an orgasm.

In less that the next two minutes she had a nice orgasm in her sleep.

I let her be for a few minutes.

Then suddenly she woke up. Looked at her self. She was shocked she was naked. She did not see me.

Then she turned around to see me. She was about to yell. I held her mouth and stopped her.

She calmed down quickly and tried to cover her charms with her hands.

I let her cover her womanhood and whispered “You had a very nice orgasm while you were asleep”.

She looked at me like an angel and pulled my face near and kissed my lips and said “God. You really make me enjoy. I love you. I dreamt that we were fucking”

I slowly made her move away and make space for me. She sat up, and said, “Take of all that you are wearing. Let me fuck you now”.

I quickly agreed. My cock sprang out. It was truly hurting.

She caught my cock and kissed it and said “Darling, you need to be satisfied. My pussy will look after you” to the cock. She kissed the tip of the cock and shifted to make space for me on her single bed.

I said “No. I want you in many other ways”.

Tara asked “How?”

I looked around the room and picked out the large bolster from her sitting arrangement

I pulled her by her hand and made her get up. She got and waited for me to make the next move. I placed the large bolster across the bed. Than I scoped her up and put her back on the bed.

I ensured that her buttocks were on the bolster.

Than I made her head and legs come down.

That was a sight to be seen. Her most lovely part was pointing up.

I held her ankles and said “Part them as much as you can”

She instantly did so.

I took position between her legs and placed my face right over her pussy.

I started to kiss her pussy, thighs and then finally the clit. While I was treating her clit lavishly, my hands were busy with her breasts.

She was sighing and moaning and then suddenly said “Why don’t you fuck?”

I got up, moved between her legs and started to tease her pussy with my cock.

I would enter the tip by about half and inch then back out. My finger would open the lips of her pussy as if to let the cock run over the clit, then go away.

She suddenly took matters in her hand. She caught my cock and pulled it right over her pussy opening and lunged her back more and took the cock in.

She lifted her legs and grabbed my back and plunged my cock into her pussy.

She commanded “Fuck me you bastard”.

I started to fuck softly. She said strongly “Hard. I like it hard and strong. No soft strokes”

I caught her by her sides and started to give her long and hard strokes.

She drove her fingers between our bodies and stared to masturbate while the cock was doing its job.

Sooin she was having her next orgasm.

But I was far from done.

I wanted her pussy more.

Normally she would have said “I am tender. Just stop a little”.

But she said “Tear the pussy up. Fuck . Fuck. Fuck. Come. Darling come into me”.

I fucked harder and harder.

I had a shattering climax. She too had her third orgasm.

I got up and lay next to her panting.

She asked “Tired? No more fucks?”

I said “Just you wait you bitch”.

I got up, took out my shaving foam.

When she saw it, she said “No. Please don’t shave me”.

I caught her and tied her lands to the bed post.

She started to move violently over the bolster.

For a while I let he struggle. The she tiered out and the idea of a shaved pussy sunk in.

She quietened down.

I caught her by her ankles and ordered “Bend the legs up. Ih would make it better”.

She slowly lifted her knees and parted her legs.

I applied the foam. Than I started to shave off her pussy. I caressed it more, shaved less.

She was very aroused with the caressing.

Then I got a towel and wiped the foam away.

I got up, took her perfumed cream sachet and applied some of her Avon cream into her mound.

Soon she was ready.

She looked like a six year old on her pussy. Only it looked red after the fuck and the lips of her pussy were puckered up with the violent fucking.

I slowly applied more cream and then parted her bald lips with my fingers and started to kiss her clit.

She became wild and said “Fuck me now”.

I picked her up and took her to the sofa seat.

I positioned her so that her pussy was out. I lifted her legs and placed them one at a time over the hand rest. Then took her hands and placed then on her ankles and said “Hold on”.

She held her ankles and whispered “Tie them up”.

I picked up her hair ribbons and tied her ankles onto the arm rest.

The I positioned my self sell and started to fuck her helpless pussy.

She was only saying “Fuck me. Fuck me in every position:.

This time I was too excited. I came before her. But she followed quickly.

After resting for a few moments. I lay down below the sea and lifted my head to her open and inviting pussy and licked her clit till she cried for more.

I removed the bondage and pulled her down on the room rug and fucked like all people do. Very satisfying and lovely.

We kissed each other for more than an hour.

I the told her ”I must go”.

She pulled me down and sucked my cock till I came once again.

She said “Bye for now. Come when you like and fuck me”.

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