tagMatureSeduction of an Interviewer

Seduction of an Interviewer


"That's not professional attire you understand. Especially since this is a job inter... Ummm Ms. Kroger! That is entirely unacceptable! Oh lord Ms. Kroger what are you... Ms. Kroger Ms Kroger what are...? Sit down... Oh god woman..."

"Ms. Kroger goodbye we are done... Huh what the... That will be oh my god woman! Ohhh god ohhhhhh god ummm I... I have kids; I have a, a wife and... Ohhhh geez woman! Please stop that! No, no... Ohhh please ohhh my... Please oh please stop, stop please ohhhh..."

"Wow I hafta say Ms. Kroger whatever it is you put on; whatever that is you're wearing well it smells very nice on, on you... Ohhhhhhh yeah, yeah it does."

Gary was seduced by a woman who knew what she wanted and knew what she was doing. Interviewing the woman who for the fifth time in eight years learned her gift well and was skilled in the art of seduction took care of another innocent prey. Gary Thompson, the Human Resources Director of Vertigo Corp had never experienced anything or anyone like what happened to him that late Friday afternoon.

Walking out of her very long interview, Sandra Kroger again was very proud of herself. With her hair pulled back in a ponytail to hide imperfections in her recently washed hair, Sandra successfully obtained another job simply wearing her white and tight spaghetti strapped top. Wearing a black woman's blazer, it covered most of the top she wore. The top itself wasn't cut too low but with her figure and legs most women would die for, Sandra seized the moment once again.

Flashing a wicked sexy smile and twirling her medium length blond hair often, Sandra Kroger seemed to wink at her interviewer making him wonder why or if she was flirting during the interview process. He was uncomfortable.

Everything she did while answering questions would secure another high paying position just like every other job interview she went to prior to that day. She was good, she was hott as hell, she was a hottie, and she was smooth in her seduction of Gary Thompson. Gary found that out too late.

"Oh my god Tom, she is well she was... Oh man Tom she was freaking hott. I mean there is more to it then that. She was freaking sexier then anything I mean anyone I've ever been with; not that I've had my fair share of women you understand. She just dressed like some well some... I don't know Tom. She was umm how should I say it?"

"Fucking Playboy model Gary" Tom asked him. Gary shook his head yes. "Hmmm she was that hott and that great huh? God you are lucky. You are always lucky man! Do you remember that other girl?"

"Hey that ordeal wasn't my fault! I had nothing to do with her at all! I never ever touched her Tom! Not once did I touch that! Huh uhhh no way did I get even close to that stuff I know she wanted it, but I did not go there!" Tom roared out laughing. He knew about the other girl. At the time, she had just turned 18. The day after she turned 18, she was on 4 different managers in 2 days time. It turns out that girl had sex with 4 different managers, and they obliged her, in two days time. All four were fired. Regardless if upper management thought she was underage it was against company policy. The girl knew it, the managers knew it, but all of their hormones told them otherwise.

Come Sandy Kroger; one hott sexy younger woman looking for a good fuck in turn for getting a better paying job. She didn't get the fuck she sought, but she got almost everything else. Sitting across the desk from Gary, she smiled, answered his questions in sharp crisp responses all the while twirling her soft blond locks of hair, oh and winking occasionally too.

"Tom I gotta get this off my chest. I should keep this to myself but I knew after what she did, she was hired. Hell if she did to you what she did to me or I did for her, you'd hire her too man!"

"What did actually happen" Tom asked Gary with a smile so big and eyes so mischievous that once that woman would settle in, he said to himself "I'm gonna see about seeking her out and getting a little of that action too."

"Well I called her in to the back room; all the way at the end of the hall. It's that interview room. It's a perfect room for what happened too. Anyways, first I made the mistake of checking her out. You know like I accidentally tried to see inside her the black blazer which covered up a white thin top. I assumed it was a nice cotton tee like my wife wears; nothing too sexy, but very flattering to say the least."

"Yeah, yeah come on and get to the good stuff Gary" Tom told him excitedly.

"I opened the door and didn't get a whiff of whatever she was wearing as far as perfume was concerned until later. My sinuses had been bothering me. I went and got her a cup of tee. It was only a minute. When I came back she was still sitting there like before."

"Her blazer was still buttoned; you could see her tits, but not too well. You couldn't see any cleavage, because the top she wore wasn't cut that low. I think there was a hint of it showing; not enough to turn you on at all. I didn't put much stock into her outfit at that point. I focused or tried to focus on her qualifications and the position."

"When we umm discussed the job requirements; that's when I think she nonchalantly undid her blazer. It opened up slightly but not enough for anyone to take notice. I remember her shifting in her chair like she was not comfortable. She continued replying to me with well defined answers. She was sharp Tom. She smiled a lot but she toyed with that hair of hers. Doing it gave me the impression she was uncomfortable."

"You think so" Tom asked.

"Yeah I thought so, but afterwards when I thought about everything that happened it was all a ploy man. She knew exactly what she wanted to do. She scripted everything she did out to the last detail. She was experienced Tom; very experienced to say the least."

"Come on tell me the good parts! Get to the good parts Gary!"

"Okay, okay be patient" Gary replied. "She folded her arms but with her hands open against her chest. While we spoke she seemed to put on hand inside one lapel. I saw what seemed to be rustling underneath her lapel. I was curious to know what the heck was going on. I mean was she playing with her tit? Was she playing with a nipple? That's what I thought. That's what it looked like."

"No shit" Gary exclaimed.

"No shit Tom. She was actually fingering one nipple and then the other nipple right there in our interview all the while keeping a straight face. She was priming them. She was priming herself. She was primed herself to make a move on me in the hopes of seducing me." Tom listened intently.

"While we talked or I talked she acted as though she was listening to me. I have no idea if she was or not. I was telling her while looking at a book, into the air, or her too, but I didn't pay attention at all what she did next until it was too late."

That nice looking blazer had slipped off in the course of the interview. When I looked up man all I saw her tan sexy shoulders. All I saw were boobs. All I saw were boobs which of course were covered by that sexy top she wore. That spaghetti strapped top she wore along with her slender figure and legs I saw suddenly I hadn't noticed before. She wore this skirt, which was also tight, and her legs... Oh shit those legs were long and sexy and god Tom they were incredible as incredible got!"

"You are the luckiest guy in the world Gary!" Tom laughed, but he was envious and horny too!

"I'm not so sure Tom. That's when I told her what she wore was inappropriate attire or I tried telling her. That's when I tried to tell her what she had on was inappropriate for a job interview. It was like she wasn't even listening. She smiled while I tried telling her that. I don't know if she even apologized, but I do know one thing. She never ever put her blazer back on."

"No I bet she didn't. She knew she had you dude" Tom told Gary.

"Well yeah she did, but I didn't realize it yet. She stood up and began to approach me, but pulled her chair behind her. She was going to sit right in front of me. She pulled that chair around the side of the desk. I knew what was happening then. I tried telling her the interview was over, but it wasn't as far as she was concerned. She was not done yet. I wasn't done yet. We definitely weren't done yet."

"I love Cheryl with all my heart and soul Tom. I love her to death. Granted we have out fair share of arguments, but I wouldn't trade my life in for a minute. I love my kids. I love Cheryl and I tried telling this woman I had kids and a wife I love. She knew it but behaved as though she wasn't listening. She stood up while she began smiling, she stepped against me, and I got a waft of her perfume. She smelled out of this world. She was so pretty, so beautiful, and so sexy Tom it is hard to explain it."

"Her figure especially in that top she wore and how it gracefully followed the soft slender lines and undulations of her boobs and flat tummy man... We oh my god I remember it like it was a little while ago!"

"She sat down and looked into my eyes while smiling softly. Her hands pressed up against her breasts and she made circular motions on them. I got hard Tom. I mean I got real hard. I felt this rush of excitement stream rapidly throughout me Tom. It was wild."

"She reached for my shirt. She undid my buttons. She pushed my shirt back off my shoulders. She looked at my body, and you've seen my body I mean I don't have the greatest looking chest in the world man. Right Tom I don't have a great looking chest."

"Umm well I guess not but that doesn't matter to me" replied Tom.

"And it didn't matter to her either. She smiled and smiled the whole time. Even after she pushed my shirt off my shoulders and after she could see what I looked like, she didn't bat an eye. She looked at me and my chest, and she put her hands up against it, and she rubbed it like there was not tomorrow."

"It felt great and I couldn't seem to stop her. I didn't want her to stop. It was too good! She smiled as if she was ready to make love with me. She winked, made cooing sounds and other provocative sounds too. She slid one strap off her shoulder then the other, and seeing her soft sensuous shoulders drove a nail through my loins. Seeing them I knew what was next."

"While she stared me in the eye, she slowly lowered the sides of her top. Slowly but surely she lowered them down. But she did it real slow. She did it so slow that I had enough time to catch a glance of her cleavage. She looked at me, she looked down at her cleavage, she looked up, and she winked at me. She had fun. I had fun seeing her do it. She was having the time of her life flirting with me and seducing me."

"I can't wait to hear what she did to you next. I hafta meet this woman. I'm gonna meet her somehow Gary."

Gary then laughed at Tom. "Not in a million years I bet will you get a chance to get in her pants. Not in a million years Tom. I don't believe you'll ever get that chance!"

Pausing for a moment to recall what happened next, Gary looked around the café. Before telling his good friend Tom what happened next he thought how both of them were married. Both of them have kids the same age. He thought how their kids played sports in the same league and how their wives enjoyed socializing together often.

Today was Gary and Tom's day to find out what happened to Gary the other day. Today was Gary's moment of truth finally. He held it in for two days. He kept what happened to him close to the chest. It was his dirty little secret. No one and nobody would ever know. Sandy Kroger certainly wasn't going to say a word. Gary Thompson wasn't going to sink his ship, and his friend Tom wasn't going to ever let Gary down regardless of what Gary would tell him.

"She slipped the top off. She slid it all the way down so it wrapped around her tummy. When she was done I looked her in the face, but my eyes went straight for her prized possessions Tom. She wore one helluva sexy looking bra. It was a strapless bra. It had lace interwoven in it. It was white. I think it was well it had to be an underwire bra. Her tits looked majestic in it. She rested her hands underneath it as if holding it up. She caressed it. I looked at her for a moment and she was looking at me and when she saw me look at her, she winked with a smile that told me they were mine. They were all mine!"

"You are never going to believe what she did next. She stood up. She undid her skirt. She was wearing nylons too. She looked so incredible standing there in front of me. But what she did next made me hornier then hell and I was harder then ever."

"She stood up and sat down in my lap. Her legs were spread apart. I looked down, but she grabbed my face and made me look at her and then her tits. That bra was seductive by itself. She grabbed my hair and pulled me in against her tits! Yeah Tom she pulled my face in against her tits. Ohhh shit now was that awesome!" Gary closed his eyes.

Tom closed his eyes. Tom was turned on by the story. He sat with his eyes closed imagining everything that happened could have happened to him. He sat silently while fantasizing that it all could happen to him.

"Her voice changed. It was softer, more alluring, and so freaking seductive. I began kissing them. The insides of them; I kissed them and kissed them. It was the right thing to do. She cooed when I did. She murmured too. She put her arms around me and pressed her fleshy breasts against me harder. She didn't shriek or anything, but it seemed like she did. She echoed lustful like sounds. She told me she loved how I kissed them. I mean she honestly told me how it felt to have them kissed. She was giddy and excited about it."

"Then Tom she took it off. She dropped it to the floor and there they were. Two awesome tits with hard nipples perky and round as round got! She begged me to touch them Tom. She begged me to rub them, kiss them, and even suck them off Tom. I kid you not Tom!

Tom didn't say a word. He sat staring and listening to Gary. Gary spent a few minutes telling Tom how she smiled, giggled, and wiggled around as Gary applied his trade on her boobs. She craved it. She loved it. She yearned for it. So did Gary. So did Tom.

"Topless, sexy, and well I don't just one woman who knows what she's doing she seduced me and I don't care at all."

"She kissed me on the lips. She kissed my chest. Yeah that's right she kissed my chest. She murmured too when she did it. She caressed it at the same time she kissed these softies" Gary said proudly. "Yeah I know these are body builders' pecs, but she didn't seem to mind and I loved every last second of it and those lips of hers on me."

"She actually murmured like she enjoyed kissing umm your... Now that is what I call lucky as hell. I wish I was that lucky. I mean I'm built about the same as you and well I wish I was as lucky."

"Nah you don't because I feel guilty now. I wouldn't ever do it again in a million years."

"You wouldn't" exclaimed Tom. Gary told him would not.

"The best part's coming. I kissed her tits, she kissed my chest, and I honestly believe she liked doing me. I honestly believe she loved kissing my chest. I know I know; I know I could be more developed and all, but it did not stop her. She didn't bat an eye. She did what she came to do. She was successful."

"She and I made love to the others body sort of I guess. She and I kissed, licked, and sucked off the others chest, but she went into overdrive and was on her knees before I knew it. That's right bud. She got off my lap. She went down on her knees. She unzipped my pants. She reached in and pulled out my hard cock."

Gary went on to finish his story. He told Tom she looked at Gary with a sense of pride and accomplishment. She looked at Gary, smiled devilishly, and winked with both eyes. Holding it delicately, she surveyed it's size and features, and then winked at Gary again.

Sandy stuck her tongue out and licked its tip. She licked its tip repeatedly. He told Gary he moaned joyfully. She proceeded down his shaft continuing to lick it, spit on it, and lick it some more while licking off her own saliva. She cooed and murmured while licking him. He expressed how awesome and smooth she was.

He told Tom how he wanted her nylons off so he could somehow get in her cunt and finger it, but he wasn't able to. At that point it did not matter. Sandy had commenced sucking him off. She went down on him, sucking, and licking him some times, but mostly she was inhaling him deep down her throat. "She was like Deepthroat in that porn flick!" They both laughed.

Gary said she broke him down; she made him weak. She had him ready to fall off the chair he was so weak, fragile, and so wimpy he said that he felt like he was nobody. He felt like he was some geeky guy who never dated before and out of nowhere was seduced for his very first time. "And she loved doing it too Tom all of it!"

"I wanted her tits. I wanted them in my hands. I wanted to hold them badly. I wanted to feel them in the palms of my hands. I wanted to feel them in my mouth. I wanted to lick them. I wanted to kiss her body. I wanted to get on top of her and wag my cock in her face, her tits, in her stomach, and you know between her thighs! I wanted all of that and I wanted to fuck her brains out, but before I knew it I felt myself exploding. I had exploded and I was cumming all over."

Gary went onto say how he not only exploded in her mouth, but on her face, in her hair, and against her chest too. He had cummed that hard and that much that he even caught her by surprise!

"But you know what? She actually loved it! She loved getting it in the mouth! She loved feeling my umm cum in her mouth and hair and even her face. She was swallowing the crap. Can you believe that? She had swallowed my stuff completely! She didn't spit me out. She swallowed it, wiped off her face, and licked all that off, and she grabbed my tie, and wiped off what was on her chest. It was on the backside so I eventually put it back on. All day long I wore a tie that had cumm residue on it Tom. No shit Tom I kid you not!"

"That's bullshit Gary. That couldn't have happened. I don't believe you!"

"Listen it did and guess what? There are three departments including yours that need assistants. I'd do the woman again; well no I wouldn't, because I was lucky and I am not going to ruin what I have. But tell you what; she is waiting to hear back from me. You want me to schedule you an interview?"

Tom sat across from Gary snickering at the idea. "Yeah but I am not taking any chances. If I actually interviewed her for the position, I wouldn't do it at work" Tom replied. "You get me an interview with her. Use those conference rooms. The small business units at the hotel across town, and yeah I'll interview her for a position, or two" winking at Gary. Again the two of them laughed. But the joke would be on them.

Knowing she had the job already, she didn't need to put out, but what she did do was bring along a companion. Dressing ultra conservative, she pulled nothing on Tom. Expecting her to seduce him and initially flirt with him, she walked in with another young lady. The young lady looked very familiar. She was about 22.

She was dressed in a nice outfit as if she was about to seduce someone unexpectedly. That 22 year old girl was the same 18 year old girl who did 4 managers in two days time a few years back.

Tom didn't get the pleasure of having sexual relations with Sandy. He was invited to have sex with her younger sister Sherry.

Sherry was happy to oblige. She was sexy and horny. Tom was handsome enough and horny that day. Both were willing participants, so Sandy knowing she had a secure job, and Sherry stepped up to be Tom's good shepherd for the day.

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