Seduction of Debbie

byDay Dreaming©

"Debbie, we've known each other for a very long time. I've been friends with your husband Tim even longer. I hope you won't think less of either of us when I tell you that Tim told me about you baring your bottom on the beach in Jamaica. I love both you and Tim, and I believe I deserve the same view of the most beautiful woman I know as a bunch of strangers in a foreign country. I want to see everything I've been missing from you, Debbie."

As Wayne made his request, her shoulders slowly slumped in shame. She wasn't thinking as much about Wayne's request as she was about her own nudity in Jamaica. It was true, of course. She had bared everything in Jamaica. She couldn't believe Tim had told Wayne. Had he also told Wayne about their wild love-making that night? She hung her head in embarrassment and confusion. She was searching for an answer.

While she struggled, Wayne continued to take in her newly-revealed beauty. First, the length and shape of her luscious legs. Then the joining of those smooth legs at his ultimate destination, the barely concealed lips between her wonderful thighs. The aching between his own legs reminded him that he needed to get into her pants as quickly as possible. He decided to be forceful, and once again played on her lack of confidence.

Without removing his gaze from her crotch, Wayne simply informed her of what would happen next. "Debbie, I'm going to remove your panties now. Then I'm going to take in your beauty as only your most devoted admirer can. And finally, I'm going to drive you home." He failed to mention that before he drove her home, he intended to take a leisurely pleasure drive himself… through the love tunnel that was the center of his attention right now.

Debbie could plainly see where Wayne's interest was focused. It made her nervous and embarrassed, but she could not bring herself to imagine exactly what Wayne had in mind. He had no such problem. Wayne knew precisely what he wanted of her and her body. He knew the position he wanted her in, and he knew where he wanted to be himself. This gave him a significant advantage in the battle for control of her body. She did not accede to Wayne's request, but neither did she have the courage to challenge him.

He approached. She was riveted to the ground. He kissed her eyes, then her cheeks, nose, mouth and neck. He moved his lips toward her magnificent breasts, and at the same time slid his hands down her bare sides to the waistband of her panties. She was soft, smooth and supple to his touch… and breathlessly immobile. As he lowered his head to one of her nipples, in her aroused state she ever so gently offered encouragement. She raised her hands to his hair, presenting the fully erect nipple to him.

As Wayne closed on her nipple, he also gently slid his hands for the first time into her pants. He was so excited about this first chance to caress her bare bottom. His touch confirmed that she was a firm and fully developed woman, a marvelous piece of fruit ready for him to harvest. With a fire in his eyes that she couldn't see but could certainly feel, he eased her panties very slowly over her full hips.

He took over a minute to complete the very pleasurable task of removing her last piece of clothing. For his own enjoyment, Wayne was removing her thong with all of the drama that a stripper might employ. He caressed her bottom and inched the fabric down. But to lower the front of her panties, he also now eased his hands to her stomach. As he lowered the fabric, his hands dropped down to the hairy mound she had been concealing from him for a lifetime. For the first time, he slid his fingers around and delicately into her little love nest.

Debbie was frozen in fear as a family friend completed stripping her naked. She could not move. But as she felt the sensuous touch of his hands on the most intimate parts of her femininity and her final garment sliding over her pussy to expose it to him for his use, her knees buckled. She fought to remain standing. Finally, his lips hit her nipple and her panties hit the floor.

Although he still had work to do, he took a selfish moment to suckle first the maid and then the mistress before him. Debbie closed her eyes and enjoyed the warmth of his tongue on the pointed tips of her breasts. He had fondled these globes of flesh on and off for over three hours. Her soft skin could not have taken much more. It would not be required to. His attention had now been drawn elsewhere. This would be the last significant attention that her breasts received from him tonight.

Now he raised up and took in her whole body, just as he had said he would. In only a few minutes since getting her alone, he had stripped bare the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Without clothes, she was simply more gorgeous than with them. Hers was not a thin model's beauty. She had the figure of a model on steroids… a Barbie with hips… a curvy, winding road waiting to be used by a powerful car. She was hot. He wanted her… now!

For the first time he took in her pubic mound without it's protective covering. Her blonde love nest had the color and softness of a lioness's mane. He intended to bring out this wild cat in her very soon. For now, Wayne knew he couldn't keep this voluptuous object of his desire standing nude in the middle of his living room for long. She was watching him make his first visual inspection of the pussy he intended to force his cock into shortly and it was making her very nervous. Still, he paused to etch this vision of her beauty into his brain.

* * * * *

IV – Positioning Debbie for Sex

His examination of her body had stiffened his cock once more. He wanted so badly to take her right now. She could see this in his eyes and in his pulsing erection. He wanted to drive his manhood into her and fuck her until she cried out for him, but the last few minutes in this play of passion would pose his biggest challenge… and would yield his greatest pleasure. Wayne now began his conquest of her last frontier, the core of sexuality between her legs. He punched in CD no 5.

His best hope for success began it's first strains… "When a man loves a woman…". In fact, he had looped this song so that it would continue to play for an hour. He hoped to need it for only about ten minutes.

"Take me home now, Wayne," the nude woman before him pleaded. Her request fell on deaf ears. Now that she was naked, he was intent on fanning her passion into flames, and positioning her for sex.

"Debbie, earlier tonight you said we heard one of your favorite songs. This song is my all-time favorite. Dance with me just until this one song finishes." Her FM said no, but he took her in his arms anyway. She knew where he wanted her arms. She clutched his neck and offered him her very large breasts, but held her waist away. Without clothes to protect her any longer and having seen Wayne's obvious interest in the puffy lips between her legs, Debbie was rightfully concerned. She was stiff in his arms and he could feel it. He was stiff in his shorts and she was intent on not feeling it.

As they danced, Wayne caressed her sensuous naked body, from her smooth back down the curves to her waist, and out over the softness of her bottom. His chest hairs pressed against her breasts. She was experiencing intense feelings of yielding. Even so, Debbie tried to keep her hips away from his. She didn't want to feel his penis. As fate would have it, they shared this same goal.

He wasn't ready to force his cock into her in this awkward position. Instead, his goal was to heat her honey pot to a boil, using her own AM system to drive out her FM objections to being taken in this very room, and within minutes. Debbie was alert enough to try and keep her knees and feet together. He was stronger though, and gradually wedged his right foot between her delicately painted toes. He bent his right knee and with great satisfaction slid it deliciously up between her naked thighs.

Since getting her naked, Wayne had now parted her legs for the first time. He was in the process of gradually preparing her both physically and mentally for sex. She realized how close his leg now was to her damp pubic mound. In a vain effort to keep her pussy away from him, she spread her legs and raised up on her toes. By doing so, she was temporarily successful at keeping her honeypot from him. At the same time, however, she had attractively tightened up the muscles in her thighs and buttocks.

He caressed her now firm ass cheeks, kneading the bare tissue with his hands. He could have pressed forward and easily brushed her pussy with his leg if he had chosen to do so. Instead, he cupped her smooth, round cheeks and raised them gently but meaningfully toward him. Debbie realized instantly what he was doing. He was forcing her to be the aggressor, to move her most sacred area into him. She squirmed and physically resisted his pressure. He loved her attempts to get away. But he had much better leverage. She could not escape his strong grip.

Without her approval, her bare bush wrapped itself deliciously around his leg even as she slid from side to side in an attempt to resist.. Her eyes opened wide and her grip around his neck tightened. How long could this song be? He allowed her to ease away, and again he impaled her pussy onto his leg. The combination of the in and out movements he was directing, and the side to side movements she was unknowingly contributing, had the effect of heating her up very rapidly.

With the third collision between her love nest and his leg, he realized his good fortune… she was very wet. Debbie was mid-cycle. Regardless what her mind wanted, Debbie's body was demonstrating that it wanted to be fucked His cock stiffened at the thought that her receptive orifice was spreading its nectar on his leg, preparing itself for his entry.

He continued to force her honeypot into him. At first she resisted with all her mind, but in a very short time her FM was being drowned out by her AM. His upper leg was slippery from her enticing lubrication. He no longer forced her crotch in and out. Instead, he was now sliding her up and down on the slippery saddle she had helped fashion. She felt so hot, but didn't recognize that the temperature in the room was contributing to her inner passion. She moaned, without realizing it. He increased the pressure with his leg, raising his leg so high that her weight was resting more on her pussy now than on her feet. She was a rag doll in his grasp, a sex toy for him to play with. She wantonly spread her legs to heighten her pleasure.

Soon her side to side movements were no longer to resist, but were intended to stimulate the fire between her thighs. She began to grind her hips into him. He looked down at this voluptuous woman in heat, and enjoyed the striking similarity between the innocent but sensuous movement of her hips and the same motions an exotic dancer would make if she was dancing in his lap and trying to arouse him. Debbie's sexual dance was most certainly affecting Wayne. Blood was rapidly filling his penis. Unlike the exotic dancer, however, Debbie was unknowingly preparing him for the pleasure of forcing his rigid cock deep within her when next she thrust her hips to him.

In response to her movements, he roughly pressed the length of his body into hers and matched her thrusts with some of his own. He bounced her up and down on his leg, until she felt like a rider trotting the stallion below her. As Debbie rode Wayne's leg in an ironic metaphor of what was to come, her torso again coursed with AM current. Her stomach twitched in preorgasmic pleasure. Wayne knew for certain now that he would have his way with her. She was his. He could take her however he pleased. His cock pulsed, knowing that his sensual victory dance would begin soon.

Debbie had just about lost the ability to reason. Her sole interest was to stoke the fire between her legs. Wayne danced her to the chaise lounge. His next task was to put this beautiful creature on her back so that he could climb on top of her and fuck her. As Debbie approached her pinnacle, Wayne brought her down from the precipice.

"Debbie," he whispered to her. "We've been on our feet dancing for over four hours. We'd better sit down for a minute." Debbie's legs were rubbery and weak, both from physical exertion and from her present state of passion. Wayne brushed the backs of her legs against the lounge and gently pushed her down.

His next move required careful balance. He knew that with Debbie's change in position, her mind would become more alert. And he still had his boxers on. He needed to complete one more task before his cock, rather than his leg, could match thrusts with the center of her womanhood. Still, his cock throbbed in anticipation, knowing that it would be forcing itself inside her within minutes.

As Debbie's bottom hit the lounge, Wayne slid to the left of the lounge and gently laid Debbie down. She looked for the back of the chair. The lounge chair was carefully designed so that the back was out of her reach. He completed laying her down so she was flat on her back, her tits pointing skyward. Wayne was almost directly above her. She instinctively clamped her knees together, but not before Wayne had inserted a finger deep into her vagina. He had wanted to approach this last bastion slowly, but was forced to declare ownership of her sexual core while the opportunity presented itself.

Four hours ago, she had been simply his best friend's wife. Now he had caressed every part of her sexy exterior, and was beginning the serious assault on her inner being. Soon this voluptuous creature would be wrapping her powerful legs around his engorged organ, urging him to fill her with his seed. With his free hand, he queued up the final disc, disc six. The sensual strains of Bolero filled the air.

Wayne was becoming less subtle now. He was already relishing his impending victory. Bolero was for his pleasure, not Debbie's. He had been less than truthful when he earlier told Debbie "When a Man Loves a Woman" was his favorite song. In fact, when Wayne made love to a woman, he wanted to hear Bolero. He looked down at Debbie, and surveyed her body. If she had styled her hair with corn rows, she could have doubled for Bo Derek. Surprisingly, this gorgeous woman still didn't realize that within minutes, Wayne would be pummeling her so aggressively that she would be bouncing around on the lounge chair. Or that she would have her legs locked around his waist, matching his powerful thrusts with thrusts of her own.

Wayne hit Debbie's magic button with his thumb while his fingers continued to strum her instrument. Debbie parted her legs eagerly. He stirred her honeypot. She was simmering. He needed her at near boil. As he stirred her nectar, he spoke to her.

"Debbie…, Debbie". It took two tries to bring her out of her reverie. "You're a wonderful, loving woman. You've done everything I've asked of you tonight. I want to give you a final Christmas gift." He continued to stroke her and play in the softness of her love nest. She gave him a questioning look.

"I'm going to tease you to orgasm." Even in arousal, she blushed at this mention and looked away. But her lovely hips arched to meet his fingers. Wayne didn't even think about asking her approval. He was simply telling her what was going to happen. In two minutes, she would be ready. His shorts needed to be removed.

The Cowboy in Wayne sometimes made him arrogant. With his impending victory, this was one of those times. He decided to make shy Debbie lower his boxers, the last obstacle between her fidelity to her husband and her animal desire for him, the last obstacle between his cock and her pussy. She was near orgasm for the second time. He slowed his stroke. She begged for release.

"Debbie, I've seen everything you have to offer. It's only fair that you receive the same from me. Take down my shorts, so I can tease you some more." He emphasized the last sentence with three quick strokes. At that point she would have done anything. She reached over, caressed his chest hairs down to his belly, and slid his boxers down.

Against the syrupy sensuality of Bolero in the background, it was a surprise to hear her gasp loudly. She didn't lay back down. She simply stared at the large slab of manhood between Wayne's legs.

"I've seen Tim's penis in the gym showers, Debbie. I know I'm a little larger than him." Larger, she thought, you're double his size. He wasn't fully erect, but the head of his penis was as large as the exercise ball she squeezed during aerobics. Wayne had enviously seen her squeeze that exercise ball. He intended to test her hand strength right now.

With his free hand, he guided Debbie's hand to his member. She didn't want to touch him, but with his hand over hers, he stroked his penis in rhythm with his petting of her pussy. She finally noticed the coincident rhythm and startled in recognition. They were in essence having intercourse without touching organs.

He speeded his pace on her honey pot. She was approaching boil for the third time, and was anxious this time to reach the peak. He laid her back down and moved his cock to her face. He knew she could not swallow his whole member, but he wanted her to suck the head of his cock in. He wondered if she would. She was shy, but he had now spent a great deal of time preparing her. The least she could do would be to pleasure him for a few minutes before he fucked her.

He brushed the head along her cheek. She would not open her lips to him. He tried again and again, each time closer to her lips. She had never blown a man's cock before. The thought was much too distressing for her. Wayne was angry. He would remember this slight when he was asked to make an important decision minutes later.

He pulled away. Debbie smiled at him in relief. Still he stirred and stirred the sauce in her sexual kitchen. Debbie was approaching for the fourth time, and was bucking in an attempt to finish. Wayne smiled and took in this wonderful, sensuous creature in the throes of heat. Perspiration was forming on Debbie's broad breasts. She was hot from the temperature in the room, she was hot from exertion, and she was boiling hot with lust. Wayne knew that her AM was now at full volume. He would make his most important move now.

"Debbie,… Debbie".

"What!", she snapped in reply. She was so frustrated, she had lost all pretense of propriety.

"My fingers are too tired. I'll need to finish you off by dry humping you." She looked at him with questioning eyes. He smiled at how naïve she was. "Didn't a high school boy ever make love to you without putting his penis in?" She had settled down enough to regain her modesty. Embarrassed, she nodded no.

"It's teasing, but I use the head of my penis instead of my fingers. And it isn't sex because I don't put my penis into you." He strummed her clit a few times to remove her mind from the decision. Without waiting for a response, Wayne rolled onto the lounge and right between Debbie's unsuspecting legs. He completed the maneuver so quickly that Debbie was taken by surprise. She tried to close her legs. It was too late. Wayne now had her sandwiched between himself and the lounge chair, with his legs between hers and his semi-rigid cock dangling down toward her.

Because her knees were tight to him, he would not be able to enter her in this position. Wayne smiled down at her and watched her flat stomach rise and fall as she searched for breath. He needed to make one final adjustment to her position so that he could begin his conquest of her inner sanctum.

Wayne gently started to caress his way up her body, starting at her knees. He glided his hands up her smooth thighs to her full bottom, over her flared hips and finally to her tiny waist. He firmly grasped her waist to keep her from moving, and gently but firmly spread his knees and raised them up toward her bottom. She immediately recognized what Wayne was doing and tried to wiggle away. She could not, however, because he had her torso firmly pinned to the lounge chair. Her knees elevated slightly. Her tender thighs were forced apart. Without any further assistance, for the first time the tip of his cock brushed the bulls-eye of the moist target before him.

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