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Seduction of Young Wives


At times I feel guilty about the pleasure that I derive seducing young wives. The sex is almost anti-climatic. It is the seduction that brings the ultimate thrill.

I am in my early 40s and own a small ladies boutique. The business setting provides the perfect opportunity to pursue my favorite hobby. The seduction always follows the same pattern and has been successful numerous times. I will advertise with a local employment agency for an administrative assistant. The applicants are almost always young and married less than five years. The ideal candidate will be between 20 and 25 years old and married less than two years. It is with these young women that I have enjoyed the most success.

During the interview I will ask questions that help me to evaluate the applicant for my ultimate purposes. If the young women seems to be "qualified," I will immediately begin talking about other opportunities in my company that she might be suited for. I will eagerly mention that I have been looking for someone like her to accept more responsibility than just an administrative assistant. I ask her is she is interested in becoming a buyer or if she could see herself as a store manager. The answer is always yes. I tell her that if she is willing to work hard to learn the business and spend the extra hours necessary to prepare for management, that I believe she might have the skills to reach these goals. I always extend a job offer on the spot as a sign of how excited I am about her joining my company. But together with the job offer, I always insist that the young lady make a commitment that she understands the job will require her total dedication to learning the business including working with fashion sales representatives, traveling to market and learning that certain fashions look good on some women and not on others. I always ask, "will your husband understand the requirements of the job?" I have yet to have a young wife turn down the career opportunity.

Of course, the seduction begins with the first day of employment. The young wife is given administrative assignments that need to be finished, but I also ask her to spend time reviewing fashion magazines and industry newsletters. As soon as possible after she begins work I will begin introducing her to salesmen who regularly call on me with samples of the latest fashions. It is usually at this point that the unsuspecting girl is led down the path to her ultimate downfall.

The story of Jenny is the perfect example. Jenny was twenty-two and married only eight months when she answered my advertisement. Like all of the young women that I hire, Jenny was very pretty, though not beautiful, with a great body, neither too thin nor heavy. Her breasts were just the right proportion with her build and she was very enthusiastic about her new opportunity.

In her third week of employment I introduced her to Terry, one of the salesmen who regularly call on my store. Terry knows the game and the benefits that he enjoys as a result. He has never participated in the actual seduction of the girl, but usually is treated to view of the young girls breasts and, at times, even more. I introduced Jenny to Terry and explained that he was one of my most important sales representatives. I told her that he represented a specific line of clothing that my younger customers really liked. Some of the merchandise included evening wear, beach wear and lingerie. We viewed several samples of merchandise and I told Terry that I would like to think about placing an order during his visit the following week. I told Jenny that she should provide Terry with her size so that he could bring samples the following week for her to model. She protested some but I reminded her that if she was going to be in the business in a management position she needed to be prepared to model the clothing. Little did she know what the modeling would mean..

The following week Terry returned with the samples. Again, I told Jenny that the modeling was required for her job and was necessary for her to understand the business. Terry gave Jenny a sundress as her first modeling assignment. When she came out of the dressing room you could see her bra straps sticking out of the dress. I told her that she needed to remove her bra so that we could see how the dress was supposed to look. Jenny protested but I insisted. She reluctantly returned to the dressing room and came back out without her bra. This gave Terry and I the opportunity to get our first look at her naked breasts. As Jenny modeled the dress, Terry and I would make the excuse that we needed to adjust the fit and would adjust the arm openings or shoulders. This would allow us to peek at her breasts and nipples without Jenny realizing what we were doing.

Next came a modest swimsuit that Terry intentionally brought two sizes too large. Again, as Jenny modeled, we adjusted straps and shoulders, pulling on the swimsuit in ways that allowed us looks at her nipples and even pussy hair. It was at this point that Terry, as was preplanned, indicated that he had to go to another appointment and we could continue without him.

It is now only Jenny and I alone. She is becoming nervous about continuing to model but I gently insist that this is just part of the job. I asked that she model the lingerie next. She does so but her nipples and pubic hair are clearly visible. The time is now for the seduction to begin in earnest. I tell Jenny how beautiful she is and that she should be proud that she has been able to model so professionally. As we complete the modeling of the lingerie, I go with her to the changing room. As she removes the lingerie I open the curtain in order to get a full view of her nakedness. She attempts to cover herself but now understands what is to happen next. It is not rape but an insistent message is sent that she needs to allow me to see her fully exposed. I feel her breasts and roll her nipples in my fingers before taking one, then the other in my mouth.

I cannot honestly say that Jenny is becoming aroused, but she is fully aware of where this is heading. As I continue my oral stimulation of her breasts, I begin to explore her exposed pussy. Jenny whimpers slightly and seems resigned to what is expected. I remove my pants and gently lay her down on the dressing room floor. As I enter her, tears begin to form as she realizes that she has become unfaithful to her husband and manipulated by her boss. I enjoy her thoroughly in the missionary position. My orgasm is complete as I empty everything deep within her pussy. After relaxing for a few moments, I pull her on top of me while I again take her, only this time I am able to see her beautiful breasts and nipples and the sadness on her face.

This same seduction has been repeated at least a dozen times in the past two years. The young wife always cries large tears and begs me not to tell her husband. Of course I promise that I never will, and I keep this promise. Either the same day, or the next, the young wife resigns, never to be heard from again.

I am certain that I could be sued for this behavior though I have never forced myself on a single girl. The thrill of seducing a young wife who has pledged faithfulness to her husband is almost unexplainable. The innocence of youth, combined with the eagerness to succeed has allowed me to play out this scenario many times and always with the same results. I find pleasure in the seduction and the tears that are always shed once the young wife realizes that her marriage vows have been broken and she, not her husband, was the one that did it.

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