tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSeema: An Ambitious Maid Ch. 02

Seema: An Ambitious Maid Ch. 02


The fear of getting caught was very much on the mind of all the three. On Monday, Gangaram avoided Seema for a while in the morning though she kept hanging around him while he was conducting the pooja and finally told her to call him at the office.

After he left, Seema got down to her usual work and in no time it was afternoon when Aadesh returned from his friend's place, Seema opened the door and was looking radiant and glowing, he asked her ' Where is Ma?', his mother was in the sotre room cleaning up the place and Seema was helping her, Seema coquettishly gave him a wicked smil tickling him on his dick over the pant and went off to the store room.

She called Gangaram at 2 pm- knowing it to be her call, Gangaram was panting and his dick was in his hands, Seema knew all that and was also aware of the fresh dimension -Aadesh, he was on the other side too, waiting to listen to the conversation .

'I will come to your house - it is the red painted hut just round the 4th street from our house, make sure your husband is not there and tell him I will give him the needed money for his 'paan' shop. Wear a lehnga -choli and of course nothing inside, I am already cumming thinking of the evening '. Gangaram was rubbing his dick furiously over and over again.

Seema had been waiting very impatiently for this evening. Both the men were going to have her now, what a feeling. Her whole body was shaking with lust when Gangaram sucked her pussy through the lehnga and rubbed his fat fingers over her boobs. 'I want to fuck you and my secretary Reena together, sometime soon', saying Gangaram just let out a groan feeling her hands sliding into his trouser and catching the cock over the underwear.

Just then the bell rang again! Gangaram was petrified, 'Who will that be? Let me hide in the closet, I do not want to be seen by your husband in this state, ask him to go away fast'.

Seema knew who it was and was waiting, the anticipation has made her red hot, ready for anything as she answered the door, letting Aadesh in.

Gangaram was shocked at what he saw and watched in disbelief as his son quickly closed the door behind him. 'Is my dad here ' saying he turned around and put the chain on the wooden door of the small red house in the narrow lane, saying ' we wouldn't want to be interrupted by him at all, I heard he telling you that he will be here in the afternoon' .

Seema was clever enough not to tell Aadesh that his father was hiding in the closet and in her near naked state with just the black beaded necklace hanging around her neck and a flimsy see thru lehnga -choli, entered the darkened bedroom along with Aadesh, kissing deeply. His hands started roaming over her ripe body, left one sliding under the top of the buttocks, while the right was earnestly exploring her breasts. She turned on the light beside the bed, Aadesh was on the bed, still fully dressed and she leaned over him, with the loose hair swinging onto his face as she pasted her lips on his, in a sexy fiery kiss.

Finally she frantically pulled off his clothes, desperate to begin.

Aadesh's cock sprung from his pants, rock hard, already with a drop of pre-cum showing, Seema thought 'So fast, I must be really turning him on', and quickly went about on to remove the garments still on her body, she wanted him to fuck her and wanted him to feel the silk on her legs as he pushed into her from the behind.

The sight was absolutely priceless and his jaw literally dropped as he froze. She, a maid at his house was literally holding him and his cock to ransom- aaaahhh she sexily pirouetted prettily, her breasts bouncing and swinging towards him.

His eyes devoured her body.She was everything he had been desiring in a 'fuck' always, while at his college and "what a vacation he was having, aaahhhhh really, what a vacation".

"Like it? Do you like it? Isn't it sexy?" she breathed, holding her breasts in her hands.

"Fuck!" she heard him gasp under his breath. "Oh fuck!"

She was right next to him, her body almost touching his. Their eyes locked and, in that instant, each knew what the other wanted more than anything else in the world. Her eyes smouldered and her lips parted as her hands slid up from her buttocks, over her flanks and pompous breasts, touched his hard belly, trickled up to rest on his deep chest as she straightened and stood upright before him.

He cupped her neck in his hands.

"Aadesh ..."

"Seema ..."

"Oh god," he moaned. "Oh dear god," and his lips reached over hers.

"Oh god, Seema," he moaned softly and the 27 years old maid silenced him with another kiss, fiercer, harder, her desire naked and apparent.

"Are you sure my boobs aren't small?" she murmured in a sexy and husky tone.

"They're perfect."

"Do you want to feel them?"

The maid's nipples were hard already, he noticed, her tips puckered with excitement. He squeezed her breasts gently, marvelling at their fullness and weight and the perfection of their being, his hands slid down and he cupped her naked buttocks as she murmured softly, while he continued squeezing her buttocks and she ground her cunt against his crotch, gasping as his fingers dug into the valley between her buttocks.

"You really like my ass,Aadesh? Really, tell me no, after all, I am just a maid?"

Oh god, Seema darling oh god," he muttered. "God, I want to fuck you so hard!"

"Yes!" she gasped, thrilled by his words. "Fuck me, Aadesh! Please fuck me hard, harder than your dad ever can, he is an old cock- you are young and full blooded!". Gangaram was watching and sweating hearing to all this, he was about to witness a copulation which rarely a father gets to see involving his son and his own mistress, and he had asked for it.

Seema smiled. "Will it turn you on more if I tell you, all who have fucked me besides your father?"


Seema bent her head and slowly licked his nipple to which Aadesh could do little but gasp softly. "There've been lots of guys. Lots and lots. The servant in my first house where I worked as a maid-. Baboor and a lot of his friends. Many of them, mostly masters and their clients, their car drivers.and of course anyone interesting and sexy. One guy like you studying in a college, his name was Deepak and I got fucked by him in his room along with his room mates. Later I was also enjoyed by his brother and some of their friends."

"My god! It is too much Seema!" blurted Aadesh while Gangaram was in a trance, ejaculating listening to all this. He could not withstand any more or hold anymore.

"I love being fucked," she murmured. "I love it more than anything else. Most of the men and boys are great when they fuck my mouth and also lick my slit, then fuck my cunt and sometimes even my ass, I like that a lot, a hot cock in my ass and sometimes I have two or three of them fuck me together ... that's heaven ... they fuck me so nice and hard ... I love it when they shove their thick cocks into my mouth ... or my cunt ... and best of all in my ass ... it's wonderful ... the best thing ..." boasted the slut maid to the transfixed college student.

"And I love sucking their cocks ... having them cum in my mouth, it's so sexy, just think of it, one of them fucking me and I, kneeling before him just like this and sucking his cock,licking it and after all that, having him fucking me with his body over mine and his torso rising and falling while his cock is going in and out of my cunt, " in and out" fucking me from behind, pushing his hips at my buttocks while my boobs are shaking " she continued, by the time she completed this time- Aadesh was groaning holding his dick, he was cumming, releasing tons of loads in sperm.

She caught it in her fingers, licked them, smeared them on her face and neck and breasts, massaged it into her bald and pretty pussy. The sperm trail dribbled down her cunt-lips and over her ass.

She took his cock in her hands and massaged it back in a few minutes to shape, then she took the tip in her mouth and felt the pungent flavor of left over sperm which he had just released and with her little finger smeared it all over the cock tip and put the finger into her mouth.

Seema sucked his penis slowly and deeply, her face distended with its size as she took it deep and deep in her oral cavity. Aadesh could only now after the release fuck her mouth slowly, his head bent, watching her, watching his thick, long cock glistening between her lips. He caressed her face and fondled her breasts, enjoying the hardness of her nipples as she worked his cock tip cleverly with her tongue and teeth and he groaned softly.

C'mon Aadesh ... fuck me ... fuck me like a randi, mein teri hoon, I am your whore," she murmured, her eyes glistening with excitement.

At that moment, they moved to the floor, before the full-length dressing table mirror in the small 'hut like house' of Seema. There, she knelt and sucked his cock again after which, he bent her over on all fours and, kneeling behind her, tongued and licked her cunt and ass gently, and finger-fucked her cunt and anus simultaneously.

Seema writhed and moaned, her buttocks swaying, her upturned face pursed in pleasure.

"C'mon Aadesh ... fuck me," she moaned at last, gasping and panting.

The young man loved it all and softly rose to his knees behind her. She bent forward over the low stool set in front of the dressing table, her breasts pendulous and heavy, her beaded necklace dangling, her thighs spread and buttocks wide open. Aadesh took his cock and slowly squeezed its head into her cunt. She groaned, her head rising, turning over shoulder. He slid his hands up her body and caressed her, cupped and squeezed her breasts. Bending over, he kissed her hungrily, his tongue in her mouth and she sucked it gratefully, her buttocks writhing against his groin.

"God that's so good," she muttered as he tongued her ear and nuzzled the nape of her neck. "That's so very good."

Seema a maid servant - smelled divinely sexy and erotic, a heady mixture of sweat and cunt-juice and his released sperm and that aroused and excited him. He eased his cock deeper into her cunt, going in and in till he was buried in her flesh to the hilt with his balls pressed to her buttocks and cunt-lips, and began to fuck her slow, deep, slippery thrusts.

Seema moaned and gasped in pleasure, rocking back and forth under him, her hips swaying erotically, writhing in joy as he swirled his hips and entered her from all angles. Her face was turned up, her mouth was half open with her white teeth sexily poised and her tongue was moving feverishly over her upper lip.

Her necklace swung and her breasts jiggled and swung with his thrusts as she moved in unison with him, delighting in the exercise and started gasping at the release in pressure as he slid outward, moaning as he rolled in again and again. His lips closed, Aadesh breathed heavily, panting and gasping softly, his breath sucking in, shooting out, sucking in, shooting out in time to his fucking.

"Take it! Take it, whore, take it! Oh yes! Oh fuck yes raand!" he groaned.

Gangaram could not believe his eyes and felt his cock again rising, slowly.

Aadesh fucked her relentlessly, his thighs slapping loudly at her soft buttocks, his cock delving in and out of her cunt, he was ramming and reaming in and out of her cunt, his head flung back, jerking her body back and forth under him, fucking her cunt up and down the length of his throbbing, swollen tool of a cock.

"Oh Aadesh ... chodh mujhe... oh yes ... fuck me ... oh god yes!" she cried.

Seema, Gangaram's maid moaned, her head sinking between her arms, as Aadesh went faster and faster, hammering his hips back and forth, between her thighs, making her body jerk and rock wildly under his. After sometime, he slowed and ground his hips while his cock snaked into her from all sides, plastering her cunt-vessel and enlarged clitoris, making her gasp and arch her head, full of lust and animalistic pleasure.

Her face was filled with lust, radiant and sweat trickled down his deep chest, settling gently on her back and buttocks and flowed off her back. He was continually fucking her and fucking her without any mercy.

Seema exploded with a shuddering cry, her body stiffening, her back curving inward, her head jerking up, her cunt convulsing and cramping fiercely on his pistoning penis. Aadesh gasped, his head arched as his pumping into her cunt slowed, squeezing his cock in as deep as he could with sharp, stabbing thrusts, as he finally plunged his cock into her flesh again and again he slammed his cock into her cunt and this time her body jerked and rocked under his, and with each push it drew a rasping groan of pleasure as her orgasm multiplied, increased in time period and then slowly tapered off.

She shivered and shook with lust as he squeezed her breasts and bent over and kissed her again when she turned her face.

With a low groan, he let himself go, gasping in relief as the heat spurt from his cock and spurted in endless, hot, stinging jets into his beautiful maid's steaming cunt .Groaning, he slid out of her, making her gasp, and jerking his cock, plastered her buttocks and thighs and back. .

"I could fuck you forever," he murmured, rocking slowly back and forth. "Forever and ever."

They sank to the floor and he slipped out of her and fell on his back on the floor.

Suddenly in front of them stood Gangaram- naked and sperm laced all over his hands. He was looking dazed and very fatigued.

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