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Selena and Taylor Girl on Girl


Selena Gomez stood in front of the tall mirror in the backstage dressing room and had a careful look at herself. She was getting ready to sing at a charitable fundraiser concert in Australia in just a couple of minutes and had prepared two songs for this event, one well-known hit, and another one that was to be a premiere this night. Yes, she admitted to herself, she would be as cute as ever, wearing an elegant black halter mini-dress with glittery applications all over and a wide silver belt, expensive luxury smooth tan pantyhose to draw attention to her gorgeous legs, and shiny black leather 4" high heels. She knew how wild and crazy her fans were about her and her singing and dancing, but she also was aware that her appearance and outfit played an important role with the crowd, as well.

Selena put two cute pearl earrings on that her mother had given to her for her eighteenth birthday and which always had been her lucky charms since. Also, she added a couple of sparkly gold bracelets on each wrist, and finally put on some hairspray on her beautiful long, slightly curly dark hair and some nice girly perfume on her neck and cleavage.

On the video monitor she watched Taylor Swift singing the first of her two songs, one of her favorites. Taylor wore a breathtaking strapless red silk dress that went above her knees, had her beautiful gold-blonde hair in a new wavy style, and wore her usual cowboy boots, but this time they were of a very fancy and elegant kind, decorated all over with colorful and glittery applications. Her gorgeous legs looked more attractive than ever, and Selena suspected that Taylor wore a pair of sheer nude pantyhose that were almost invisible.

Selena had loved Taylor since she first heard her singing, and although they had appeared together in one or two previous live events, they so far never had a chance to connect for more than just some brief social conversations. Selena hoped that this time she would have a chance to get to know Taylor more personally, and hopefully even become friends with her, as well. At least, that had been Selena's dream for some years now. She hummed along with Taylor's second song and got herself ready to appear on stage...


"Hey Taylor! You look so gorgeous today! Great performance, congrats!" Selena greeted Taylor at the post-concert party that one of the sponsors had organized for the performers.

"Hey, Selena! So great to see you again!" Taylor replied. "Thanks a big bunch for your compliments! You were fantastic, too; I totally loved your new song! First time you did this one?"

"Yep, thanks, Taylor!" Selena appreciated the compliment. "I had butterflies in my stomach before the concert but once on stage it was all gone and I totally relaxed into the music and dancing. I felt how much the crowd liked it and their reaction inspired me to do an even better performance..." Selena smiled in satisfaction.

"I love your dress, Selena, really hot and sexy!" Taylor kept complimenting her. "Let's go to the bar and have a drink together!" And they walked over and had a marguerita each. Selena was in heaven, as she finally got what she had wanted for so long, some quality time with her idol, Taylor, and so the two of them chatted away while sipping on their drinks.

"Did you bring your boyfriend?" Selena asked.

"Nope. Just broke up with him," Taylor replied with a sad look on her face.

"So sorry to hear that!"

"How about you?" Taylor asked.

"He didn't want to travel all the way to Australia..."

"Oh, I see... Looks like we're both single tonight..." Taylor said softly, more to herself than to Selena, but Selena noticed her comment and wondered if she should put any deeper meaning to it or just ignore it.

"Up for a dance?" Taylor invited Selena to her surprise. Wasn't that a bit fast? And after all, with all these other stars being around, not to talk about media people and photographers? But then again, Selena could not really say no to Taylor's offer, coming closer to her dream, after all, and so she smiled and responded with a courteous "Yes, of course!"

The two young starlets walked over to the dance floor which was already bustling with lots of couples and individuals, dancing and moving to the rhythmic sounds of the excellent band that had been hired to play that night. Not too long into their dancing, Taylor took Selena's right hand, and from dancing next to each other they went to dancing with each other, soon thereafter connected with both of their hands, and getting more and more into the groove of things, forgetting about the people and the world around them, becoming one with the music and the rhythms filling the room. As the dance continued, their bodies touched each other, occasionally, as well, and Selena noticed that Taylor was virtually seeking her out in terms of getting to experience her in a more physical way. Selena was not at all uncomfortable with this, on the contrary, and reacted by also touching Taylor's body more often, dancing in an even tighter embrace, until she could smell her sexy and erotic fragrance she wore that day, and also felt her breasts on her chest and pressed her own boobs against Taylor's frame; as Taylor was about 6 inches taller than herself, their breasts did not meet directly.

Several other dancers on the floor meanwhile had spotted that couple of two very well-known young singers and watched their ever increasing sensuous moves on the floor, applauding them and cheering them on as they increased their dancing to a new level of erotic intensity and intimacy. Finally, as the music ended, Selena and Taylor became aware how much attention they had drawn onto them and decided to leave the dance floor and soon thereafter the party altogether, in a slight embarrassment that was not too pronounced, though, since both of them had become a bit tipsy from their drinks at the bar earlier...


Selena, at this point, was ready to say good-bye to Taylor and wish her a good night, thanking her for a wonderful time; indeed, all of their activities together had gone much farther than she had hoped for even in her most wishful dreams, and she was very happy about getting to know Taylor more personally, and well, even more than that, on this evening.

But Taylor did not want to part yet and asked Selena if she wanted to join her for some more time in her hotel room. "I have some things to show to you," she announced, a bit mysteriously. Selena gladly accepted the invitation, surprised again by the level of interest Taylor showed towards her, and followed her to her room, a huge penthouse on the top floor of the hotel.

As Selena entered Taylor's room, she was a bit surprised about how messy it was; Taylor definitely had taken advantage of the size of the suite and had placed her belongings into every little corner imaginable. Taylor asked Selena to have a seat on her king size bed that was covered in a light-pink sheet and offered her a glass of vodka. Even though Selena already felt quite tipsy, she accepted in order to be nice to Taylor and also, what the heck, why should they not just keep having more fun and getting a bit too tipsy that night after their performances at the concert?

Taylor handed Selena a glass with expensive vodka and sat down next to her, raising her own glass towards Selena's to say cheers.

"Just call me Tay," she suggested with an inviting and friendly smile towards Selena. "You're my friend now!" And she said cheers a second time, the glasses making a high-pitched sound as they banged into each other.

"Thanks, that's so kind of you. I feel the same way about you, you know... I go by Sel, by the way," Selena replied and raised her glass for a third toast.

The two young stars, still wearing their performance outfits, did not stop at just one glass of vodka but kept sampling Taylor's mini-bar for a while, getting more than tipsy in the course and enjoyed themselves a lot along the way.

Naturally, their conversation soon revolved around guys; Taylor missing being in a relationship, and Selena missing having her boyfriend around on her trip.

"You know, Sel, despite of all the traveling, the shows, the media attention, and all that bullshit, I still have this urge of being together with a guy quite often... I don't really miss my ex as such, but, you know, being all by myself is just awful in a way... I'm in bed at night, want to cuddle up against someone, want to be loved, well, and fucked, it's true..." And Taylor laughed, or rather giggled when she mentioned how much she was missing sex.

"Same for me," Selena commiserated. "I hate these lonely nights in hotels far from home and no one around to take care of me. Just thinking of my boyfriend warms my heart... And, well, my pussy, too, I admit..." And she paused for a while, her face blushing when she mentioned a bit more about her intimate feelings than she had planned to reveal.

"I figured that I had to do something about my lack of sexual satisfaction," Selena continued. "So now I always have my little friends with me..."

"Little friends?" Taylor laughed out loud. "You're funny, Sel. But I know what you mean... Let me see here..." And she walked to one of her many little bags that were sitting all around in different corners of the large bedroom. She took out a black vibrator, shaped exactly like an erect penis, and showed it to Selena whose eyes widened at the sight.

"Tay! You—I mean, really?!" She was quite surprised, not just that Taylor also seemed to enjoy using vibrators to masturbate but even more that she just shared her fetish with her so freely. Well, there had been quite a couple of drinks that night, she thought, that might explain things a little bit...

Meanwhile, Taylor had turned on the vibrator and handed it to Selena. "Show me!" She said to her, taking off her cowboy boots and then lying down on the bed, with her legs spread wide and her red silk dress sliding up so high that her sex was exposed, just covered by her sheer-to-waist smooth nude pantyhose, as she did not wear panties underneath.

Selena was a bit hesitant at first, having never masturbated in front of anyone, but eventually was able to relax, took off her black leather heels, and lay down right next to her friend, also spreading her legs wide and also raising her mini dress all the way up to her waist so her hips and sex were exposed, just encased by the expensive smooth tan nylons she wore.

Selena started to first use the vibrator on her thighs, kind of teasing both herself and Tay, who was watching intently, and then slowly approaching her private parts with the large erect black rubber cock that was buzzing away. Taylor started to finger her own pussy while watching Selena masturbate with the black humming vibrator and moved her fingers up and down her already enlarged outer and inner pink pussy lips, distributing her pussy juices over her smooth pantyhose.

Selena now had reached her pussy with the black humming toy cock and used it to massage her enlarged red pussy lips up and down, sometimes pushing them apart just a bit, as if planning to insert it into her lust hole. She got hotter and more and more aroused by the stimulation of the vibrator, and slowly also focused her attention more on her clitoris that had gotten hard and erect from her lust and arousal. Selena relaxed more and more into the situation of masturbating in front of someone, and even got aroused by being watched by Taylor who fingerfucked herself with increased intensity, bending her head back and locking her lusty eyes on Selena's. Selena started to moan louder and louder, and her breath got shorter and faster, as she approached her orgasm. Taylor fingerfucked herself ever more closely to her own climax, as well, watching Selena's skillful masturbation with her own black rubber vibrator.

"Don't stop, Sel, please don't stop!" Taylor exclaimed. "I'm coming any moment now!"

And Selena increased the speed of the vibrator one notch, now inserting it deep into her wet pussy several times, with her hose between the vibrator and her pussy walls, then massaging her swollen pussy lips some more and finally giving her erect clit a work-out with Tay's little black buzzing friend. With that, Selena arrived at a massive orgasm, with her whole body convulsing in multiple spasms and with her crying out her friend's name in ecstasy. AS Taylor watched Selena come, she could not hold back any longer, and went over the edge as well, shaking and shuddering all over, squirting her cum juices out of her pussy hole and wetting her nude nylons even more.

After the two girls had recovered from their climax, Taylor wrapped her arms around Selena and gave her a long kiss, inserting her tongue into Selena's mouth and then engaging in a long hot dance of tongues, making both of them extremely horny and aroused again...

The two young stars got wrapped around each other in ever closer embrace, feeling each other's hot young bodies, smelling each others scents and fragrances, and keeping their intense tongue play and kissing going on for many minutes. Eventually Selena got so hot and aroused from this hot intimate play with Taylor that she started to unzip her friend's red silk dress and pull it down over her hips and all the way off. She was amazed to see Taylor's sexy smooth black silk bra, size 34A, holding her small breasts tautly, and allowing her already firm and hard nipples to show through its fabric. Selena wasted no time and started to massage her friend's breasts through the soft velvety black fabric of her expensive bra, making Taylor moan louder of lust and arousal, her breasts getting even firmer and her nipples more erect. Selena went on to the next level and also took off Taylor's bra by opening the buckle on the back and almost ripping it off her chest, throwing it into a far corner of Taylor's bedroom. Her mouth moved down to lick and suck Taylor Swift's breasts all over, applying just the right combination of sensuous gentleness and arousing firmness to the soft tissues of Taylor's breasts and her small pink erect nipples. As Selena increased the intensity of her sucking on them, Taylor's breathing got shorter and her moans louder, asking Selena to keep going and not to stop. Taylor moved both of her hands down to her already wet crotch and rubbed her enlarged pussy lips with her finger cusps, adding to her sexual excitement, and every once in a while sticking a finger into her pussy through the fabric of her nude hose, lubricating it with her pussy juices and tasting them briefly, then sticking her finger into Selena's mouth, letting her enjoy the aroma of her cunt, as well.

Now it was Taylor's turn to undress her friend, and she first took off the wide silver-colored belt and then moved the sparkly black halter dress upwards over Selena's head, who was now all nude except for her luxury tan pantyhose and a leopard-print bra, 34B, cupping her tits tightly and also allowing her erect nipples to show from underneath its fabric. Taylor made a compliment of appreciation for Selena's super hot sexy bra, and then moved ahead, opening it in the back and taking it off from Selena's chest. She had been waiting to taste Selena's hot breasts that were just a bit fuller than her own but had hard dark brown round nipples, so Taylor dug right in with her mouth and her skillful tongue, pleasuring Selena Gomez's tits and hard nipples for a long time, making her moan and sigh of lust and ecstasy.

Their hands met in Selena's crotch, stroking her enlarged outer and inner pussy lips, while Taylor still kept licking, flicking and sucking Selena's young firm boobs and hard dark brown nipples. Taylor was the first to enter into Selena's lust hole with first one, then two fingers, and Selena cringed and sighed as she felt her friend's fingers inside of her cunt, slowly moving in and out and massaging her pussy walls, then reaching her most sensitive G-spot, all the while feeling everything mediated through the fabric of her smooth tan pantyhose.

Selena knew she would not be able to hold it back much longer, and as much as she enjoyed the feeling of being on the edge, she also didn't want to tell Taylor to stop fingerfucking her as this was so absolutely magnificent and pleasurable that she just totally relaxed into it. When Taylor used her thumb to gently massage Selena's clit in circular motion, while still fucking her hot wet pussy with two fingers, through the fabric of her soft and silky tan hose, Selena climaxed for a second time that night, her pelvic area spasming in rhythmic contractions, and loads of cum juices squirting out of her lust hole, soaking her pantyhose and Taylor's hand. Taylor took her hand off Selena's sex and first gave some of Selena's cum juices to her friend to taste, then took them into her own mouth, and while intensifying the rubbing and massaging of her own pussy and clit, coming over the edge, as well, shouting and crying out loud Selena's name and feeling swaths of electrifying sexual energy rushing through her body. The two young starlets embraced and kissed each other again, their tongues exploring and tasting their pussy and cum juices more, and after a while, fell asleep in each other's arms.


When Selena Gomez awoke in the middle of the night, it took her a while to figure out where she was and what was going on. She had a headache, must be from having had too many drinks the night before, was thirsty and also had to pee really bad. She heard Taylor Swift's regular breathing next to her and did not want to wake her up, so she carefully and slowly got out of the bed, avoiding any noise or strong movements, and then tiptoed to the bathroom. She was still nude, except for the sheer-to-waist luxury tan pantyhose, which were soiled from her pussy and cum juices that had not dried up much during the past couple of hours. As she sat down on the toilet seat, she felt a bit naughty and decided not to pull down her hose but instead pee into the bowl through her soiled pantyhose, adding another flavor to their rich mix. She smiled while pissing through her hose, almost complimenting herself on being such a naughty bad girl...

As she opened the bathroom door, she heard some sounds from the bedroom; Taylor probably had woken up, it seemed. But as she approached the bedroom, she noticed that it sounded like people moaning and talking dirty to each other... 'Oh my, yes, Tay is watching a porn video on her large screen TV'; Selena observed in a bit of a surprise.

"Hey Sel! How's it going?" Taylor greeted her, acting a bit too awake for the time of the day; it was still pitch dark outside, probably around 3 a.m. "Had a good one?"

Selena ignored the inappropriate question, climbed onto the bed again and watched the scene on the video. Two hot attractive young women were engaged in a mutual cunnilingus in 69 position, licking and flicking each other's pussies like crazy, both of them seemingly getting hotter and more aroused every second, both of them not being far from orgasm. Selena now saw that Taylor had pulled down her nude pantyhose to her knees and had engaged in another round of masturbatory fingerfucking, while obviously getting very hot and aroused by the porn scenes unfolding on the screen.

Selena's arousal had gotten quite intense, as well, both by watching the hot girl-on-girl action in the video, and by seeing her friend playing with her sex for yet another time. She was inspired to be of help to Tay and moved her cute little feet, encased in her smooth silky tan hose over to Tay, and after rubbing Taylor's nude thighs with them for a bit and teasing her, she finally went over her crotch with them and provided her friend with a very sensuous nylon foot massage of her wet pink pussy lips and hard erect clit. Taylor could not believe her luck and although this was her first time getting a foot job, she immediately fell for it, increased the speed of her breathing, and moaned and groaned louder and louder, so that Selena was worried someone would wake up because of the noise. Taylor asked Selena to keep fucking her with her pantyhose-encased feet, use her cute little toes more to exert pressure on her vulva, and insert them into her pussy as well. In the meantime, Taylor massaged her firm breasts and squeezed her pink nipples that had gotten erect from her sexual arousal, adding to her excitement.

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