tagIllustratedSelf Service Ch. 05

Self Service Ch. 05


It was 3 weeks since the party where I performed in front of 2 dozen transvestites, sucking my own cock until I came. After that, Sonja, one of the she-males had propositioned me to film this as an instructional video for a porno company she worked for. I had just received an e-mail message from her company saying they would pay me a pretty good figure for a 1 hour video. After talking with my wife dawn about this, I replied giving my consent, and we then set a date.

Funny how Dawn was so against porn before, and now she was very excited at the prospect of me being a porn star.

On the given day, Dawn & I arrived at the studio for my shoot and we met Sonja, who worked as an administrator there. She introduced us to the director Aaron, and also to the 3 other couples who were to be my on screen pupils. One was a hetero couple, the man a slight, tall good looking fellow, his partner a gorgeous red head with a fantastic figure. The second couple was a gay couple, both guys looked like the worked out a lot, and the third couple looked hetero, but I was informed the woman was another tranny, blonde, and well built! Sonja said she was to be my partner, and I asked if dawn would do, but they both decline, saying the film would have more appeal to X-dressers and gays.

We discussed my ideas with the director, who also had his own ideas, and we decided on the format and such. Then I was sent to make-up for a fresh shave. The make up artist was a cute girl of about 20, and she made me very comfortable. She had me take a hot bath to soften up the course pubic hair, then proceeded to shave me. It was very erotic with this young woman lathering up my balls, and soon I had a raging hard on which she was gently pumping, occasionally kissing the head. She looked up at me and said " I have very strict orders to keep you from cumming, but no one will mind if I just get you horny!" "Well," I responded," Mission accomplished!"

At this time I had a good string of pre-cum oozing from my cock and I had to try thinking of something else or risk blowing my load at this sexy young thing. Soon, however, she was done and I was smooth as the day I was born, except for a little soul patch she left just above my straining cock. She then kissed the tip of my dick and suddenly swallowed me down to the base. I threw my head back with a sigh, and just then someone said "Hey! None of that now!" I looked around and saw Aaron the director shaking his finger at me. "Sorry" I apologized.

"We'll be ready in a few minutes, here" he said tossing me a robe "put this on and come onto the set." I followed Aaron out onto the stage and looked back at my barber, giving her a smile and a wink.

As we walked on the set, I looked around at the crew and noticed a fair amount were women. 2 of 3 cameramen,1 on lights, and 3 others who were doing various jobs. The set was staged as a workout gym with a couple of exercise machines as props. everyone became quiet and we all took our places. My heart was racing as I heard the director yell "Action!" Suddenly the stage was flooded with bright lights, and I could no longer see anything off stage.

I began my pre-written speech explaining about how we were all here to expand our personal gratification by learning how to perform auto-felatio by a series of stretching and a little help from a close friend. I asked if everyone had their partner, and the camera panned across all 7 students. I then asked Sonja to join me, and introduced her to the class. I said " First we will demonstrate the process for you, then we'll do some stretching, you'll pair off, and I will give advice and tips where needed!" I tossed my robe aside and motioned for Sonja to get some pillows for me, which we piled up a few feet from the wall. I then lay down, pillows under my neck, and asked Sonja to help put me in the mood. Sonja tossed off her robe, and I heard several gasps as she revealed her thick cock for all to see. She then knelt down between my leg, caught my cock between her tits and pushed them together, fucking my cock as it began to swell. As I achieved my full length, she craned her neck up and gave me a good sucking, and began deep throating me. I noticed a couple of cameras moving in to get better angles.

I said "OK Sonja, I think I'm ready, now, we've all done some stretching before the shoot, so don't forget to do that at home! Now, if my partner will grab my legs..." Sonja held both ankles and I was slowly turned upside down until my feet rested against the wall, soles flat. My cock was about a foot over my head.

"This is the first stage, now with your legs against the wall, push. This will force your ass down. You will now be much closer to your goal." As I said that I pushed, my ass flexing and my cock came within inches of my face. I put out my tongue and licked a drip of pre-cum, making sure to leave a long strand connecting my lips to my cockhead. I then unfolded and sat up, looking at my class. "Not bad, right? That may do for some, but I really want my cock in my mouth. I want something I can chew on! Whad'ya say?"

The class gave a big cheer and I heard them exclaim " Get it on!" Suck it! Suck It!" I looked at Sonja and said, "OK, Ready?" "Oh, yeah!" She said. Once again, I lay back & threw my legs up over my head. "This is where your partner comes in, by using their weight, they can gently rock on your ass, as they do this, relax & open wide! Sometimes your partner will jack your cock, aiming it for you..."

At this point I was cut off, as Sonja had delivered my cock to my mouth and she was rocking up and down on my hips more forcefully than ever before, and I found I had about 5" of my stiff prick into my mouth. I signaled her to release me and a long strand of goo spanned the distance as I lay back.

"OK, now it's time for all of you to try this, so get your partner, and get into positions."

Everyone doffed their clothes and I got to see what I was working with for the first time. I couldn't help but wonder if I was turning gay, looking at these hard cocks before me!

We got 3 of the men and Sonja all into position, and I said "Make sure you're all good and stiff now, so feel free to give yourself a good pull, or you helpers can do whatever works for them." All 3 helpers went down on their partners, and I even went down for a quick suck on Sonja's meaty pole, getting it really stiff. "All right, now that everyone's ready," I Looked around at the small group and locked eyes with the redhead, giving her a warm smile, "Lift 'em up!"

4 pair of legs were lifted up overhead, and fell back against the wall. one of the camera ladies went down the line from overhead, looking down on all those hard buns in the air, balls and cocks swinging.

"Now, use your legs to bring it home!" All 4 flexed their legs, but only 1 guy was able to reach his cock, and to be fair, he had a 10" cock, so that gave him an advantage. "Now, partners, GENTLY push on your buddies ass, going very slowly. If anyone is in discomfort they should stop and do some more stretching.

Rodney (With the 10") had already gotten the head of his cock into his mouth, and with the help of his tranny friend was getting more in. Another student with about a 6" cock (The hetero couple) had just gotten the tip into his mouth when her fell over with a grunt. " If his helper will give him a rub to ease his back pain, I'm sure he'll recover soon. Just a little more stretching. But let's check our progress on my other students." The gay couple was doing fairly well, perhaps not as well as Rodney, but he had his head fully in his mouth, you could see his cheeks swell up as his friend pumped on his ass, forcing his cock into his mouth. I moved in and grabbed the dick and began masturbating him, my hand almost punching him in the face, and alternately nearly punching his nuts. I could see the expression on his face and knew he was almost there. I signaled the nearest cameraman over as I continued my assault. As my subject clenched his eyes shut and let out a moan around his cock, I stopped jerking him and squeezed his turgid pole tight. I could feel the pulsations as his cum shot up his cock and through my fingers, into his mouth. I kept up the pressure on his ass, keeping him buried in his throat until cum began oozing out around his lips. I gave him a few more firm strokes to finish him off, and stepped back. His cock popped out of his mouth and spattered jizm on everyone nearby, getting a good glob on the camera lens.

I turned from that student as he was unfolding, and went to Rodney, and his partner. It seemed Rodney had traded positions with his she-male partner, and was straddling her with his cock buried in her ass. Every stroke pushed his friends cock further into her mouth.

He was drilling his entire 10"s into his friend ass, every time he withdrew, the trannys cock lifted out of her mouth, leaving a string of cum connecting them. I said to the camera, "I don't think they need my help on this!" We watched them perform for 5 minutes or so until the tranny stiffened up and opened his mouth to scream, his cock popped out into the air twitching erratically, and his orgasm blasted forth like a hose, soaking Rodney's legs in a quart of thick spunk. Rodney then pulled his mammoth meat from the dark tunnel, beating it twice until he sent his own load all over his butt buddy, drenching ass, cock and balls, and some landing on his friends smiling face.

Meanwhile the hetero couple was back at it again, and the guy now had a few inches buried in his hungry mouth while his woman ate his asshole, and Sonja was there, sucking his nuts like a slut, her own cock sticking up like a flagpole. I knew she would have him cumming in no time, and sure enough, he convulsed and began unloading into his mouth, trying not to gag on the thick juice that was rushing into his throat. His cock jerked out of his mouth, and he spat out his load, which bubbled and oozed quite graphically for the camera.

I grabbed Sonja and said " Your turn!" I pushed her to the floor & crawled up her body where I pushed her tits together & shoved my throbbing rod between them, fucking her tits until I was on the verge of losing my load.

I turned around and 69ed her, quickly shoving my cock into her mouth, while taking hers as well. Once I had her rock hard, I climbed off, grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs over her head. By now Sonja was so horny the veins in her cock were throbbing, and it was a bright red. Her lips left a beautiful lipstick print on her head, and her precum was flowing freely. I held her cock just out of reach of her begging tongue as the camera filmed her precum oozing onto her lips, giving them a glossy coat. I eventually gave in and humped her ass down, pushing her fat cock firmly into her waiting mouth. She noisily sucked and slurped on herself, giving a good show to those that watched, finally ending with an eruption so powerful that cum sprayed out from her tightly sealed lips.

At this point, I think I was the only one who had not been satisfied, and so I laid down to give the definitive demonstration. I didn't really need any help at this time, so I just proceeded to hump into my own mouth with an intensity I don't think I've ever had. All 3 cameras were on me now, and I knew I had to blow spectacularly. Sonja joined me and pushed my ass down so hard that my balls rested on my chin, then she licked her finger and shoved it in my ass. She could tell I was close so she let off my ass, and as my cock left my throat, she released it from my mouth, holding it straight up, jerking it furiously, and started licking my balls. I erupted like a geyser, blasting nearly 3 feet into the air to come raining down on anyone nearby.

The director then said " Cut! That's a print!"

Let me know if this works for you!

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