tagSci-Fi & FantasySelfish Mom Ch. 06

Selfish Mom Ch. 06


Debbie didn't know what was coming next, exactly. All that she knew was that the club/restaurant was closed to all normal patrons, and now everyone present was naked. There were numerous women there, not that she minded. Mistress wanted to "initiate" her into this club, and that was exactly what would happen, from Debbie's POV. She had completely surrendered her heart, mind, soul, and body to Jane Mensch, and wouldn't even think of questioning the beloved Domme.

Before she knew it, a tongue found its way to her pussy, while another one explored her asshole, and a cunt was shoved in her face. She was only half-aware of how she got tangled up in a floor filled with nude bodies, all writhing in pleasure as they licked and sampled each other.

It took a momentary lull for Debbie to find Jane, who turned out to be busy with the lone male, evidently present for the purpose that she had indicated earlier. His face was masked, so Debbie had no clue as to his identity. She had no chance to learn it, either, as another pussy soon occupied her tongue. Even if she wanted to object, the momentum of the orgy kept her too busy to resist it.

Every time Debbie caught a breath, a finger or tongue explored her cunt and her ass, and she found herself licking one woman after another. It wasn't long before she was soaked due to the constant stimulation of so much flesh and such incredible pleasure. One sweet pussy was followed by the next, one delicious bottom by another. Tongues so many that she lost count invaded her holes, treating her like a syrupy dessert to be devoured.

Meanwhile, the unknown man continued fucking Jane, clearly exciting Debbie's Mistress with a sensation that she hadn't experienced much in a while: a real cock. He was naturally bareback, as part of the idea was to knock the women up and also to give them something organic for a change.

"God, you're fucking great! Fuck me hard with your cock!" Jane exclaimed as he plowed her cunt.

Debbie's first orgasm took some time to come, but it was inevitable. The relentless delights of so many women eating her out, as well as using her for their own pleasure, were just bound to make her climax at last. After that initial release, she lost all pretense of separating herself from the tangle of naked women enjoying each other with abandon. She was just one more gorgeous, bisexual female sandwiched between others, not that she minded at all.

This anonymous mass of nude Sapphic lovers carried Debbie away repeatedly, making her cum time and again. By this time, Jane was finished with her masked man, having taken his juices deep inside her long ago. He had moved on to other women, as had Jane.

Debbie startled from her orgasmic daze of pure Sapphic bliss when she tasted a very familiar flavor: her Mistress. Jane's tongue was engaged in a wild session of rimming another woman's ass, while she made a point of shoving her own in Debbie's face for the slave to lick to their mutual pleasure.

Suddenly, a hard, very fleshy cock entered Debbie's pussy from behind, while a pair of very female lips and the tongue attached to them continued to kiss her ass. Since it had been quite some time between her last instance of straight sex and then, Mrs. Kendall was caught off-guard by this rough penetration by a masked stranger.

This particular assault lasted for a good fifteen minutes, building up a crescendo of sexual ecstasy as Debbie enjoyed being a vital part of this kinky train. She had only one complaint....that she wanted to cry out and moan in sheer pleasure, but Jane's ass kept her preoccupied. Of course, since Jane's bottom was absolutely delectable, it wasn't much of a complaint, and she soon dismissed it. She instead focused on munching on that sweet backside of her Mistress.

When at last each of the girls in the daisy chain came, the strange man finally shot out his potent load of spunk in Debbie's sex. He withdrew and then kissed every woman in his path, apparently finished with his virile assignment. This seemed to be the signal that the orgy was over.

Jane leaned over and French-kissed Debbie madly, her eyes blazing with barely sated lust.

"Sweet slut, you have done extremely well tonight. Congratulations, you're now a true bottom bitch. You've learned your place and the value of not questioning or resisting what is happening to you. I'm very proud of you, especially after you let him fuck you so damn hard. That was your final test for membership. You're one of us now, an undeniably bisexual woman with femme leanings.

"By the way, you just fucked your own son," Jane added, as they got in the car and left for home. It was much later than Debbie realized, thus proving that time truly did fly when one was having fun.

Mrs. Kendall's only reaction was to faint in the passenger seat. She would be out cold for several hours to come, having the wildest, nastiest, most fantastic dreams...

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