tagLoving WivesSelling Myself For You

Selling Myself For You

byWanton and wet©

You know I love you and you know I'll do anything you ask, no matter how humiliating. Your continued desire for my submission flames my own desire for you so much that I willingly submit to your kinky scenes. I yearn to see your face as you use me and let others have the privilege. I will be your loving wife, your lover, your slut, your whore and yes, your willing sex toy.

Saturday, when you suggested we go to an upscale dance club, it thrilled me. I looked forward to being with you, sharing a romantic evening and making love later. Saturday afternoon I showered and prepared myself for a wonderful evening with my loving husband. I shaved carefully and painted my toes and fingernails a bright red. I pulled my red hair back in a chignon, allowing several strands to dangle at my neck.

I selected my sexiest lingerie, including a black sheer demi bra, a matching g-string and stay-up stockingse of my leg. Of course I wore my sexiest black heels. The black lingerie contrasted sexily with my red hair and pale skin. My short, flippy black skirt reached to several inches above my knees, and was slit a few inches on each side. My white silk blouse was unbuttoned to the top of my cleavage. A black choker hugged my neck. After applying your favorite perfume and a liberal coat of red lipstick I was ready for you. A classy, hot, sexy wife to accompany you to the club.

I reveled in your gaze as I descended the staircase to the living room where you awaited. You told me how wonderful I looked and how proud you are to have such a hot wife. We kissed and were careful not to smear my lipstick. You reached to me and fondled me through my clothes, getting hotter by the minute. We were a little early for the club so we had a glass of wine. And then another. You continued to caress my body, once slipping your hand under my skirt to feel my pussy.

Then you surprised me by leaving the room and returning with our old Polaroid camera, the one we used years ago to take sexy pictures. You even had an extra box of film. You asked me to model for you and I did, striking a sultry pose. We both enjoyed the results. Soon the pictures became more daring, at first with my top unbuttoned and then completely off. I removed my skirt slowly and you snapped a few more photos. I felt so wicked in my bra, stockings, g-string and heels, standing before you while you were fully dressed.

Before long I was naked except for the heels. You told me to turn around and bend over slightly and I was a little more than shocked when you slapped my asscheek hard with your open hand. The red outline of your hand was very clear on my pale asscheek. You snapped a photo from behind with the handprint prominent and me staring back at you. Then you told me to kneel before you and surround your cock with my breasts as you sat in a chair. It turned out to be a hot picture. I licked the head of your cock, licked and swallowed your shaft as I gazed at you while you snapped more photos. Finally, I could feel your cock harden and you spurted in my mouth. As I continued to meet your gaze, I slowly pulled your hard cock from my mouth and rubbed it slowly over my lips and cheeks as your cum sprayed my face. Several strands of your hot seed covered my lipstick-smeared lips, nose and cheeks. I then smiled at you, posing with your cock nestled against my face, your sperm dripping. You recorded it all in photos.

After I cleaned myself up and reapplying my makeup, I returned to the living room, finished my wine and we left for the club. Once there I realized I was dressed a little more tartily than most. The men mostly wore suits, and some sported tuxes. The women were in cocktail dresses and stylish fashions. My skirt was a bit too short, the side slits several inches too high and my blouse a bit too see-through. I felt too much like a cheap slut to be comfortable.

We found a table near the dance floor and ordered some wine which I downed too quickly in my nervousness. You ordered another and I had drank half of it before you reached in your coat pocket and pulled out the Polaroid photos we had taken earlier. I was a little uneasy, afraid someone would see the pictures but you told me not too worry since many people would be seeing them anyway. You told me I was to approach the men at the club and attempt to sell the photos to them. I was appalled at the thought of it, but excited, too. My cheeks reddened at the thought of complete strangers seeing me as I was with you earlier.

You told me to use my salesmanship and reached over to unbutton two buttons on my blouse, providing a clear side view to my breasts and my nipples that stood out above the cups of my demi bra. I walked to the bar where you could see me and approached three men, showing them a few pictures and asking them to buy them. It was embarrassing to stand there fully clothed and watch these men comment on the photos in which I slowly stripped out of the very clothes I was wearing now. As I made my way around the bar, I pulled a few more pictures out, including the one with your red handprint on my ass. That elicited several catcalls and rude comments from the men and I was able to sell the "spanked" photo for $15.

Now all I had left were the photos where I sucked you off and I tried to be demure in my approach to the men at the back end of the bar, but it's a little difficult when you're peddling photos of yourself with a cock in your mouth. All thoughts of being prim and proper were gone. It was humiliating and I felt like the slutty whore you always want me to be. I was perched high on a barstool and my legs splayed open as I negotiated prices for the pictures. You watched it all as a couple of the men felt my breasts and another had his hand up my skirt, reaching the soft fleshy skin of my thighs above my stocking tops. My silk covered pussy was completely visible to those near the bar. Even though I had to endure a rash of dirty comments, not to mention the persistent feels from the men, I was able to sell the remaining pictures, earning $50 for the last photo of me caressing your stiff cock against my cum-smeared face.

I returned to you at our table and sitting with you was a distinguished looking middle-aged man wearing an expensive suit. He had witnessed me selling the nasty photos of myself and saw me on the barstool with my legs spread open. He told you he enjoyed the view. While he wasn't interested in the pictures, he asked you if more than pictures were for sale that evening. You told him that buying a blowjob from me was perfectly acceptable, as long as it was in public view where you and others could watch.

Since it was mostly men at the bar, it was decided, with the bartender's permission, to put on the little show behind the bar. You took a seat at the back end of the bar while our new friend led me inside the bar area. He sat me down on a couple of wine cases and stood before me. I saw you watching with that little grin on your face that you always have when you see me being used. I know it turns you on to see your wife being ravished and degraded by strangers.

I reached up and pulled this strange man's cock from his pants and he was already hard. His cock pointed straight at me. I grabbed him and pulled the head of his cock to my lips and licked it until it glistened. Several of the men at the bar urged me on, yelling out to start sucking. So I did. I buried his cock in my mouth, bobbing my head back and forth as I sucked and licked his dick. At some point the bartender turned on a flashlight, shining it on my face. I looked over at you while while you watched your wanton wife with a stranger's hard cock fucking her mouth. I sucked even harder and then gazed intently at the stranger as he fucked my face and buried his cock in my mouth.

There were a lot of lewd comments from the bar patrons as I continued to work on the cock in my mouth, sucking and licking and rubbing it on my face. I locked my eyes on the stranger's face and I could see he was ready to cum in my mouth. I grabbed his balls and that did it. He spewed cum into my mouth and, as I swallowed the first part of his load, I pulled his cock out and let him spray my face. Thick streams of sperm sprayed my face and hair, running down my forehead and cheeks, and even alongside my nose. One thick stream slipped down my chin, my neck and between my tits. My lipstick again was smeared around my mouth. I was well used and I felt like a total slut, humiliated in front of my husband and wet all over, both from the slippery sperm on my face, and the creaminess between my legs. Yes, I was humiliated, but also very turned on.

You retrieved my from behind the bar and although you made a half-hearted attempt to clean my face with a bar napkin, but much of the sperm still was evident, particularly the many droplets and the long string that was in my hair. My cleavage also was a gooey mess. The men at the bar applauded as we began to leave the bar area. As a final surprise, you reached beneath my skirt, pulled down my soaked black g-string and took it off after working it around my feet. You wadded it up and tucked it into the bartender's shirt pocket.

As we walked through the crowd of people on the way out of the club, you told me how proud you were of me, how sexy I looked while sucked the stranger's cock, and how hot I looked with cum still showing on my hair and face. I reveled in your compliments and told you I would be your slut wife anytime you desire.

Your wet and wanton wife,


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