tagGay MaleSenatorial Secrets Ch. 01

Senatorial Secrets Ch. 01


Author's Note: This is purely fiction and doesn't represent any political person in real life. It is not a story to pick on any certain state or political party. It is simply me writing a story and nothing more. If you'd like to comment please feel free. Yes, the subject is taboo, I know this, but again, it is just a story. Please understand that only comments given with respect are kept in my public comment section here on lit. Thanks again and enjoy part one of this new series ~ Red.

Brad Scholastic wiped his wet, limp cock across the come-covered ass of the man he'd just fucked. His eyes, still glazed with lust, took in the scene before him; he smirked. The young man was tied to the bed. His fingers still clenched into tight fists. Brad climbed off the bed and moved to the door. He pressed the intercom button. "I'm done here," he said, and then moved back to the young man. He sat down and removed the cuffs that had kept his lover secured. "It's been fun," he told him.

He rubbed one wrist and then leaned over to release the other. It too was treated to strokes and then each ankle was released. Brad heard the soft knock on the door and headed to the bathroom. "Come in," he shouted and shut the bathroom door behind him. He heard his security personnel moving in the room he'd left. He wondered if Daniel was going to be treated to more play, before he was allowed to leave.

Brad got into the shower and washed away the evidence of his latest fuck. He thought back over Daniel's mouth and how good it had felt to cover his dick. He closed his eyes and began to stroke his rod, making it grow hard once more. When he showered the tile wall with come, his mind was recalling the sound of Daniel's high-pitched squeal as he begged for Brad to get off him. Daniel however, had eventually shut-up, accepted his fate and took Brad's abuse, until Brad was spewing his seeds into the young virgin ass.

The soft knock on the bathroom door, let Brad know that the room was clear and it was free for him to come out. Brad yelled over the sound of the shower that he'd be finished soon. When he emerged it was to the sight of a well made hotel bed and two body guards staring at him. "Everything go as planned?" he asked the taller man.

Peter, a striking individual with black hair and dark brown eyes nodded his head. "Mister Evans has been paid and we are sure he understands the consequences if he doesn't keep his mouth shut."

Brad smiled. "Good," he said and slapped Peter on the back. "I trust everything else has been arranged." He addressed this question to the other man as he pushed past both men and grabbed his clothes.

Samuel lifted one brow and watched his employer get dressed. "Yes, Sir. Your wife and daughters were disappointed to hear that you would be missing lunch, but look forward to seeing you at this evening at Geoffrey's."

"Great. I'm sure Samantha will have a way to smooth things over with them all," Brad said as he pulled up his pants and secured the zipper, button, and finally the leather belt.

"She always does, Sir," Peter said and held out the seven hundred dollar sports coat. "The media will be downstairs."

"I figured as much. I'm sure Daniel was taken out the back as usual?" Brad asked, his face showing no real worry.

"Of course Sir," Samuel answered.

"Good," Brad answered again. He slipped on his coat and checked his appearance. His face was full of life. He swore it was from the sexual romps he had grown accustomed too. They helped ease the tension from his shoulders and kept his mind clear. "Peter," he said, to his reflection, though he knew the man he addressed was listening. "Daniel was nice, but too old. You know I like them younger."

"He was only twenty-one Sir. It was all we could get on short notice," Peter said.

Brad turned and straightened his tie. "Peter, excuses don't sit well with me. Carolyn is my contact here in this city. She should have had someone fresh and new waiting for me."

"I apologize for her Sir. I'm sure she did her best. We weren't expected to stop here after all. She's never failed you before," Peter answered.

"No, she's not, she'll not do it again, I suspect. Tell her I'll make her life miserable if she does fuck up. Next time I am in this area, the ass I have in my bed better not even have a hair on it. I want those young men fresh and new. Eighteen, nineteen. . .younger is better, but even I know that would fuck up my career even more than this. At least fucking them is legal." He laughed and opened the door to the hotel. "Coming gentlemen?" he asked.

Peter followed his boss out and watched his co-worker, Samuel rush to get in front of the Senator from Ohio. As the small group rounded the hall, another pair of body guards rose up from a pair of hotel chairs and took their place on either side of the uprising political star. Peter felt the familiar ache in his guts to put a bullet between Brad Scholastic's head and watch the blood flow free down his lifeless skull, before the man dropped.

The weight of his gun was familiar to him and he wondered when Brad would meet his maker and who would be the one to do it. He wanted to, but morals wouldn't allow him too. Inwardly he cursed himself; if his morals were so high and mighty, why had he just paid a stranger ten thousand dollars so a future Presidential hopeful could fuck his ass?

The highly armed group of four men and the body they had sworn to protect entered the elevator. Peter and the others remained on alert as the elevator slid down the sixty-four floors toward the main level. When the doors parted, Brad took the lead, allowing his personnel to surround him as he walked.

Cameras flickered to life and reporters rushed forward. All were pushed back as Brad made his way to a podium that had been brought to the front lobby. Brad waved to the crowd and the group of news reporters. His million dollar smile was soon plastered over the airwaves and internet news sites as he answered questions on the War in Iraq and the rise in gas prices, as well as his feelings on terrorism.

Peter stood back and listened as his boss wove a spell of empty promises and lies that he had grown used to since becoming a body guard for rising politicians. He was amazed how Brad never really answered questions, but left the audience grinning with hope for a better future playing on their minds.

When the press conference ended, he and Samuel walked out with the other guards and Brad. They reached the limo and took their places in the front after checking to see that the back was clear. Pete got in the driver's seat and watched the other guards climb in the back with the Senator.

"Ready?" he asked after pressing the intercom.

"Fuck yes," Brad's voice came over the speaker. "You boys did good," he muttered and then the com went silent.

Peter shook his head, knowing that Brad was going to enjoy the long ride to the airport. "Who'd you find?" he asked Samuel.

Samuel smirked. "I told Carolyn earlier, that he'd be pissed, so if she could throw in a toy for the ride home, Brad would be appreciative."

"I take it she found someone?" Peter asked.

"Yeah," Samuel winked and leaned back. "You good to drive?"

"Yeah, I'm good. It's only a few hours and then I'll catch a few winks on the plane. We're scheduled to land in Vegas, before the supper hour, then we'll see him to dinner, deliver him to his wife and kids, then I'm off for the weekend. You?" Peter asked.

"I'm picking up Ben's hours, seems his wife went into labor. . .so I've got Senator duty all this weekend," Samuel chuckled. "The only good thing about finding Brad his toys, is I get a lot of fun with them when he's finished."

"I know you do," Peter smirked. He watched Samuel grin and felt his stomach roll, another thing about his job he didn't like was watching Samuel take his own sick pleasures out on the young men that Brad screwed. Peter, however chose to sit back and absorb it all.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Brad stared at the young man sitting across from him. He ran one hand up the bare leg and grinned. "How old are you?" he asked the youth, already feeling his cock growing. He eyed his two guards and watched them turn their heads away. His hand crept closer to the limp dick as he waited for the blond, blue-eyed beauty to answer him.

"Eighteen; Carolyn said you'd make this fun for both of us, so I figured what the fuck."

"Yeah, we'll both enjoy it. What's your name?" Brad asked. He wrapped his fingers around the limp rod and began to stroke it.

"Brian," he answered and spread his legs. "Man that feels good."

Brad smiled. "It sure does look good. I'm gonna enjoy you." He sat back, leaving the now half stiff rod behind. He opened his jacket, and slacks, then pulled his cock out. "I think you should deal with this," Brad said, palming his balls and stroking his member.

Brian grinned and moved to slide onto his knees. "These limos are fuckin' huge aren't they." He placed his hands on the cloth-covered thighs of Senator Scholastic and spread them apart.

"Yeah, and we're going need every inch of space." Brad closed his eyes and felt the soft lips of Brian cover his prick. "Oh fuck yeah, take it boy."

Brian moved his head down, keeping his mouth open wide, until he had the full member buried to the hilt. He closed his lips, his tongue stretching out to lap at the swollen cock that filled his mouth. His teeth grazed the sides and then dragged gently over the engorged veins as he made his ascent up the Senator's dick.

Brad shuddered. His hands moved into the blond curls and he tugged on them. "That's right suck it all. Take every inch until you want to gag and then you fuckin' take more." He growled and pushed his hips up while pushing Brian's head down. He thrust his hips up, grinding the young man's face into his pelvis. "Fuck yeah," he growled and felt Brian's fingers on his balls. "Mmm. . .suck 'um. Suck my balls you sick fuck."

Brian felt the grip on his head cease and came off Brad's cock. He swallowed saliva and smiled at the handsome man from Ohio. "Sure thing," he said and winked. He thought of all the zero's he was going to be depositing into his bank and dropped his lips down to the large velvet sack. He lifted the heavy spheres and embraced them with his mouth. His tongue pushed them to the left and then the right. He sucked hard, letting the twins roll around and be treated to tight squeezes of muscles and scraps of teeth.

"Damn, your good. Don't stop. . ." he grunted and began to jerk his dick with his hand. He looked to his body guards and muttered low. "Help him out," he told them, not caring which man listened, but knew they both would.

Brian was surprised by the massive paws pulling his legs apart. He felt someone's mouth take in his cock and moaned against Brad's balls.

"Yeah, I like that. I love feeling that vibration on my balls. Suck him harder," he muttered to the guard that was sucking off the young man's dick. Brad felt his dick jerk and he grinned. "Come here you slut and take this cock."

Brian groaned and pushed his pelvis into the stranger that was sucking him off. "I don't know how you get them to listen to you, but I'm glad they do." He wasted no time in taking Brad's dick into his mouth and sheltered it in its warmth.

"I hand pick most of them. . .and pay them well." He laughed and then growled deep when he felt Brian begin to deep throat him. "Ohhh fuck yeah "

Brain shot his load of come into the body guard's mouth and felt his seed spill out past the man's lips. His mouth tightened around Brad's cock and he was soon drinking his fill of political come. He swallowed fast as another load was shot deep and buried in the warm recess of his stomach.

When the limo stopped, Brian was smiling and holding a check drawn from an account that had been arranged by Brad, several years ago when he began his political career. The name on the account was one that no one would have associated with him, since the name was feminine and the person had died years ago in the arms of Brad's mother.

Brad dashed out of the limo followed by his men and the keys to the limo were tossed to Brian from some unseen hand. The group boarded the plane and settled in for a quick jaunt to the Casino Capital of the World.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Carolyn picked up her phone and grinned at the name that popped up on the screen. "Hello big brother," she whispered and twisted her chair back to her desk. She picked up several glossy images of the Senator from Ohio and the man in the hotel, fucking hard and deep. She smirked and pressed a kiss to the image.

"I take it the pictures are already in your greedy palms?" Peter asked.

"Yes, and quite lovely they are. I'll have more when Brian get's back with the car, though he doesn't know it," she answered back. "Where are you all headed?"

"Las Vegas." Peter yawned into the phone. "Samuel said he arranged that treat for Brad, with your help of course."

"Yeah, he called and told me Brad was going to be pissed, I knew he was though. I couldn't help it, when I got the call he was wanting a treat for his brief stint here, I had to give him someone older, but still fresh. I'm not too happy with his treatment either. I had to pad his payment a little more myself. Brad's getting meaner in his old age." Carolyn scooted back from her desk and began to shred the images that hadn't come out clear.

"Yeah, he is, but eventually it'll all come back to him," Peter said. "Look, sis. I'm beat. I'm going to catch some sleep before we land. Got the whole family to watch tonight."

"Oh the twins too, you lucky SOB." Carolyn said her good byes and then hung up the phone. She turned back and began to file away the prints of Brad and another lover.

Peter pushed his phone in his jacket pocket and hurried to his seat. He buckled up and waited for the flight to get permission to leave. He closed his eyes, remembering the sights and sounds in the hotel room and inwardly cringed. His brother had cried like that, begged and pleaded to be left alone, then hours later he'd killed himself and Peter had held his body in his hands vowing to destroy the young uprising star of the North, that had raped his young sibling.

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