tagGroup SexSensations Escort Services Ch. 16

Sensations Escort Services Ch. 16


Chapter 16 - Relationship Decisions

"What are you going to do about Roger and Mike?" Edie asked Amber as they lounged around their condo's living room in sexy t-shirts and not much else. "You going to alternate weekends with them or weekend days? Neither one is going to be happy with that, you know. What'll you do about other business? You have to keep marketing yourself."

"You're just full of questions," Amber replied. "Last couple first; yes, I'll keep marketing and working as an escort. I talked to both men about that, and they both seem to like the idea of me fucking around with other men. Mike admits to some cuckold tendencies and a leaning towards masochism because he wants to have me tell him about it or even show him pictures as I did on my long trip.

"As to the implication that I will choose one man over the other – Mike over Roger or vice versa – I can't decide. I don't even have an idea of how to manage the situation. Every idea I think of has something wrong with it. Alternating is one approach, but I think I'll just let things unfold naturally. Mike's down here a lot for business during the week, so I could maybe see both men in a single week."

Kat shook her head, "You're walking through a field full of land mines. You could lose both men."

Amber sighed, "I know. I'm very aware of that possibility. I'm almost twenty-four so I still have some time to keep fishing if that happens. We do meet a lot of men in this business."

"Frogs!" Kat stated.

"Frogs?" Amber asked.

"Yes. We have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince." She suddenly grinned. "Hey, Mike and I had fun a couple of times while you were gone a travelin'. Maybe I should go with you on a 'date' with Roger, and we can both broaden HIS horizons about life so he's not so hung up on owning you exclusively."

Amber smiled, "I'd like that. He tolerated Maurice when we were in Paris and I got DPed; that was my idea. He liked Nurul and Vina, so he'd probably enjoy another nice Caucasian girl fucking his ever lovin' brains out along with his girlfriend. Next visit he makes, I'll try to make it happen."

Edie popped up, "Oh, include me in that romp. I watched your videos and that man is a turn-on. Of course, I'm also thinking of the quarter of a mil that you made." She rubbed her hands together in a lecherous manner.

Amber teased, "And Martin isn't a turn-on?"

"Martin's not hung up right now on exclusivity or monogamy, plus he's kind of like Brad and Mike in terms of wanting to occasionally get on the bus to Cuckoldsville. Amber, I want to borrow your audio-visual gear and film myself with a couple of 'dates' and show them to Martin to see how he responds. Your pictures and videos about turned Mike into a blithering idiot, at least sexually. I'm curious if Martin is of the same ilk in this regard. If he is, I have a whole new way to tease and arouse him."

"At your disposal, anytime you need them."

Kat said, "I think you should keep doing your movies and pictures, Amber; only this time send them to both Roger and Mike. Roger was never on the receiving end of things. I bet that'd shake up his world. You might learn a few things about him in the process that might help you decide."

Edie said, "Why don't we start now?"

"Some sapphic photos?" Amber asked.

Kat peeled her long t-shirt over her head, followed by Edie. Amber was next as she got in the spirit of a sexual romp with her roommates.

Mike was sitting at his desk working on a large spreadsheet in Excel when his phone beeped to indicate a text message. He glanced at the screen and saw the message was from Amber. He opened the message and there was a photo of Amber's face smiling up from between Kat's moist pussy. She'd been eating out her friend. Edie's pussy was posed strategically right next to Kat's.

Mike's groan could be heard out in the office hallway.

Several hundred miles away, Roger's phone vibrated in his pocket. He was in a meeting with the programming managers in his company, deciding on resource assignments to make upgrades and customer requests in the enterprise software packages.

Roger glanced surreptitiously at the phone, saw Amber's message line, 'Dining at the Y', and opened the text message. His eyes flared and his cock got a nearly instant erection that he tried to hide under the table instead of leaning back as he had been. He studied the phone again looking at the detail of Amber's wet face and the pussy in front of her. He stopped, but not before the man on his right also got a glance at the screen. Aware that his message had been seen, he jammed the phone in his pocket and gave the man a look that dared him to say anything. He tried to get his head back into the meeting, because in a glance he had been yanked to some faraway place.

Both men called Amber later in the day to comment about the 'lovely' and 'sexy' text message, emphasizing how much they liked the subject material. Roger guessed correctly who the other participants were.

Wednesday evening, Amber had a 'date' and after getting permission with a promise to share the photo with the man, had him take a shot with her iPhone of his cock buried in her hot little cunt as she lay on her back and squeezed her tits together with a grin. The man took several pictures after that as they moved around and changed positions on his hotel bed.

Mike and Roger got duplicate texts about ninety minutes later as they were turning in. The title of the several attached photos was, 'Pleasant working conditions.' A second photo of Amber curled up in an obvious orgasm and leaking cum plus a cock wet with her juices hovering nearby had been entitled, 'End of a nice date.' Both men stroked off looking at the pictures.

* * * * *

The five girls comprising Sensations Escort Service sat around the living room of the condominium that Amber, Edie, and Kat shared. They were sharp looking women and every piece of clothing looked new and expensive. Melody and Crystal were still using the various consignment shops for upscale clothing; the other three had graduated to the real thing. Nails, hair, and makeup were carefully done by each of them to impress the others, and to invite critique should one of their friends think something was amiss.

Edie said, "So, for the five of us, we seem to have five boyfriends." She laughed and added, "It's just that Crystal has none – by choice – and Amber has two – by indecision."

Amber shook her head. "I've been worrying that situation a lot since I got myself into this predicament, and the more I think about it, the more I think I'm doing the right thing by not making any kind of decision. I've been learning things about myself too, important things."

Kat teased, "You mean that you like to fuck just about anything with pants?"

Amber smiled, "Close, but not quite." She took a sip of her Chardonnay. "I started to think about why I do like sex so much."

Kat further teased, raising her hand and waved it around like a kid in school who knows the answer to a teacher-posed question, "Oh, I know! I know! Heavenly orgasms!"

Amber purposely ignored the comment, "Without putting weighing factors on these items here's what I've come up with. Think about how they might apply to you. First, yes I love the hedonistic features of the sex and the orgasms, BUT I don't just have sex. When I have sex it is an expression of my feelings for the person I'm with. With few exceptions my 'dates' have all been great guys and so I respond to them that way. I'd probably see them even if they weren't paying me, but that's nice too.

"I don't even need to have sex with them all the time. Just being with them is fun and sexy and sometimes even erotic and romantic. I guess a good 'date' is all foreplay for what comes later. There's some kind of feeling of warmth and reciprocity when I find a good 'date,' even if we've never met before. We want to see each other again and spend time together.

Kat continued to tease, "Ah, yes. Repeat business!"

Amber motored on, "Another reason is that I have submissive tendencies. I can't always play them out alone or in my fantasy world, so being able to give myself over to some man has great appeal. Many of them just take me where they want to go, order for me, tell me we're going to dance or whatever, and then conquer my body with theirs when the time is right. So, a lot of the sex I've had is submissive sex where I give myself over to the man. I even tell some of them, 'Tell me what you want me to do.'

"A final point is that I realize I like variety." Amber paused then changed her mind, "No. I take that back. I LOVE variety, and I NEED it, and I WANT it, and I don't think I'll ever change, at least any time soon."

Kat asked in a more serious tone, "So, where's that leave you with Roger and Mike? Are they just going to be part of your claim to 'variety'?" She made air quotes to emphasize 'variety'.

Amber smiled, "Yes, I guess. They're part of my variety, but not all. They love me, or say so, but as I think about it, Roger will have problems with my lifestyle in the long run. I need to talk to him about this when we see each other this weekend.

"Mike was quick to declare his feelings for me, and quick to tell me that he didn't need for me to change to being a 'one-man woman.' In fact, he claimed he wanted me to see other men and to continue as an escort. He gets off on the idea that his girlfriend is out fucking other men. The pictures and the videos I sent him, and his response to them, were just the right triggers to arouse him. He loved all that stuff, and just keeps saying 'more, more, more.'

"Mike has acknowledged that he's a bit of a cuckold. He doesn't want a cock cage or the humiliation that some associate with the term, but he sure doesn't mind knowing and even watching me have sex with other guys. He still watches some of the videos I sent him, and he had a couple of the photographs of me being eaten and fucking Roger mounted so he could hang them in his apartment. You know that he loved to watch me with one of the other men when we were in the Caribbean or when Brad comes to visit for a double date.

"Roger is different. Despite an allusion to approval of my profession, I think he's looking for a 'one-man woman; someone who'll adhere to society's rules about monogamy and exclusivity, although he would tolerate some occasional outside dalliances providing the situation is limited and constrained and he can reclaim me. Every time we get together now, I have the feeling he's planting his flag and repossessing me.

"I've offered to share information and other pictures of me fucking other guys, but Roger brushes those offers aside. I know I get a rise out of him when I text or email him some salacious picture or video clip, but he doesn't keep dwelling on them the way Mike does. Mike raves about the things I send. Roger barely says a word."

Crystal asked, "When you're with them, how do you think they focus on you?"

Amber thought a moment, "Good question. Roger seems to always have a portion of his head in his business. He even confessed that his obsession with his company and its success was the reason his first wife finally left him.

"Mike works for Brad who's now the CEO of the company they work for. When he's with me, I feel I have his full attention. Well, almost. There is always some email or meeting to set up that diverts him, but it's only for a few seconds and then he refocuses on me. We talk business sometimes; he likes a lot of my ideas; Kat's too."

Crystal posed, "Is Mike fun?" She sat forward to be sure to appreciate the answer to her question.

Amber swooned a little, "Yeah, he is. He loves to come up with new ideas of things to try that'll amuse me. He found someplace a few miles from here that has a ropes course and several long zip lines that we're going to do next time he's in town. But, that's just an example. He thinks about us, even in Boston, and then uses the Internet to plan interesting dates. He varies the pace too; last time he was in town, we spent time at the nude beach and just cuddled together for many hours and people watched. It was just what I wanted. He can read my moods."

Kat said, "Haven't you done some of the same things with other 'dates.'" The implication that those 'dates' were paying customers was fully understood by each of the girls.


Edie volunteered, "When I do that with something Martin's done with me – a restaurant, fun place, movie or something – I feel a little guilty, like I'm taking something from Martin and giving it to some other guy."

Amber thought. "I can see your point, especially for the more romantic things. I think our attitude and mindset is part of what keeps our romantic relationships different. Of course, it works in reverse too. A guy takes us somewhere on a 'date' and then we get to take our main squeeze to the same place so they appreciate it too."

Edie gushed, "Oh, thank you. You just unburdened me of a mountain of guilt. I'll have to start seeing the other side of that coin. The sharing goes both ways."

Kat reminded us, "Don't forget ladies, that we are ESCORTS. The business we are in is pleasuring our 'dates'. We pleasure them by our presence at an intimate dinner, major events, having interesting suggestions for places to go and things to do, and fucking their brains out when the time comes. I have no guilt about finding, recommending, sharing, or whatever something to do. You shouldn't either. We are not only in the escort business, we are in the entertainment business."

Crystal laughed, "Yes, the fucking entertainment business."

They all laughed.

Amber laughed too and added, "Most of our 'dates' end up that way – fucking, I mean. We are what we are."

Melody had watched all this with big eyes and open ears. "I think we need to share more of our ideas between each other. I just got a couple of great ideas for places to go from you all – ropes and zip lines and the nude beach, I should have thought of the latter certainly. I have the fucking down pretty well, especially with Sean."

"You guys going steady?" Kat asked.

"Kind of. He knows I have this job, but it doesn't seem to bother him; quite the opposite in fact. He's like Mike; he wants to hear about how other guys fucked me and what the details were, and then he goes all-wild on me. I got him to go on a couple of dates with girls he's met at work too. He's gotten lucky about half the time. He misses you guys too. Can I aim him at one of you when I'm busy?"

"But of course," Kat said. "He was on the novice end of the spectrum, but a truly nice guy."

Amber said, "Remind him that I gave him a rain check. He's never cashed it in. I love to have a 'date' with him."

* * * * *

Roger and Amber sat at a small table in the cherry paneled lounge at the Ritz enjoying an after-dinner glass of wine before retiring to his room upstairs in the expensive hotel. Amber was wearing an expensive black dress – long sleeves, turtleneck, and ankle length, but with a slit from ankle to waist, and a large round cutout filled with gossamer black lace on the front of her chest that proudly but discretely displayed her breasts through the semi-transparent fabric. The way she was sitting, the lower part of the dress had revealed all of one leg clear up to her waist, verifying to any observer that she was commando.

Three young men at the bar had locked on the display of leg and hip, occasionally catching flashes of her mons and quim when she leaned forward or shifted position, something Amber was doing quite intentionally with the goal of teasing both Roger and the men.

She teased Roger, "Oh, dear. My little pussy just flashed those three guys. Does that upset you?"

Roger smiled, "No. It excites me, at least right this moment it does. I want to take you, right here and right now."

Amber pushed, "Well, if you do that, you're going to have to share with three other guys. They'll be on me with the least provocation. I could do all four of you: my cunt, mouth, and jerking two others. You could all rotate and take turns getting blown or fucking me. You know my little cunt just loves to have lots of cock in it. Fresh, new cock."

Roger knew he was being played, "Yes, dear."

"Shall we invite them to join us in your suite? They look like they play well together with others. I think they'd understand all about teamwork."

"No. I want you all to myself."

Amber eased into the situation, "You really want a one-man woman, don't you?"

"Yeah. I suppose I do. I'm not into sharing, although that time with those two girls in Indonesia really turned me on."

"The exception that proves the rule," Amber said in a low voice. "Maybe you don't mind sharing me with women, but not guys. Remember that man in Paris and you two turning me every which way but loose."

Roger thought and agreed, "I think you're right. I don't want competition with some other guy for 'my woman.'" Amber heard the emphasis on the word 'my'.

"Serious question then, Roger. How can you put up with me when besides you I have another boyfriend, and I work in the escort trade?"

He grimaced, "With difficulty. These weeks since we've been back from our trip haven't been the easiest in my life, at least from a relationship point of view."

"But aren't you doing great things with your business to distract you?"

"Yes and no. You've been a distraction that has often taken my attention away from my business. I don't think horny and business go together."

"Any special reasons?" Amber came back into her teasing mood.

"Hell, yes," Roger insisted as he glanced sideways at her. "You send me these photographs or little video clips of you playing with your roommates, or with your mouth around some cock, or a cock in your pussy, and I go crazy for hours afterwards. Those are like throwing a hand grenade into my head. My mind explodes in tiny pieces and goes into turmoil."

"Is that good or bad? Serious answer time."

"Damn. You bore right into the sensitive areas, don't you?" he said, again glancing at Amber. He looked exasperated and frustrated. She'd sensed it when she'd met him at the airport in her little Porsche and driven him to the hotel. She knew it wasn't business too. Her mother had always told her she could tell when she was the cause of her husband's misery. Amber felt she was doing this to Roger.

He said, "It's ... bad. I really thought I could tolerate you and other men. I thought I could be above all that and just appreciate you without concern for what you did when we weren't together. I can't. I thought it would turn me on more than it does. It doesn't."

Amber leaned over and kissed his cheek. "I didn't think so."

"You won't change, will you?" Roger asked.

Amber shook her head, "Not right now – maybe never. This is who I am. I don't think I can be a one-man woman; for short time periods, yes, but overall, no. I'm sorry. You know I've always been intensely frank by telling you what's going on or what I'm thinking. I'd started to worry about this a few weeks ago based on your reactions to some of things I was doing with Mike and my clientele, and then to a couple of the snapshots I sent you."

"No, don't be sorry. I kind of knew that the first time we met, and all the time in between. It's just that I fell for you, and ..."

"And I fell for you too. You're a nice man – very nice. There's someone out there that'll be the perfect partner or spouse for you; a beautiful one-man woman who won't have all the luggage that I carry into our relationship."

After a silence, Roger asked, "Can we still see each other?"

Amber studied the older man and replied, "If you're sure that's what you want, yes, but I think you might want to take a breather, so to speak."

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