tagInterracial LoveSensory Overload Ch. 04

Sensory Overload Ch. 04


Savannah shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Next time she traveled, she was taking a plane. Traveling across country on train from Michigan back to California had been good in theory. The scenery was beautiful. She'd gotten a lot of reading done and had taken a lot of wonderful pictures. Her sore butt didn't care about any of this at the current moment. Next time one of her sisters got married, she was taking a plane.

Xavier's sister in San Francisco had gone into labor the day before they were supposed to leave so at the last minute he went up there to be there when Lana had her first baby. He wasn't due back until tomorrow so when she got home she'd have the apartment to herself. If she ever got there. This had to be the slowest train on earth.

She hadn't been back to Michigan since moving to be with Xavier a year ago. It'd been nice to see everybody, but it was time to come home. She'd finally gotten used to sleeping next to someone every night. If it hadn't been for her nieces bunking with her, she might not have been able to sleep.

Finally after the longest twenty minutes of her life, the train chugged into the station.

"Here, let me help you," An older gentleman offered, pulling her luggage out of the compartment above her.

She shot him a confused look, it wasn't like she was having a hard time getting it. She hadn't even had the chance to try yet, "Um, thank you?"

His skin was a little too orange for it to be from the sun. The lines on his face suggested he was probably in his early forties, but from the formation of his muscles, he definitely worked out regularly.

The light that filtered through the train station bounced off his the top of his dark head. Effortlessly he pulled down her Betty Boop luggage down for her. "No problem,"

When she took it from her, he didn't hide the way he scanned her left finger for a ring. His facial expression changed when he noticed the diamonds sparkle off her engagement ring. "Have a nice day," he nodded, bowing out gracefully.

Savannah snickered, waiting for him to exit the car before she made her own way. Gabriella was supposed to meet her there. So why was it when she stepped into the train station, there wasn't a familiar Puerto Rican in the crowd? Taking out her cell phone, she pulled up Gabby's number and hit send.

"You're not going to believe this,"

Savannah sighed calmly. A segue like that was never good unless the sentence ended with "I won the lottery," but with the tone Gabby was using, she wasn't swimming in money.

"Hi to you too. What's up?"

"There's a bad accident on the freeway and we're backed up. I've been here," before she could finish her story, Savannah's phone died.

"Cheap ass battery," she grumbled, dragging her luggage over to a phone booth. It must have been the last of its kind. It was the kind that Clark Kent used to change into Superman. On the inside of it was a satiny brown curtain. Pulling it around her, she put her purse on the brown stool next to her. Shoving quarters in the pay phone, she punched Gabriella's number.

"Hey you there?"

"Yeah, my stupid phone died. So what's up?"

"I've been stuck in traffic for about an hour. It looks like the cops are finally getting things taken care of,"

Damn it. That meant taking a cab home, "Okay well just get off at the next exit. I'll call a cab,"

"No no, don't. By the time you call the cab and it gets there, I should be out of this,"

"Gabs, it's okay,"

"No please? It'll cost you a whole bunch of money. I wanna see the pictures of Monique's wedding. I'll take you out for dinner so you don't have to cook when you get home,"

"I am getting to a really good part in my new book. I'll just hang out I guess," she sighed dejectedly. There was a Fashion Bug about a block away, she could find something cute to welcome Xavier home in.

"I'll be there soon. If you don't see me in forty-five minutes, call and check on me,"

Saying their good byes, they hung up. Spinning around, her knee bumped the stool, causing her purse to fall off, spilling all over the floor. "Damn it," she grumbled, kneeling down to pick things up. The phone rung above her, shocking her. It took her a minute to realize that it was her phone ringing. Could the number have popped up on Gabby's phone?

She stood up, tentatively picking up the receiver, "Hello?"

"Hey Isabella baby. I'm stuck at the office a little bit longer than normal, but as soon as I get out I'll come over and we'll finish where we left off last night. Could you be a good girl for your big daddy and wear the naughty school girl out fit?"

Savannah's mouth went dry. This was obviously a wrong number. Sounded like Isabella was a bit of a freak.

"Um, this isn't Isabella,"

"Is this Tabitha?"



"No, this isn't even an apartment,"

"Did I call a pizza place?"

"No sir, it's a phone booth at the train station in down town Los Angeles,"

"Please don't call me sir, that makes me feel old,"

Savannah giggled, "Sorry, dude,"

His manly chuckle vibrated the phone, "I'm sorry. My name's Ethan,"

"Hi Ethan. I'm sorry you got the wrong number," there was something stopping her from telling him her name.

"I'm not sure how I managed that. I just called her this morning,"

"Trying to get her ready for round two?"

"Something like that,"

"Sounded hot,"

"It was,"

Dropping her purse back down by her side, she leaned up against the curtain, "What'd you and Isabella do last night?"

"Why should I tell you something so personal when I don't even know your name?"

"Sorry, I'm Elaine," it probably wasn't smart in this day and age for her to freely tell her name. Ethan probably wasn't his real name either.

"Well hi there Elaine. You sound cute,"

"Thanks. You don't sound so bad yourself," this was definitely an interesting way to wait for Gabriella.

"Nice to meet you Elaine. Where are you from?"

"East L.A.," she didn't know the area well enough yet to be able to spout off a random city off the top of her head. At least it wasn't where she lived. The anonymity of the situation intensified things for her.

"That's where I live,"

Wonderful, he was probably going to invite her over sometime. That's not exactly what she was looking for. Desperate to change the subject so it wouldn't get to that, she pushed on, "Where does Isabella live?"

"About an hour away,"

"That's got to suck,"

"It can. Especially with the gas prices. But the skills she's got makes it worth it,"

A coy smile tugged at the corners of her mouth, "What kind of skills we talkin' here?"

"The girl could suck a raisin through a straw,"

"Yes, but can she deep throat a Zima bottle?" Zima was known as a chick beer for its fruity flavor. The clear glass bottle made the drink visually appealing by the extra long neck. When Savannah and Xavier had started dating, still in the non sexual phase of the relationship, he'd taken her to a party to show her off to her friends. She'd teased him by showing him a bit of her talents, using a Zima bottle as a prop. It wasn't too long after that when they entered the sexual phase of their relationship.

"You know? I don't know. But I take it you can?"

"Without gagging," she boasted, smug smile in place.

The operator broke in, "Please insert fifty cents to continue talking," The loose change in her pocket jingled as she pulled out two quarters.

"You there?"

"Yeah, I'm here. So Isabella can suck a dick?"

Sighing contently, he continued his story, "Last night, she really put it on me. I showed up at her house late cuz of a stupid meeting. I'm soaked through my shirt due to the thunderstorm we had. The lights were off when I pulled up so I thought she'd gotten mad at me at left. I unlocked the door and there she is, completely naked bathed in only the lights of the candles," His in depth descriptions painted a vivid picture behind her closed eye lids. She could see Xavier's muscle shirt melted against his shin, outlining his body as he walked through the door. His eyes dancing with anticipation when he seen her on the couch wearing nothing but a smile. The candles casting shadows on her body. Between the audio and the visual, her nipples strained against her bra.

"You there?"

Oh she was there all right. She was hanging on every word of the narrative.

"You want me to continue?"

"Um, yeah," she urged, not wanting to interrupt him.

"Are you into girls Elaine?"

"Yeah," It wasn't like she'd ever see him, or even recognize him in the crowd. What'd it matter if he knew her sexual preference?

"You'd love my girl then. Her double d's are completely natural and she curves in all the right places,"

"Does she shave?" Xavier liked Savannah to be natural, but Savannah thought it was hot for a girl not to have any hair.

"Daily. It's nice and smooth,"

Savannah chewed on her bottom lip. Big tits and shaven? That was just hot.

"Are you enjoying the conversation sweetheart?"

Enjoying was an understatement. She'd crossed her legs, hoping that would stop the tension mounting. It didn't. "Yes,"

"How much,"

"I'm wet," she admitted sheepishly.

"Is there something you can sit on?"

"A stool,"

"You know? We didn't cover this. What are you wearing?"

"A skirt and a tank top,"

"So you've got easy access?"

Savannah giggled, "Yep,"

"This story gets a little hot, why don't you sit back and enjoy it?"

Hopping up on the stool she rested her back on the the corner of the phone book, spreading her legs a little bit.

"So what happened when you seen her?"

"She sauntered off the couch and helped me into the bathroom. Peeling my shirt off me, she got to her knees, helping me take my shoes and socks off,"

Isabella took a page out of Savannah's book. When X had a bad day of work, she wouldn't allow him to lift a finger. She'd take his shoes and socks off him, then unzip his pants with her teeth.

"Then she ran a hot shower for me. As the water ran over me she soaped up the wash cloth and ran it over my body,"

Her eyes closed again, Xavier's naked body popped back in her mind. She liked to massage his back with the soapy cloth as their massage shower head beat down on his body. Taking her time, she'd wash down his back and then his ass. Usually slapping it, turn about was fair play after all. Then she'd get on her knees and wash the back of his calves. When she reached his ankles, he'd turn around so the water washed away the soap on his back. Washing his feet was something sweet and sensual that she liked to do for him.

"After she washed away the muck of the day, she got on her knees and sucked on my balls as she stroked on my dick,"

Hearing the slight moan Ethan let out as he relived the previous night caused Savannah to moan a little herself. Unable to stand it any longer, she slid her thong out of the way and parted the lips of her vagina with her fingers.

A loud pounding on the door rocked the phone booth, "Some of us would like to use the phone before the end of the century,"

Composing herself quickly, she was on her feet and to the door before the person on the other side could open it up. Drawing the curtain back she stuck her head out of the phone booth.

"Some of us are on a long ass lay over on hold with the hospital trying to see how our father is since he just got out of a TRIPLE BYPASS," without waiting for the bewildered man to answer, she closed the curtain. "Sorry about the rude interruption," she whispered, quickly resuming her position.

"That's fine. Where were we?"

Her thong back out the way, she propped the phone between her shoulder and chin, "You were getting your dick sucked,"

"Ah yes. She attached her thick, luscious lips tightly around my cock. She's got this suction grip that makes it incredible,"

Savannah knew the suction grip well. She knew when she was doing what he wanted when he started running his fingers through her hair. He was close to wanting to fuck her when he held her head in one position and fucked her mouth.

"Does she let you fuck her mouth?" the thought of Xavier's hands in her hair caused her fingers to flick her clit.

"You know what? We'll have to try that. Not that she doesn't know what she's doing,"

Savannah gasped slightly as her second finger fluttered over a sensitive spot, "Variety is the spice of life,"

"Definitely. Which was what made last night so hot. We'd never done anything in the shower before. The lull of the water beating on my tired muscles as she sucked on my cock was fascinating,"

She'd never thought of it from that perspective. Being that she was usually the one on her knees, she got the shower second hand. One of her favorite places to have sex was in the rain, so the shower was a good simulator.

"I was ready to fuck her pretty quickly, but she drug out the teasing," that was a woman who knew what she was doing. Guys were usually pretty easy to get ready to fuck. The fun was prolonging it to make it more pleasurable in the long run. Xavier loved how she teased him. Even if he didn't admit it at the time. He'd help her to her feet after an extended dick sucking session, ready to give it to her. Complaining that if she made him wait the water would get cold. She'd reach behind him and turn the hot water on a little more, then push him back as he watched her play with her pussy.

Much like she was doing now. She'd start out with one finger and then insert two. He'd massage her tits for her, pinching on certain spots. She'd pull her fingers out of her pussy and then let him suck her juices off them.

"She had me wash her body with just the soap, but I couldn't go below her waist,"

That was slick. She'd have to try that one.

"How hot did it get you?"

"By the time I washed her hair I had," the words "pre cum" were covered by that damn operator demanding fifty more cents. Digging in her purse with her free hand, she shoved quarters in. Now was not the time to end the conversation. When she leaned forward, she inadvertently slid on her fingers more. The sensation sent shivers of pleasure through her resulting in a sharp moan from her as she fed the phone book two more quarters.

"Evil time for her to want more quarters," Ethan laughed.

"Lucky for you I have a lot of quarters," she grumbled. Deciding she liked the slight incline, she stayed bent over. "So she had you wash her hair?"

"Mmmhmm. She's got long, dark curly hair so there was a lot to wash,"

Pushing her hips downward, she rubbed her clit with her fingers, as her fingers slid in and out of her, covered with her own juices. Xavier had been known to make her orgasm by the slow way he slid over her slippery body and lavishing all his attention on her nipples. He'd stand behind her, playing with her nipples, ignoring her pleas of fucking her as she crept closer and closer to the edge. Just as she began to come, he'd wrap his in her tangled mass of curls and pull her hair one good time, intensifying her climax.

"I surprised her though. I couldn't handle the suspense so when she put her head down for me to rinse it out, I grabbed her from behind and entered her quickly,"

The thought of the sudden impact caused her muscles to tighten around her fingers. Xavier was famous for that swift move and she was thankful for it. More than once when she was bent over picking up the soap or the razor, he'd grabbed her hips and slammed her back on him. They liked to keep the bathroom door open because of the full length mirror. It was simply erotica to not only feel, but watch his massive black cock move in and out her white pussy.

"That was one surprise I'm sure she didn't mind," Leaning back on the chair again, it was all she could do to make a full intelligible sentence. Her fingers were moving in and out of her pussy faster than hummingbird wings.

His soft chuckle was her wordless answer, "She was making the same soft noises you are now. But I encouraged her to get louder,"

Savannah scoffed. Xavier would threaten to stop fucking her if she didn't get as loud as he wanted her to get. More than once their neighbors had pounded on the walls to get them to quiet down. "I'm in a train station, I can't get too loud," at least if this guy hung up on her, she could finish herself off pretty quick.

"This is true, but the sound around you will drown you out a bit. You could get a tad louder if you wanted to," Just as he said that, the announcement for the next train departures squawked out of the speakers. She was normally pretty loud, so she let out a few loud moans to appease her new found phone friend.

"That's hot. Your boyfriend must love the hell out of that,"

She chuckled. He liked it so much that her pussy usually hurt from the work out he gave it after she got loud for him. That worked for her though. A little pain never hurt nobody. Besides, the deal was if he hurt it, he had to kiss it and make it better. And his tongue worked just as well as his dick.

"After I made her cum from fucking her from behind, I pushed her up against the wall, wrapped her legs around my waist and fucked her like that," his breathing was just as labored as his was. Xavier rolled her eyes when she said this, but she thought it was cute the way he got before he came. He usually said a "Oh shit," or "Oh fucks," before he bared down on her and wore her pussy out. When they were doing it in a public place, he usually bit her neck. Not that it always worked, but she tried to stave off coming before he did because she liked knowing that he was coming because of her. That usually caused her orgasm to hit her stronger.

Being in the train station, the story Ethan told her and the thought of Xavier fucking her in the shower became too much. Before she could give Ethan any warning, her muscles convulsed around her fingers, she brought the phone as close to her as she could so Ethan could hear her quiet cries. From the noises on the other end, she could only assume that he was climaxing as well. Gyrating her hips upwards one final time, the world stopped spinning and the phone booth came back into view.

"You there?" Ethan wondered after a minute.

Slowing her breath down, she nodded like he could see her, "Yeah. That was um, interesting," she chuckled, not knowing what to say next.

Ethan matched her laugh, "Definitely. Glad you had a good time,"

That was one way of defining it. Readjusting her panties and her skirt, she hopped off the stool, picking up her cell phone that must have fallen out of her purse. When she stood up, just over the privacy curtain she could see the oversized wooden clock. Her eyes bugged out of her head, "Have we seriously been on the phone for an hour?"

"Damn! We have been haven't we? I need to actually CALL Isabella. She's probably pissed off for real now,"

The operator broke in one last time to tell her to feed the hungry phone more quarters.

"Okay, I don't actually HAVE anymore quarters. I need to get more to call my friend. Hopefully she hasn't left thinking I took a cab,"

"Okay my mysterious Elaine. It was nice getting to know you,"

With that the interesting conversation was over. Gathering her bags, she stepped out of the phone booth. No sooner did she round the corner did she see Gabriella racing into the station.

"Oh good! You haven't left!" Gabriella's bear hug caused her to drop her grip on her luggage, sending it clanging to the ground.

"Nope, I've been entertaining myself,"

Gabriella sent her a questioning glance when a small smile played on her lips. Dismissing it just as quickly when Savannah didn't offer an explanation, Gabby lapsed into conversation, "Have you eaten yet? You must be starved. Let's go to Apple Bee's, my treat,"

Agreeing simply because she knew she wouldn't win, Savannah grabbed her bags, stumbling a bit when the heel on her shoe caught in a groove in the floor. Starting to fall backwards, she was caught in mid air and before she knew what was going on, she was back on her feet.

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