tagNovels and NovellasSensual Persuasion Ch. 01

Sensual Persuasion Ch. 01



A strong arm wrapped around my waist in a purely possessive manner, tugging me in the direction of a hard, definitely masculine body. My breath stilled in anticipation, waiting and wondering what he might do. I felt the heat emanating off of him in waves and I could tell he wanted me.

"I can make you forget everything," he drawled in a seductive voice that made my heart flutter at a million paces per minute. My temperature was shooting through the roof and suddenly my top felt too tight on my breasts. We were outside and anyone noticing us from a distance would think we were a cute couple or something, but mother of god, I wanted him so much more.

"I can make you forget your name. I can make you forget everything except the person—" He slowly slid his hand up my bare leg and traced a sensuous pattern of erotic delight on the inner side of my thigh. I could feel electric bolts shoot out every which way and all I could think of was his hands roaming all over my body touching the places I wanted to be touched. "—who can make you orgasm like no other."

I actually shivered and my knees felt weak. His voice became hoarse with want and desire. He wanted me and badly. His other hand slowly snaked up my top and he spanned his fingers to feel the heat of my toned, tanned stomach.

I knew all I had to do was edge him on, give him permission to touch me anyway he wanted. All I had to do was just say the word.

"Prove it."

I couldn't explain what had happened after that, except that before I even had a chance to make my way into the house, he pulled me hard and slammed the door behind me. In one swift move, he lifted me up and I wrapped my long legs around his waist and pressed my inner core against his stomach. My chest felt heavy and he slammed me against the door behind me, until I felt the solid wood behind my back. A shot of pain crawled up my spine, but it was quickly forgotten as his lips met mine in an implacable, hard manner, molding to my own. He kissed me, dueling with my tongue. I pressed myself tighter against him, (as if that was even possible), and he continued to roam his hands everywhere, eager to discard the barrier between us.

I could feel my body turn to jelly. I pressed his face closer to mine and kissed him just as ferociously. It was a play of his hands all over my body with his tongue warring with mine. He swept my mouth everywhere and soon the fiery kiss turned to one of domination. He didn't ask. He plundered my mouth and took everything. He kissed intoxicatingly and I was drugged out of my mind. My body shook with the force of his need and all I wanted was to be possessed by him. I wanted him inside me, to fill me. I got hot just thinking about it. I was breathing hard as he tore his mouth away from mine and began to plunder kisses all along the column of my slender neck, teasing and nipping. It trailed a hot path as my breasts were pushing up against his very male torso.

"You know you want this," he said arrogantly. His voice going oddly husky and every pure feminine instinct told me he wanted this as much as I did.

I couldn't speak. I was so out of my mind, as he began to massage my breasts. His hard, thick member pressed against my tight feminine channel, ready to cum inside me. I wanted him. I wanted him now.

Quickly he carried me to the couch and placed me on it and settled on top of me. He took off his shirt and before I knew it he quickly divested himself of the rest of his clothes leaving him stark naked and gloriously male.

It didn't take long for him to rip my own clothes off until it was in a piled heap on the floor. He began kissing me, his lips massaging once more my own and I quickly responded. My legs wrapped of their own accord around his waist and pulled him closer to me. He began kissing me voraciously once more. It was almost animalistic. It was as if we couldn't get enough of each other. His arm wrapped around my small waist to pull me closer to him and I did the same, snaking my arm around his neck. I knew my lips were going to be bruised from his kisses but I didn't care. I wanted this. I wanted him. I pulled him closer until we were almost done. I seductively rubbed my body against his in anticipation.

"Do you know what I want?" he said huskily. His hair was mused everywhere and his body was giving off so much heat, I was sure I was going to melt at any moment. "I want to be inside you right now."

I moaned in ecstasy and I began to arch off the sofa. He began kissing me down my neck until his mouth began to suckle on my breasts. My nipples grew erect and I could feel him massaging my other breast. Ecstasy shot through me and I threw my head back in the pure feeling of it. Sensation shot through me like a drug and I wanted him to continue. I wanted him to touch me until I burned bright. He groaned and I did the same in pleasure. My clitoris thrummed in anticipation. I wanted him to touch me there.

I wanted his caress to ease the ache that was growing within me. I had no idea I could feel this hot. I stuffed my hand through his hair and pulled him closer to my breast so he could suckle all of it. He licked and kissed my breasts until I was arching in a rhythm toward his mouth. I was moaning and crying for more. He was driving me mad, to a heightened anticipation of falling over a precipice of sorts. There was an urgency to both our movements and at this moment, all rational thought fled as primal instinct took over.

As if he read my mind, "I can make you burn hotter. You'll be so hot that you can't even think."

Then the next thing I knew, his fingers probed inside me. I moaned and sighed in pleasure, as he constantly asked me what I wanted. How could I answer, if I was barely aware of my own movements or thoughts? I wanted him to continue or else I'd felt like dying if he stopped.

"I want this. I want you to touch me," I moaned breathily. My voice was husky with desire and I wanted him to continue.

"Where?" he asked again, withholding those dexterous fingers of his purposely torturing me into submission.

"There!" I moaned. "Don't stop, please!" I begged.

"Show me," he commanded. His voice had gone husky. He lifted himself up. "Touch yourself. Show me where you want to be touched."

I showed him. Out of nowhere I felt inhibited and I guided my hand down the slopes of my breasts, down the length of my toned abdomen and touched myself there easing the ache and the fire spiraling at the pit of my stomach. I could feel myself getting wetter and I unabashedly glanced down at his erect cock.

"You like what you see?" he grinned.

I could only nod. My mouth had gone dry. I wanted it inside me. I needed him, now.

Then unexpectedly, his fingers delved within the deep folds of my womanhood. They were probing and I couldn't help but arch even more and moan for more. I was begging. I began to rock against his fingers, arching to meet his hand as they continuously probed the inside. I could feel not one, not two but three fingers inside me stretching me as far as I was willing to open to him, all the while he planted kisses on my breasts which were sensitive to the torment of his tongue swirling on my erect nipples.

"Come apart for me," he said huskily, demanding. "You know you want this. You're too sensual of a creature to not want this. You have no idea what you're doing to me." His voice was raspy. I arched up into his hand wanting this.... wanting more...

"Tell me you want this," he said.

I didn't respond. I was so lost in the sensation he was making me feel that I couldn't respond. His other hand roamed my body everywhere while he was wreaking havoc on the one place where I wanted him to enter. The one place he was refusing to enter until I submitted to him.

Suddenly, he massaged my clitoris and I was burning from pleasure. I couldn't take it anymore. He asked in a startlingly hot, seductive voice, "Tell me you want more of this. Tell me what you want."

I couldn't help it. I nodded.

"Good, because I'm going to make you scream and come."

And he did. He continued torturing me, until I was screaming for more and I gave into my release.

"Yes! Yes! Oh god! Yes!" I yelled as I thrashed my head side to side, gripping the sides of the couch that now smelled of our lovemaking. God this was pure animal sex and I wanted more of it. If he could make me come apart just with his fingers inside of me, plunging into me repeatedly and deeply, I began to imagine what kind of pleasure he would give me if his cock were impaled inside me.

Oh god, I got wetter just thinking about it.

"Cameron," He said hoarsely, like he was trying to maintain all control before he lost it. He glanced up at me with his intense blue-green eyes. His eyes were darkened with desire and suddenly he smiled mischievously.

"Please, don't stop!" I said. I was really begging now. How pathetic could I sound?

Oh my god.

I didn't have time to react, before he replaced his fingers with his mouth.

I screamed even louder. My back arched higher until my breasts, erect and covered in his delicious kisses, were high in the air. His tongue darted everywhere and hit every channel of my inner core. He was licking, sucking, drawing every last thing from me, while I thrashed and bucked. Mounting pleasure began to grow to an apex as the pressure of his mouth increased. He placed a strong, muscular arm down on my toned stomach to keep me down, forcing me to experience the savoring of his mouth as he feasted on me like a delicious meal, devouring me.

I screamed all the while I heard him through my muffled yelling telling me to scream louder for him. "Yes! Please! Aahhhhh......yes, just don't stop!"

I moaned even louder and I began to thrash even more violently as he licked everything from me. I plunged my hands through his hair, undulating my wet heat against his mouth, impatient to get to where I wanted to, falling over the cliff into a mind-blowing orgasm. Why was he not giving it to me? Did he want me to beg?

Of course, it was not to be, as I quickly realized, when something hard hit me in the head, drawing me out of my hazy dream.

"Son of a—" I said, as the alarm clock fell on top of my head. That hurt.

I sat up, massaging the ache in my head and raked a hand through my long, glossy brown locks. I had never had a sexual dream before, nor did I ever care to have one, but this one felt totally real. I could feel his sensual caresses all along my body and his kisses searing his brand on me. I could still feel the aching heat between my legs and my heart pacing at about a hummingbird's pace. I could still imagine his mouth where I wanted his cock to be, darting his tongue inside me. Liquid heat immediately pooled there and I fought the urge to alleviate the pain I was feeling of not being touched there.

"Jesus, Cameron, you're losing it," I said, as I climbed out of bed. I trekked into the bathroom and glanced at my reflection. My silky, long hair was all mused up and a slight sheen of sweat glistened my bronze-tanned complexion. I looked like I had had the best sex of my life even though it had just been a dream. My breasts seemed more swollen and slightly bigger. It ached as well. I didn't even want to think about the throbbing of my pussy. How easy it would be to slip into bed once more and slide my hand down there....

Suddenly, my phone vibrated. The sound of Snoop Dog's Sexual Eruption echoed in the bathroom. How appropriate, I thought wryly.

I quickly picked it up, not bothering to check caller ID. "Hello?" Ew. Was that my voice? It sounded husky, like I wanted to fuck.

"Good morning to you too," Hailey called.

"Yeah, hi," I said. "What is it?"

"More like, where's your ass this morning?" Hailey said. Hailey was one of the coolest chicks at Rorington—the elite prep high school that anyone who was somebody's child went to in Massachusetts. Both my parents were noted doctors. One was a neurologist and the other was an immunologist. Money spoke volumes at Rorington. We weren't exactly as well off as some of the other hotel magnates, billionaire CEO's, or politicians, but I still managed to be acceptable amongst the crowd. Elitism was rampant there and it was hard to escape that mentality when students there roamed around like they were entitled.

Hailey, on the other hand, had a mother who was the head of one of the largest modeling agencies in the world, (her own of course), and a father who was an ambassador for the UN. Hailey had a reputation as a total bad ass, which was pretty understandable given her parent's occupation and strict mannerisms. It was, I suppose nice to let loose once in a while and break a few rules. However, one of the rare things that caught my attention was her height. Although she wasn't as tall as my own five foot eleven height, she was just about an inch or two shorter than me, though no one could really tell. From far away she was just as tall. (I had a slight obsession about height, but considering Hailey's mother and her vision for perfection in the modeling industry, Hailey's mother always took the time to point it out to her guests about how tall her daughter was at a banquet or charity gala and the like).

"Yeah, I kind of got up late," I said, in between brushing my teeth and combing my longish, sleek hair. It's not as easy as it looks, considering my side bangs kept getting in the way. I had recently gotten a haircut, (which I completely regret now), since it was doing me more harm than good. My hair cascaded past my breasts, and I had a noticeable layer just below my chin, that angled down with the rest of my straight, waist-length hair. My side bangs too were made sleek and parted to the right to angle down nicely.

Once I was finished inside the bathroom, I headed towards my closet and donned on my school uniform. Our school had a strict dress code, there attempt at leveling everyone on the same playing field. They had a theory that the only way the students would stand out now—apart from the way they dressed since everybody dressed alike—were their accomplishments, whether it ranged from academics to sports. They had forgotten however, that it was no longer what we wore that mattered, but also our names and our fame. Regardless, of what we wore, there were still groups in which old-money families socialized in the same circles as billionaire children, and children born from oil-magnate families associated with royalty but not with those of regular commoners such as children of wealthy doctors or lawyers or businesses. This was because they usually serviced those of royalty or those who could afford them anyway. It was all complicated, but it didn't necessarily matter to me considering the fact that I didn't come to Rorington to socialize with them. I simply came to kick ass in lacrosse and land my ass in an Ivy-League college. Next stop: Harvard.

Yeah, I know it was a bit of a stretch, but I was determined to make it. Besides, the Ivys' were always falling over their own feet just to impress anybody who went to Rorington. Having connections to the Alumnae at the high school was of major help too.

I heard Hailey laugh through the phone as I was buttoning up my white, Ralph Lauren, button down school uniform. I cradled the phone between my ear and my shoulder and folded the sleeves so they rested just above the elbow. I slipped on my plaid skirt, which in comparison to my height, looked way shorter than it should be, and quickly donned on my black, calf-length socks.

"Guess who decided to show up again at Rorington?" Hailey asked. I could hear a muffle of voices in the background. Was she at school already?

"Who?" I asked uninterestedly. I searched frantically for my tie and found it hanging on my closet door. I quickly fastened it on. School regulations said that we had to have it tie up all the way, but I didn't. Like Hailey, I left a couple of buttons on my button-down shirt open and my tie loose. I didn't need to be choked in this weather. It was hot as hell.

I dressed quickly and headed downstairs. I was out the door, before I had a chance to say anything to my parents. Knowing them, they were probably at the hospital or at some pharmaceutical company by now, observing experimental treatments.

"Luke's back," Hailey said, surprising me. The name conjured up something. "He, in all his glory." A tinge of sarcasm hit her tone.

"What do you mean, he's back? Wasn't he expelled last year?" I asked her confused.

"Yeah, but no one knows why either. He just appeared in his Lamborghini Gallarado," Hailey said. "I think I'm going to puke."

"Why?" I asked her.

"Because, the hounds are already pouncing on him and returning docilely by his side," Hailey said.

I laughed and hung up the phone muttering a quick goodbye to her. The hounds were another nickname for the small group of girls who always stuck around each other; Lindsey, Natasha, Chelsea and Victoria. There were mainly four and these four were about the hottest girls in the entire school. Both Chelsea and Lindsey were models and Natasha and Victoria once did a cover together on Maxim magazine. The ringleader of course was Lindsey and for a time she had been Luke's girlfriend, before things had gone sour and she dumped him for Nathan.

Luke had been expelled two years ago during his sophomore year and no one for the longest time had any idea why, so it came as a surprise that Luke was coming back this year, no doubt thanks to his parent's money.

I didn't live far from school, which was why I was walking, frustratingly tugging down the length of my skirt to keep out the chill that blew in. It was of no avail, since it kept riding back up anyway to rest above mid-thigh. Whatever, I couldn't help it.

Hailey stood in the parking lot, her long, blonde hair tied in one long messy ponytail emphasizing the angles of her face and her exotic silver-gray eyes. She had white-peach colored skin and she stood with her hips on her hand and her Calvin Klein tote bag on her shoulder.

"What are you looking at?" I asked her as I stood beside her. I hitched my own Tommy Hilfiger Tote bag higher on my shoulder and followed her gaze. "Oh."

I spotted Luke and a couple of other guys and Lindsey hanging about him. Natasha gave him a hug that clearly meant a lot more than a simple welcome back and Victoria began flirting with Nathan.

"Doesn't that just make you sick?" Hailey said, as she took a sip of her Aquafina, citrus-flavored water. "They're all acting like he just got back from Iraq or something."

I didn't bother to comment on that, as I was too preoccupied with my earlier dream and what it meant to focus on what she said. My eyes however drifted back to the group as I began to observe them in their natural habitat.

I watched for a few more seconds as Luke began to catch up with some of his old friends. For a brief moment, I could've sworn he glanced at me, but I supposed it was just a trick of the sun, for in the next second, he was eyeing up Natasha's tits.

From last I had seen of Luke, he had grown taller. He was much taller than I was, standing at about a good six feet five or so. He had amazingly broad shoulders and a muscle-corded body that clearly showed he was no stranger to any sort of sport. He too played lacrosse and basketball, similarly like me. Rumor had it that he left because Duke had recruited him for their basketball program. However, that was quickly dismissed as there was no way in hell Duke was eyeing him up during sophomore year.

"I wonder why Luke came back though," Hailey mused. She tilted her head slightly as if she was pondering some profound question.

"Does it matter?" I asked her. His reappearance at the school was already causing a buzz of flurry about his arrival as I spotted groups of people whispering amongst themselves. Apart from the usual female attention Luke got, his general presence was also somewhat interesting to note. "Doesn't it just want to make you know why he got expelled in the first place?" Hailey asked. Hailey had an insatiable curiosity. She was an expert in getting under people's skin. So it didn't come as much of a surprise to find that Hailey was now suddenly just as interested in Luke's comeback as Lindsey and the other girls who were rekindling their friendship with him.

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