I moved to Las Vegas to be a showgirl. I'd been dancing for a couple of years, mostly in Los Angeles, and I figured this would be a step up for me. It was a more mainstream show in one of the big casinos, but it was erotic, and I loved the work, and welcomed the opportunity to put my dancing skills to good use. It didn't hurt that I was into girls, and enjoyed writhing around with them, half-naked, in a hot show. But I was lonely, I missed my girls in Los Angeles, and it isn't easy for a pretty blonde twenty-seven year-old, especially one that is 5'8", 120 lbs. and C Cups to meet an honest person in this town. Many people tried to take advantage of me those first few months, so I chose my friends carefully. One became my best friend and lover.

Her name was Sera. She was about my height, with long black hair and bangs. She was a "mutt"--her father was German and Dutch and her mother was Japanese. She had a beautiful dancer's body, long muscular legs and a flexible torso, and the roundest pertest breasts that I'd ever seen. And she had beautiful pale skin, which complimented her mysterious features. She was a lead dancer in the show and it was a turn-on to perform with her. I think she knew right off that we would end up together; she had a thing for "tall WASPY blondes," she said and we flirted a lot those first few weeks, while becoming really good friends.

She had a condo just down the road from my apartment and we shared a lot of down-time together. She was also a centerfold, appearing in magazines and web sites. I spent many hours looking at her beautiful body in hot poses, alone and with other beautiful women. When I met her she'd just gotten back from a stay in Europe. Even though she had a mouth like a sailor, she was more delicate and cultured than the women I was used to performing with, and I often wondered how she got into the life. But I was shy around her and didn't want to ask personal questions. I wanted to learn from her and that's exactly what I did.

The first time we had sex was after a grueling rehearsal. Sera invited me out for some cocktails "away from the girls," and ended up at an intimate lounge right off the strip. Immediately talk turned to sex, especially her adventures in Europe. She'd done a shoot with some Czech girls and things quickly got out of hand. "They liked to have fun," she said. "They took me out clubbing where we made out with other beautiful girls and then they took me home and practically raped me."

"Sounds fun," I said.

"They were very oral; they liked to kiss and they love to eat pussy. I must've came ten times that night. They couldn't get enough of me."

I blushed and she patted me on the knee and laughed.

"I'm sure you've had some wild times yourself," she said.

"A few," I said.

I told her about a pair of twins that I met at a club I was working at. After working there for a month I began sleeping with both of them without the other knowing about it. And each though that the other one was straight. Sera seemed fascinated and asked me all sorts of questions, which made us both laugh. Soon laughing led to kissing, and finally, after a couple more drinks, we drove back to my place to have sex.

First we took a shower together, Sera massaged my back and soaped up my pussy and asshole and I did the same to her. We rubbed our bodies against each other and touched each other's pussies. Then Sera turned me around and made me lean against the wall of the shower with my hands. I bent down and spread my legs and she slowly began to lick my ass crack, gliding her tongue slowly over the folds of my asshole, licking gently and then harder as I moaned with pleasure. I played with my pussy as she licked, spreading my ass cheeks wider with her hands and fucking my asshole with her tongue. Then I fucked my pussy with my fingers and came violently as she kept on licking. Then she took me in her arms and we held each other for a few moments as the water came down on us, washing away our fuck juices as we kissed and caressed. Then we dried off and I led Sera to my bedroom. I had told her about how much I loved using my strap-on on girls and she was ready.

"I want some dick," she said.

I pulled out my strap on and dildo and turned and looked at her. She was lying on my bed expectantly, with her legs spread, caressing her perfect tits, smiling at me as she played with her pussy. Her skin was glistening and I could see her abs rippling as she writhed on the bed, her perfect feet pointing in my direction. Her whole body seemed to be waiting for me, wanting me, craving me. I couldn't wait to have my way with this beautiful creature. I wanted to fuck her from every position possible and lick every inch of her smoking body. I put my cock on the harness and spread some lube around it and walked slowly to the bed. She patted the spot next to her and I lay down. We began kissing and she played with my cock, taking the lube from me and spreading it around the tip and shaft and then pouring some on herself and rubbing it around and inside her pussy.

"I haven't been fucked in a long time," she said.

"The wait is over," I said.

"Be gentle," she said. We looked at each other and laughed and then I got on top of her and we kissed. I glided my cock between her tits and then she took it on her hand and began to lick the tip of it."

"I don't want you to hold back," she said.

"I won't, you don't even know," I said.

"If this isn't the best fuck of my life, I'll very disappointed."

"You won't."

She let go of my cock and slowly guided it down to her dripping slit. I swirled it around her pussy lips and she gasped, then I rubbed it against her clit and she closed her eyes and her head fell back against the pillow. Then she spread her legs even wider and grabbed my ass with both hands.

"Stop teasing, baby," she said. "Just fuck me."

"I will."

Her big brown eyes widened.

"I want you inside me."

I entered her and she moaned. I went deeper and began to fuck her with my cock. Her face contorted as she moved to my rhythm, wrapping her powerful legs around mine and letting me go deeper and harder into her.

"Feels good baby," she said. "It really has been a long time."

A gave her a look and she smiled her face in total ecstasy with each thrust of my cock. She put her arms around me and held me as I fucked her, kissing my face and neck, as we pressed our tits together and fucked. I pushed myself up and fucked her harder as she watched me, baring her teeth and pulling me down toward her, taking my tits into her mouth and sucking me. Then we changed positions. She turned around and grabbed my cock and led it into her dripping pussy, burying her head into the pillow as I fucked her from behind. She cried out as she got close and then there was no holding back as she came, her whole body contorting from under me as she rode my cock to orgasm. I lay on top of her, still inside her as she contracted around my cock, then I slipped my cock out of her pussy and fell down on the bed.

When we awoke, she said that she had to leave. I didn't want her to go, but she said that we both had to get up early for another grueling rehearsal. I watched her get dressed and walked her to the door and we kissed. "We have Monday off," she said. "Are you free?"

"Yeah," I said.

"You'll come over won't you," she asked, girlishly.

"Of course I will."

"And bring your cock."

"I won't forget."

"Bye, Babe."

She kissed me full on the lips and left, smiling at me as I closed the door behind her. I couldn't wait to see what she had in store for us.

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