tagBDSMService With A Smile Ch. 01

Service With A Smile Ch. 01


"That was a good breakfast jay," Master said with a slight smile. "Once you have completed the washing up, I want you ready to go out. I have a mind to do some shopping. I have laid out the clothes you are to wear. Be ready in thirty minutes, please."

Nodding slightly to show that she had understood His orders, jay hurried to the kitchen to do her tasks as quickly as possible. She knew that she needed to hurry, but at the same time, ensure that everything was done properly – her Master would not tolerate sloppy work. She glanced at the clock and saw that she had only ten minutes in which to get ready. She quickly did her toilet and hurried to the bedroom to dress. On the bed was a mid calf black skirt. It was very thin cotton and very full. The skirt was held up by a thin tie which. If undone, would allow the skirt to fall to the ground. To go with it was a black gypsy top. There was no bra today – which meant Master might desire to play with her nipples at any time – nor were there any panties, but then, jay never wore them since being collared. jay quickly dressed and went to stand by the front door to show that she was ready.

When Master appeared, he checked jay's appearance. He adjusted the gypsy top so that it was pulled lower on her shoulders and also exposed some of her midriff. Finally, he reached for a length of silver chain and fastened this around her waist with a small silver padlock. Picking up the free end, He led jay to the car and waited until she opened the door for Him. jay ran round to the other side of the car and quickly got in, adjusting her skirt before putting her seat belt on. The first time Master had her do this, she was so worried about being seen, but Master had insisted that He must have access to her pussy whenever He felt like it. In fact, he pointed out, it was His pussy now – for His use as and where and when He desired. As she settled back into her seat, her hands resting quietly on the thighs, jay wondered idly where they might be going. She knew better than to ask, as Master would tell her if and when He thought she needed to know.

The roads were quiet and jay settled back in her seat to enjoy the scenery. As she looked out of the window, jay let her mind wander back over the months since she was collared. A smile lit up her face as she remembered some of the wonderful moments they had shared. His voice broke in on her world. "What are you thinking?" he asked. This was such a simple question and in the past, before she embraced her submissive side, she might have smiled and answered "Nothing," and left it at that – but she knew better now. She knew that she must not hide her thoughts and feelings from Him, she must always be 100% honest with Him, otherwise He would not be able to guide her growth.

"I was thinking just how happy and content I am, Master. How lucky I am to have You in firm control."

"And..." He asked.

jay looked at Him, a puzzled expression on her face. She was unsure what He meant. Master slowed the car and pulled into the side of the road. He undid her seat belt and pulled the lever that lowered the back of her seat. jay was now almost laying flat and her heart began to race a little, wondering what might happen next. She relaxed her body, knowing that she was perfectly safe with her Master. He would never do anything that would hurt her or endanger her. She felt his hand guide her skirt up until her pussy and smoothly shaven mound were visible. She felt his hand slip between her thighs and relaxed them so they fell naturally apart. He ran a finger down inside her pussy lips and felt her.

"Turn over" He said emotionlessly. jay did as she was told and bit her lip. A resounding smack landed on her bare arse and made her flinch a little. She breathed evenly and waited. Would there be another smack? As jay tried hard to relax her muscles, she wondered what it was that she had done to earn his displeasure. It was not often now that she earned a punishment spanking, and she hated them. Her mind raced, what had she done or said... smack. Another landed squarely and jay let a small gasp escape her lips. What hadn't she done or said... smack. That was it!

"Please Master, I wasn't totally honest with you. May I try again?"

jay felt the seat back rising again and soon she was kneeling, facing backwards. She waited until told to move and hoped that her Master wouldn't ask her to sit straight away as her arse stung from his open handed smacks. "Look at me, and start over. What were you thinking?"

jay took a deep breath and started again. "I was thinking about our journey together and how since You collared me, I have become more content and more fulfilled. And I was also remembering some of the wonderful times You have played with me." Jay blushed bright red and could feel the moisture between her legs. Master once again put his hand to His pussy and felt for himself her heat and wetness.

"Yes, so I notice. Well jay, if you please Me this day, you may get a reward you will long remember. Now sit down and put you belt back on, but pull your top down, I have a mind to look at you while I drive."

jay turned in the seat and sat down gingerly. She pulled her top right down, exposing her breasts and then snapped the belt on again. As they drove on jay tried to put from her mind the fact that other road users might see her. Master would make sure that this would be a very small possibility. He had pointed out that by the time their brain had registered what their eyes had seen they would be long gone and they would be telling themselves their mind was playing tricks.

After a few minutes, Master told her to open the glove compartment and put her egg in. jay leaned forward and took the small bullet shaped egg from its box and raised her skirt. Carefully, so as not to jog His driving arm, she slid the egg inside her vagina and sat back down. They travelled on in silence and without warning a buzzing began deep inside her. Before long jay found herself needing to concentrate on keeping her breathing steady. she was being teased towards orgasm but knew that she must not climax without permission, and she must only beg for release when she thought she could bare it no longer. she moved slightly in her seat and wondered if Master had noticed. Of course He had – He seemed to know her body better than she did and gave her an order. "Now play with your nipples... hard. Pinch them and pull them and twist them. jay did as she was bid and tried hard not go easy on herself. Soon she had to bite her lip to stop the gasps escaping from her throat. Master slowed the car and lowered the seat again. His hand stroked her leg and jay could hold back no longer, "please Master, I am very close. I am not sure I am able to hold out much longer."

Master's fingers found her clit and began to rub. jay found herself whimpering and making small crying sounds as He rubbed harder and harder. He stopped as suddenly as He had begun. "Not yet, my pet, not yet. Just lay back and close your eyes, we will be there in about 40 minutes and I wish you to be rested. jay closed her eyes and got her breathing back under control. she would have liked permission to climax as she had been so near the edge and now she was being allowed to calm back down. Hopefully, before the day was out, she would be allowed release – but that was not her decision to take.

jay must have fallen asleep as she felt a hand shaking her slightly and heard Him say, "Take the egg out and tidy yourself as we will have arrived. jay did as she was asked and waited until He had parked the car and raised her seat before getting out of the car. she went around and waited by His door until He gave a slight nod for her to open the door for Him. After locking the car, Master caught hold of her chain and led her to the entrance of a shop. jay looked for a name so as to gain some idea what kind of establishment they were about to enter – but the outside of the large warehouse was unmarked, in fact it looked deserted. At the entrance Master pushed the heavy wooden door and led her into a brightly lit showroom full of beautiful lingerie.

jay wondered what they might purchase here and hoped that she might be rewarded with a corset as she knew Master had always expressed a desire to see her in one, but he led her right to the back of the shop and through another door. Master must have been to the shop before, as jay had not even seen the door, it looked like a full-length mirror to her. As she passed through the door and it closed behind her, she glanced back and was amazed to find that it looked like a window from this side. A tug on her chain bought her attention back and her eyes widened as she saw what lay before her – shelf upon shelf of BDSM equipment. jay had been in sex shops before, but never one like this – it was huge and from the little she could see, very well stocked.

Master led the way through the shelves and stopped before a display of clamps. As jay was about to reach out and touch one, she heard a polite cough and noticed a man standing the other side of Master. "Good morning Sir. Would you please make use of these... it's just company policy, you understand, that submissives are kept under tight control."

"Of course! What a good idea." Quickly and skillfully, jays hands were fastened behind her back. A leather collar was snapped shut around her neck and a chain leash attached.

"I wonder if Sir would care to shop without the hindrance of keeping His property with Him? If Sir would care to, we do have rather good waiting rooms, where pets may... well, wait!"

Master's beam a smile at the man and told him to lead on. Master, following the man closely, lead jay through racks of goods and past displays that made jays eyes open wide, until they reached the back of the warehouse. There were several booths set out with various pieces of equipment. Master quickly chose one and led jay into it. All it contained was a simple padded bench with cuffs hanging from small anchorage points.

The shopkeeper followed them in and spoke softly to Master, whose face broke into a wide grin. "That will be perfect. Thank you very much." The man bowed slightly and left to wait outside.

jay wondered what was about to happen, when Master quickly removed the collar and cuffs supplied by the store. He told jay to stand still, and wrapped a leather blindfold tightly around her eyes. jay felt His hands at her waist and then felt her skirt begin to slip. The belt had been unfastened. jay made to hold it up and was told to remain still and put her arms in the air. Doing as she was bid, jay felt her top being removed. she was now standing naked in an open fronted booth for anyone to see. Soon she felt herself being lifted onto the bench and laid on her stomach. her wrists and ankles were fastened at the same time, which, she suddenly realised, meant there was another person present.

A sharp, playful smack landed on her bare arse and jay heard her Master say that He wouldn't be long and to not go away, before His peal of laughter faded along with his footsteps.

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