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He knelt and bent forward, lying nearly on his face, his arms outstretched to barely touch her feet, as if he were not worthy to do even that.

She was intrigued. She had never found someone she would have considered until now. This one had practically thrown himself in her path, but she had liked the brief glimpse she had gotten of him.

"Stand," she commanded.

He rose quickly and stood, eyes forward as she moved around him. He was of average height, short blond hair, green eyes and a pencil moustache. She felt her pulse quicken at the leather collar he wore. There was just something arousing about that imagery. It communicated so viscerally the idea that he would be hers.

His arms and chest were bare, the hair on his chest really just a dusting that tapered to his slim waist. He wore the loincloth of those available for purchase, making it easier to check the goods. Mmmm, warm male loins, she thought. She refrained from lifting the cloth or having him expose himself though. That was something she was looking forward to discovering later. Even as her eyes traveled down his well-muscled legs, she realized she had already made the decision.

Maggie had been quite surprised when a lover had, five years before, pulled out a set of padded restraints and a paddle.

"I want you to secure me and give it to me good," he had growled.

Her first reaction had been to laugh but when she had realized that he was serious, she had become intrigued. She found she quite liked the feeling of power it gave her. She didn't really care to hit hard, but she loved the way the blood and heat rose up in his buttocks as she applied light smacks from varying angles. There had been no going back.

That lover had in turn introduced her to a whole new world. He had taken her to a club where the backroom was as large as the club area and devoted to the BDSM lifestyle. There she had met Peter, who had taken her under his wing as a mentor.

It had been Peter who first suggested the idea of purchasing a slave. They had met for coffee at an outdoor cafe in the springtime. Peter had looked across the table and said, "I think you should buy a slave."

Maggie had been quite repulsed by the thought and said so. It conjured up images of black slaves in the south being whipped by overseers. Peter had merely laughed.

"No, no. It's not that sort of thing at all. Really, it's more of an indentured servitude, for a period of time agreed upon by both parties. I bought my first slave ten years ago. She was actually a college professor who had taken a year long sabbatical to work on a book, or so she had told them. Of course, she did work on it when she had time, but she was a submissive and had wanted to be fully immersed in the life for a period of time. She was originally from Finland, a rather short blond woman with freckles."

Maggie had shook her head. "I don't know."

Peter had flapped his hand airily. "Oh, go on. Just check out the market. It's held in a warehouse down by the pier every first and third Friday of the month."

Maggie had agreed to go. In fact, she had gone three times, flirting with the idea and moving a little closer each time, but she hadn't been sure, until now.

One of the brokers appeared at her elbow, as if scenting her interest.

"What are the terms?" she asked.

He named a sum. It was quite a bit but it wouldn't even put a dent in her bank account. She had inherited a large sum of money from her parents ten years before and was well established in her profession. She was, after all, in her early forties, and never married. She could do what she liked with her money.

"That is for a two year period," the broker pointed out.

Maggie looked at him in surprise. "Two years? Isn't that a rather long period?" How did one get into something like that? Wouldn't anyone miss him?

The broker nodded. "Perhaps you would like to take him on a trial basis? Say, a week for a thousand dollars? The amount would be applied toward your purchase price if you decided to keep him."

Like leasing a car, she thought. How odd. She let her gaze rest on her potential servant's face. There was something about him. She didn't even know his name yet, wasn't even sure whether she should use it. Would she have him sleep in the guest bedroom, or in her bed? What would he do every day while she was at her job?

She let her gaze travel once more down his body. "Very well, make the arrangements."


"Did you accomplish all the tasks I left for you?" Maggie asked as he took her coat from her and hung it in the closet.

"Yes, Mistress."

She looked over his naked body. Was there any better way than to come home to a warm male body in her flat, naked except for his leather collar? She couldn't imagine it. The first day she had made him strip as soon as they walked in the door and pressed him up against the door, telling him that she wanted to be fucked hard and fast and right then. She had used his body in many ways already since.

"Come with me." Maggie walked through the elegant penthouse apartment, noting how perfectly neat and clean the house looked. She was going to enjoy watching him go about his tasks, naked, on the days she had off.

He followed her through the door to her bedroom and she closed then locked it behind them. She liked the feeling of privacy and security that came with a locked door. "Lie down on the right side of the bed and close your eyes."

He complied as she started opening drawers then she left him there as she went into her bathroom and took a shower. She wanted him to rest a little bit so that he was refreshed for what would come next. Of course, he might not find the anticipation very restful, she chuckled, but he needed to get used to doing what she required without any explanation.

She toweled her hair then blew it dry and moisturized her body before returning to the bedroom. She lay down beside him on her stomach and reached a finger to stroke down from his hairline between his eyes and over his nose. "Open your eyes."

He opened his eyes and she saw them flicker down her body before coming back to hers. "Straddle my thighs," she ordered. He did as she required. "Massage me, start with my shoulders and work down."

He knelt beside her on the bed and softly stroked her shoulders, working them gently but firmly with his long fingers. He worked around her shoulder blades, then his fingers strayed forward under her uplifted arms, teasing the side flesh of her breasts. "Now, now, stick to my back, but you can use your mouth too."

She felt the wet warmth of his tongue drawing a line down the middle of her back, his hands to either side. He was very definitely good with his hands.

Her mind, wandered, wondering what he did in his real life. If she accepted him, she might ask. Was it better to keep him anonymous? Just a servant? Or would her curiosity get the better of her? She wasn't sure yet. The only thing she was sure of was that she enjoyed what he could do to her body.

She also enjoyed being in control of him. He seemed frantically desperate at times to please her. If you do as you are told, you will please me very much, she had assured him. Right now, he was pleasing her very much, his tongue drawing a wet line down the crack of her buttocks. She thought back to what his tongue had done with her anus yesterday and shivered. That had been delightful, but not what she wanted right now.

She started to turn over between his thighs and he cupped her hips, helping her. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was very moist. Her eyes fixed on his swollen cock. It was a very nice cock, thick with pronounced veins. She reached down and slid her hand around it, feeling the raised veins and warm fullness. She released it.

"I want you to take your cock in your hand. I want you to masturbate until you come on my belly." She reached up and started playing with her own nipples, tweaking and brushing them with her fingertips, as she watched him stroke his cock. He was apparently quite worked up by touching her because he came quickly, directing the spurts of come to arc and land on her belly.

She smiled down at her belly in satisfaction, at the thick white globs. "Now, lick it off of me... slowly."

She knew this would be a little harder for him. Most men had trouble with the idea of eating their own sperm. She loved watching it though. It was such a kinky thing to make them do.

Now, he did as she bid, leaning forward and running just the tip of his tongue through the puddle on her belly, coming back to it again and again to lap in tiny swallows, until her belly was licked clean.

"Very good," she purred. "Now that you're tongue is good and ready, lick my pussy. Use your lips and tongue and fingers to make me come."

Maggie lay back with her arms under her head and her legs spread, totally relaxed for a change, but the tension building in her body as he slid his fingers into her pussy and explored her folds with his tongue. It was only the third day but she made a mental note to call the broker and accept the contract for the full two years. This was just too good to end any time soon.

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