tagMatureServicing Senior Men and Women

Servicing Senior Men and Women


I have found that some of the horniest people are those men and women over the age of 65, often who have lost a partner. They have a need for sex that is more like a teenager than a middle-age person. They aren't too tired or too busy to enjoy sex and they like to enjoy it frequently. My exposure to this age group came when I was 25 years old and in my first long term bi-sexual relationship with Larry.

Larry boyfriend Dick told me that a neighbor of his, a widower, seemed to be interested in having sex with a man. He had lost his wife a few years earlier and knowing Dick was gay the talk often moved toward the subject of gay sex. Dick told me he wasn't interested in having extra sex with a neighbor Larry was enough for his needs. But he did tell me he'd introduce me to John if I cared for more servicing. I agreed and we made a plan to meet the next week at Dick's where he would introduce me. My First Senior Man

I was prompt in arriving at Dick's; punctuality was always a strong suit of mine. Dick had already told his neighbor that he would introduce him to someone who would help him with his needs. When I got there Dick took me to a nice bungalow a couple of houses away and rang the doorbell. The door was opened by a healthy looking man with a head of white hair and a face wrinkled by years of smiles. "John, I'd like you to meet Sandy a friend of Larry and I. Sandy has agreed to help you satisfy your sexual needs."

John stuck out his hand and I received a firm handshake "Welcome Sandy, come on in and have a drink. Will you join us Dick?"

"No thanks John; I've got some work around the house that I had planned on doing this evening. Enjoy Sandy."

John ushered me in and showed me in to a tasteful living room and to a leather couch. "What would you like to drink Sandy?"

"Rye and ginger if you've got it or rum and coke if you don't" I replied.

In short order I was sitting with a rye and ginger in my hand as was John. We toasted one another than sat for a few minutes drinking in silence.

"John, Dick tells me that you are a widower and are interested in having a man service your needs in bed, is that right?"

John nodded yes and described briefly how his life had been since his wife died 3 years earlier. He talked about having had an active sex life with his wife and now he had nothing other than masturbation to relieve his sexual tension. "Why a man John, have you ever had sex with a man?" I asked him.

"Sandy, no I have never had sex with a man but I just have a feeling that it will be more satisfying and more reliably frequent than what I had when my wife was alive. We had sex fairly often but only when she was really ready for it."

I asked John if his wife had ever sucked on his cock or let him fuck her in the ass and he said no that was something they never did. He told me that I had to remember that he was from a different generation and sex was always something that was considered to be private and only done in a prim and proper way. He went on to say that he didn't consider oral or anal sex deviant but just had never experienced either.

"Well John, I am prepared to show you what sex with a man is all about. I need to ask you if you can normally cum more than once in a short period of time?"

John nodded "Yes Sandy, I can cum 2 or 3 times in the span of an hour before I need to recharge. Is that ok?"

I grinned my response and standing up I took John by the hand "Lead the way to your bedroom John."

We went into a well-appointed bedroom and John then let me take over. I kissed him lightly and he returned my kiss with firm lips and even let me slip my tongue into his mouth. While we kissed I unbuttoned his shirt which he shrugged off his shoulders. He had a remarkably toned body, very little sagging here I noticed. I rubbed his nipples until we broke our kiss and I kissed my way down to take them alternately in my mouth to lick and suck gently. I was rewarded for my efforts with a sigh and the stiffening of his nipples in my mouth.

As I was sucking on his nipples I worked lower to undo his belt buckle and unzip his khakis letting them fall on the floor at his feet. Kissing my way down his belly from his nipples until I was kneeling before his crotch he presented an erection covered with his Fruit of the Loom underwear. I hooked my fingers in the waistband and pulled them until they joined his pants on the floor.

John's cock was quite big, 7 or 8 inches long and half that in circumference and I thought immediately that this was a cock that I could enjoy again and again. I licked all over his cock, focusing on the head and rim of the head while I gently stroked it. Looking up at John I could see a look of pure lust on his face as he watched my efforts. This is it I thought and placing the tip of his cock in my mouth I drove it all the way down my throat burying my nose in his white pubic hair.

"Wow Sandy, that is fantastic, the feeling that I have from your lips is something I've never had before but I really like it."

I had had a lot of practice cock sucking and settled into a rhythm of varying lip pressure, tongue work and massaging/stroking of his shaft and his well hung balls. I was pleasantly surprised that he didn't blow his first load quickly and it was after nearly 10 minutes of sucking that I felt that flaring of his cock head that always signifies an orgasm. "I'm going to cum Sandy" John whispered as he continued to thrust his cock into my mouth.

I pulled off his cock to just the head so he would ejaculate onto my tongue and I could taste his semen. I was rewarded with a flood of warm sweet semen that flowed across my tongue and filled my cheeks. Swallowing his semen I continued to receive jets of cum and swallowed several more times. Man this senior can cum a lot I thought to myself.

When John's orgasm had passed I looked up at him with his final cum shots in my mouth and running my tongue around my mouth and over my teeth I showed my enjoyment of his ejaculate before swallowing. "Wow John, you had a fantastic orgasm. Did you enjoy your blow job?"

"Sandy, that was my first ever blow job and it was fantastic, I hope that you will provide me many more in the future."

I like being thanked and praised for my cock sucking and smiled in return. Standing up I indicated to John that he should undress me and was pleasantly surprised when he imitated some of what I did, stopping short of cock sucking though. He led me to the bed and we relaxed in each other's arms for a while. I let him explore my body with his firm hands and when he arrived at my cock I encouraged him to stroke it like he was masturbating himself. John was adept at masturbation and he had my cock leaking pre-cum in short order. "John I think you had better stop or I'll shoot my load and waste it on my stomach" I warned him.

Amazingly he continued to stroke my erection and put his face down so that it was right in front of my cock. Opening his mouth he said "Sandy, cum for me, cum into my mouth I want to taste your semen. Cum now my young cock slut!"

Being ordered to cum is something that I love, I'm a servant at heart and I began to shoot my own load into John's mouth and onto his face. He continued to stroke me through my orgasm stopping when my last dribbling shot indicated it was past. He had taken all of my semen and swallowed mouthfuls of it as well as having some on his cheeks and nose. Moving up John kissed me again and I tasted my semen on his tongue. I licked the remaining cum off of his face enjoying my own juice as much as I did his. "John, thank you very much, I did not expect you to suck or swallow on this first meeting but I'm very glad and satisfied that you did. Did you enjoy the taste of my semen John?"

"I liked it very much Sandy. It was creamy, smooth and just a little salty. How did mine taste?"

"Sweet John, do you drink pineapple juice by chance?"

John nodded yes. "Well keep it up; pineapple juice will make your semen taste sweeter. I haven't had any pineapple juice for a couple of weeks that's why my semen tastes salty. I've got it on my shopping list for groceries this week."

John had recovered from his orgasm and his cock was now standing erect in front of me. "John I'd like you to fuck me please" I spoke in a subservient voice. "Have you got some lube handy?"

Reaching into the night table John pulled out a bottle of Astrolube, one of my favorite lubes. I took it from him and kneeling on the bed I lubed his cock and my bum. "Kneel behind me John, just like you were going to fuck your wife doggie style."

"Sorry Sandy, we never did that but I do know what it is." John commented as he got on his knees behind me. I guided his cock head until it pressed into my hole then I pushed back to pop the head into me and pushed all the way back to drive him totally into my bum. "Now just do what feels good John, I want you to cum inside of me."

John was a quick study and he began to fuck me as I used my sphincter muscle to apply varying amounts of pressure on his cock shaft. This was new to John and in only a few minutes he picked up his pace, grabbed me by the hips and began to use me as the slut I longed to be.

Groaning loudly John came and I felt that warm rush of semen into me. He again sprayed shot after shot of juice into my bowels until he collapsed on my back panting.

"Sandy, that was fantastic, I have never felt that kind of tightness except when my wife and I made love for the very first time. After the kids were born her pussy was always quite loose." John pulled out of me and we went into the ensuite bathroom to shower. Once clean we returned to his bed where he lounged on his back while I lay looking up at him and rubbing my hands over his firm body.

I told John that we could start to see each other on a regular basis and he asked me to come to see him twice a week. He promised that he would like to learn how to be a cock sucker and ultimately was interested in fully reciprocal sex with me. That began a relationship that was very satisfying and eventually expanded to include other acquaintances of Johns. A Senior Woman Who Needed Me

John told me one day that he knew a widowed woman in the neighborhood who he thought needed servicing. He told me that he would invite her over one evening for a drink and introduce me to her. I would have to charm the woman and determine if she did indeed want my services on my own John warned me. I said that that was ok with me so he set it up for the next evening.

I arrived dressed smartly to make a good impression and when I walked into John's living room I saw the widow had already arrived. She was of medium height, slim with auburn hair that might have been from a bottle, and was dressed in a chic dress that clung to her curves. Her breasts looked ample and her legs were certainly suggesting a firm body would be found. I reached out my hand to shake hers and introduced myself "Hello, I'm Sandy, John's friend."

"Hello, I'm Sherry, nice to meet you Sandy." She smiled widely and her eyes twinkled at me.

We made small talk, enjoyed a couple of drinks and I was encouraged to talk about myself through Sherry's somewhat sly probing questions. I had made my mind up that this senior woman was quite beautiful and if she needed someone to service her need for sex that I would like to be the one. John served finger foods and we all enjoyed a relaxing evening together. Around 10pm Sherry announced she would be walking home and I immediately offered to escort her as it was fully dark now and there were few streetlights in that neighborhood. My offer was accepted and we left with me putting my arm through hers (to keep her from stumbling I told her). Looking back at John he smiled and winked at me encouraging me and wishing me good luck in my hunt.

Sherry lived around the corner in a tidy, modest suburban bungalow that she told me had been her home for 45 years. She had told me that she had been alone for 5 or 6 years since her husband died so I assumed that she had children who kept the place so neat. Yes she told me she had 2 sons and a daughter, all of them married but all lived in the same city as we did.

At the door, fumbling for her keys I got the feeling that Sherry was trying to decide something. "Would you like to come in for a nightcap Sandy?" she asked looking at me with a smiling face. I nodded yes and she seemed to relax visibly as she quickly opened her front door to usher me in. Her house was beautiful inside, decorated like a magazine and spotlessly clean. I relaxed on a comfortable couch while Sherry made us drinks. On her return she sat quite close to me, our knees actually were touching. I took the offered drink and toasted "To a beautiful woman and someone who will be my friend."

Blushing slightly Sherry touched glasses "Thank you Sandy, it's been a long time since anyone has called me beautiful. Even when my husband was alive he didn't often comment on my looks. I appreciate the compliment but do you really mean it?"

"Sherry, you have a beautiful face, your hair color is my favorite, your body is trim and full in the right places, of course I mean it. You are a beautiful desirable woman."

At that Sherry blushed red and behind a smile of thanks I saw her nervously swallow. We enjoyed the drink, continued small talk but it trended toward more personal subjects until the subject of sex came up. Sherry told me that since her husband had died she had been lonely and missed the intimacy that her marriage provided. She told me that her husband was a thoughtful partner who always met her needs and she missed that terribly. I told her that there were probably many men in her circle of friends who would jump at the chance to be with her (emphasizing that to mean for sex) and I was surprised when she nodded no.

"No Sandy, the men I know are either currently married or seem to have lost their interest in intimacy. There's no one that might be interested in getting together with me for that purpose."

At that moment, on a chance and a prayer I answered her "Well Sherry, they certainly don't know what they might be missing. I'd like the opportunity to be more of a friend to you." This was taking a chance that I had misread her signals and the tone of the conversation and I might be on the verge of being slapped or shown the door.

Sherry looked intently at me, as if she was looking into my soul, before she answered "Sandy, I would like that very much" and leant in to kiss me gently on the lips.

Putting our drinks on the coffee table we soon found ourselves in an embrace kissing and probing each other's mouth with our tongues. She tasted sweet and certainly knew how to kiss. Our kissing continued and I took the liberty of running my hand down her arm and cupping her breast to stroke it through her dress and bra. I received a groan of pleasure in my mouth and breaking our kiss she panted "More Sandy, I need more, please take me to bed."

We embraced standing to kiss again and Sherry ground her crotch into my erection before leading me to her bedroom. What happened next was the most gentle, yet insistent, disrobing of a couple that you have ever witnessed. Each piece of clothing was removed with soft motions accompanied by continued kissing, including kissing other parts of our bodies. Soon we were naked and Sherry took me by the hand to lead me to her bed. Pulling back the covers she turned and lay on the bed with open arms to invite me to join her. I slid in beside her and we continued to kiss while I began to stroke her beautiful firm breasts playing with the nipples until they stood up erectly and puffed with her arousal. I kissed these two sensitive points and ran my hand down between her legs finding her wet and surprisingly shaved.

Stopping kissing her nipples I looked at her and she shyly admitted "I shave because I like to masturbate with a smooth pussy, you don't mind do you?" I nodded no, and moved my mouth down to kiss the shaved mound then each of the now puffy lips. I fingered her to a quick orgasm and then tongue fucked her until she came again. After these two orgasms I knelt between her legs and pressed my cock head into her pussy. "Fuck me please." Sherry pleaded.

Fuck her I did and she was able to have another pair of orgasms before I exploded with my own inside of her. Keeping my cock in her I lay on her stomach and complemented her on her fantastic body and her orgasms. Sherry laughed and told me that she had never come so many times ever. I must be magical she said to make her so aroused and to bring her to climax so often. Smiling I told her it was because of her body, her responses to my efforts that was magical and she seemed glad to receive that compliment.

Sherry and I began a friendship and sexual relationship that lasted 5 years until she suffered a heart attack and passed away. What she showed me was that regardless of age a person has the need for intimacy and if a relationship can be developed for that it could be fantastic for both people.

I went on to make many more friendships with senior women, but that will be the stuff of future stories.

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