tagNonHumanSetting Moon Ch. 12

Setting Moon Ch. 12


The next morning Sam awoke and stretched across the bed smelling his mate but not feeling her. His eyes shot open and he searched the room for Lilliana but did not find her. He quickly got dressed and spoke to the guards outside of his room.

"Where did Lilliana go?" Sam asked anxiously.

"She headed down stairs about an hour ago. She didn't say where or what she was doing. I'm sorry I could give you more information my Alpha." The guard said bowing.

Sam hurried down the stairs and into the dining room, when he didn't find her there. He moved to search the living room, as soon as he entered the room he heard Lilliana's beautiful laugh. She was sitting on the floor surrounded by children, one of them being Aiden. He noticed Lilliana's family and Ericka standing to the side watching her with smiles on each of their faces.

"I should have known she would want to see him as soon as she could." Sam said to Ericka.

"Yeah I have never heard her laugh and smile so much as when she is with that boy." Ericka said cheerfully.

He watched her for a moment until she looked at him a huge smile creasing her beautiful face. But her eyes were dark, her natural brown almost looking black. Some memory haunted her and she was hiding it very well only those who truly knew her would even notice the pain that flickered across her face before she was laughing and smiling again.

"Sam come here I want to properly introduce you." Lilliana gleamed.

Sam walked over and sat down next to her, wrapping an arm around her back to make her feel safe and comfortable.

"Aiden come here baby." Lilliana said and watched as Aiden ran over and jumped into her lap. "Aiden, do you know who this is?" Lilliana asked.

"Daddy." Aiden yelled and jumped into Sam's lap.

"Yes son I am your Daddy, right Mommy?" Sam asked with a chuckle trying to contain the bouncy child in his lap.

"Yes my love, that's right. I never could have dreamed that I would find a man right for the job, but here you are." Lilliana said and watched as Aiden ran back off to play.

Sam smiled but then it grew back into a frown as she looked up at him with those dark eyes.

"Lilliana we should talk about what happened." Sam said worried.

"Yes we should but not here and not now. I just love to watch him play and run with the other children. Sit with me for a while and then we will go talk, alright my love." Lilliana said placing a hand on his knee and looking into his eyes.

She would have looked like she was going to cry if it weren't for the smile plastered across her face. "Anything to make you smile." He said and gave her chaste kiss.

"Well maybe after we talk I can give you better one." Lilliana said quietly.

An hour later Sam and Lilliana were sitting by the river behind the den, Lilliana splashed her naked feet into the water stealing a moment of peace for herself before Sam began gently rubbing her back and she cringed at the slight pain she felt.

"What's wrong?" Sam said concerned.

"It's nothing we can't deal with after our talk." Lilliana said tensing a bit. "I killed him, the man who took my son and killed Jerry. Solace was arrogant enough to pit me against him in a fair fight. But it wasn't fair, even without my magic and my wolf not yet fully formed. I killed him with ease and won my family's safety. You should have seen their faces when I almost ripped his throat out, my mother was terrified. Seeing them there watching me, made me realize how much I have truly changed. Before I was weak and innocent, not knowing what pain the world could really cause. Now I can kill a man and feel absolutely no remorse, no guilt." Lilliana said her anguish showing through in her words.

"He got what he deserved; there is no reason to feel guilt or remorse for him." Sam said kissing the top of her shoulder.

"You know what hurt me most; it was not the rack, the silver, the beatings, the rapes or the whips. He came to me when I was in the most pain and whispered in my ear almost as if a secret. That you and Aiden were dead and then he told me how his men ripped apart your bodies piece by piece until there were nothing left but shattered corpses. His words tore into my heart stealing my breath and claiming my strength as he abused my body further. I knew he could be lying but in the state I was in, I couldn't help but hear his words and think the worst." Tears had started falling down her face as she spoke.

Sam pulled her close and let her cry against his chest. "It's ok now Lilliana, we are all safe and alive."

Lilliana sat up and looked into his eyes, "When I felt you near and heard your voice, I almost thought I was dreaming or imagining it, to somehow heal my soul when I needed it most. When I took off the last piece of silver my wolf hesitated because she thought you were lost, when I saw you, that's when she sprang to life. Knowing you were alive was all I had needed..." she stopped hoping he would know what she was going to say.

"When a wolf's mate die's most go through a sort of madness and some don't ever return. Some die from the shock of losing part of their soul. If I would have truly died you would have known the instant it happened. You fought even though you could have given up, the entire pack knows of your sacrifice. Fin was right you are as stubborn headed as I am." Sam said and Lilliana laughed a little. Her smile shining true, with nothing hiding behind her golden brown colored eyes.

"Now can you dig this shit out of my back please?" Lilliana said removing her shirt and pulling her red hair aside.

Sam looked at her back, several small objects protruded from her scarred skin. He gently pulled out the ones he could but others were in too deep. He had to extend his claws and dig into her flesh to remove them. Lilliana cringed and grunted at the pain and then Sam growled slightly as he went to grab another piece from her back. "Lilliana you still have silver embedded in your skin you should not have been able to transform into your wolf with it still in there. Yet again I am amazed at the power you hold in any form." He growled again as he pulled the silver from her and then another. He pulled another piece of something from her back and then sat down next to her again. "That's all I saw, maybe Ericka can find them better." Sam said holding out his hand that was filled with the same pieces that were on the whip. There were several pieces of shell and sharks teeth and what she now knew were silver razor blades. She grabbed her shoe and wiped the pieces into it and then looked at Sam's hand the silver had already started to burn his hand. Instinctually she licked the burns and watched as they healed almost instantly.

Sam then smiled and used the same hand to dig in his pocket and pull Lilliana's key necklace from it. She hadn't planned on using it to heal herself but the moment she grabbed it the light bent around her healing any wounds she may or may not have known she had. When the light was gone, Sam looked at her back it looked much better than it had a moment before and then into her eyes. They shown a deep gold now and seemed like they weren't in any hurry to change back.

"No I think you got them all out, I feel much better now. Thank you." Lilliana said putting her shirt back on.

"It's almost lunch time do you want to head back or stay here?" Sam asked.

"No, I want to head back, I think my family will be very interested to see how the pack treats their Alpha's." Lilliana said standing up with a smile and grabbing her boots.

They started to walk and Sam said, "After an event such as this, specifically when a mother gets her child back. The mother usually says or recites something, or even sings. I don't expect you to do any of that if you don't want to but we have an old Irish lullaby that the women will probably want to sing for you if you don't sing one yourself. But I don't even know if you can sing." Sam said scratching his head and looking curiously at Lilliana.

"You have no idea; well I guess you will find out soon enough. Will this be before or after lunch?" Lilliana asked her face beaming.

"Before, you're just loving this aren't you?" Sam said with a laugh.

"I love the fact that I can keep surprising you even after all we have been through. I told you I was an artist; I am an artist of all kinds. Except instruments, I am just horrible on the flute or any other instrument for that matter." Lilliana said.

"Yeah, I'm not much of an artist in any sense of the word. But I am a pretty good cook if I do say so myself. Not that I get much chance to cook." Sam said.

"I will forward to that." Lilliana said and walked through the double doors to their Den, soon they were standing in front of their table in the great dining hall waiting for everyone to take their seats.

After a moment they had and Sam spoke first and loud enough that everyone could hear him, "We have been honored with some new family members on this wonderful day. First may I introduce," He paused as a woman came over and handed Aiden over to Lilliana, "Our son Aiden, only a woman such as Lilliana could produce me a son in only a few short weeks. It must be a miracle." He said and laughed as everyone else laughed as well. Sam walked around the table to stand behind Lilliana's family now, "And these fine folk are Jordan and Katalina, Lilliana's brother and sister, these are Martha and Frank, Lilliana's mother and Father." He said and moved to stand behind Farid who sat next to Katalina "Jordan and Katalina are also witches like my mate. And as most of you have probably noticed there is a vampire in our Den. But not just any vampire, this is Farid the first vampire. There is no need to be afraid of him; he is not here to harm anyone." Sam said and moved back to stand in front of his seat. "Now I believe your madam Alpha had something she would like to say as well." Sam said and placed his hand on her back to let her know that it was time for her to sing if she wanted to.

Lilliana looked at her son and said aloud for everyone to hear, "This is our son, after so long I finally have him back in my arms and now he looks so tired. I do not know what the packs traditional lullaby is, but my mother sang me one when I was but a child that has been passed down through the generations." She opened her mouth and began to sing the Irish tune of her forefathers:

"Sleep, O babe, for the red bee hums the silent twilight's fall.

Eeval from the grey rock comes to wrap the world in thrall.

A lyan van o, my child, my joy, my love and heart's desire.

The crickets sing you lullaby beside the dying fire.

Dusk is drawn and the Green Man's thorn is wreathed in rings of fog.

Sheevra sails his boat 'til morn upon the starry bog.

A lyan van o, the paly moon hath brimm'd her cusp in dew.

And weeps to hear the sad, sleep tune I sing, my love, to you.

Sleep, O babe, for the red bee hums the silent twilight's fall.

Eeval from the grey rock comes to wrap the world in thrall.

A lyan van o, my child, my joy, my love and heart's desire.

The crickets sing you lullaby beside the dying fire."

She looked at Aiden now fast asleep and the same woman from before came and gently took him from her and brought him to his bed. Once Aiden was out of the room all of the women stood and began singing the same song she had. Sam then said, "Your song is the same we sing and you have the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. You cease to amaze me."

"I think your bias but I love it anyway." Lilliana said and kissed Sam lovingly. When the women were done singing they all sat down and the food was brought out. As they began eating Lilliana felt a bit strange, she felt like her family was complete. It made her so happy she began to laugh out loud.

"Yes, what is so funny?" Sam said smiling at her.

"I'm just so happy, I didn't know if it would ever be possible again but here I am. You have made me the happiest woman in the world." Lilliana said wiping happy tears from her face.

"I'll make you even happier when we are married and you have my children growing inside you. That will make me the happiest man in the world." Sam said and Lilliana smiled but then she realized something. She had been feeling strange and now that she thought of it she had felt a bit nauseous last night, but she had just thought that is was from the magic she had done and she hadn't had her period in a while.

She straightened and said, "And when might this wedding be taking place?"

"Well I was thinking the night of the ball, you already have a beautiful dress and all of our families will be there. It just sounded perfect, what do you think?" Sam said hoping she would approve.

Lilliana smiled widely and almost jumped into his lap she was so happy. "When is the ball?" Lilliana asked barely containing her excitement.

"In about a week and a half and don't worry you will have plenty of help planning and organizing everything. When do you want to announce it to everyone?" Sam asked already knowing the answer.

"Would now be a good time?" Lilliana asked.

Sam smiled as he stood and suddenly all eyes were on him, he brought Lilliana up to stand beside him and announced, "I have took it upon myself to ask Lilliana to marry me and she said yes." The pack cheered there congratulations and then quieted again, "The wedding will be held the day of the ball. I know it will be hard work with all the preparations but I know with everyone pitching in we can do it." The pack cheered again as they sat back down in their seats.

Lilliana finished her food quickly and then looked over at Sam, "I need to talk to Ericka about the wedding and what not would you mind terribly if I left you here for a bit?" Lilliana said hopefully.

"Yes my love it is fine, but meet me in the field behind the house in a half an hour. We have to introduce your wolf to the pack as soon as possible." Sam said, Lilliana quickly kissed him and ran over to Ericka pulling her away from her mate and then grabbed Katalina too. She pulled Ericka close and said, "I need you to take me to the clinic, don't worry I'm fine but I have to find something out." Ericka nodded and led them to the clinic.

The doctor was fiddling around with some charts and looked up when they entered the room, "Ah if it's not the woman who stole all my patients. Ericka so nice to see you again and you must be the new Alpha." He said and bowed, "My name is Alfred I am the doctor here in our little clinic, and what is your name might I ask?"

"Lilliana and this is my sister Katalina. I was wondering if I might bother you for a favor." Lilliana asked.

"Anything I can do for you would be an honor." Alfred said.

"I think I might be pregnant and before I go around telling people that I would like to be sure." Lilliana said and felt Katalina and Ericka staring at her but she didn't look away from the doctor.

"Yes please right this way. I can have a pregnancy test done and back to you by the end of the day." The doctor said and sat her down at his desk, he then began taking a vial of blood.

"Can you make sure that Sam doesn't find out, I want to be the one to tell him if I am? I think it would make a great wedding present don't you think? But I won't be disappointed if I'm not Sam said I wouldn't get pregnant until winter because of me being a wolf now." Lilliana said.

"But you're not just a wolf are you, you manifested after what a week. Who says what your body will do compared to the regular werewolf? And yes I think it would make a wonderful wedding present, so no I won't tell the Alpha if you are. But you must come and talk to me about any questions you may have and besides if you are pregnant then I am sure it will not be a normal one considering all that you are. I bet your wondering if you would be showing by the wedding date, when is it?" Alfred asked.

"You are very wise Alfred; the wedding is set for the day of the ball in a week and a half. Sam got me the most beautiful dress and I don't want to look...well you know." Lilliana said.

"Yes I know." Alfred said with a laugh, "No you wouldn't be showing yet, but soon after I would think, a werewolf's pregnancy only last six months." Alfred said finishing up the test.

"Are you coming to the unveiling of my wolf?" Lilliana asked.

"Yes I will be there, oh and I will tell Ericka to tell you the results of the test that way the Alpha doesn't get suspicious. Now go you're going to be late." Alfred said.

"Thank you for your help Alfred I hope to be talking with you again very soon." Lilliana said smiling and walked out of the room with Ericka and Katalina.

"When did you start thinking you were pregnant?" Katalina asked as they walked down the hall.

"A couple of minutes ago at lunch, I was just sitting there and suddenly I felt strange like my family was finally complete. It was very odd really but then again I felt the same way when I got pregnant with Aiden, even before we went to the doctor." Lilliana said. "Now I have a question, when did your eyes turn that wonderful shade of violet?"

"Oh, soon after I started using my magic and probably for the same reason yours turned that deep shade of gold. I imagine Jordan's are still brown because his element is earth." Katalina said.

"Ok stop why did you go to the doctor instead of coming to me. You know I could tell you right now and how many there are." Ericka asked stepping in front of Lilliana.

"Actually I didn't know that, but in any case I am about to reveal my wolf to the entire pack I don't really need to be all giddy or sad right before hand, now do I. Now you may check it out for yourself but you may not show me any sign of a yes or no until after, and no telling Sam I want it to be a surprise." Lilliana said stubbornly but then her tone grew serious and sad. "But can you tell me if Sam would be the father."

Ericka looked at her a bit in shock but she knew why she had asked, she was afraid that it could have been the cause of being raped when she was held prisoner by Solace for the second time. Ericka nodded her head and placed her hand over Lilliana's stomach. After a moment Ericka removed her hand and said, "You have nothing to worry about." And she started walking down the hall.

"Wait what is that supposed to mean?" Katalina said frustrated.

"It means that if I am pregnant then they are Sam's children and if I'm not well then I have nothing to worry about." Lilliana said and began walking down the hall.

"Oh ok then there is a reason to be happy?" Katalina said.

"Yes it means I can go show my wolf proudly to the pack and not be stressed out about the, what ifs." Lilliana said.

A couple of minutes later they were walking out onto the field, the entire pack was present. Lilliana walked to the top of the hill and stood next to Sam who quickly wrapped his arm around her and kissed her passionately. "You're not going to fuck me in front of the entire pack are you?" Lilliana asked.

He laughed and said, "No I'm just very excited to finally meet your wolf and then we will run together as a pack. And tonight we will feast on the meat that you will hunt and kill with the other women. After that is when I will make love to you and if the pack sees who cares."

"You know most women might be freaked out by having to hunt their dinner. But for some reason I kind of find the thought of it exhilarating, is that a wolf thing?" Lilliana said.

"No my love thats an animal versus predator thing which wolves are very fond of. Now the people are waiting to see that beautiful wolf of yours. Don't be shy about getting naked in front of the pack no one is modest here." Sam said.

"It's not the pack I'm worried about, my parents are here too. If I turn my back will that be ok?" Lilliana asked.

"Yes dear, oh and you can leave your necklace and ring on they will not be bothered by the transformation." Sam said with only a tiny bit of sarcasm in his voice.

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