tagGroup SexSeven Days of Lust Ch. 03

Seven Days of Lust Ch. 03


Seven Days of Lust Ch.3 Wed.

Kay had to admit it would be hard to top last nights wild experience but she would one up her husband this night. She was thankful she had arranged the little gathering in advance or she would have been lost as to how to best try and at least match the previous night.

It had taken some work but one of the girls at the gym had agreed to help her and then as soon as she had agreed a few more had decided to chip in and help as well. She sat at her desk this morning going over details. It was to be a long day after all she was leaving at noon today to go pick up the girls and then on to her house where sexual mischievousness was bound to occur.

Sitting there she went down the list in detail. She had in the trunk a few toys for tonight as well as a video camera borrowed from the audio/video department at work. She was a bit nervous by all of this but what the hell, she thought, Dan had pulled out all the stops for last nights tryst. Now it was her turn to fulfill his wildest fantasy he had ever confessed. She had put this off for a few years still a bit reluctant to join into any sexual play with another female but after Dan's overwhelming gift she had no reserve what so ever.

As she looked at the list she saw toys, other girls, whip cream, lube, condoms, video camera, tape for camera, whip, handcuffs. In her mind she checked off all of these knowing each had already been obtained. Now it was just time to relax and prepare herself and call and make sure the other girls were still game.

Quickly she pulled out her pocket roledex from her purse and dialed up each girl. Daisy, Tina and Jenny all confirmed for that afternoon. Well, now just to make it to noon so that she could pick them up and head home. Her stomach was all butterflies as she thought about the new possibilities this could open up. She was still terrified at the thought of being between another woman's thighs or kissing another woman though. Kay had never so much as done anything with another woman in her lifetime although she had wondered on numerous occasions what it would be like. Well after tonight there would be no more wondering.

Kay called her husband at 11:50 A.M. and gave him a flimsy excuse to have to go out right at that moment to go get some groceries, she would need at least half an hour to set up for this afternoon's festivities before Dan returned home.

At 12:30 she was walking through the door to the house with her friends. "Ok ladies remember we have about thirty minutes to set up and get everything ready for Dan," she said. The girls all giggled and each took an item to prep the living room before slipping into the den to change clothes. Each girl put on a different outfit.

Daisy choose the farmer's daughter look wearing a straw hat and putting polka dots on her cheek with eyeliner looking like fake freckles. She then put her honey blonde hair into pigtails and pushed her voluptuous breasts into a tight white halter top that had no midriff to it. Daisy also had on a pair of baby blue thong panties beneath her cutoff shorts.

Tina meanwhile went about putting on a latex cat suit that would hug all her curves like a second skin. She tied her hair back in a ponytail and picked up the whip. Her raven black hair framed her face nicely and her nipples poked against the latex visibly. She was aroused already and her pussy was nice and slick and ready for action. Her 34B breasts were perky and filled out the top nicely, as she glanced in the mirror she noticed that when she unzipped the top of the suit just a little her cleavage was accentuated even more. She giggled as she turned around and looked at her tight little ass in the mirror, no hint of a panty line she thought, hmm maybe because I'm not wearing any.

Jenny had gone with the slave look to Tina's dominatrix. She had on a collar and leash and nipple clamps that would be hidden beneath her blouse for the time being. She also had on a crotchless thong and she thought she looked incredibly edible. Her chestnut brown hair was left undisturbed by any hair ties or holders she liked that free flowing look. Her double d's were firm and her nipples already starting to tingle beneath the clamps.

Kay was the last one to dress and she put on angel wings and a skimpy little white teddy that hid nothing yet was more alluring than nudity for the moment. She had on a contrasting red thong and her red hair was curled in wisps around her face. She placed the little halo in her hair and secured it with bobby pins. Twirling around for the other girls she giggled as they all clapped their approval.

Ten minutes later they all sat in the living room giggling and talking and drinking wine to loosen them up a bit while they listened to music and awaited Dan's arrival.

Kay jumped up as she heard the garage door engaged and starting to roll up. "Ok girl's remember," she instructed, "no one get's to fuck Dan until we have all stripped and tasted each other." With that Kay headed out into the kitchen to greet Dan as he cam in from the garage.

"Hello sweetie," she cooed.

Dan saw Kay's getup and immediately new he was in for a day of passion and fun. Little did he expect the surprise he would be getting in a few moments. "Hi, honey, you're home early," Dan replied.

"Well, silly," she started, "that's because today's my turn to surprise you and I have your gift in the living room."

As soon as the groceries were put away Kay poured Dan a glass of wine and led him to the living room with his eyes closed and his hand in hers. She winked at the girls as she led him inside and sat him on the couch they had moved to the back of the room.

"Honey open your eyes," Kay spoke.

"WOW!" Dan exclaimed as he surveyed the beauties before him. Like most men his cock jumped at once inside his pants at the ladies in the room. He felt like he had died and gone to heaven. Now just what would happen he was unsure but he knew it would be good.

"Sit there sweetie and enjoy."

Suddenly music came from the stereo and Daisy stood up and pranced around to the front of Dan. She put her hands on her hips and swayed seductively, pulling her hat off she tossed it to Dan and slid over to him. Once she was within touching distance she promptly turned around and bent over exposing her backside to him. She knew he could see her swollen pussy lips through around the cutoff jeans and it made her even wetter knowing this.

As the music continued she slipped her shirt off her shoulders and lowered it so it clung just above her nipples. Once again Daisy spun around and looked into Dan's eyes as she bent forward and shook her breasts his way. Leaning farther towards him she clasped the shirt and gave it a good tug letting it fall open and her breasts to swing forth. Dan's eyes bulged in their sockets as she got closer and closer to him.

"Suck my nipples stud," she squealed as she placed her nipple against his lips. Not having to be asked or rather told twice Dan sucked the nipple into his mouth and ran his tongue over the hard nub. He then reached up and cupped her other breast and switched his mouth and attention there.

Pulling away Daisy turned her back to him once again and then pushed her cutoffs down with her panties and stepped out of them. She slid over Dan and lowered herself so her clit was in contact with the tent in his pants. Suddenly she felt overwhelmed by the need to feel his pulsing shaft and dropped down from his lap and spread his legs wide. She placed her face over his crotch and the other girls giggled as she heard him moan and the audible sound of his zipper being drawn down. Daisy looked up at him with his zipper between her teeth and suddenly pushed her hand in the opening and withdrew his erect penis with some careful effort so as not to let him hurt his cock getting it through the opening.

"Time," shouted Kay as Tina slid forward and pulled Daisy up. "My turn," Tina commanded.

Tina was less inclined to strip slowly she wanted to be naked and start having fun now but they had all agreed to a strip tease and then to the sex. So she stood there and wrapped her whip around the hard shaft of Dan and then rubbed her latex covered pussy over the head. Feeling it bump her clit she gave a few gasps before backing away and lowering her head and sucking the head into her mouth and licking the pre cum leaking from his piss slit.

"Mmm," she moaned as she unzipped her suit partially. Standing up she wiggled her ass at him and stripped slowly before revealing another well trimmed bush to his face. She backed her ass up and put it in his face and waited to see if he would take the bait and touch her. She was quickly rewarded by the feel of his pink wet tongue running from the crack of her ass down to her wet pussy. Tina quickly reached down and moved the whip from his cock and started jacking him off slowly as he ate her pussy.

"Next," Kay called out sensing that Tina was nearing the end of her resolve as well just as Daisy had.

It was now Jenny's turn and having less to strip off she immediately kneeled between her Master for the day's thighs and lapped at his cock. She was in the mood to get him naked as well and she looked into his eyes while licking his balls now and removed his shoes. Reaching down he unbuckled his belt and lifted up as the brown haired sexpot pulled his pants and boxer's down and off his body.

Jenny now leaned up and put her nipple clamps into Dan's hands and asked him to pull them. As he did she moaned and sunk a finger into her own soaked slit and diddled her pussy and clit with feverish motions. Dan was quickly rewarded with his angelic wife's body directly behind Tina. Kay could take no more herself she was eager to get things moving so that she would feel that pulsing shaft soon.

Kay smacked Jenny's ass hard and told her, "Move slut." Jenny giggled and backed away as the women watched Kay strip slowly and seductively for her husband. Once she was down to only her thong and halo she reached down and slurped on Dan's cock before straddling him and pulling aside her panties and rubbing his cockhead against her swollen love button.

Daisy quickly recognized that Kay was about to break her own rule and slid behind Kay and pushed her fingers between Kay's legs and rubbed her pussy. As she did this Daisy brushed Kay's hair away with her other hand and kissed the red haired beauties flesh at the nape of her neck. "Ohh," Daisy whispered into her ear, "your skin tastes like strawberries."

Kay was definitely losing all inhibition now about being with another women, her pussy didn't care what gender a person's fingers and probably tongue was just that it loved the attention. At once her hips were grinding back against Daisy's fingers and she was desperately trying to get them deeper as the girl kissed and licked her neck and earlobes.

Dan looked about the room briefly and couldn't believe his eyes. There on the far end of the couch was Tina behind a bent over Jenny spanking her sweet ass hard. "You liked to be spanked don't you My little slut," she asked.

"MMM, oh yes Mistress Tina," Jenny squealed as she pushed her ass back waiting for another spank.

Somehow his wife had managed to get three of his favorite fantasies all rolled into one. "Kay," he growled huskily, "lie down on the floor and let me see you in a sixty-nine with Daisy."

Even though she would rather have dropped down and impaled herself on his rigid shaft Kay followed her husband's instructions and slipped from his lap but not before dropping her head once more to his cock and wrapping her pink lips around it and sucking hard. She could taste the sweat and precum mixture as well as her own juices on it and it was only by his grace that she wouldn't attack him right now.

Daisy had heard his request and she tugged at Kay's thong pulling her backwards until reluctantly Kay let Dan's cock slip from her lips. In an instant she was faced with the moment of truth. Daisy had discarded her thong and now her pussy was inches from Kay's lips. Oh my, Kay thought, this is it I either do it now or never face this situation again.

That was the moment before she felt Daisy's fingers rip away her thong and her tongue was pressed between the fleshy folds of her pussy and deep inside. Daisy locked her forefinger and thumb around Kay's clit and stroked it as she pushed her tongue deep inside the sweet pussy of her host.

Kay was already so aroused she just thought fuck it and stuck her tongue out as she grabbed Daisy's hips and pushed her tongue between the hairless lips and deep up inside. Dan nearly shot his load as he watched this and hearing the subtle moans coming from each woman he would have to find a wet place to sink his cock soon or risk wasting a load of cum.

Tina and Jenny now immersed in their own little pussy licking battle near him on the couch separated and watched Kay and Daisy for a moment. Jenny reached over and stroked Dan's cock as he sat there watching his wife eat pussy for the first time.

As soon as he felt Jenny touch his cock he felt the cum start its ascent it would being long now just a few seconds he thought. He reached out and grabbed her by the hair and lunged his hips towards her lips only to be sucked in instantly to the hilt as the girl lavished sweet sucks and licks on his cock.

"Oh my god Jenny," he moaned, "That f... f... feels incredible."

Tina slid out from beneath Jenny and took up a position on the other side of the couch after having grabbed the video camera from its tripod. In seconds she was zooming in on his cock slipping in and out of Jenny's mouth. She turned momentarily to pick up the images of Daisy and Kay who were licking pussy deep and fingering each other with wild abandon.

Dan still couldn't believe his luck four wet pussies in one room all for him. He had to fuck one of them but he had always wanted to give a girl a facial on camera and now was his chance. He let Jenny keep up her expert cocksucking until his juices started spurting and then he pulled out of her mouth and aimed at her lips. Jenny figuring this was what he wanted sat up enough to let him shoot all over her face and into her open mouth.

As this went on Kay was slipping her fingers deep into Daisy and she actually found herself enjoying the taste of another woman. She licked and sucked Daisy's clit as she felt the girl do the same to her. Suddenly she had another thought and slipped her wet fingers from inside Daisy's tight snatch and rubbed the girl's asshole. Daisy pushed her hips back letting Kay know that her fingers would be welcome there and felt one finger push past the tight ring and inside her ass. Instantly Daisy started to cum. She could feel her tight quim grasping at Kay's tongue and Kay for her part kept wiggling her tongue inside Daisy.

Dan was amazed at the transformation in his wife but welcomed it with anticipation of things to come. Now if he could just stay hard he wanted to fuck each woman here at least twice. He chuckled to himself thinking that if that were to happen he might need some viagra.

Jenny rubbed the cum from her face and once again dropped her head to Dan's lap only to have her hair tugged by Tina, "It's my turn slut," she giggled.

Jenny backed away and sat the camera on the tripod as Tina stroked Dan's still hard shaft and then lowered her cunt down and slipped him inside. Once she felt the enormous manhood fully penetrate her pussy she started rocking up and down and back and forth on him. It felt like his cock was a foot or two long inside her tight pussy but she loved it and continued bouncing.

Daisy was exhausted now and she rolled off of Kay with some effort as Kay kept placing kisses on her pussy lips and to her clit. Kay figured that once Daisy rolled off she would pounce on Dan but as she looked up she could see his glistening shaft sliding in and out of Tina. Well, it was time to join in on the fun up there then she figured.

Rolling over Kay sat up on her knees and felt a strong urge to lick the shaft of her husband as it penetrated Tina. So being one to act on impulse she did so. Her lips made contact with his balls and she sucked them into her mouth and snuck her tongue over them and up his shaft tasting Tina and his cum mixed on his cock. Kay was still dripping with her own juices and saliva from Daisy when she felt Daisy slide beneath her and start a new attack on her pussy.

"Oh god," she squealed. Her legs shook and as she pulled back slightly she could see Tina's tight asshole in front of her as the girl's hips bounced on her husband's cock. Kay reached forward and grabbed the girl's asscheeks and stuck her pink tongue against the anus and licked small circles all around. This sent Tina over the edge.

"Oh fuck yes," Tina cried out, "I'm cumming you two I'm cumming."

Hours later and with everyone spent the group made it's way upstairs. The other girl's went into the guest rooms for some sleep while Kay and Dan made their way to their bedroom. "Honey," Dan started, "thank you."

"Oh no thank you Daniel," Kay replied, "I think today has added a whole new direction for some fun sexual games if you don't mind including these girls from time to time."

With that they slipped into bed and made long sweet love before falling asleep. Down the hall though in the morning they could here the other girls giggling.

"Maybe I should take today off," Kay giggled as she stroked Dan's cock as he was waking up.....

More to come in this torrid tale if feedback warrants.

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