tagGroup SexSeven Days of Lust Ch. 06

Seven Days of Lust Ch. 06


Dan had arranged for the final evening of his turns in surprising his wife to deliver her greatest fantasy she had always had. He knew she was an exhibitionist that had already been displayed this week. He also knew that she was kinky enough to get into the bi sexual and role-playing games so he had decided to do her one better. For months he had searched for some sign of her deeper fantasies that she was too afraid to share with him.

That’s when he had discovered her fetish for food play and wanting to have another man in their bed. But since he knew now how much she had enjoyed her friends earlier this week he thought perhaps a more appropriate fantasy fulfillment might be to take her to a swinger’s club and engage in a little orgy. At first that had seemed the route to go but after trying to find a club that would allow them a nights pass for a nominal fee he decided that it would be better to contact a female friend of his that ran an upper class swing and meet party once a month in the city.

Sarah had been a friend of his since college where she had been a marketing major. Perhaps that is why her new company, Dream Fulfillment Inc. was so successful. She had a good head on her shoulders and was beautiful to boot. So if she couldn’t wow a group of investors with her wits he was sure she had with her ….

Dan after searching all those seedy clubs and swingers’ newsletters online had resolved to seeing if Sarah could pull a few strings or even grant he and Kay an evening amongst her clientele. Upon receiving his phone call Sarah had thought it over and reckoned that she could help them out with a stipulation or two of her own. She wanted to experience a little pleasure with them herself. That had been the only deal breaker she had presented to him. Dan had sat down and weighed the options carefully and come to the decision that he would tell her that he wasn’t sure how Kay would react but if she was all for it then he would certainly not kick her out of bed if the opportunity arose.

They had left it at that. A few days later Dan had received an email application for the society and he had filled it out and sent it back at once. The questionnaire had been very detailed and wanted as much information as possible about sexual backgrounds of both partners, preferences when it came to sex. Fetishes and hang-ups and also a clean bill of health from a doctor stating that they participants were STD free. Dan and Kay had six months checkups routinely for work so procuring those was no trouble at all.

Dan thought back to all the details he had been forced to share but also the benefits his fruits of labor were about to bestow upon him tonight. He was going to finally top his wife and surprise her with a gift that she would never suspect. As he dressed for the evening he admired Kay’s body as she stood next to him fixing her hair.

He had told her that they were going out to dinner and meeting Sarah and then they were going to a club. He hadn’t gone into any explanation only telling her to wear her sexiest little outfit and be prepared for a wild night.

Kay was giddy with excitement as she fixed her hair she hadn’t any idea what Dan had planned other dinner with their mutual friend Sarah whom they had known since college. Sarah was quite attractive and Kay had wondered if Sarah was bi sexual. That might be the twist to this evenings surprise Dan had planned seeing as how she had so thoroughly enjoyed her night with her friends earlier this week for the first time. But that seemed a little to laid back for Dan, he always tried to top her gifts and surprises and since this was the last one of the year during their anniversary week she expected it to be a dozy.

They had agreed to meet Sarah and her date at the restaurant at 7pm and they were out the door and on their way as soon as both were dressed. “So honey,” Kay asked, “just what do you have in store for the rest of the night, I know that it can’t be as simple as dinner with Sarah.”

Dan smiled softly as he turned to face his wife, “Kay just keep an open mind tonight and remember who you are.”

Perplexed by his reply but aroused nonetheless Kay decided to let his statement lie and wrapped her hand through his as they drove through the city streets to their destination. She didn’t really care what tonight’s treat was as long as she would be sharing it with Dan.

Entering the restaurant they were greeted by the maitre d and he quickly led them to their table where Sarah sat waiting with an attractive man. Introductions were made and as they all sat sipping their wine the conversation slowly drifted to sex. Of course they all took turns sharing some of their more lewd tales as the evening and wine flowed. Nothing was held sacred as the old friends and new acquaintance put their fantasies and sex lives on the line.

Finally Sarah winked at Dan and as she sat next to Kay she ran her hand up her thigh beneath Kay’s short skirt. “So Kay, would you say you have a fantasy of …Oh I don’t know maybe participating in sex with more than one man at once or even a group thing?”

Kay’s face grew crimson as she tried to contain her embarrassment, she didn’t want to hurt Dan’s feelings but he knew a lot of her fantasies and perhaps he would indeed endure this one as well. “Yes, Sarah,” she responded, “I guess I would love to be filled up by two guys at once and the idea of a woman being there or other people turns me on at the thought of it.”

“Well then tonight’s your night sweetie,” Sarah and Dan said in unison. They had planned this much of the conversation a few days ago as they had finalized the meeting and location and events that would go on later.

Kay grinned and beneath the table she gave Dan’s thigh a squeeze. Dan knew her panties if she were wearing any tonight were soaked right now and she would soon be unable to contain her lusts at the simple thoughts of what was about to happen.

“Well, I have a group of people upstairs in the penthouse of this hotel and they are waiting to meet you,” Sarah said as she stood up.

Dan pulled out his credit card but Sarah waved him off, “The staff knows to just put it on my tab tonight, my little gift to you both,” she said.

Sarah slipped her hand into Kay’s and led her through the restaurant as Dan and Steve followed closely behind them. Sarah turned down the corridor and headed to the elevators, bypassing the main ones she went to the private elevator to her penthouse suite. As soon as the doors to the elevator closed Sarah turned around and pinned Kay against the back wall inside. Her hands slid up Kay’s skirt and lifted it to her waist, Sarah quickly dropped down to her knees and put her face right up to Kay’s soaked pussy. “Only bad girls don’t wear panties,” she said as she looked up to Kay with a smile.

As soon as Sarah had spoken she slid her fingers over the sweet pussy above her and spread the lips with her fingers. At once her tongue was sliding up and down Kay’s wet slit and tasting her juices. Not wanting the men to be left out Sarah slid back a little and pulled Kay to her. As a gap grew between Kay and the wall Steve slipped behind her and pressed his erection only covered by his trousers against her ass and nudged her as he reached inside her blouse and opened it up. Dan came round her side and bent over capturing her bra in his hand and lowering the cups down. At once his tongue and lips surrounded her nipple and started teasing them into their erect state.

“Oh gawd,” she panted as her body tingled with excitement.

Sarah was on her knees before Kay flicking her tongue against Kay’s clit faster and faster as her fingers probed Kay’s moist depths. Sarah was intent on making Kay cum before the elevator doors opened and they went inside for the night. She let one hand wander behind Kay and slide between her ass cheeks as she continued her oral and digital assault on Kay’s pussy. She curled her finger up and rubbed the soft puckered hole of Kay’s anus as she felt Steve’s hard cock pressing into the crack of Kay’s ass and against her finger. Dan meanwhile was attacking Kay’s nipples with unrelenting passion. He was ready to get his wife naked and fuck her right here with the other two occupants of the elevator but he knew this was only a preview of what was to happen tonight. Many of Kay’s fantasies were going to be realized tonight.

Suddenly Kay grabbed onto Sarah’s shoulders to steady herself as orgasm washed through her body. “Oh sweet leaping Jesus yes,” she squealed.

The elevator came to a halt just as Kay’s orgasm subsided and Sarah stood up and pulled down Kay’s skirt smoothing it out. She leaned in and kissed Kay on the lips and let her taste herself on her lips and tongue as they embraced. “Now let’s go in there and have some real fun,” Sarah cooed as she sauntered out of the elevator with Kay in tow.

Around the room there were many handsome men and nearly as many attractive scantily dressed women. Sarah introduced the group to Kay and Dan and her date Steve. “Well, you all know what has brought us here tonight,” she started, “I arranged this get together as a favor to a couple of friends and you have all been selected to participate with them or amongst yourselves as the evening wears on.” Sarah stood there with her hands on her sultry hips and waited for all this to sink in before beginning to speak again. “I know you will all abide by the rules, of which there is only one, the women call the shots,” she giggled. “You’ve been selected to be here tonight because I know you all from past experiences and you have participated in events like this before. Now as I said the women call the shots so if one woman says no that means no, and if she happens to say yes you will be expected to perform to the best of your abilities.”

Kay fidgeted from one foot to the other as she listened; she was having a tough time fighting the urge to grab Sarah and a handful of men and rushing to one of the bedrooms. Little did she need to worry though for Sarah had arranged for just such an experience as Dan had requested. Sarah had indeed followed all of Dan’s requests to perfection and there were men of many different races and sizes here to provide a buffet of flesh.

“Choose,” Sarah told Kay.

Kay only hesitated long enough to look at her husband for his approval and smiled as Dan winked to her and nodded his head in affirmation. Kay looked around the room and decided on Dan, Steve; a robust muscular black man that she hoped had a cock like an anaconda and a well-dressed Italian man. “What about the women dear?” Sarah asked.

Kay hadn’t even thought about that possibility and as she searched for a few female participants she came to rest her gaze on a bubbly trio standing off to the side in thongs and pasties. One redhead, one small oriental girl although she felt she should take the third girl also she turned and crooked a finger to Sarah. “I want you in that bedroom tonight Sarah,” she replied with a smile.

Sarah wasted no time at all leading the group into the bedroom and closing the door behind them. In a flash clothes were flying as everyone knew that there was no need to keep them on any longer. Sarah walked to the stereo and turned on some music as everyone watched Kay in anticipation. Her skirt and blouse were soon on the floor and she stood there naked waiting for someone to make the first move. Then she remembered Sarah’s words that no one does anything without the women’s permission or request first.

Crooking a finger she beckoned the trio of beauties over to her, might as well get some good foreplay and tease the men she thought as she jumped onto the bed and propped her ass in the air. Sarah quick to finish what she had started in the elevator crawled up on the bed seductively and ran her tongue up from Kay’s calf all the way to her ass. Spreading the cheeks she started probing Kay’s asshole with her tongue. The redhead slithered beneath Kay’s widespread legs and sucked Kay’s outer pussy lips into her mouth as she nibbled and chewed on them and ran her tongue up and down their length as she probed Kay’s moist hole with her fingers. The oriental girl not to be left out bent over pressing her pussy back towards Kay’s mouth and reached beneath herself to finger the redhead as Kay applied a lip lock to her clit.

The men stood huddled in a little group slowly stroking their cock getting them hard and ready for when the would be called upon to join in. The girls were really putting on a show for them and each man couldn’t wait his turn at any one of the four women. But they all knew they were here mainly for Kay and her desires.

Kay lapped at the oriental girls sweet almost hairless pussy as she felt her own damp center being fingered and tongued at the same time her asshole was being teased by Sarah’s tongue. Kay felt Sarah spread her cheeks wide and her fingers slowly push inside the tight anal opening as her tongue continued to rim her. God she needed a cock inside her now, she thought.

Pulling away from the oriental gal she gestured to her husband for him to come feed her his cock. As soon as he was in front of her she opened her mouth and feasted on his manhood swallowing him completely on one try. Normally it took her some work to get all of that cock in her mouth but tonight in her passion she didn’t think about the gag reflex or anything besides taking all of him deep and fast. She felt Dan’s hands come to rest on the side of her head as he held her still and pumped her mouth with his cock.

Dan looked over Kay at Sarah and motioned for one of the other guys to slide in behind his wife and to start fucking her. The redhead wouldn’t budge though she was content laying beneath Kay and lapping at her swollen clit and all around her pussy even as the black man’s huge cock slipped between Kay’s spread thighs. The redhead reached up and guided him home but not before slurping his big cocked into her mouth. As soon as she pulled it out of her mouth she directed his attention to Kay’s wet muff and watched as the helmet of his shaft pushed past Kay’s lips and into her snug interior.

Kay felt the large cock sliding inside her and she came right then just from the sheer thought of her fantasies being realized. She had two big cocks inside her now and she wondered if she should dare hope for a third. At that moment her husband pulled away from her mouth and stepped out of site as the Italian man stepped in front of her with his cock bobbing wildly as he moved towards her mouth. Kay opened her mouth and sucked in the tip of his cock noting the salty taste of his pre-cum even as she pressed her tongue hard into the slit at the tip of his penis tip. She loved the different flavors and textures provided thus far and could only hope she already knew what the final scene of the tryst was going to be.

Dan slid up next to the black man and motioned what he intended to do. The black man slowed his pumping to allow Dan enough room to step over Kay and push his cock straight down and aim it at Kay’s asshole. He pushed the head of his cock against her tight little opening and as it was already slick from Sarah’s attention he slipped the head inside easily. At once he squatted down and pushed the rest of his shaft down into her tight ass as the black man pumped her tight little pussy harder and harder.

Kay was now stuffed in all three openings with cock and she started to shake and quiver with orgasm as the sensations rocked her erogenous zones. She couldn’t focus on just one big throbbing cock right now the feeling was too intense she had to disassociate herself from any one cock and feel all of them sliding inside her in a perfect rhythm. She was shocked to feel the redheads tongue lapping at her clit at this point and the way the redhead also nibbled at her clit pushing her, no vaulting her over the edge of an intense orgasm to one of such intensity that she blacked out for a second or two as her body shook with violent spasms.

Sarah slid over to Steve and pulled his cock towards one of Kay’s hands. She took Kay’s hand in her own and started jerking her date off with help from Kay. She lowered her head to Steve’s prick and started to lavish long licks up and down over the head and exposed shaft of his cock. Steve bucked his hips and struggled to keep his composure as Kay jerked his shaft up and down and Sarah lowered those lovely lips down over the tip of his prick.

Sarah suddenly felt a hand sliding up the back of her thighs and between her legs as she rested her knees on the bed. She looked down to see on one side the oriental girl and on the other Kay’s free hand slipping between her thighs and spreading her pussy wide open for the oriental girl to tongue fuck her. The mini orgy continued for a few minutes in this manner until the black man grunted his impending orgasm to the group. Dan also felt on the very edge he had been holding out as long as possible to compete with the other men. Both men withdrew from Kay’s holes as she rolled over onto her back and keeping tilted her head over the edge of the bed letting the Italian guy freedom to fuck her mouth and throat with all he had.

The men stood over Kay jerking their cocks rapidly as Sarah bobbed her head over Steve’s cock and the girls slipped to either side of Kay and bit and chewed down on her nipples. Dan and the black man started to spurt at almost the same moment and suddenly Kay felt jets of jism splatter her breasts where there wasn’t a mouth tending to the nipples and the valley between them. The next few shots hit her chin and cheeks. Suddenly the Italian guy fucking her mouth let loose a loud yell, “Here I cum sweet cocksucker.” His load surged through his cock and Kay felt the pulsing through his veins with her tongue she prepared to swallow his load. Steve spurred on by the sight before him started jerking wildly inside Sarah’s mouth and she pulled off just in time to watch him shoot his cream all over Kay’s lips as the Italian pulled away. Kay slurped Steve’s cock into her mouth and watched and waited as he shot three or four shots into her waiting mouth.

When everyone of the guys had cum, Kay reached down and rubbed all the cum into her body and moaned in pleasure, “Thank you all for the this wonderful experience.”

Many hours and positions later they all exited the bedroom sated and content. Kay had been fucked thoroughly and cum all over three times. Enough to please even the most hungry of cumsluts. As she slid in next to Dan inside their car she looked in the mirror and saw how disheveled her hair and makeup looked now. “My god I can’t believe we just did that,” she said.

“I know honey and happy anniversary,” he replied leaning over to kiss her.

Stay tuned for the final chapter coming soon to a Literotica site near you.

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