tagMatureSeventh Inning Stretch

Seventh Inning Stretch


Painted toenails always make me horny. There is just something about women and painted toenails. I don't have a foot fetish; I'm not really attracted to feet or legs. But I just love painted toenails.

The red painted toenails belonged to my wife's goddaughter and she strolled into the back yard and sat down onto the lounge.

Let me back up a bit. I was in the back yard, a beer in one hand and the Cubs and Cardinals battling it out in a classic midsummer pitcher's duel. I was lying in the sun, soaking up the warmth of the hot July day and wishing I was at the game myself. My household tasks were mostly caught up, and I was relaxing after a long 60 hour work week.

That's when Angela strolled into the back yard, painted nails and all, and threw herself onto the lounge across the patio.

"What a day," she said as she relaxed into the chair.

"Hard day in hardware? Perplexing plumbing problems? Excitement in electrical?"

Angela was a recent college graduate. After a fun four years at one of the top state schools, armed with a duel degree in Art History and Comparative Literature, she found herself unemployed. Although my wife had died nearly four years ago, Angela still stayed in touch while in high school and college. After she had graduated in May, she called to ask if she could stay at my place while she tried to get into graduate school. In the short term she has gotten hired at one of the big chain hardware stores. It wasn't really where she thought she'd be.

"Oh, it was okay. You know the weekend warriors of the home repair world who have screwed up the project at home, rush into the store and want us to fix the problems. I mean if you don't know what you're doing, don't rip out all of the plumbing under the sink before you have the parts and tools."

I laughed. I had been in their shoes, trying to save a couple of bucks and costing twice as much when I was done

"And then, since I'm a girl, it's like I don't know anything and they get all mad at me like it's my fault that they fucking shorted out the whole house when they forgot to reattach the ground wire to the dishwasher."

I gave up on the game. It was the top the seventh, it was tied two all, but Angela wanted to talk. I turned off the radio.

"Want one," I asked tipping my empty bottle toward her?

"Like really bad."

I got us two cold ones and brought it to her on the patio. While I was gone she had taken off her jeans and had draped them over her crotch. She had kicked off her sandals. Her long legs stretched out in front of her.

"I was too tired to go change, hope you don't mind," she said, taking the beer.

"Um, fine with me." I stared at her toes as she wiggled them up and down.

"After work I went over to Jeremy's house."


"Yeah, the guy in my American History class. I've told you about him. "

Angela had decided to make herself more marketable by starting a graduate program in history. She had probably told me about Jeremy in the past but I clearly had not been paying too close attention to the conversation.

"I think I missed that part."

"Tall, dark, handsome. He's really a hunk. I know I told you about him."

I nodded my head.

"Anyway, I went over there after work and we started kissing and making out. And I was getting really horny and all. And I'm giving him a great blowjob ..."

I blew my beer out my nose.

" ... I give great blowjobs, and I could tell because he was moaning really loud, and then he came in my mouth. And I swallowed it all."

This time, I nearly choked on my beer. I'm forty five and here I was sitting in the sunshine with a gorgeous twenty-three year old while she's telling me about blowing her boyfriend. My cock was getting hard in my shorts. I started to tell her that maybe we shouldn't be discussing this part of her day, but she continued.

"Then, I figured it was my turn and was starting to take off my jeans when he said he had to go out with his friends."


"That's what I said! He said he was running late and had to meet his friends and ushered me out the door. What is wrong with him?"

"Maybe he was ..."

"I mean I just gave him a great blow job. And I swallowed. Most girls don't do that." She drained the rest of her beer. "Ready for another?"

Before I could answer, she was up and walking toward the house. Tall, well proportioned, and wearing nothing but a tee shirt and a pair of white bikini panties. I was glad I had the stress test earlier in the year; otherwise I would have worried about heart attack. She came back, two beers in each hand.

"Figured I save us a trip." She handed me my beer, clinked bottles, and walked back to her lounge. She took a long pull on her beer. So did I.

"What's the matter with him," she asked picking up the conversation where she had ended it.

"Maybe he's gay."

"But we have sex and all, I don't know ..."

"Just an expression. The guy is just a total fuck-up, that's all. He's got a totally hot girlfriend and he's really an ass. You can do better than him."

"You really think so?"

"Absolutely. There are a jillion guys out there for someone with your looks and brains, you ..."

"No, do you really think I'm hot?"

My mouth went dry.

"Do you Uncle Jim?"

"I don't think I'm the best person to be giving you love life advice."

"Why not?" She smiled. "You're a great looking guy. You're smart. And funny. You keep yourself in shape, why wouldn't want your advice."

I stammered. "I'm too old to be talking to you about this stuff. I shouldn't have said anything ..."

"Well, I'm glad you did," she said

"You are?"

"Yep. So, what would you have done today if it was you instead of Jeremy?"

My head throbbed. My mouth was even drier. And my cock was so hard that it hurt.

"This really isn't an appropriate conversation, I'm too old and you're my niece and ..."

"And I think you are a totally hot guy, and I started the conversation, and we're not blood relatives and do you want more reasons?"


"So, what would you have done?

"I would have treated you like a beautiful woman should be treated."



"What would you have done?"

She had been staring at me, her hand stroking up and down on the beer bottle.

I stood up and walked over to her. I took the bottle from her hands and put it on the table. I pulled off her shirt and bra. She has small breasts, but they were firm and her nipples were hard.

I straddled her with my knees and leaned forward and licked her left nipple. She giggled. I bent to the right one and took it in my mouth, my tongue flicked over it and I sucked it for a moment. She moaned a deep moan in her throat. I opened my mouth and took all of her small tit into my mouth. It felt great. I traced my way to her panties with my tongue. I flicked her navel and rested my nose against her cotton panties. I inhaled and smelled her hot moist sex through the material. I stood up and slipped my thumbs under the waistband and slid the panties off her long legs. I licked the moisture from them.

The sun was gradually falling behind the giant oak in the back yard. Angela was totally naked in front of me, lying on the chase lounge. She still had her eyes closed as I put my right index finger into her mouth. She sucked it hard. I took it slid it down her body to the opening of her slit and rubbed against her wetness of her lips. I gently slid my finger into her tight pussy. She was very wet. I rubbed back and forth, looking for her G spot. She started to buck her hips against my hand, her pelvis gyrating from side to side. I leaned down and put my mouth on her exposed clit. She gasped as my tongue reached out and flicked her clit.


"You like that?"

"Very much."


"Yes please."

I withdrew my finger and licked it. I leaned forward and lapped at her opening, sucking her thick juices into my mouth. Her pussy was covered with short black hair. It felt good against my lips as I probed her clit with my tongue. I started with small, lazy circles, around her clit and then finally flicking it back and forth as fast as I could. The more I licked at her clit, the more she leaked her juices onto my face. I lapped at her, sliding my tongue into her pussy, and then finally inserting my finger again into her tight opening and rubbing against her G spot.

I was having an effect on her. She had started with a low guttural moan. The more I licked and lapped, she began thrashing on the chair, her hips bucking against my face, pushing her clit against my mouth, randomly at first, then in a rhythmic wave, writhing her ass and rubbing hard against me. She reached down and grabbed my head, pulling me into her as she yelled out. It seemed like forever.

Angela slumped to the lounge, her breathing hard, her body flushed. I looked at her pussy, covered with my spit and her come. She was absolutely gorgeous. Jeremy was a jerk. And I thanked him for it.

"You sure know how to show a girl a good time," she said with a giggle.

"I aim to please, maam." I sat on the edge of her chair, my hand resting on her thigh.

"Is that all there is?"

"What do you mean?"

"Aren't I getting that," she said she slid her foot over and pushed at my cock through my shorts. "What about that?"

"I don't think we should."

"Why not?"

"We shouldn't have done what ..." Despite my cock being rock hard, some part of my brain still functioned and was analyzing the situation.

"You're a cunt tease, aren't you?"

"A what?"

"You heard me. You're a cunt tease. Get me all worked up, and then don't deliver. What's wrong, Uncle Jim, afraid I'm too much for you." She rubbed my cock harder. "That's it, isn't it? I'm too much."

She sat up and got in my lap. We kissed for the first time, a long hard kiss, licking and probing each other's mouths. She sucked her juices off my face.

"You know what? You're a good pussy licker. Let's see if you're a good pussy fucker."

Angela stood and got me standing too. She pulled down my shorts. My cock stuck out and she grabbed it. She stroked me.

"You know, I've heard you jerking off at night, watching those DVDs in your room."


I know what you were doing. I heard sounds coming from your room at night, and I'd come to your door and push it open just a little bit, and I could see you jerking off. And I saw how big your cock was. Do you know what I would do?"

My mouth was dry again. "What".

"I'd stand at the door and start rubbing my clit and come along with you." She held onto me. "I can barely get my hand around it." She spit in her hand and returned it to my cock, stroking it again. "I've got someplace for this."

"Yeah, where?" It was her turn to make me moan.

"Someplace wet, tight, and warm."

Angela pushed me onto the lounge and pushed my chest back. She straddled my hips and put the tip of my cock against her opening. She rubbed it back and forth, I thought to get me wet, but then realized that she was rubbing her clit with me. She closed her eyes, her hand nearly a blur as she rubbed my cock against her. The sensation was intense, the tip of my cock, back and forth against her pubic hair and rubbing hard against her clit. Just as I thought I might not last much longer, she squeezed me hard and her body stiffened, and a soft cry came from her lips. She had come again.

"Hand me my purse," she said. Her eyes were glazed. She got out a condom and rolled it on me. She took my cock and slid it into her pussy. She was right, she was tight. Very tight. But she eased herself onto me, until I was buried in her.

"Mmmmmm. That's just what I needed tonight."

Angela started riding my cock like a woman possessed. Her eyes were closed, and she rhythmically slid up and down on my cock, slowly at first, taking long strokes on my cock, and gradually moving faster. Her eyes were shut tight as she concentrated my cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy. After a few minutes of hard riding, she came again hard, she moaned out and fell forward onto me, my cock falling out of her. She rested her weight on me, her breathing gradually becoming normal.

"Listen. I've been with a few guys my age. And all of them would have finished by now. You're wearing me out."

She kissed me, her lips were soft and she slipped her tongue into my mouth.

"I think it's your turn to fuck me," she finally said.

I got off the lounge and she lay down again. I climbed on top of her and she grabbed my cock and guided me into her. She was still very wet. I slowly started to increase my pace, faster, and pushing deep into her. She threw her head back and moaned a soft guttural cry as she pinched her nipples.

"Fuck meeee," she said. I want to feel you shoot into me. Do you hear me? Fuck me and fill me with your cum."

There was a clap of thunder in the sky and the hot afternoon cooled as it started to rain. Light drops at first, but steady, as our bodies quickly became wet from the welcomed rain.

I looked down and saw my shaft sliding in and out her. It was a great sight and it made me pump faster. After about a minute I felt my back begin to tingle and a shot of heat ran from my balls to my feet.

"That's it. Give it to me," she said as she grabbed my ass and ground herself against me.

I shot into her, three, four, five spurts of cum, filling the condom. I collapsed onto her, breathing hard, resting my head on her chest as it continued to rain.

"That's what I call a great finish," Angela said. She kissed me gently on the lips.

We laid there for a few minutes, both of us thinking about what had happened. Another clap of thunder split the sky and lightening shot across the dark gray clouds.

We grabbed our clothes and ran into the house. For the first time since my wife's death I felt alive and very uncertain of the future.

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