tagLesbian SexSex and a Single Girl Ch. 15

Sex and a Single Girl Ch. 15


So, last night I had just laid one ghost and had Tom's fat cock up my bum. I will always try anything twice, just to make sure I get it right, but this was definitely a one-off, it took weeks before the aching fully went away. I think I shall stick to pussy sex from now on but most definitely repeat what happened today, even though it was not with who I intended nor the way I expected it to happen. But I enjoy it I certainly did. I hope you do too.

Oh, and by the way, I also endorsed my awareness of the treachery of the male species and how easily they are guided by what they contain in their pants! I forgive him though, especially in the manner he confessed!

Chapter 15: A girl called Soo

In the early morning light I was vaguely aware of Tom wandering off into the bathroom, quietly I assumed, so as not to disturb me. I was asleep again before he returned to bed. As I discovered later he didn't return immediately, but when he did, I experienced that wonderful feeling of a hot tongue investigating the lips of my sleepy pussy. Although not really a morning girl, and I had often reluctantly given in to the inconvenience of wake-up sex from my partner of the moment, I had never before had the pleasure of receiving it orally for myself. My pussy was still a little sore and welcomed the softness of a tongue. As for my asshole, that was a definite no-no, aching like fuck! I was pretty convinced by now that would revert back to a one-way route only!

Tom had lifted the bedsheet off my sleeping body, fortunately I was on my back and it had taken little effort from him to part my thighs and expose me on full view. Since we hadn't had pussy sex last night I knew I would be barely moist but smelling sweet. I wasn't too sure the same could be said for my bum!

He attended to my pussy softly and thoroughly as I slowly came to. The more I regained consciousness the more rapidly he licked. His tongue, he told me later, was tracing the letters of the alphabet, with the result that I orgasmed before I was even fully awake. I rewarded my delicious lover with a tiny squirt of fresh pussy nectar and, when I had finished shaking, he moved up beside my body and kissed me with the tangy taste of myself on his lips.

"Morning Sue, coffee, tea or me?" I smiled when I remembered uttering the very same words to my brother, before fucking his brains out! Tom's lazy erection was pressed against my hip.

I rewarded him with a grateful smile, "Tom, I had tea yesterday, and I had you last night, I think I'll settle for the coffee please."

I sat up, my breasts all perky in the morning light, and he lovingly kissed each one in turn as he passed me my coffee. Despite the uncomfortable sensation in my ass, my pussy was distinctly on fire. Would she never calm down I wondered?

"That was a nice way to wake me up Tom, what did I do to deserve that?" Little did I know at the time that it was Grade-A guilt!

"Lisa used to like me to lick her awake," he answered, referring to his ex stewardess girlfriend, "So I thought I would try it with you."

"It was lovely Tom, no-one's ever done that before, I shall expect it every morning from now on! And that Alphabet thing I could really get to like. I think 'W' would be cool!"

He laughed, "No problem, but I warn you, I always got to fuck Lisa immediately after doing that. So I guess my reasons were a bit selfish."

"But you didn't try just now though."

"That one was purely for you, I knew you might still be sore." You don't know the half of it I smiled to myself as I wriggled to get more comfortable. I kissed him on the cheek and headed for the shower.

Following a leisurely breakfast, Tom and Richard headed to the airport to organise the ticket swap, leaving me to enjoy the beach and put the final touches to the topless part of my tan. Les, being in a similar overhung condition to me, couldn't at first face the sun and, before joining me on the sand, relaxed for a while in the shade of the bar.

I was lying flat on my back, half asleep, when a shadow briefly crossed my face. Shading my eyes from the sun I propped myself up on my elbows. Standing over me was the Belgian girl Sooline, and she had her finger to her lips, her eyes indicating the sleeping Les next to me.

Clutching two bottles of Banks, Soo squatted down on the edge of my chair. She was wearing the same black bikini as yesterday and although there was little hint of any breasts, her two nipples stood proud and urgent. And just like yesterday in the bar, her startling blue eyes were glued to mine. I took a swig of the proffered beer and, again like last night, felt an immediate sexual connection with this strange girl, especially when she started to caress my foot with her fingers. Without any question I knew I wanted her, and by the state of her nipples it was obvious she hungered for sex too.

Without a word or change of expression she pulled me to my feet, pressing her lips briefly to the side of one of my naked breasts, my own nipples also aroused. I was surprised at her strength. Les roused from her sleep and, quickly appraising the situation, winked at me as I replaced my top and allowed Soo to lead me off the beach. I wondered if Les would tell my brother, but somehow I didn't care, he should be used to my excesses by now!

In my cabin I locked the door and pulled the curtains. Normally I wouldn't care, but I wanted this occasion to be very private. We kissed hungrily. She tasted of peppermint and wasted no time delving into my pants, seeking out my sex. With her fingers in my wet pussy, and our mouths still locked together, she unceremoniously hauled down my pants and pushed me down on to the bed.

I laid there shaking with anticipation, already in those few short moments I had allowed another girl to touch my pussy for the first time, I was so ready to see what she did next, although deep down I knew what it would be, and I wasn't wrong. Stopping only to rip off her own bikini top she leaned between my legs and without further ado, pressed her face into my hungry pussy, her tiny breasts taking shape as she leaned over me.

As her eager tongue slid between the lips of my sex I compared her with Tom who's mouth had been there only hours ago. Yesterday's conversation about polygamy suddenly seemed very poignant. Before I married Jim I had loads of sex and enjoyed a variety of men without commitment, but two years of faithfulness to my army husband followed by another two of celibacy had left me wanting, and these last few days Tom had re-awakened my sexual yearnings. I now wanted sex, the way it used to be, no strings, male and now definitely female, maybe even both together. And here was my fantasy coming true, a woman's tongue buried in my cunt, and it was indescribably delicious. For just a brief moment I wished Tom was here to see this, no doubt he would be masturbating furiously. Just as you guys, and girls too hopefully, are while reading this? That's if your feedback is anything to go by!

Soo was squatting beside me on the unmade bed, one hand fondling my breasts, the other parting my lips so she could tease my clit with her tongue. The bisexual teacher colleague who had recently tried to seduce me had assured me that the touch of a woman would be far beyond anything I had ever experienced with a man, and I was already beginning to agree with her. Whether it was the actual touch or just the mere thought that it was a woman's tongue at work I wasn't sure, and at this very moment in time I didn't fucking care! All I knew was, my fantasy was at last coming to fruition, a girl was making love to me, and I didn't care either that she was only nineteen! Also for the first time, and little though they were, I was fondling another woman's breasts and playing with her prominent nipples as she lapped contentedly at my very willing pussy.

My lover adjusted her stance and her own pussy came into view, barely inches from my face. She was intriguingly hairy down there but when I put my hand on her ass to pull her within tongue's reach, she moved away and laid down flat on her front between my legs and resumed her attention on me. At first I took this as a compliment and that she wanted to concentrate on my pleasure, but later I discovered her embarrassing secret. For the moment I wasn't bothered, all I cared about was cumming and with her fingers teasing my g-spot and her tongue flicking across my clit she achieved that very quickly for me, almost too soon. I gripped her head as my hips bucked up and down, convulsed in extreme orgasm.

With an assertiveness that surprised us both I grabbed her arms and pulled her up my body and kissed her hungrily, the flavour of my orgasm on her lips. For a full minute we lost ourselves in the passion of that kiss, far more tender than any man had been, infinitely softer, extremely loving and erotic beyond belief, her breath fresh and minty. I so wanted her now, I was ready to make lesbian love with this strange girl and return the compliment. Sadly, when my fingers once again ventured down to her pussy, she drew away.

From her approach on the beach right up to this moment we had both remained totally silent, words totally unnecessary, until now. "Not now Sue, but thank you."

"It's me that should say thank you, I want you to know that was my first time with another woman."

"Really? Fucking hell! I would never have known, you are a natural."

I laughed, "I didn't do anything!"

"Yes you did, you came. Some girls freeze at the first go."

"Obviously I wasn't your first?"

She had pulled up her pants, and as she lifted one leg I could just make out her pink lips through a jet-black bush, and they were distinctly moist! I so wanted to bury my face in those hairy pubes, now I knew why men were instinctively drawn to a hairy pussy, the mystery of what lies within.

"Of course not! If you must know I prefer women, men make such a fucking mess. And I really don't need the drama that comes with a cock."

I laughed with her, she was quite cute when she smiled. I loved her openness.

"What you just did was bloody amazing Soo, I but don't think I could give up men."

She replaced her black top and stared at me with those haunting sexy eyes.

"Don't get me wrong Sue, when I'm really horny there is nothing better than a nice stiff man, and eating some pussy at the same time if I'm lucky. The more the more the merrier! Do you know I had four at once last Christmas, but please don't tell Greg!"

I was amazed at the maturity of this young woman. "How old are you Soo?"

"Nineteen last month. You got a problem with that?"

I guessed right, I was eight years older, but I grinned. "Not at all, I wish I had half the fun you are having when I was nineteen."

She giggled, she was so pretty when she stopped staring, "This is nothing, I had my first orgy on my sixteenth birthday, six blokes, four girls, and I've been bi since I was twelve, and horny for girls ever since. I don't know if you got the message but I wanted to go to bed with both of you last night."

I grinned, "I know. I hope this doesn't offend, but I really don't fancy Gregg, otherwise we would have both been up for that."

"I guessed so, I could see you two didn't click, not many do with him, that's why I didn't push it."

My eyes lit up at the course this was taking and it gave me a thought, I was still randy as hell and didn't want her to go just yet.

"Are you horny right now?" I asked, taking her soft hand in mine.

"Pretty much. I'm always fucking horny. Why?"

"Well, Tom will be back from the airport in about an hour, we could have that threesome now if you fancy some cock as well as me." The vision of Tom entering her black hairy pussy while I sucked on her rigid nipples was immediately desirable.

I sensed she was tempted, but she shook her head slowly, "I don't think so Sue."

"Why not? We are both horny as fuck and I know you fancy Tom, I saw the way you looked at him in the bar. And when we were shagging last night he said he would love to fuck you. He has a lovely thick cock."

What she said next really knocked me sideways. "I know he has," she grinned.

"What? I don't understand. When did you see it?"

For an impossible moment it crossed my mind that she might have been an old flame, but that coincidence was too much to believe. What she said next I did believe.

"I haven't seen it, I just felt it, when he put it inside me. He came down to the beach early this morning while I was in the water."

I let go of her hand, for one crazy moment I was furious. This gothic bitch had fucked my new boyfriend!

"Don't be angry with him Sue, he is just your normal vulnerable male. And anyway, you just agreed that the three of us might have had sex all together last night anyway."

On reflection, she was right. She had done exactly the same with me, she had seduced me on the beach too and I had more than willingly let her make love to me. And I always thought that the male had the weaker resistance when it came to sex!

While Soo went to the bathroom for a pee I sat on the bed and realised that my conversation with Tom yesterday afternoon endorsed what had happened today with this horny little teenager. We both wanted no-strings sex with others, under our own terms, but also the closeness of each other when it was needed, and I suspected that would be often.

I laughed out loud when I suddenly realised the true reason for my unusual wake up call this morning. I guess it was his way of making penance. Wickedly I thought to myself that he could fuck who he likes if I get a morning call like that every day!

"What's so funny Sue?" she called, poking her head around the bathroom door.

"After Tom left you he woke me up with his tongue, never happened to me before, not first thing anyway."

"Ah, the guilt of man!"

"Yeah, exactly my thought too."

I went into the bathroom where she was sat on the loo dabbing her hairy pussy dry.

On impulse I reached for the tissue, "Let me do that for you, Soo."

She stared at me thoughtfully as I took if from her hand and pressed it between her legs.

For some reason I started to shake uncontrollably as I wiped her pussy, only the thin wafer of paper separating my fingers from her sex. The thought of Tom recently getting his fat cock inside this little teenager's cunt, exactly where my fingers were poised right now, got me hornier than ever, but for some reason she pushed my hand away.

Undeterred, and with a dominance that surprised myself I stood up, grasped her head and pulled her face into my pussy which still secreting juices from our earlier lovemaking. She pulled away just enough to speak, her head raised, her eyes questioning mine.

"You want more?"

I nodded. She needed no further persuasion and, clutching my bare ass, she inserted her delicious little tongue inside me once again.

While she licked and sucked at my sex I managed to talk in between gasps each time she touched my clit.

"Actually, it turns me on that you fucked my boyfriend, I wish I had seen that. Was that what the note was about last night?"

She nodded as she continued licking. I knew I wouldn't last out long this time.

"I wish he was here now to watch this, he would want to fuck you again. I can just imagine him now with his fat cock in you from behind while you do me."

She replied by groaning and pressing her face harder against me, as if an imaginary prick were pumping into her from behind. I pictured Tom doing that, a hot horny threesome, I was so up for that right now. I nearly hit the roof when her tongue suddenly ventured round to my tender no-longer-secret little hole. I went for the dirty talk.

"Oh Soo, tongue-fuck my ass, while Tom fucks his spunk into your tight little cunt. God, that's so lovely."

Her fingers and tongue were driving me nuts, I was on the threshold of another orgasm, I didn't help myself by continuing the conversation.

"Would you let him fuck you doggy while I suck on your cunt?"

She looked up at me, her face wet with my juices, "Maybe on day. Now shut up, and enjoy!" She pressed her mouth harder against me.

But I couldn't stop myself, "This morning, did he do you that way?"

With obvious impatience she shook her head, mumbling through my pubes, "We did it standing up."

Fuck, I thought, in full view of everyone? Still, it had been early morning, I consoled myself.

I noticed that her fingers were down between her own thighs, I was thrilled that she too was getting some pleasure out of this. Totally turned on, I couldn't stop talking, I just wanted to share last night with someone, and who better than another girl whose tongue just happened to be exploring the interior of my soaking wet pussy?

"Last night Tom fucked me in the ass for the first time, it was lovely. I think Greg's joint did that."

As soon as I spoke I felt guilty at sharing my most intimate sexual experience with a complete stranger, but she simply looked up at me, my pussy goo dribbling off her chin, and gave me a sly grin.

"So I did hear right last night." Over drinks I had, discreetly I thought, disclosed my anal desires to Tom.

Soo sighed deeply, "Okay, one secret deserves another. I've had one cock in my ass, while a boyfriend had his in my pussy, and his brother fucking my mouth, so there!"

"Fuck," I exclaimed, "And I thought I was a horny dirty bitch."

She giggled, "Turn around Sue."

I knew immediately what she wanted to do and bent over the loo, my ass facing her mouth.

To this day I wish I could have controlled my orgasm further, but I was too far-gone, and she was partly to blame. As soon as she inserted her tongue into my ass, just like Tom had done last night, her fingers plundered my pussy and encountered my g-spot. She gripped me around the waist as I cried out and shuddered violently while her fingers and tongue worked furiously inside me in unison, and I was overjoyed when she too joined me in orgasm, her other hand had been busy too. I so wished they had been mine, or better still my tongue.

I turned around and sat up and pulled her towards me, her hairy pussy inches from my face, her labia hidden from view, but she wriggled out of my grasp.

"Please let me lick you," I pleaded, but she shook her head and quickly pulled up her pants.

When we returned to the bedroom she patted the bed beside her and at last explained why.

"There is nothing I would like more than for you to get me off Sue, but I have a scar down there, and stitches from an operation, and its not very pretty, that's why I let my hair grow. One day when it's healed I will shave and then you can have my pussy. All night long if you like."

"Only one night?"

"As long as you want, I do special deals for newbies!"

"Deal it is then," I replied. Then, as she dressed, I had a thought. "By the way, where is Greg?"

"Still in bed I think, he had a very heavy night last night, and I don't mean drink or fags. He doesn't know yet about me and your boyfriend, but I did tell him that I fancied you, so he will guess where I am."

"Doesn't he mind?" I asked, fascinated at the maturity of this 19-year-old girl.

"Of course not, we do our own thing, we fuck who we want. If you like I'll tell you another secret."

"What?" Surely there could be no more surprises on this island?

"Last night, after you guys had gone to bed, he chatted up that pretty little black waitress, you know the one? With the purple streak?"

I nodded. I had caught Tom leering at her, come to think of it I wouldn't have minded myself! She had flirted outrageously with Tom on a couple of previous nights and he had admitted that if I hadn't been around he was confident he would have pulled her. It would seem that the Aussie guy had beaten him to it!

"He brought her back to our cabin and had sex with her."

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