tagGay MaleSex and the Married Man

Sex and the Married Man


I smiled into the mirror, a wicked glint in my eye. He'd be here soon. James and I had met on the phone - almost be accident, but there had been an undeniable sexual connection between us, and it had progressed from there.

It had been my idea for us to meet - especially after seeing his picture on the net. He had fair skin and a lean body from surfing, his eyes a deep chocolate brown and his mouth sensuous. He apparently played the trumpet but I hoped he'd have those lips wrapped around an instrument of a different kind this evening.

He knew that discretion was important to me. You see I had a wife and two children at home.

As I lay on the bed sipping my beer I longed for his skilled fingers to grasp my hairy balls, they way my prudish wife never would, making them tingle under his touch. I took another gulp for some Dutch courage. This was the first time I'd ever done anything like this, I'd booked the hotel room and then sent him the room number as a text message about half an hour ago. A doubt lingered in my mind that he may not show up but the danger element heightened my desire.

Just as I was getting up to find myself another beer there was a knock at the hotel room door. My heart leapt wildly in my chest and a breathless apprehension seized my body as I struggled to gain composure. But lust was guiding me now, and I walked to the door.

When I opened it my stomach lurched. He was as gorgeous as his picture. His hair shortly cropped was spiked stylishly in front and his shirt and pants were trendy but not too formal.

With a smile he offered me his hand. "James" he said pointing to himself. "You must be Declan?" He grinned appreciatively, eyes exploring the man standing before him.

"Come in mate"

I led him to the bedroom, and sat down nervously on the bed. As I swallowed the thick lump of fear in my throat I wondered if it had been a good idea to dress so casually. Judging by the bulge in his pants it had been, as I watched his eyes devour my flesh.

"You look even better in person" he commented, as he moved towards me to accept the proffered drink.

He sat down next to me and dipped a finger into his beer and touched it to my trembling lips, leaning in so close we were almost breathing together. His breath was ragged as I moved to join us in an intense kiss. I felt myself melting to him, like butter in the summer heat as he hovered over my form. He began kissing me with more need, his tongue exploring every crevice of my mouth, then meeting mine in a devilish dance.

I moaned with lust as our bodies touched, his pants doing more to emphasise his hard on than to conceal it, as he placed the icy drink onto the bedside table. I rolled onto my side so that he could lay down and hungrily started to undo his buttons, exposing a smooth chest and dark pink nipples.

With a start he stood up and flung his shirt off. Kicked off this shoes and dropped his pants to the floor.

All I could see before me was a pair of white undies filled to bursting point with a huge cock trying to burst out into the warmth of the hotel room. they were much sexier undies than the blue and white boxers that I was wearing. It was at that moment that I realised that my wife had actually chosen those boxers for me, like she chose all of my clothing.

But I mustn't think of her now.

James pulled his undies down and away from his dick and it sprang out into the air. Before me I saw a nice 6 incher, very thick and circumcised with a set of pink shaven balls as smooth as silk.

I gasped in shock and surprise.

"Never seen a cock before?" James enquired.

"Not like that I haven't!" I replied with a naughty giggle.

James smiled at my obvious flattery. He looked into my eyes as he stroked his dick from top to bottom with a loose fist wrapped right round the pulsating monster. He looked down at it with pride and then looked over at me.

"Want to take a handful of this beauty?" he said to me.

"Yes please!" I muttered as my hand moved to take a grip on the shaft. I patted the bed beside me so that my playmate would come and lay down.

When he did I grasped that beautiful prick once more. It felt huge, I couldn't get my hand all the way round it, I was holding it at the base and started to slide my hand up towards the top.

James put his hand over the top of mine and showed me how to jerk the head of his cock. We kept up a steady rhythm.

He lay back on the bed and looked down at my handling his cock with my smallish hands. His breathing began to get shorter and he put his fist in his mouth as I quickened the stroke up and down. This was the biggest pole I had ever seen and it excited me so much I thrashed it for what seemed like a lifetime until it erupted and shot its creamy load all over his pubic hair, chest and legs as well as my fist. There was what seemed like gallons of lovely creamy cum, splashed everywhere.

"Fuck that was awesome. Thank you. Can I return the favour?" he said.

"Go ahead," I mouthed.

He sat up and shuffled over to my side of the bed and unzipped my jeans. Instead of just leaving them there, he tugged them off completely, leaving me in just a t-shirt and my boxers. His hand slid down the front of my bulging boxers and straight away found my rock hard cock.

He tugged it out and further reached down and gently eased my ball sack out of my pants too. This in itself nearly sent me crazy and then he started on me; his big fist round the top half of my cock slowly driving it up and down. Without any warning he slowly lowered his head until his lips were level with my cock and finally his lips covered my cock head. He still kept his hand moving while he sucked and licked my cock head, in what seemed like seconds I told him I was going to come.

"That is what I'm waiting for," he said momentarily taking his mouth off my cock.

In seconds I was pumping my spunk into his hot mouth clamped tightly round my cock head. It seemed to go on for ages and ages as I pumped and pumped.

Spunk leaked out from the side of his mouth and down his chin and onto my pubic hairs as I continued to come.

"Jeez, I never seen so much spunk in one go," He said as he released the cock head from his mouth, and spunk spilled from his mouth as he talked.

Spunk still came from my cock slit as he held it in the air.

"Fancy doing me again?" he said.

"You bet I do!" I said.

I took a hold of the semi limp cock and massaged it in both hands, running both hands up the whole length of the cock as it grew stiffer and stiffer. I lowered my head near to the end and tongue flicked the underside and Jim jumped as my tongue flicked the nerve endings. I licked and sucked the end of his huge monster as it hardened. I pulled the skin back and ran my tongue all the way round his ring and then gobbled it into my mouth like a hungry child. My head bobbed up and down as I slid my hands over the length of it at the same time.

I could feel it growing in thickness and I worked furiously at it. His breaths came sporadically as he watched his cock disappear inside my mouth. He knew he wasn't going to last much longer. He hovered on the brink, listening to my sharp intake of breath, running his fingers through my hair.

"I'm gunna blow!" mouthed James.

"I know you are, go ahead" I said as I lowered my mouth back onto his knob. He blew a giant load of come down my throat and I felt his cock pulsing and pumping his load into my mouth. His orgasm was so intense that he cried out before collapsing back onto the bed.

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