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Sex in Sweden


Wow, I had a real good fuck yesterday and today I have a hangover from all the cognac we drank.

I was at the culture club and was given the task to go around on bicycle and put up an advertisement for our next exhibition. So I crossed the street to our neighbour Tony’s restaurant. I have known him well for some years; he used to bounce me on his knee when I was a child. He is married and so on.

When I get there, he wants me to join him for food and a beer and we get in to discussions about everything; about his childhood in Syria all through to politics. I had no idea at all that he would be interested in me, I mean, we know each other, he is married. Perhaps he didn’t think of it either at the beginning.

Well, we drank some cognac and I slowly got into a summer-evening mood as the sun went down and the music was playing. At the end we were sitting with candles in the dark, alone, in the closed restaurant. I said I had to go home and that I was drunk.

We got to the front door and then he kissed me! It was a very good deep kiss and I answered back...Well, in the basement he has a disco-bar with an entertainment area where guitar players sit and play. “Let’s dance”, he said and we went down.

He put on disco music and lit some candles and we danced on the floor and our kissing got more intense and his hands were feeling my breasts and his horny male approach made me horny too. He wanted to fuck me. Well, he went back to the table to drink some more and smoke a cigarette. I was on the dance floor and danced to the music by myself. Suddenly I was on the little stage and then I began to strip to the music .He was turned on by the sight and I could hear him sigh. He took out his dick from his trousers and began to masturbate sitting on the chair and I teased him from the stage by slowly undressing and slowly moving my body as if I was milking a dick with my cunt. I felt very pleased by this feeling of horniness and straightforward sex and I danced naked in front of him putting myself in fucking positions one after the other, opening my cunt towards him from different angles inviting him to come and get me.

He was still masturbating slowly on his chair fully dressed and I walked down to him, kneeling in front of him, looking up towards him, starting to suck his dick, deep and slow and rhythmic. He leaned back, closed his eyes and enjoyed every deep move I made. His hands sought my breasts and my nipples got hard and outstanding. I raised up and he continued to masturbate meanwhile he fingered me all over, in my cunt, over my back, over my breasts. He was soon to explode I could feel. I started to rub my clitoris and let my body move back and forth.

Then I went back to the "stage" and put one leg upon a chair and continued to rub my clitoris, cunt wide open to him. I closed my eyes and listened to the music. Suddenly I felt his dick right up my cunt, taking me with a wild beat, holding one of my breasts in a painful hold, the other under my leg opening me up more. He holed me in a very steady way and fucked my cunt with concentration. I was gone; I was just a pussy to be fucked in his hands. He groaned deep, I first wailed because of the pain in my breast and his big dick coming in very quickly but I was wet and juicy and his dick went soon smoothly in and out of my cunt as a machine. When I wailed he increased his holding and fucking as if my sound made him even hornier.

He had undressed and walked towards me looking at me while I was rubbing my clitoris. He had stood and looked at my juicy pussy and then suddenly he had took over and started to fuck me. I felt like a whore and enjoyed it very much, I was under his command and he used me in every position possible. He turned me around and got inside me from behind, fucking me from behind with slow pleasure movements with his hands holding my inner legs. He turned me around again and took a good hold of my hair and bent me down on my knees in front of him and opened my mouth with his dick pushing in with speed, controlled the rhythm with his hand in my hair and did it deep down my throat with long pulls, his eyes closed. He took it out and swept the dick over my face back and forth, in my mouth, out again rubbing it towards my smooth skin. He put me on the table on my back and stood there fucking my cunt, holding my breasts in a steady grip. He used me as sex slave and I enjoyed being passive, nothing more than a body with pleasure holes in it.

The music tape was playing and one second I imagined we fucked in front of people and I got really horny and really tried to get him on so much he must explode into a big orgasm squeezing his dick with my vagina. He groaned. He wasn’t far away. He pulled me once again down to the floor on my knees in front of him. He opened my mouth again with his hard, soon exploding dick, pressing himself in me with a groaning sound and he gave me a hard fuck, hearing me wail a bit over the deep hard movements he got more horny and fucked me furiously, his hand in my hair controlling me and than he came and I had it all in my mouth and he stood there for awhile letting the dick pump it all out into my warm mouth, letting his dick slide over my face and in my mouth again getting my face painted by his sperm. Meanwhile, he was grabbing my breasts in a last pleasure-fucking movement.

Everything came to a silence and then he bent down and kissed my head and said thank you, you are really a sexy person. I said thank you too and we cleaned ourselves and put our clothes on and then we went out into the summer night. He on his way home and I took my bicycle and managed to get home somehow. He said his wife was away on holiday but today I feel guilty about what we did but I couldn’t stop myself and I needed it.

Today it is like a dream in my mind but the hangover and feeling still of his body is there as a proof.

* * * * *

I imagine myself lying on the floor naked in my living room listening to good music, slow relaxing rhythms, which make me sleepy. I fall into a half sleep, aware about the room and what is happening but I don’t participate; like when you are very drunk. I am lying on my back, it is summer and warm and late evening and the floor is cold and it feels good towards my back. I hear my breathing.

Suddenly I hear you enter the door. You stop in the doorway and begin to look at me. You see my naked body on the floor, you see me sleeping, and you are alone with your imaginations. Your eyes follow my legs upwards and see the hair between the legs, you see the breasts like small hills and my open mouth, and my head turned to one side. You stand there and breathe. I can hear your breath get heavier. I understand you get horny because of my naked body in front of you. You want me; you want to fuck me.

You make a quiet decision and then you undress. I hear your clothes falling. My pulse gets higher. Silently you move towards my body; I hear your breath come closer. You bend down on your knees beside me and your fingers start to slowly touch my body, my nipples, my cunt not wanting me to wake up. I get horny by the touch but I don’t move. You lean forward and lick my nipples gently. They get hard and outstanding, you feel their stiffness in your hand

I hear your breath getting deeper, you get more and more horny and your hand is caressing the inner sides of my legs, all the way up to my pussy and down again meanwhile you are touching yourself. I open my legs like in my dreams and I want you to get real fucking horny and to go inside me and fuck my cunt.. Just take my cunt with your horny dick like a plough in the field, stiff, erect, charged with explosion, a big explosion into my cunt. I get wet, real wet at the thought of your stiff dick fucking me

I hear you move backwards and up over me from my feet, your breath is coming closer to my head, you are on your knees over me and you start to caress my breasts. Meanwhile you are letting your hard dick follow my legs upward towards my wet cunt and caressing my skin for awhile. Then I just feel your body sinking over me and your dick break up the opening of my pussy and enter like a warm snake into me, like a plough into soft earth and you start to plough my cunt with regular thrusts in and out, in and out, and you come deeper and deeper and your dick gets more and more wanting the cunt, wanting to fuck it like your property, your earth, your body. You can’t feel the distance between your body and mine now, you are sliding back and forth and you forget about the surroundings, the only thing that is important is to come in that cunt, to take it, to fuck it.

You breathe very deep and you hold back a little to prolong that pleasure of fucking my wet cunt. Then I feel you are near the end and I am wet from your sexual behaviour but I am passive and I am there for your pleasure, your head is turned off, you don’t think, you just fuck that pussy and you are coming closer towards the explosion, you squeeze my breasts and you fuck and fuck that cunt and then .....You come in me, like a big deep wave rolling over you, give it all away in me and you feel the pleasure of a big relief coming through your body when your dick is pulsating your sperm into me. Time stops and all there is is that pulsating sperm into me.

After some minutes you come back to your mind and you wait there silently with your dick still inside me. You look at me and smile but I keep on "sleeping". You know I would be awake by now so you bend over me and whisper "thank you" and kiss my nose. Then you leave my cunt slowly and stand up and walk out of the room.

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